The Best of Week 3 of the 2019 College Football Season - Part 1
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  • Harris Highlights
    Harris Highlights

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  • Daniel Bowden
    Daniel Bowden

    8:22 Those cheerleaders got Killed by that New Mexico guy


    Where was Texas vs. Rice?

  • Garrett Lewis
    Garrett Lewis

    Why was that guy so hype abt scoring a Td within 10 yards I’m confused 😭

    • Stole meme
      Stole meme

      Garrett Lewis he’s a fullback and also a senior and that was his first career touchdown

  • Lizzy brandani
    Lizzy brandani

    unsubbed bc of ur dumb ads

  • Wyatt Core
    Wyatt Core

    Have I been deceived, or is Kansas actually mediocre this year?

    • Arctic Triz
      Arctic Triz

      Youve been decieved they lost to vest virginia and ... hdhch hahah COASTAL CAROLINA

  • Tyler Riedel
    Tyler Riedel

    two full videos and not one west virginia highlight my guy cmon now

  • corbyn edwards
    corbyn edwards

    Where are the big 12 highlights

  • Xspams trapz
    Xspams trapz

    All he talk about is balls and man scape he a faget

  • Ipwnkyle

    As a razorback fan, I can't tell you how happy I was to see that highlight of O'Grady. With Starkel at qb, the razorbacks have a solid offense.

  • austin78

    Ohio state's 93 yard interception?

  • KID AJ
    KID AJ

    Bro made a whole commercial 😂😂 but he did persuade me to get it

  • Scott mccollum
    Scott mccollum

    Nothing cooler than seeing a crowd so fired up that all the cameras shake

  • BadMack Highlights
    BadMack Highlights

    Maybe could you add some music but overall great video!

  • Ashton G
    Ashton G

    Okay So What’s The Story With The Miami Guy

  • Spencer Jones
    Spencer Jones

    Yes! BYU football rocks! BYU BYU BYU BYU BYU BYU BYU!

  • Josiah Jacobson
    Josiah Jacobson

    lmfao you need to get rid of that shaver ad

  • Square Peg
    Square Peg

    Mississippi state player instead of helping his qb up, goes over to taunt the other team. Sheesh.

  • Navajo Kimball
    Navajo Kimball

    How bout BYU beating two solid teams in a row only loss to a very good Utah team

    • Wyatt Core
      Wyatt Core

      Are you calling Tennessee a solid team? Being a Tennessee fan

  • Andrew

    Troy v. Southern Miss?

  • xXanthonyXx54

    That number 3 from Indiana was just scared to death to go hit JK. I don't blame him. I would be on the other side of the field.

  • William Everman
    William Everman

    What is the obsession with the mediocre SEC plays?

  • jacob pattee
    jacob pattee

    Great video, but I saw at least 2 highlights from the Notre Dame game that should’ve been in the video

  • C_ King2013
    C_ King2013

    No dog in this fight as an Oregon State fan (I know, it hurts being loyal trust me I get it lol) but isn't jumping over the center on a fg try a 15 yd penalty now? so Mich St should have had another chance? Pac-12 refs always screwing up games... #FireLarryScott

  • Germán

    The add lmaaaaaaaaao

  • Morgan Nurenberg
    Morgan Nurenberg

    ASU on the thumbnail 👀🔱

  • Jonathan Parks
    Jonathan Parks

    3:00 is exactly why college is trash

  • peterthestud1

    Best for last.

  • dharris1205

    I love that CBS touchdown animation for the Bama-South Carolina game

  • Oscar Ortega
    Oscar Ortega

    That hit on that "mobile quaterback" made me hit the rewind button!!!!!! Jeezuz!!!

  • Johnny Dagoat
    Johnny Dagoat

    He made that boy catch a cramp😂😂 9:47

  • Will Scharf
    Will Scharf

    What about like the 5 blocked punts and field goals in the Nebraska Northern Illinois game??? That game was good

  • Joseph Boyden
    Joseph Boyden

    that najee harris highlight was insane!!! 3:12

  • Brandon Reeves
    Brandon Reeves

    how do you not include the back to back kick off returns for touchdowns in the southern miss vs troy game??? like i don’t get how you could miss that

  • baylee03

    6:35 the refs missed a blatant leaping call, so badly the Pac12 apologized for the error.

  • Stock !
    Stock !

    Why isn’t the 96 yard td by Damon Arnette in this

  • Spencer Higinbotham
    Spencer Higinbotham

    Am I the only one that realizes that Florida shouldn't have scored that last touchdown? There was 30 seconds left and Kentucky only had one timeout. They could've ended the game, but instead, they gave Kentucky a chance to tie it with a touchdown and a two-point conversion.

  • collin tibbils
    collin tibbils

    the fact that there's no LSU highlights has me heated. bruh wtf is this highlights of the top 3 and mediocre teams.

  • Red Spartan VI
    Red Spartan VI

    where is the Iowa clips

  • A1 easy
    A1 easy

    Leveon bell used your video this is the link

  • John Barnes
    John Barnes

    video starts @1:44

  • Justin Nelson
    Justin Nelson

    broooo you missed a 98 yard touchdown return from the boise state game!

  • Sooner Keith
    Sooner Keith

    Jalen Hurts had 150 yards rushing...maybe one more highlight?

  • Jack Steffens
    Jack Steffens

    welcome to the first the vols were on a highlight vid. #stillafanthough

  • Srinivas Gorantla
    Srinivas Gorantla

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  • Ian Lim
    Ian Lim

    omg...the cheerleader at 8:21 got wrecked

  • Robert Cunha
    Robert Cunha

    No UCF highlights? We killed Stanford.

  • philmoore075

    Man make sure you put the Pitt plays from the PSU Pitt game on there you seem to leave out all of the Pitt plays


    The shit is wrong with the sponsor

  • Orxan Qasımov
    Orxan Qasımov

  • Rashard The Red Ninja Turtle
    Rashard The Red Ninja Turtle

    So that's how I would look like at 5'7 playing college football.

  • Will Booker
    Will Booker

    Did Boston College just pull out the Philly Special??

  • Sacha Dutton
    Sacha Dutton

    GA Southern commentator is trash ruined a crazy ending

  • Trevor Arxc
    Trevor Arxc

    so don't show the gaming winning field goal from Eastern Michigan?

  • OpTic FaZe SmEg
    OpTic FaZe SmEg

    Tyler Johnson moss’d the cb for the win!🔥 #RTB 13:58

  • Thiago SP
    Thiago SP

    8:20 big hit

  • Young Boruto
    Young Boruto

    Damn only one Oklahoma clip?

  • Yb Huncho
    Yb Huncho

    You can’t tell me the first clip you thought he wasn’t gone say I count six shots

  • Emmett Cleere
    Emmett Cleere

    Should do a game to remember on USC vs BYU

  • Will Corley
    Will Corley

    Ryan Hilinski to Shi Smith in double coverage for the TD

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones

    I've always kind of imagined someone listening to the radio when big plays like these happen. How exciting it must be

  • Victor Von Deathstroke
    Victor Von Deathstroke

    No harris td catch with the stiff arm then hurdle? This is trash.

    • Austin Jones
      Austin Jones

      Victor Von Deathstroke it’s at like 3:15 fucking tard

  • mayday

    @5:50 I believe hes short.... o yea just like we thought, it's a td lol

  • mayday

    @2:20 zoom zoom Dude is 5 yards behind the line with 5 defenders in front of him. Idk if it's the camera angle or bad angles by the d but that guy hit the turbo button or something. ✌ gone

    • Triple 4
      Triple 4

      Amari Rodgers is just that fast and elusive and thats his top speed with a brace on his knee. He was even faster before he tore his acl.

  • O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes
    O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes

    @11:17 that's gay asf

  • Jack Wallis
    Jack Wallis

    If Arizona State loses that game we’d never see those highlights lol

  • Goober3417

    Mizzou isn't the only team they dont like.

  • jpinon403

    And now Tech falls to the Citadel after 2 weeks of other team upsets. These Power 5 teams ain't looking like Power 5 teams this season

  • boltz95

    8:21 he took out those cheerleaders

  • GatorsFB Fans
    GatorsFB Fans


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