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From Executive Producer Selena Gomez and Writer/Director Natalie Krinsky, watch the new trailer for the romantic comedy of the summer, The Broken Hearts Gallery 💔 only in movie theaters August 7.
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What if you saved a souvenir from every relationship you’ve ever been in? THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY follows the always unique Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan), a 20-something art gallery assistant living in New York City, who also happens to be an emotional hoarder. After she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend, Lucy is inspired to create The Broken Heart Gallery, a pop-up space for the items love has left behind. Word of the gallery spreads, encouraging a movement and a fresh start for all the romantics out there, including Lucy herself.
Geraldine Viswanathan
Dacre Montgomery
Utkarsh Ambudkar
Molly Gordon
Phillipa Soo
Suki Waterhouse
Arturo Castro
Ego Nwodim
Taylor Hill
and Bernadette Peters
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  • Vaani Kalra
    Vaani Kalra

    Can we find this movie on netflix when it comes out?

  • Alejandro Pacheco
    Alejandro Pacheco

    only in movies ugly chicks get a stalker.... right

  • Ru

    someone great pt. 2?

  • Alexia Gray
    Alexia Gray


  • Cony Krsul
    Cony Krsul

    I'm so excited to watch Pippa on this

  • Hey Baby
    Hey Baby

    Theory: Billy Hargrove is a time traveler and before he was killed by the mind flayer, he zapped and disappeared only to travel 35 years into the future. He changes his personality and way of life, he finds a nice girl but then the girl breaks his heart. Desperate to go back to 1985, Billy helps all the broken souls he could get to move on with there lives just to find out that back in 1985, people in Hawkins thought he had already died. Broken hearted and in shock, Billy (now known as nick) also tries to move on with new found love Lucy Gulliver.

  • BusyDiaries

    When I saw EXECUTIVE PRODUCER : SELENA GOMEZ .. I was like WHAAAAAT !! .. Who had the same reaction as me ?

  • Michelle Llamas
    Michelle Llamas

    everyone in the comments: I'm hEre fOr dAcRe me: oh i'm here for phillipa, just me? oh ok then

  • Why We Love Film
    Why We Love Film

    Did she just have a kid or something? She's really packed on a few pounds. I'm sorry if that sounds mean, but pause the video at 2:01 and tell me her face isn't bloated...


    SONY PICTURES , I love your movies, trailers and clips

  • The Monalizard
    The Monalizard

    Where 23 Jump Street?

  • sxjxxn lxx
    sxjxxn lxx

    I'm wondering there is a plan to release this movie in south korea. looks so sweet

  • Vicky Jomoh
    Vicky Jomoh

    I'mma gonna watch the movie not only because of Dacre Montgomery but also because Selena Gomez is the producer.

  • dancin_aura ,
    dancin_aura ,

    Everyone: dacre montgomery me: PhiLliPa SoO!!!!!!!!!

  • Alison Rosales
    Alison Rosales

    Im watching for Pippa soo 🤩

  • Lucinda Breeding
    Lucinda Breeding

    Oh, hey, Utkarsh Ambudkar!

  • Alankrit pandey
    Alankrit pandey

    this is the cringiest shit i have ever seen in my life

  • Imroz Towhid
    Imroz Towhid

    so, the afterlife isn't that bad, huh Billy?

  • Kumar Karan
    Kumar Karan

    Stranger things billy

  • MayaAngelou1

    Wow that's pretty original, a broken hearts gallery. It would also work as a good Instagram page

  • Park ChimChim
    Park ChimChim

    finally hollywood is brining in some south asian actresses

  • Patrick Lange
    Patrick Lange

    Was this PG-13 on Appeal? I don't see how they got just a PG-13 rating with sexual content throughout and some crude references, strong language and drug references

  • Alexis22


  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    lol This film no longer coming out on August 7th like expected. They took it off the schedule.

  • Dana Cohen-Almagor
    Dana Cohen-Almagor

    Dacre Montgomery is so. bloody. sexy. And an incredibly underrated actor. Give that man some recognition, and more importantly, cast him for more movies cause I need me some more Dacre in my life. Please and thank you.

  • Carmela Midoro
    Carmela Midoro

    Lmao everyone says they’re watching this bc of Dacre Montgomery 😭 I’m watching bc of Phillipa Soo 😭

  • Rogelia Gallegos
    Rogelia Gallegos

    So, this will be available to rent on Vudu and such? Cause the ‘rona is still out there...

  • Nom Fried
    Nom Fried


  • Chats With Olive
    Chats With Olive

    "why don't you leave it here" that's it I'm dead if I could marry a voice that would b it

  • Yozindagica Yozindagica
    Yozindagica Yozindagica

    This girl is looking like same indian girls

  • Katie Maraldo
    Katie Maraldo

    only watching for pippa

  • Gregory Mack
    Gregory Mack

    Hi Sony can you make the magic voyage reboot in live action in Columbus day 2020 with Glenn howerton as Columbus Gordon Ramsey as king Ferdinand IV Jessica Walter as queen Isabella Grant Palmer as pico Michaela luci as marylin Idris Elba as Diego Brandon Flynn and Keir Gilchrist as Rob And Bob The beavers key And Peele Eminem and Chris Tucker As the rats

    • Gregory Mack
      Gregory Mack

      Make the trailer

    • Gregory Mack
      Gregory Mack

      Daniel Craig as The seagull and Markiplier As the swarm Lord can you do it please?!

  • Bianca Soriano
    Bianca Soriano

    people saying that they’re watching this movie bc of dacre montgomery, but im watching it bc of pippa

  • bby psycho
    bby psycho

    and executive director SELENA GOMEZ

  • Anti All
    Anti All


  • Tanvi Bhandari
    Tanvi Bhandari

    This has a lot of “Someone Great” in it

  • Sydney Baldwin
    Sydney Baldwin

    Dacre 😍

  • Fit Doctor
    Fit Doctor

    Is that the red ranger

  • Parth Deshpande
    Parth Deshpande

    For Indian's this is four more shots from Hollywood

  • Offbeat Black Gerl
    Offbeat Black Gerl

    Dacre Montgomery.... I will watch for HIM!!! I honestly don't even care about the story or whatever.

  • Andi Gomez
    Andi Gomez

    I ship it

  • annisa irma
    annisa irma

    Quite looks like "toko barang mantan" isnt?

  • April Chow-chee
    April Chow-chee

    Yes Selena 👏 I love this movie already

  • salvatoré

    Billy is still on the car tho.

  • Sarah Munoz
    Sarah Munoz

    Why did I think this was going to be on Netflix and not in theater I’m almost sad now😅

  • Jill Sarah G
    Jill Sarah G

    in theatres? gurl not in this Pandemic

    • Frank Smith
      Frank Smith

      lol It was delayed. They took it off the schedule. I knew there would be no chance it will come out on Aug 7th.

  • Bhaskar Dubey
    Bhaskar Dubey

    Indians are everywhere...."Talented people"

  • Dheesplay Unikorn
    Dheesplay Unikorn

    Ethnic Lucy Hale is winning.

  • Peyton’s YT
    Peyton’s YT

    This is a very original movie plot but also the typical romantic movie in one

  • anjali

    I always knew Billy was a softie.

  • Tiyamike Kamtukule
    Tiyamike Kamtukule

    So no one is going to talk about how this guy some what looks like Zac Efron? Well okay, i guess it's just me then.

  • Sudipta Kumar
    Sudipta Kumar

    Life's the same, moving in stereo....😎😎😎😎

  • Julianne Alvaran
    Julianne Alvaran

    watching this because of phillipa soo 🥰

  • Gitanjali Reddy
    Gitanjali Reddy

    Selena: I want my name in the trailer more than Justin said Yummy in his song! Editors: say no more

  • murumuru


  • Swasti Johri
    Swasti Johri

    here for dacre.

  • Minaal Malik
    Minaal Malik

    Use this as "here for Phillipa Soo" button

  • Kaedene Powell
    Kaedene Powell

    Me: *blinks* Selena Gomez: executive producer Me: *blinks*

  • bronwynalexandria

    Movie looks stupid but I gotta support my mans I guess lol

  • Prajna Reddy
    Prajna Reddy

    the queen of broken hearts by blackbear should play in this 😌

  • Ayan Mitra
    Ayan Mitra

    Well people are realizing why he was the red ranger

  • Lu

    both of the leads are aussies in an american movie lol

  • musyrifo



    Am I seeing a talented beautiful midsize actress of whom I can finally relate to on the big screen? 🥺💓 Also, loving the plot!!

  • Jennifer Voilet
    Jennifer Voilet

    No one: Literally no one: This trailer: eXeCuTiVe pRoDuCeR sElEnA gOmEz

    • Avigaeil Moskovitz
      Avigaeil Moskovitz


  • sandip

    I am an old school guy and I think I will never be able to relate to the content here.

  • HelloIAmCrazy_Yeah Lol
    HelloIAmCrazy_Yeah Lol


  • Sincerely, Saesha
    Sincerely, Saesha

    Never giggled this much during a trailer. Can't wait ♥️☺️

  • andiblossom

    Yass Aussie co stars 🇦🇺

  • InternationalBabyBoyJungoo

    Tbh the plot looks terrible tbh at least the bit when they first meet each other bcos it was just cringe but imma watch because of Dacre Montgomery and Geraldine Viswanathan

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