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A live-in nanny thinks she’s found the perfect family to work for until she learns they have a dark secret.
Cast: Austin Highsmith, Karynn Moore, Michael Aaron Milligan, Jason Skeen
Chloe (Karynn Moore) is a nanny who desperately wants to adopt but needs to get her life together first. She finds the perfect live-in nanny position with the Brown family - Emily (Austin Highsmith), Michael (Michael Aaron Milligan) and their son - that will help get her life back on track. She quickly learns they’re oddly strict about security, with coded locks on all doors. Emily explains it’s due to her famous musician ex named Baz (Jason Skeen), who stalks her. Horrified, Chloe agrees to help Emily and Michael keep their son safe. But when Chloe notices things seem a bit off with the Browns, Emily and Michael turn on Chloe and accuse her of being a spy for Baz. When they lock her up to force a false confession out of her, Chloe questions whether it’s really Baz that’s making bad things happen or someone else.
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  • Charlton Gio Prepeña
    Charlton Gio Prepeña

    Avid fan of marvista entertainment

  • Melody Otubu
    Melody Otubu

    Well thanks for showing us the movie in 2 minutes

  • Keith Nayo
    Keith Nayo

    This is New

  • akab211

    This time the nanny is good.

    • Shawn Schaitel
      Shawn Schaitel

      so was the nanny in devious nanny

  • Colette Palenski
    Colette Palenski


  • Byrtle Beame
    Byrtle Beame

    It's more like 'the au pair nightmare'.

  • Gym Style
    Gym Style

    I shut off the TV to watch when I saw there was a new mini movie. :)

  • Always Watching
    Always Watching

    When the pandemic is eventually over and we are at a safe point in life...I WILL host Marvista parties where we watch movies and drink. I have to share these movies. I freaking love them.

    • Katie Jenkins
      Katie Jenkins

      @Humberto Rodriguez the captive nanny is actually uploaded on youtube. I use for anything else I want to watch. :)

    • Katie Jenkins
      Katie Jenkins

      I live for these movies! Ill bring the wine!

    • Humberto Rodriguez
      Humberto Rodriguez

      Where can i find these movies?

  • Tyra Mensah
    Tyra Mensah

    Trailer more than movie

  • אריאל גולני
    אריאל גולני


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