The Champ vs the rookie, their last 2 laps of the 2019 #ThaiGP!
The Champ vs the rookie!
Sit back and enjoy the last laps of the Thai GP race as Fabio Quartararo and Marc Márquez fought for a crucial win!
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  • Light Lion
    Light Lion

    2:59 WoW is the best

  • leticia drobot
    leticia drobot

    Isso que é aproveitar a corrida toda, vai até o final lutando pelo 1º lugar.

  • Gaming with DaRkFeNIX
    Gaming with DaRkFeNIX

    Marques is best

  • thepointyend

    I'm much more impressed with Quatararo!

  • Jesse Parbhu
    Jesse Parbhu

    Congratulations Marc beautiful win! It's something that you have to see to believe.

  • Nicholas Nobilio
    Nicholas Nobilio

    Marquel sei bravissimo

  • Liquid Gaming
    Liquid Gaming

    It would be good if there's like a segment of a race that all the riders switch the bike between the manufacturer just for having fun and might be reveal the real rider's skill

  • Abbas Minzar
    Abbas Minzar

    fabio has great control

  • Isidro Ovilla
    Isidro Ovilla

    All i can say is fuck you markes

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker

    Dont sweat it rookie. You still performed incredibly. Being essentially the exact same speed as the winner

  • Cy Devilla
    Cy Devilla

    for me FABIO is still a champ, even he's a rookie he proves that determination is the key. I hope in the next season he will became a real CHAMP 👌 GO YAMAHA

  • XtreeM FaiL
    XtreeM FaiL

    Things you will never seen in formulas.

  • Apet Valentino
    Apet Valentino

    Quartararo against machine

  • Praveen Krishnan
    Praveen Krishnan

    1:55 late use of brakes to keep straight speed longer, 2:58 early larger use of brakes to straighten out earlier.. that's extreme sports pushed to the edge..

  • Zy'man story
    Zy'man story

    Support guys

  • Erbin Gerand
    Erbin Gerand

    The champion is honda not the rider

  • danny adolfs
    danny adolfs

    SIMPLY THE BEST ! #93 💪😄👍

  • Jeffery O'Bryan
    Jeffery O'Bryan

    Marc Marquez is a genius, just unbelievable rider!👍👍👍

  • ST R
    ST R

    marquez is a cheater

  • Monjurul Islam Robin
    Monjurul Islam Robin

    What a race

  • Schuyler Hupp
    Schuyler Hupp


  • Ratno Spd
    Ratno Spd


  • Syed Faiz
    Syed Faiz

    Yamaha really need to work on straight line speeds.. Fabio ditched by the speed advantage of honda

  • 90MinutenLangVoorOnzeClubUitAmsterdam

    Already in Qatar'19 first race i saw the Honda was not only the best bike, now they were flying past the Ducatis very easy too! That's where i stopped watching because i knew it was going to be a Marc Marquez season like it was 2013 2014, for me motoGP without much competition is just not worth the time. I want to see Fabio Quartararo with a more powerful bike then at least there will be one more rider to make motoGP more fun to watch, even better is to see 4 or 5 fighting for the win but that's a dream i think with Marquez on a Honda there.

  • Will4May

    Marquez only won because of the Honda top speed and Yamaha always slower than most on the straight, it was the same with Stoner on the Ducati, Rossi proved many times that he was way better than Stoner around the track on the Yam only for a straight to come along and take away everything Rossi had done, the best races were when Rossi and Lorenzo were battling, equal machines left only to rider skill and setup, those were great races.

  • Golden Gaming
    Golden Gaming

    2:59 i so 😱😬

  • Zanis Dragon
    Zanis Dragon

    2021 Fabio Ready To fight With marc

  • Patrik Zgodic
    Patrik Zgodic

    I think there will never be someone like 93 is... he won his first champ title on his very first season in Gp... he is the beast... his sense for motorcycle is above them all...

  • Nicholas Nobilio
    Nicholas Nobilio

    Bravissimo marchez 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆

  • Budi BS
    Budi BS

    indeed from the age of 125 cc, it has become a golden child of Repsol, until MotoGP continues to die to be supported by Repsol, if you move the team, Repsol will no longer sponsor Honda.

  • Mindashary Marsaolly
    Mindashary Marsaolly


  • Arief Widodo
    Arief Widodo

    Meunang d motor aja, saya yakin Guartararo nex time bisa imbangi marg , pasti lebih seru

  • Andri Julianto
    Andri Julianto

    Maq Marquez... Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Tansyah Udin
    Tansyah Udin

    🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 marc marguez indonesia good marc.

  • Iyan Gombloh
    Iyan Gombloh

    Cuma kalah motor nya saja

  • Blue Ninja PRO
    Blue Ninja PRO

    I♥️ Marquez but not gonna lie i felt bad for Fabio in that last bit

  • Yashodeep Karne
    Yashodeep Karne

    1:50 looks like yamaha guy intensionally allowed Honda guy to overtake.

  • Far Southeast Movement
    Far Southeast Movement

    Did he just give marquez middle finger near finish line?

  • AlmostWins

    Let's try marquez in that Yamaha Petronas, I don't think he can podium.

  • krishnan krishnan
    krishnan krishnan

    Super race. i love marq93 ride.

  • krishnan krishnan
    krishnan krishnan

    I love u marq93

  • Andy Tulus
    Andy Tulus

    I want to see marc join another team

  • Nacnac 13
    Nacnac 13

    marquez a juste de la chance sur sa moto va plus vite en ligne droite

  • Ozamataz Buckshank
    Ozamataz Buckshank


  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan

    Yamaha isn't good for motogp

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    Marquez is the eternal motogp champion ken amada is not even the match for him 🏁🏁🏁

  • Saitama the Hero
    Saitama the Hero

    Marquez and Stoner would've been a great rivalry. Their styles are almost identical.

  • Jonny Riga
    Jonny Riga

    I tell you that boy is gonna be a problem 🇨🇵

  • Ho La
    Ho La

    1:54 dat screams tho

  • Muhammad Raffi hasan
    Muhammad Raffi hasan

    Alhamdullilah الحمد لله

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali

    R1n R1M r slower than h2, s1000rr, zx10rr, v4R, in motogp dont see M1 is heading every time we get to see ducati or honda is leading, yamaha is like scrap 👎🏻

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali

    i think yamaha doesn’t make powerful bikes ....useless company

  • Md. sumon. Ahmed
    Md. sumon. Ahmed


  • Novi Alfiansyah
    Novi Alfiansyah

    Sempurna 😍

  • Goth_Insomniac

    Quatararo has obviously grown up studying Marquez, their riding styles are almost the exact same it's crazy to watch.

  • Commenter Five
    Commenter Five

    0: 56 What's the use of speaking if we cant figure out a word of it? It's difficult enough to understand different accents, and impossible when 2 are speaking at the same time. Thanks for covering the fantastic race!

  • Steve Hadley
    Steve Hadley

    Rossi in his prime v MM on equal machinery would be a terrific race and one which I could not call.

  • Tingu

    Did anyone observe rossi? He came from 9th to 5th in last 2 laps

  • Arthurito

    When Fabio will be on The Yamaha factory, he will atomize Marquez... Quartararo The future Lorenzo


      even Lorenzo lost for many years to marc..😂😂

  • Wall Cutter
    Wall Cutter

    Very cool. Always love to see the underdog or rookie win

  • SEY HA
    SEY HA


  • le pro du 56
    le pro du 56

    Marques c'est le pire je l'aime pas du tout par contre quartararo je l'adore😍😍😍

  • Lianzuala Hrahsel
    Lianzuala Hrahsel

    The champ,The King

  • Kucing oren's
    Kucing oren's

    markues kaya tai ledig

  • Nabieh Ishak
    Nabieh Ishak

    Lucky for marque the best for quatoro

  • hrishikesh 71
    hrishikesh 71

    How that Honda went so fast in the last second even if corner speed of yamaha is more than Honda... 💯 skills...

  • low key
    low key

    That late braking is amazing.

  • Orang Lombok
    Orang Lombok

    Marq marquez is the best

  • Jason Hart
    Jason Hart

    Why did the announcer say Marquez is the "eight" time World Champion at 3:10? According to Wikipedia, Marquez has been World Champion six times, not eight.

  • Peter Pontrelli
    Peter Pontrelli

    Not impressed with Mark at all as good as good as he is he should have been able to gap the rookie with ease, however im super impressed with Q the rookie if he was on the honda he would have smoked Mark with no problem. If Mark was on any other bike he wouldn’t be as fast as he is thats most likely why he hasn’t changed teams and im sure its not about money because these guys make a shit load of cash so more money is not going to make a difference for them

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