The Champ vs the rookie, their last 2 laps of the 2019 #ThaiGP!
The Champ vs the rookie!
Sit back and enjoy the last laps of the Thai GP race as Fabio Quartararo and Marc Márquez fought for a crucial win!
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  • ben hearne
    ben hearne

    what is it with marc marquez oftenly running people off the track for that pole position. nasty piece of work

  • class mild
    class mild

    Mm 💄💄💄💄 emek emak

  • Naven Adhikary
    Naven Adhikary

    The rookie wont sleep for endless nights, just thinking about "what the hell happened back there". Seriously...what was that???😱🤐

    • raflifernanda 308
      raflifernanda 308

      Can't wait for 2020

  • Waluyo Doang
    Waluyo Doang

    Sejak ada marquez di motogp Penggemar rossi Penggemar yamaha Cuma bisa garuk2 bool

  • BlackMamba ML
    BlackMamba ML

    Some of them only win because they start in the first row

  • CaraMarie13

    Here is to hoping this isn't a one season thing. We said the same thing about Dovi two years ago and we saw how that went

  • D k
    D k

    MY MAN !!! As always is a winner!!!

  • Enmanuel Delosangeles
    Enmanuel Delosangeles


  • Peeetza

    Recently started watching F1 and I've fallen in love with it. I must start watching MotoGP too! Is there an app like F1 TV?

  • flavio silva
    flavio silva

    I'm the best #93 sigam instagram @four_racing_super_bike

  • shirshendu roy
    shirshendu roy

    The commentary was gold!!

  • Zayr ZR
    Zayr ZR

    We cant believe rookies nowadays bcoz even rookie he still behind marq.. like cmon man, damn talent he got there

  • goblok nekat
    goblok nekat

    Put marc on yamaha, he will die soon lmao

  • popcorn32145

    What HP/Torque these bikes put up?

  • I

    Pure adrenaline, damn....

  • Mazi #
    Mazi #

    Fabio 👍

  • Cody Levinson
    Cody Levinson

    It sure was annoying listening to that hysterical Bitch screaming in the background.

  • Prime

    Marc Marquez is the type of guy that looks simple and gentle, but he's also equipped with dangerous sets of skills and killer instinct, so no one could come up close his level in a long time

  • beriksv650

    Mark👍👍👍 Crazy rider

  • dragon win
    dragon win

    2020 mm k.o

  • fleasternut

    wait for Brad Binder

  • ปุณญฤทธิ์ กองเพ็ชร
    ปุณญฤทธิ์ กองเพ็ชร


  • ปุณญฤทธิ์ กองเพ็ชร
    ปุณญฤทธิ์ กองเพ็ชร


  • pac dmx
    pac dmx

    Every champions once was a rookie.. Rookie will beat the champion and will become the new champion..same goes to him,its a cycle of life..

  • pac dmx
    pac dmx

    Machine make the big different..

  • Michael Ron Revecho
    Michael Ron Revecho

    Time to let the rokie in ross.

  • Layton Matheson
    Layton Matheson

    Overtaken down the straight as easy as that! Obvious bike advantage = Honda beat Yamaha. Not necessarily race craft Marc beat Fabio. Would be good to see a few more ponies for the Yam

  • Abah Kau
    Abah Kau

    2020 is going to be a different story..

  • Heri Ilmu basri
    Heri Ilmu basri the best

  • steff serpent
    steff serpent

    still the best motor racing sport ever

  • Pritam Chakraborty
    Pritam Chakraborty

    This is pure class hats off 👏👏❤️❤️

  • Opal

    Baby 👽

  • K I Samad
    K I Samad

    High voltage

  • NE ONE
    NE ONE

    Amazing...goosebumps. greatness of motogp.

  • Sándor Máté
    Sándor Máté

    Marc Marquez very very Agressiv.... I dont like him

  • Germano Junior
    Germano Junior

    Quem ganhou aí foi a moto e não o piloto, claramente Quartararo venceria cm uma moto um pouquinho melhor.

  • arie wong
    arie wong

    Knp ya dr dulu saya kok benci sama marques .. wkwkkwkk menang cuma dgn 1 motor honda aja . Wkkwkkwk.. coba pindah dr honda ..

  • DEWIJA Tube
    DEWIJA Tube

    Kerduso campor ferguso colo bento ora iso . Orapopo jancok lo

  • Whammer Jammer
    Whammer Jammer

    So awesome!!!

  • OuO Omy
    OuO Omy

    I like fabio....

  • ahli listrik Dorna
    ahli listrik Dorna

    Even without champion 1, Marquez is already a world champion, but Marquez will not play it safe, it's different if other racers might play it safe

  • Taufik Firdaus
    Taufik Firdaus

    Alien vs rookie 2019

  • Oly Sasquatch
    Oly Sasquatch

    That was Absolutely Amazing and Bad ^ss!!!

  • si Akai
    si Akai

    Honda 🤪🤪

  • dimos k
    dimos k

    Not a Marquez fan but MY GOD he can ride...

  • Prime Gaming
    Prime Gaming

    Looks like Jackson Storm (Blue bike) vs Lightning McQueen (Red bike)

  • gerard henry
    gerard henry

    Sum num na

  • Sipri Bnk
    Sipri Bnk

    Semua mau fens siapapun Saya tidak luput dari 93 Saya penggemar 93 Makmerques yang terbaik dan ter hebat 😀😀😀

  • Winda Nurokta
    Winda Nurokta


  • Si Bi
    Si Bi


  • Jagadish T
    Jagadish T

    I hate Marc Marquez and Spanish Mafia in MotoGP 👎

  • killmousky

    That was genius

  • Franklin Contreras
    Franklin Contreras

    Son unos animales cuando sea grande quiero ser cómo marqués

  • motosiklet hastası
    motosiklet hastası


  • Javier Cerezo
    Javier Cerezo

    Sin comentarios el mejor piloto de la historia

  • Cinta Bela
    Cinta Bela

    Taro skarang tau siapa 93 bai alien

  • carwin gumacial
    carwin gumacial

    new 93

  • Eriotto

    in 2 years, quartararo with a real factory yamaha will win the championship 😁

    • raflifernanda 308
      raflifernanda 308

      @Adarsh Raj Fabio is better than zarco in motogp

    • Adarsh Raj
      Adarsh Raj

      Like zarco?

  • Ibas Jie Manakarra
    Ibas Jie Manakarra

    I love Marques 👍

  • Spoopy Doopey
    Spoopy Doopey

    Oh this was amazing....

  • Francis Buenaobra
    Francis Buenaobra


  • Eugeen Maz
    Eugeen Maz

    Un grande...

  • Adhiraj Adi
    Adhiraj Adi

    I think I have seen this video a million times now. Can't get enough of this thing of beauty

  • Anonymous Hitman
    Anonymous Hitman

    I don't get hanging the leg out when slowing for a turn

  • Azzahra Abrorri
    Azzahra Abrorri

    93 plus bigbang tak akoni liane kukut mak 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • shorin shon
    shorin shon

    MM is unpredictable and shows no mercy to other riders, fabio has the potential and will be the future champ.

  • fauzi Gigi
    fauzi Gigi

    Kuar tararo debes

  • Ultra Trump
    Ultra Trump

    Experience vs Inexperience great race the World Champion Prevail Marc Márquez. Fabio Quartararo he is just 20 year old this his first Moto GP and he placed 5th one day he will be #1 Moto GP World Champion

  • Emabe Pujiono
    Emabe Pujiono


  • Waswa Johnfares
    Waswa Johnfares watch this

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