We Made An Auto-Controlled JCB!
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Sammy wanted to replant a flower, but he made such a mess all over the house and even Sue! This isn't going to work...And of course, Sue has a new idea!
Today we'll make a hydraulic JCB! With its help we will be able to carefully replant our flower. So, we will need a lot of cardboard! It will be the base of our hydraulic JCB. Sue will tell us in detail what parts we need. Here everything is like in a real excavator: the control cab, wheels and a dipper! This dipper will definitely cope with the ground! Don't forget to add the arms to our JCB.
By the way, our JCB is called hydraulic. The dipper functions on water pressure, that's why we it is called HYDRAulic and hydros means "water" in Greek. We will make our hydraulic pump from two syringes, a plastic tube and colored water.
Every excavator must have wheels. Each wheel consists of five parts. And don’t forget to add tires! To make our mechanism work, we need a motor! Here we will work with hot glue. And you guys can't do it without the adults! Don't forget to ask for help!
Our hydraulic JCB is assembled and we can get started!
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