THE CROODS 2 Trailer (2020) A NEW AGE, Animation Movie
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THE CROODS 2 Trailer (2020) A NEW AGE, Animation, Comedy Movie
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  • Miles Gaunt
    Miles Gaunt

    cat vore cat vore

  • John Vogt
    John Vogt

    kid cudi

  • jeonsfw

    plot twist; eep and the new girl are lesbians and end up together

  • لُجين ١٩٩٥ •
    لُجين ١٩٩٥ •

    Wooow 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I waiting For that !!!!!

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
    Mount Kilimanjaro

    They look nothing like they did at the end of the first movie.

  • Li'l Miss Bacon
    Li'l Miss Bacon

    Why do I keep seeing comments about "what if Guy starts getting romantic with the more girl"? First of all; that's too cliché for DreamWorks to do. Second; Dawn and Eep are really hitting it off as besties so I definitely don't see it happening.

  • Osamede Osadolor
    Osamede Osadolor

    The hoolala part always gets me 🤣


    I really thought guy was eve’s boyfriend or am I tripping

  • Chucky Wilkes
    Chucky Wilkes

    I’m excited to watch this

  • Ms Fictionesta
    Ms Fictionesta

    I think that the whole croods will die first before the granny. She's just a spirit animal.

  • Luvi Sharma
    Luvi Sharma

    Ooooh la la 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Ayana S.
    Ayana S.

    I ship eep and dawn oop-


    Literally never thought I'd live to see the day that croods 2 would come out 😭😭ik other people said this too but like it's so truee

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott

    The 1st croods was great be watching this 2 imagine if a lost tribe stumbles into 2020 well yeah there was Amazon jungle tribes . 🤔 Foresters , miners , 1 road to Hell uno how that went still is & no one really did anything with all the yadda yadda in post's SAVE THE RAINFOREST donate haa fooking scamers & all Nope all talk no action office warriors 🤷‍♂️

  • Pete Holeman
    Pete Holeman


  • Kafee Al_Qahtani
    Kafee Al_Qahtani

    No nice

  • SEGAman studios 27
    SEGAman studios 27

    1:24 I see what you did there Dreamworks, don't hide your fetish

  • SEGAman studios 27
    SEGAman studios 27

    Finally, a movie I want to see

  • nukko nani
    nukko nani

    I am at the full point of enjoyment I will be countingevery secoun tho I can only go up to 16


    And then the groods 3 they find a city wkwkwk

  • jaida hatem
    jaida hatem

    That's in cinema

  • bqgin

    I just hope they won't make the girls lesbian and let them be friends.

    • Miles Gaunt
      Miles Gaunt

      lmao nope

    • I like pointless internet arguments
      I like pointless internet arguments


  • Damiyha Gales
    Damiyha Gales

    "In my days we didnt stare at birds we fought them" am I the only one who thought he said f**k them? XD

  • Ace Tronomy
    Ace Tronomy

    eep and the new girl better be gay

  • SirLight_Plays

    The croods 2 what year its gonna be realese

  • jethers gaming
    jethers gaming

    Grunk: "LeT mE LiVe My LiFe..." Me: Welcome to the club bro..

  • Julie Rokhum
    Julie Rokhum

    Where do I watch the croods 2??

  • Lxren Cloudx
    Lxren Cloudx

    i missed this oml-

  • Paisley

    I didn’t know cave people could talk. Wow

  • ASYAH אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ
    ASYAH אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ


  • lakshmi krishna
    lakshmi krishna

    That grandma is still alive!!! .Such a strong women.😂😂😂

  • luna eatz_nothin
    luna eatz_nothin

    i think the new girl LITTERLY looks like raya - just me?

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    Ooooh lala!!!

  • Rhen Campuid
    Rhen Campuid

    21 years old me, watching these is kinda fun 😍😍

  • daisy

    not me having a crush on guy when i was younger

  • Farhanelmuhammad

    C H E C K M Y V I D E O ✨

  • Jacob

    Welcome back to yet another corporate cash-grab!

  • Sarah Araujo
    Sarah Araujo

    I’m so excited

  • Harv vchieng
    Harv vchieng

    New formula: Watch the first one with a bed time, Watch the sequel as a tax paying adult.

  • VeryStealthyBoi

    Brooo... I never thought they’d make a second one

  • Yulia Walker
    Yulia Walker

    This looks super good ! So beautiful art work!

  • Bellaluna Naranjo
    Bellaluna Naranjo

    I can’t wait!!!

  • Martin Cabrera
    Martin Cabrera

    I felt like I just watched the whole movie.

  • pregeeth wasala
    pregeeth wasala

    Hahae so good

  • Plotagon Kids
    Plotagon Kids

    I’m not watching this

  • Plotagon Kids
    Plotagon Kids

    What I’m I watching

  • Kpop Tea
    Kpop Tea

    The new girl better not steal guy or Im trowing hands 😐✋

  • Jeffery Lentz
    Jeffery Lentz

    3:12 Cute

  • fayrn 2705
    fayrn 2705

    "3 days is not forever" 7 years...but im So excited!!!!

  • Imperiom

    i dont even remember how or what happened in the previous movie XD that forgetable it was

  • Alstroemerial

    2:13, “yOu sEe ThAt WaAaAaLl?!” “yEeEeEaAaAaAaHh!” “yOu WaNnA jUmP iT?!” “yEeEeEaAaAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!” seems like ordinary child friendly dialogue ._.

    • Alstroemerial

      @A White some of the children may understand~ o.O

    • A White
      A White

      @Alstroemerial No, I just don't see how it can be bad for kids when they're obviously not going to get it.

    • Alstroemerial

      @A White yOu’Re So InNoCeNt xD

    • A White
      A White


  • Krea

    "I've never had a gIrLFrIeNd!!" Hella excited


    please please make this on movie please start it now

  • ClickMe

    song is brand new by ben rector

  • MubeenFerd 10
    MubeenFerd 10

    Croods ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ waited 6 years for this movie 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  • hu ma
    hu ma

    CAN NOT WAITTTTT FOR THIS ''says it in crood style''

  • Arathi Rasquinha
    Arathi Rasquinha

    Aint no body watch this!

  • Goal: 100 Subscribers
    Goal: 100 Subscribers

    Why would people get excited for this?

    • Sugar Alex
      Sugar Alex

      thats subjective. People who enjoyed the previous film are looking forward to this.

    • Sugar Alex
      Sugar Alex

      thats subjective. People who enjoyed the previous film are looking forward to this.

  • Natalie Marie Bishop
    Natalie Marie Bishop

    it was all fine and dandy until they introduced the pink girl sloth love interest smh

  • Lieutenant Lettuce
    Lieutenant Lettuce

    Oh crap I just realized I'm late for the premiere of The Croods

  • yousra faiz
    yousra faiz

    Oolalaaayy hahahalol

  • Artista Kiran
    Artista Kiran

    You had me with Ryan Reynolds voice in the movie

  • Adena Watson
    Adena Watson


  • RightWayUp

    Took long enough...

  • Pearl Princess
    Pearl Princess


  • DerpDeAmaze

    guys i cant wait for the croods premiere on march 22nd 2013

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom

    I ship the teenage girls 🙊

  • iAdden

    Actually want to see this

  • Roshan Gavit
    Roshan Gavit

    Ooohhhh lalllaa❤️😂

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