The Death Of H3H3 by Gokanaru - H3 Podcast #192
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Thank you to Shoenice, Jimmie Lee, William Osman, JonTron, and PewDiePie for calling in!
Shoenice on Cameo -
Today we watch the famous death of h3h3productions by Gokanaru.

  • Roberto Blake
    Roberto Blake

    Relevant Timestamps 19:50 Keem defends Ethan 47:00 PewDiePie 1:01:00 Jon Tron defends Ethan 1:13:000 Jimmy Lee Defends Ethan 1:28:00 Gokanaru made a mistake 1:50:00 Topher helped w/ VapeNation 2:21:00 shoenice sets the record straight 2:26:00 shoenice asked to be taken out and Gokanaru refused 2:40:00 Shoenice had Gokanaru video removed for harassment 2:45:00 Ethan summarizes everything 2:47:20 The reason IT-my removed it 2:55:00 Gokanaru says he went to far

    • CookieSlayer17

      False, it’s been cleared by Gokanaru that shoenice at no point ever asked Gokanaru to be taken out nor did Gokanaru ever refuse.

    • Dolfy Himmler
      Dolfy Himmler

      Jimmy Lee defends Ethan??? Tf, no he didn’t. What kind of drugs are you on

    • Dillon Augustine
      Dillon Augustine

      @donnie2828 Definitely wasn't sarcasm...

    • donnie2828

      H3 yes man 🤡

    • alvaro.chileno

      Biased af

  • Abe Walters
    Abe Walters

    Damn, after Shoenice revealed all that information, this video should have been labeled: The death of Gokanaru by H3H3

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond

    Ethan is deleting comments lmao

  • WhiteThug

    ngl I do think Leafy has some actual mental health issues

  • Shamino Warhen
    Shamino Warhen

    Your children will grow up in an era where they will have thousands of hours of footage of their mother passive, awkward, and laughing at nothing- and their father poisoning an entire generation of the same people who will employ and manage your children.

  • Floris Aartsen
    Floris Aartsen

    You cancer

    • Davito

      You Ebola

  • Vagrant Gin
    Vagrant Gin

    appreciate ethan helping build a fanbase for these small youtubers. goka should thank him later when the beef is squashed and everything settled down.

  • Liimo-Drake69

    If you actually care about this shit, you're a wrongen.

  • Chino S.
    Chino S.

    based on the thumbnail i thought the headline of this episode was about Logan Paul losing his muscle gains and is now anorexic. gokanaru looks to me like a skinny version of logan paul.

  • Minlover

    Man, having Shoenice and him saying he was the one who asked to take down the video, even if it wasn’t real or whatever, it was the best

  • Base Dinobot
    Base Dinobot

    This is way too edited. The, the beauty of a podcast is that it's more or less uncut conversation. You can cut a little bit here and there, but this is all over the place throughout the entire thing. And the cuts are not even good, they're very jarring and noticeable.

  • Mauricio Bravo
    Mauricio Bravo

    jajajajaja que llorón....

    • Mauricio Bravo
      Mauricio Bravo

      @Davito otro llorón...! Aprende a escribir y luego me dices cualquier cosa y tus tacos metetetlos por donde más te entren

    • Davito

      Mejor cayate y para estar ablando tacos

  • MeSaDrums

    “Shoenice how do you feel about being called an alcoholic” “Well, I’m not drinking anymore but I’m smoking weed, which people in my AA class say isn’t sober” Bro, he’s in fucking AA. Alcoholic is literally the first word. You have such a shitty take on that whole situation. 99% of people think shoenice isn’t the most mentally stable person, so you painting him in this light like it’s all ok and goofs is fucked. Sure we can laugh at his dumb shit, no one says that we can’t, but don’t promote him or his channel to go subscribe to unless he’s fixed up his life for us to go and congratulate.

  • Max

    Are you wearing a turban in the first clip ? 😄

  • comedy god
    comedy god

    oh hear comes the baby's in comment section talking about well shoenice lied, why you did you skip like 2 or 3 chapters of an 1h long video Ethan, or you still suck Ethan. man people are never satisfied 😂😂😂

  • lol l o l
    lol l o l

    shame you didn't watch 7 and 8. i was hoping one day i would see you watching the donut operator segment in chapter 8. or maybe just watching donut's video on his own channel and not gokanaru's

  • Jisoo is my bias sorry not sorry UwU
    Jisoo is my bias sorry not sorry UwU

    Is there any good content creator in 2020? Because at this point everyone is a shitty human.

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen

    Wtf happened to you Ethan to fill you with such anger towards everyone

  • Without a doubt your mom is a cow
    Without a doubt your mom is a cow

    Is eela high? She looks like she's not all there

  • Julian Stockton
    Julian Stockton

    I think he just wanted you to tell him that he WOULD have been interesting enough for a whole hour. Not hating though i he seems good

  • vicecityrocks1

    2:10:01 - 2:10:30 Ethan complains about Gokunaru calling Shoenice an alcoholic, and claims that it’s dehumanizing and insulting to Shoenice 2:10:40 Gokunaru gives evidence to Shoenice being unstable and having alcoholic tendencies 2:11:16 Gokunaru shows footage of Ethan making fun of Shoenice for being an alcoholic after the fact! How much more hypocritical can you fucking get lmao this is some curb your enthusiasm shit

  • Jordan Barrios
    Jordan Barrios


  • Salgandarin

    What a joke

    • Davito

      haha funny

  • George Costanza
    George Costanza

    Everyone who liked this video. Go watch gokanarus response and turn your like into a dislike its ridiculous that this video has more likes than dislikes

  • Harrison mills-low
    Harrison mills-low

    I want to say thank you Ethan for introducing me to a great IT-myr who makes really good content.

  • Sina M
    Sina M

    Ethan is and always was the goat, he is funny bro gukanaro doesn't show everything and it's clear he doesn't research the whole thing he just pin pointed the parts to make him look bad

  • Krabby LongLegs
    Krabby LongLegs

    H3 is a little weasel lol he skipped so much legit criticism

  • Alex

    I dunno why people care about this so much to post hate comments. Some of us actually come to this channel to watch H3H3 videos because we like them. If you have such a problem with Ethan, just f*** off and don't watch these videos!

    • ventafenta2

      “You’re just salty of Ethan’s success” “Fuck off if you dont like H3H3” “Defending ethans response bad but defending Gokanaru’s response good” Why is it that IT-my H3 fans become ricegum fans?

  • TheSilentsol

    Hey h3h3, I just wanted to say I've been watching and listening for a few years now. We're actually about the same age. I thought I'd leave a little positive note for you guys among all the negative comments on here. Thanks for all the entertainment and fun over the years, it's been great to see you guys change and evolve. No one is immune from criticism but I think you guys are taking it rather well, it's good to see you doing some introspection as well. I'm enjoying the drama though XD. Keep on keeping on. All the best, Dr. D

  • Chinese Hitler
    Chinese Hitler

    I liked Ethan and Hila, until this fiasco. They lied about this smaller IT-myd.

  • America needs UBI Trickle Up Economy
    America needs UBI Trickle Up Economy

    *💙America needs Ubi💙* spread the message we’re almost there!!!

  • Heartsickruben

    Blindly following an e-celebrity...just stop

  • Indy M
    Indy M

    Hahaha all the Gokanaru fans coming back to this video to suck each other off in the comments is amazing

    • ventafenta2

      Ethan fans have become ricegum fans sorry

  • Medium rare beef hammer
    Medium rare beef hammer


  • Jen Blankenship
    Jen Blankenship

    I loved it and definitely kept my attention

  • Broff

    Manchild has no personality, he had to replaced it with his eyebrows

    • Charlie O’Neill
      Charlie O’Neill

      He has Tourette’s Syndrome. That’s really insensitive.

    • Indy M
      Indy M

      Do you even English?

  • mitch jonas
    mitch jonas

    Will you JUST GO AWAY.

  • luvcraft

    i’m so out of the loop i didn’t even know jon tron had any controversy

  • Krail

    I got drunk just watching shoenice talking

  • P M
    P M

    “My apology was admitting it was wrong.” You’re an actual goof Felix

  • Dustin Smith
    Dustin Smith

    shoenice is a fucking LEGEND!!! OMG, i am dying. i'm actually already dead. my last wish was for papa to leave this comment for me after my soul departed. my second last wish was for keemstar's skin to turn its original color, blue.

    • Original

      Shoenice admitted he lied do u not have twitter?

  • Sille Damkjer Lihn
    Sille Damkjer Lihn


  • eudaimon

    lol never watched anything from h3 and i have literally no idea who any of these people are, but this comment section is gold. Not even gonna watch the video. Folks fighting about fake bs: 🍿

  • Crypto Chanakya
    Crypto Chanakya

    These likes prove that h3h3 followers are the most deluded on the website. Ethan totally skipped over all the damning parts specially the parts where he clearly leads the mentally unstable man on to be part of his goof gang (in return for the claims the man is making about striking gokunaru's video for which there is no evidence provided).

    • FT Kingfish
      FT Kingfish

      What did you expect? The script kind and funny Ethan klein or unscripted unfunny liar and manipulator Ethan Klein?

  • MilkAndBanana

    I really don't understand why people want to hate this guy so much. He's just some man who found the opportunity to use this platform as a business. People make mistakes and like a normal person, he admits it.

    • l α r e i n α d e c o r α z o n e z
      l α r e i n α d e c o r α z o n e z

      The problem is that most of the time H3 doesn't own up to all of his mistakes, and doesn't take criticism, which is made very clear in this video.

  • WX

    Ethan just straight ignoring hard truths goku made and talking about shit that doesn’t matter.

    • Indy M
      Indy M

      Does pointing out that many things that Gokanaru talked about were made in bad faith by glazing over important info not count?

  • Chelsea Dechaine
    Chelsea Dechaine

    shoenice is a prime example of an alcoholic/addict

  • Shadow Phantom Gamer
    Shadow Phantom Gamer


    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      10 year old spotted 🎯

  • Sheri

    why do i always wake up to this shit when i fall asleep?!!

  • Chaos

    Damn the only 1 million view on the h3 podcast in months , lols

  • Sister Fister 69
    Sister Fister 69

    Defend Gokunarus response: " Man this guy made some really good points." Defend Ethans response: "HuRr DuRR yOU MusT bE a H3 fANboY!!!"

    • ventafenta

      Na Gokanaru actually made decent points. Ethan accepted criticism but he dodged a lot of things loooooolllllllll

    • Indy M
      Indy M

      l α r e i n α d e c o r α z o n e z did you watch the vids?

    • l α r e i n α d e c o r α z o n e z
      l α r e i n α d e c o r α z o n e z

      @charles thomas how did he fail?

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      Yeah, gokanaru failed. That’s all I can say, he just failed miserably

  • MacGuffin

    Why the dislikes? Ethan admitted wrong where he was wrong. Like I had a problem with him for a while, but I allow people room to grow.

  • TheOffical

    2:07:51 yoo was that Gandalf?

  • Ömer Öztürk
    Ömer Öztürk

    Guys stop posting hate comments I can’t like them all

    • Charlie O’Neill
      Charlie O’Neill

      charles thomas You’re the only one talking sense here Charles. Load of jokers.

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      Yay dead joke user👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 this is peak comedy right here! H3h3 hater knows how to use memes now👏👏✊✊👏👏👏👏 dead memes!!! Yaaaaayyyy!!!

  • BadMuzzy

    I can’t find a single comment defending Ethan...refreshing indeed.

    • ventafenta

      charles thomas “You’re just salty of his success” Tfw h3 fans are now ricegum

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      You can’t find any real dirt on him🤷‍♂️ you are just salty of his success

  • F.D.R ftw
    F.D.R ftw

    You know that Joji talked mad shit on Chad. You can tell every time they interact in Max's old videos he doesnt like him.

  • F.D.R ftw
    F.D.R ftw

    Jontrons part was hilarious.

  • RonaldLTC

    Ethan's Twitter: "Reacting to The Death Of H3H3 FULL" Ethan on podcast: Anyways in gonna skip this

  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel

    H3 fanboys after watching this: "Yeah he watched it. Ethan innocent now!" Gonakaru: **drops his response**

    • Rayan Zahrani
      Rayan Zahrani

      @charles thomas He lied about shoenice taking down the video, Shoenice came out and exposed him. Saying he did it for a shoutout. watch gokunarus response.

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      What has ethan actually done that’s so terrible? Why do you people feel the need to attack him? Seems like all of the ignorant salty people are attracted to this channel

  • Luey Diaz
    Luey Diaz

    I’d love to see leafy survive in today’s climate😂

  • OSD

    Why does the comment section feel like a bunch of high schoolers talking about drama? If you don't like Ethan or his response, just move on and don't watch.

    • ventafenta2

      “If you don’t like ethan or his response, just move on” Sounds like something Jake Paul fanbase would say. Sorry, that’s the truth.

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      Krokodyl well if there’s a comment section people can watch if their allowed. If you hate ethan there’s absolutely no reason for you to be here, you choose to be here spreading hate. You’re a hypocrite

    • Krokodyl

      If you dont like the comments dont read them

    • Brody

      yeah its crazy how many haters and people talking so much shit. if you dont like him or his content, guess what? dont watch it ! nobody is forcing you !! 🤣

  • Punchy

    This was really shitty. Jesus. Ethan your in severe denial.

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      Or maybe you just want to hate him because your own life sucks. If you don’t like ethan then quit complaining and watching his videos. You are just giving him views. Better your own life, you are faaaaaar from perfect.

  • Eduardo Padilla
    Eduardo Padilla

    What’s up with this guy. Why he look like he on crack. Eyebrows goin wild. Straight sniffing

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      With that profile picture I wouldn’t be speaking. You must have had 4 pounds of black tar heroin to make that thing😂 Btw he has Tourette’s, enlighten yourself

  • PapaPalps

    So you danced around a lot of his claims against you

  • Richard Lavety
    Richard Lavety

    I've always loved you both, were all human! Ppl b crazy!!

  • Tommy Gianiodis
    Tommy Gianiodis

    What the hell is the point of defending yourself when everything is speculation. Even if he deflects one thing it’s easy for an accusation to just change because it’s all bs

  • Tommy Gianiodis
    Tommy Gianiodis

    This just seems like a very novice IT-myr with a personal vendetta against H3. That’s all.

  • Dennis Cook
    Dennis Cook


    • Dennis Cook
      Dennis Cook

      @charles thomas love you

    • charles thomas
      charles thomas

      So are your playlists

  • N D
    N D

    watching the way y'all treated that poor engineer fucking disgusted me. Just saying.

  • Rudy Trujillo
    Rudy Trujillo


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