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  • shane

    I hope you guys like the new video!! :)) im so excited to make a horror movie. im gonna put my whole heart and soul into it. :)) if you want more horror videos on my channel let me know!! :) id love to make them!

    • Banzick

      U good bro

    • ๓໐นŞŞē


    • Teknique_Spills

      I cant wait for you to come out of this controversy <3

    • Dan Krauth
      Dan Krauth

      Why is shane acting like he’s out of diet root beer I saw like 8 boxes

    • Susan Willis
      Susan Willis

      Go for it Shane but let toxic people go

  • Lonesomeshaddow

    Did you know the average person escapes death at least six times?

  • • Massachusetts •
    • Massachusetts •


  • Avery’s Avengers
    Avery’s Avengers

    Hey Shane when will you be making videos again cause I missed your videos so much and they are awesomely

  • X-men wolverines
    X-men wolverines

    Your one of my favorite IT-myrs and I believe what u say in video

  • Jessica Peterson
    Jessica Peterson

    It's Coco and her Bow Bow 🎀

  • Ella Z
    Ella Z

    -is you

  • Emma Swan
    Emma Swan

    Shane I Tried doing so research about the girl with the red hair but I found nothing all I saw was just the painting nothing saying she was real nothing saying she was murdered or something bad happened to her. Try finding who the artist that created her maybe you can find some information about why he painted her or if she’s even a real person?.

  • Path

    bum stans

  • Addi Nash
    Addi Nash


  • Dingus Vlogz
    Dingus Vlogz


  • Lisa Heseltine
    Lisa Heseltine

    Hi Shane I love your videos you and Ryland make me laugh you are both a lovely couple you put your heart and soul into your videos can't wait for more stay safe both of you xxx

  • Pizza Dick
    Pizza Dick

    The demon in your house is you

  • Hitoshi Shinso
    Hitoshi Shinso

    27:46 *RuPauls Drag Race Topic*

  • XxkaWaii xX
    XxkaWaii xX

    YOU are the demon

  • Kawaii Cosplays
    Kawaii Cosplays

    Shane, is such, a, MOOD!

  • Auris Imvu
    Auris Imvu

    i miss you

  • That one random YouTuber
    That one random YouTuber

    I really hope Shane is ok and makes more videos he is amazing and no backlash can take that away from him.

    • Marshall Smurthwaite
      Marshall Smurthwaite

      No but being a nonce can 😊

  • Autumn B
    Autumn B

    Plz come bck

  • Autumn B
    Autumn B

    Is shane dead?

  • the cookie and cream show
    the cookie and cream show

    Someone called u a pedo on tiktok im actually not joking

  • Topper

    Shane got so many dislikes just because he's been cancelled

  • Jacob Jorgensen
    Jacob Jorgensen

    You guys hear that wood chipper firing up?

  • Introverted Ghost
    Introverted Ghost


  • Brine CR
    Brine CR

    Well I guess there ain’t gonna be no part 2?

  • Adriana Cervenakova Year 7 Clifton
    Adriana Cervenakova Year 7 Clifton

    Who else remembers when he called a 6YEAR OLD sexy.... Like shane wtf.... Thats creepy on ANOTHER LEVEL

  • Sian Connock
    Sian Connock

    Ghost film/ documentary pleaaaase !

  • Trav D
    Trav D

    Guys, this IS the “horror” movie. He’s gonna do like a documentary style horror movie where a writer is actually getting haunted

  • Teodora Maria
    Teodora Maria

    I’m so exited for the horror movie🥳🥳

  • Connie Mango
    Connie Mango

    No ❤️

  • Trav D
    Trav D

    Wow big weight gain

  • Juilliann Connell
    Juilliann Connell

    you should try to contact the thing and do a cleansing shane,or perhaps you could do a 3 am challenge series

  • Jsquared 1233
    Jsquared 1233

    Also Shane, I think when the ghost “helped you” I think the spirit is just trying to gain you’re trust then break you...kill you

  • Jsquared 1233
    Jsquared 1233

    OMG SHANE! Around midnight!? THEM U SEE A SHADOW MAN!?!? I think it might be the midnight man....

  • Leah Garces
    Leah Garces

    rrrroll up to the party with my crazy pink wig

  • GizmoLIVE

    If you think about it Shane fucking Stephen King’d his story. He wrote about something that happened, e.g. The Shining

  • teegan bestgen
    teegan bestgen

    I'm sooooo happy your back!!!

  • Maria Adi
    Maria Adi

    You need the witchtok community 😳

  • syazwan

    You looks better with your original hair.. straight hair makes you looks messier than you already is unless you know how to style them. No hate. Just saying.

    • syazwan

      @biniy davis so? If he stays with his original hair, the longness of his hair is barely can be seen. Also, his original hair looks neater even tho he didn't do anything to it.

    • biniy davis
      biniy davis

      His original hairstyle was long

  • Cole Xxx
    Cole Xxx


  • Skylar Lewis
    Skylar Lewis

    i still like shane. i grew up with his content to not like him is crazy. he helped me through so many bad events in my life. i understand why he may be unlikable or “cancelled” but i refuse to not watch him.

    • monzorella1

      @Mirelys Garcilazo you need different role models

    • monzorella1
      monzorella1 Watch this video and let's see if you still feel the same. If you do stillove him then you think rasicm is OK, pedophilia is just fine and sexually harassing animals is A OK

    • Mirelys Garcilazo
      Mirelys Garcilazo

      Same hes actually helped me through rough times in life like he actually helped me when i almost hit rock bottom

  • B Pascua
    B Pascua

    Me getting scared asf Comments:plot twist shanes the ghost

  • Summer Meyer
    Summer Meyer

    Am I the only person like freaked out! 😩 and I’m alone 🙏🏻

  • Jacob Webb
    Jacob Webb

    the wierd thing he was noticing was the fbi bugging his shit at every moment they could lol

  • Calming Asmr
    Calming Asmr

    Thank You.

  • Shanna Chardey
    Shanna Chardey

    I love you let’s just start with that! Lol 😘 You are very inspiring I may say. Also the whole dealing with spirits your whole life and seem no matter where you go it’s something I fully understand it happens to me also. I’m a empath on top of that I feel you are too that’s why you don’t like to be In public because you absorb others energy’s and it overwhelming. I wish we could talk about all our experiences since we both can relate. Lol But Stay strong love 😘you got this!

  • okthatsdanielle _
    okthatsdanielle _

    Where’s the pink wig, Shane?👁👅👁

  • BeachBlu3s Throwing potatoes
    BeachBlu3s Throwing potatoes

    Time to dislike every video this fake has ever made.

    • Kitty Girl
      Kitty Girl


  • Carol Thompson
    Carol Thompson

    When you begin to feel threatened, you say aloud with your faith. I cover me and my house and family in the blood of the lamb. By the power of Jesus I demand that you leave

  • Hikaru Kawaii
    Hikaru Kawaii

    I love you Shane!! You always get me through any deep shit I’m in!!!!! ❤️

  • ancientfruit606

    You are messing with wrong energies with a lack of direction from light and love. It is NOT!! a coincidence that the events of this video foreshadow the major life change you have had in the media.. You need to cleanse your house, and stop allowing it in.. It's really stupid that you allow it to continue without cleansing your house frequently.. You are over your head. One of the stupidest things someone can do with a demon/dark entity... If you need more info talk to a psychic, healer, or someone who really understands these things. You are welcome to hit me up. I am a practicing psychic cleanser..

  • Marié Feldman
    Marié Feldman

    who’s watching after all the drama 😗✌🏼

  • Jillian Buzzard
    Jillian Buzzard

    I swear I will pay good money just to see Shane's horror movie 🍿


    Delete your account

  • IForgotMyKeys 67
    IForgotMyKeys 67

    You got fatty.

  • passions20013

    You are the demon in your house

  • Jack Conway
    Jack Conway


  • Rosa's Kitchen
    Rosa's Kitchen


  • Yo Yo _ is a god
    Yo Yo _ is a god

    Wait didn’t this guy rape his cat?

  • Marce Lata
    Marce Lata


  • Jimita Rita
    Jimita Rita

    🧚‍♂️✌️He is the demon to the kids her has sexually assaulted 🧚‍♂️✌️☺️

  • katrina sacdalan
    katrina sacdalan

    Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that this dropped rights before Tati made that video? Hmmm....I’m beginning to think that whole drama was planned. But was held up because it wasn’t going according to plan.

  • Loopy Soupy
    Loopy Soupy

    I can’t help but think this is a biggie troll

  • Queen Goddess
    Queen Goddess

    Guess the demon in your house was *you*

  • Amelie Deere
    Amelie Deere

    Haha I don’t think Shane will ever dare actually make this film 😂

  • michelle contreras
    michelle contreras

    I honestly find this interesting I hope he does a pt2 cause this seems an entertaining series

    • 58goj58

      Lololol after what he did to those kids and did black face? You ain’t never getting part 2.

  • Killer Moth XD
    Killer Moth XD

    If you want him to do a docu series on poppy please like this comment

    • SIX •
      SIX •

      Who is Poppy?


    “Everyone hates ellen right now” Well I guess you guys have something in common

  • Zoe Cassidy
    Zoe Cassidy

    Of course you let the kid over to 'drink root beer'

  • My wi wi goes boing boing
    My wi wi goes boing boing

    The real demon in the house was you all along.

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