THE END of the STALKER... SPY NINJAS vs Horseradish to Stop Hypnosis
Vy Qwaint
After Chad Wild Clay made "SHE DOES NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE", Vy Qwaint created "CHAD WILD CLAY's SECRET Reveal Could End the Spy Ninjas", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I GO UNDERCOVER as a HACKER to SAVE VY QWAINT", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "We're Not Talking To Chad!" The Spy Ninjas saved Vy from hypnosis and decided to finally stop the Stalker gang once and for all! Daniel wants to save his girl... er, ex-girlfriend. Daniel modified the Spy Ninja Noise Enhancer to block the sound that HorseRadish uses to hypnotize people! The team encounters bad guys and crazy security systems that use lasers! They have to navigate dangerous enemies and obstacles while making their way to the head honcho, Horse Radish. This plan will only work if the Spy Ninjas can stop the bad guys from being hypnotized. Will it work? Will the Spy Ninjas make it to Horse Radish in time? Will those who are hypnotized be saved? Will the Spy Ninjas be able to finally put this evil group past them and move forward in becoming the best IT-myrs!
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  • Reva Roberts
    Reva Roberts

    Reva and john cena's jaylee mom dad

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    ABDUL Abuzahra

    Does anybody know what rage meme by did thx

  • Yin and yang Fury’s
    Yin and yang Fury’s

    When you guys saved Alic you said "but the main thing is that we defeat HORSHE radish

    • Yin and yang Fury’s
      Yin and yang Fury’s

      Oh and everyone but Chad I know Daniel was hipnitized but still WAY TO FAR going mean

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    Brian Klemser


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    Juan Maldonado

    14 889

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    Jenisha Ghalley

    And the chef is alies brother

  • Jenisha Ghalley
    Jenisha Ghalley

    Yeh leak is the aliens half brother

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  • Yaron Paul
    Yaron Paul


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    Maddie's Slime Shop


  • mayesha20

    In the subtitles aliy said I need to learn horseradish

  • Herlyana Susanty
    Herlyana Susanty

    Hi vy im alena 3D and all the stalkers are going down

  • Jared Brennz Sibal
    Jared Brennz Sibal


  • Anatoly Myers
    Anatoly Myers

    *when all his old friends starts beating him up* me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣lolloloolollololloo I’m dying

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    Erick’s WRLD

    Tony Robison

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    Maribel Mendoza5

    sábadi deslakeye en mi fone bate ay laket

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  • Kuinang Song
    Kuinang Song

    The leak and Allie is sooo mean and why would she not show her face in the camera

  • Mohammad kanbari
    Mohammad kanbari


  • it’s deku
    it’s deku

    Regina was clumsy and can’t get the machine soon enough cause the horse raddish say “welcome home” soon

  • Mounia Azouaou
    Mounia Azouaou

    Spy ninjas were you live????

  • Jasmine Salazar
    Jasmine Salazar


  • Tazeem Hussain
    Tazeem Hussain

    Just let daniel choose both the spy ninjas and his girlfriend

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    Cassidee Cocco


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    Ben Vega

    Not sure

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    K queen khadrina


  • Isaias Reyes
    Isaias Reyes

    Horseradish is a L

  • Neema Wara
    Neema Wara

    The fight with horseradish it was funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅

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    Michael Rouse

    I sold something on the mirrors

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    Darny Lyn

    Hi Chase end caddy stop killing me and I will not play it for the next two days

  • Darny Lyn
    Darny Lyn

    I am i'm sad to

  • Alexis joined 125 years ago•
    Alexis joined 125 years ago•


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    Deagan games


  • Toxic

    I saw something behind Daniel

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    Xaviera Alena

    Hi Daniel horseradish is going down

  • kyle Ronquillo
    kyle Ronquillo

    horsradis is going to be a popato hahaha

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    Steisy Perez

    My favorite spy ninjas chad VY Daniel and Melvin

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  • Josiana Bebawi
    Josiana Bebawi


  • Josiana Bebawi
    Josiana Bebawi


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    Francis Thawng

    horseradish got oofed

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    tanisq batra


  • GH - 01WF 921438 Roberta Bondar PS
    GH - 01WF 921438 Roberta Bondar PS

    The end was so funny hahah

  • Hbug45

    One question is the leak Melvins brother and maybe Regina’s too to me they look alike leave alike if you think too

  • ghost martin
    ghost martin

    Facts jason foo


    10:10 to 10:17 reagina hahahahahahhahahahhaha

  • Ahmad Noorؤخل
    Ahmad Noorؤخل

    When aile came back there was a black door some one there and hiding✉📚💼 he had a hat and it was black he was wearing black🎩❤👖👕💷💵💶💴💸

  • Ismay Sproat
    Ismay Sproat

    Daniel: that’s what you get horse radish horse radish I’m SoRrY

  • Ismay Sproat
    Ismay Sproat

    OH OH OH

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    Stephanie Ramos

    D. Vs. H

  • Stephanie Ramos
    Stephanie Ramos


  • Stephanie Ramos
    Stephanie Ramos

    Yes. No

  • Stephanie Ramos
    Stephanie Ramos


  • Puppet

    Spy ninjas I make you an animation

  • Fabcastle 429
    Fabcastle 429

    Horse radish I ate him

  • Kayla Hasna
    Kayla Hasna

    I want to be a spy ninja to I want the color purple🟣

  • Dhxya L
    Dhxya L

    7:14 he wasnt saluting he was like not saluting right its a trick to help you guys

  • Rhys Davidson
    Rhys Davidson

    Alie took Douglas

  • Jeijei Da king
    Jeijei Da king


  • Matthias Gomez
    Matthias Gomez

    The real question is... Is he an instrument


    I also love how Regina said toni I think or tony

    • Shivanan Ramlochan
      Shivanan Ramlochan

      make all I'd!

  • Sandro Khorguashvili
    Sandro Khorguashvili

    18:07 animal abuse.

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  • N I g h t m a r e-G o l d I e
    N I g h t m a r e-G o l d I e

    Horseradish:AHHHH EHHHH AHH EHHHHHHHHH Melvin:* watching what is happening* Melvins Mind:I wanna fight to

  • Zaggara Carrington
    Zaggara Carrington

    Ali ❤❤❤❤❤

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    Koden Meakin

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    LUJAIN2K7 lujain2k7

    You just like a bass the Spanish you're so shut the best spending this is all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HadiThegamer Waqar
    HadiThegamer Waqar

    They need cloaked and perlita

  • myatminnaing naing
    myatminnaing naing

    Horse raddish is down

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