The FASTEST Eaters in the World Compilation !
The FASTEST Eaters in the World Compilation !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to The FASTEST Eaters in the World Compilation !


  • Rosa Sherwood
    Rosa Sherwood

    Hi Azzyland🤪🤪🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤟🤟

  • Chelsea Stewart
    Chelsea Stewart


  • Matilda Matanganyidze
    Matilda Matanganyidze

    Get the pizza 🍕

  • waaa calimbas
    waaa calimbas

    I am so hungry

  • Tahlia & Makayla
    Tahlia & Makayla

    Well I hv awnser for u Azzy it goes to ur gut XD

  • rosi gamer22
    rosi gamer22

    😱😱😱😱😱😱Oooo. wow

  • Kirk The best
    Kirk The best

    The watermelon one to do it get a watermelon no seeds And go to the sharp part and DRILL your teeth fast then move watermelon fast and up fast too

  • Jayleen Rodriguez
    Jayleen Rodriguez


  • Florence Nai
    Florence Nai

    Doesn’t she remind you of Leah Ashe

  • Adaline Helmke
    Adaline Helmke


  • Sally Jane Lauyan
    Sally Jane Lauyan

    Azzy u forgot that there is a giant pizza #your gonna buy

  • Sharkdoom XD
    Sharkdoom XD

    There is a black 🕳 in all of use as your BUTHOLE

  • Sharkdoom XD
    Sharkdoom XD

    Soggy cereal! Good af

  • Emily Hunter
    Emily Hunter

    Oh my gosh what in the world

  • Floss Like A Boss
    Floss Like A Boss


  • Ak47 Diamond
    Ak47 Diamond


  • Nigel Reeves
    Nigel Reeves

    Setup and watch zilla

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    The chicken

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    The chicken

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    I can eat all of that

  • Michelle Caffee
    Michelle Caffee


  • Jeremiah Harrison
    Jeremiah Harrison

    Cray fish😂😂

  • Amanda Perez
    Amanda Perez

    I don't want to eat ever again

  • Shelby Eshman
    Shelby Eshman

    They don't get in Water so they can eat it faster 😂😂😆

  • E sup
    E sup

    The pizza 🍕 one is stove

  • Reagan Wright
    Reagan Wright

    milk pzza and wiptcreem

  • Madison Alyea
    Madison Alyea


  • Giana Riley Campbell
    Giana Riley Campbell

    Tap the like button If you ❤️ azzyland

    • Bella Vazquez
      Bella Vazquez

      Hi peep🐈🦄🦊🐩

  • Scripture & Andie
    Scripture & Andie

    You get the pizza from New York pizza

  • hannah Mabini
    hannah Mabini


  • Brandy Sanderson
    Brandy Sanderson

    Sponsored by tasty

  • Fazna Ali
    Fazna Ali

    The food gose to your boody 💩💩💩💩💩

  • Marieta Aguilar
    Marieta Aguilar

    Ow may good it sow fast eat

  • Ikerscp096 Peña
    Ikerscp096 Peña


  • Jacqueline Vandenhazelkamp
    Jacqueline Vandenhazelkamp


  • Børnekonto Klitte
    Børnekonto Klitte

    I know were the Food goes in the toilet

  • trisha leah mercado
    trisha leah mercado

    I love you azzy

  • ixerine adriano
    ixerine adriano

    i love you

  • Tyreese Carraway
    Tyreese Carraway

    Grilled cheese

  • Joey Lin
    Joey Lin

    For breakfast I have cereal soggy

  • Alexander Langford
    Alexander Langford

    You forgot the grilled cheese azzy

  • Alexander Langford
    Alexander Langford

    Fried chicken, bananas, doughnuts, whipped cream, water, watermelon and grilled cheese

  • Mert Keles
    Mert Keles

    SO COOL 🤓

  • Mike Bain
    Mike Bain

    Ainsley Bain was the one you I love you and you love love

  • Lindy Lowery - Student
    Lindy Lowery - Student

    actually put the whole video in 0.25 slowmode

  • Lindy Lowery - Student
    Lindy Lowery - Student

    azzy look at the first thing with the banana and put it in 0.25 slow mode

  • Jennifer Espenscheid
    Jennifer Espenscheid

    I meant yeet

  • Jennifer Espenscheid
    Jennifer Espenscheid

    OHHH MMMYYYY GOSH! I loved the yet with the milk u r awsome azzy!!!

  • Leon Maxwell
    Leon Maxwell

    Soggy water

  • sai naveen
    sai naveen

    its🍕. Do you eat🍔🥪🥙🌮🥗🥘🌯🥫🍝🍜🍣🍛🍲🍱🥟🍤🍘🍚🍙🥮🥠🍥🍰🍭🍬🎂🥧🍧🥥🍆🥬🥦🍒🍑🍍🍓🍎🍊. You don’t like🌪 you like🌈

  • Summerphoenix

    And pizza

  • helena hirata
    helena hirata

    Press this if your less than 9

  • Raven Harrington
    Raven Harrington

    Yuck soggy grilled cheese

  • Basicwolf237 XxbasicsXxkilla
    Basicwolf237 XxbasicsXxkilla

    That’s like 46 chickens

  • Delina Lee-Pow
    Delina Lee-Pow


  • Lauren Thomas
    Lauren Thomas

    Was up

  • Armando Gonzelez
    Armando Gonzelez

    The girl who ate the whipped cream she probaly she has diabetes

    • Beastdestroyer41 Rbm
      Beastdestroyer41 Rbm

      Lol 😂

    • othon gonzalez
      othon gonzalez


  • Sue Beason
    Sue Beason

    Subscribers as the land is the best IT-my or ever and subscribe to me

  • Sue Beason
    Sue Beason

    I’m just in hool on the banana

  • Sue Beason
    Sue Beason

    When you get the chicken you hate the bone so you just grab it and you twisted it in your pool it you can just eat the chicken hool

  • rzaba 009
    rzaba 009

    At 2:09 that man looked scary

  • Candy sweet girl Kitty candy cat
    Candy sweet girl Kitty candy cat

    When I saw the orange hair dude drink the milk I was like EWWWW YUCK MILK 🤢

    • Candy sweet girl Kitty candy cat
      Candy sweet girl Kitty candy cat

      Jomaira Maisonet I don’t like milk unless it’s flavoured milk yuck 🤢

    • Jomaira Maisonet
      Jomaira Maisonet


  • Abigail Maraon
    Abigail Maraon

    Matt is also there😅😅

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams


  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams


  • nuna budsaba
    nuna budsaba


  • Malekos Mom
    Malekos Mom

    2:37 wait a minute. That's Matt stonie!!!!!!!

  • Bui Nhat Gia Han
    Bui Nhat Gia Han

    D.jhhhgvfbxdbjn $0(((*7/(754376

  • Neehara Rajesh
    Neehara Rajesh

    4:28 I really do it

  • william marcia
    william marcia


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