The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 569: Adam Carolla
The Fighter and The Kid
Adam Carolla joins Brendan and Bryan in studio for Episode 569 of The Fighter and The Kid. They talk about Adam meeting and becoming friends with Jimmy Kimmel, buying Paul Newman’s Porsche for over $4 million, JR Smith dealing with a vandal, and much more!
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  • Brian Alercia
    Brian Alercia

    One month later they're both laid up with the covid. Not saying anymore than I'm saying, but the irony is inescapable.

  • Sean V
    Sean V

    Adam Carolla is such a cool dude. Pretty damn funny too.

  • Billium Dollars
    Billium Dollars

    Adam is the best guest ever

  • Flashfast since88
    Flashfast since88

    Ahhhhhhjjjjj Brendan Brendan Brendan Ricardo nooooooooooooooottttt a stud c'mon buddy.

  • Andre Laframboise
    Andre Laframboise

    Hey! Get some whiskey glasses in there HUUHH?!

  • lone warrior
    lone warrior

    when the looting starts the shooting many business owners were standing at their shops with guns....when the looting starts the shooting starts...its reality...stop dissing Trump...the alternative was world war...fact!

  • Janez jr.
    Janez jr.

    when they torture honest people nobody does shit


    Guest of the year.

  • scottyalto

    2:00:42 What? Who is his new girl?

  • Sad&LonelyBBC Craig
    Sad&LonelyBBC Craig

    Brian please make a different podcast so I don't have to listen to that dummy next to you. Whenever he opens his lip injections I cringe harder then when I saw any Schumer in that leather outfit.

  • Gabriel Miranda
    Gabriel Miranda

    I love Adam carolla's commercials.

  • psquared247

    step one see adam carolla step two click step three grab popcorn =D

  • Super Natural
    Super Natural

    Give Ace credit for not roasting Brenden over the Nurembergurwithcheese

  • Viper

    This is gonna beee good adam corrolla an actual comedian vs brian shaw.

  • ron segarra
    ron segarra

    These morrons think antifa is a group, so dumb.

  • gcaj85

    I wonder what new hybrid strain of COVID Brenda is about to unleash on the west coast.

  • Jarad Garland
    Jarad Garland

    Callen is such a lefty you can see the pain in his face having to condemn antifa

  • Kyle Gagnon
    Kyle Gagnon

    Why do I have a extra mouth guard, I fucking lost it!!!

  • Cpt.yellow

    These guys are doing their thing. Why so much hate on here? Why watch/listen to this podcast if you’re so turned off by it? It boggles my mind. It’s like being allergic to shell fish and surprised that the crab makes your neck swole.

  • Right Wing American Brown Nationalist
    Right Wing American Brown Nationalist

    Thumbs up because of Adam

  • Right Wing American Brown Nationalist
    Right Wing American Brown Nationalist

    I love it, he is going to win again and you elites will eat it, yes you guys are upper class. WTF are you listening to Al race pimp Sharpton. It's all liberals you will not see us conservatives doing any of that sh#t

  • Right Wing American Brown Nationalist
    Right Wing American Brown Nationalist

    Oh, I forgot there is no problem, systemic racism dont exists at all!!!

    • Viper


  • Right Wing American Brown Nationalist
    Right Wing American Brown Nationalist

    They need to clear all the rioters out!!! ASAP, because we are headed to a civil war or a collapse

  • Right Wing American Brown Nationalist
    Right Wing American Brown Nationalist

    100 unarmed black men where killed , that's a fake stat. Why do they not protesting the 18 killed in Chicago, oh wait, they killed each other, that dont count. Get your stats right.

  • Brian Mikasa
    Brian Mikasa

    I watch the fighter and the kid when I wanna hear the most surface level conversations.

  • E S
    E S

    "He's a VERY handsome man." - Bryan "I think most male celebrities are pretty hot" Callen

    • Viper


  • Oni Kage
    Oni Kage

    When I saw the thumbnail for this I thought it was Bob Saget or maybe Steve-O

  • Danny Westcott
    Danny Westcott

    Everybody is Brendans boy

  • Scumbag

    Brendan "I think media is the enemy of the state" Schaub, stated on his podcast, listened to on IT-my.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    What was the barbecue place?

  • Sean Browne
    Sean Browne

    Hell yeah Laguna Seca. I was lucky enough to grow up minutes away from it and still live about 15 minutes away. Some of my best memories are at that track. If you’re a race fan and can get to Monterey, you owe it to yourself.

  • Blank Name
    Blank Name

    No evidence that antifa was out there looting. For one antifa is not an organized group of people. Antifa is just people online who say they are antifacist. Who is antifa’s leader? Answer to that question is their is no leader because they are not an organization. It’s like saying I am a member hufflepuff and our goal is to promote Harry Potter. Did I just start an organization? Nope I just said crap online. These two have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Blue Splice
    Blue Splice

    36 seconds in and I remember why I never watch this podcast.


    2:14:46 he clearly got pressed by somebody higher up maybe in his community to shut the fuck up and issue an apology even though what he was saying was true and did end up being right ....i said it then and ill say it now drew is great for speaking the truth but dont let whoever silenced you silence you

  • Waffeey

    Thank you Corolla! If theres no cases CNN will just move on to the next thing to keep you scared and inside.

  • Waffeey

    "What is Datsun, are they European?" Brian please.

  • Modern gun guy
    Modern gun guy

    Actually most of the cops violate your rights and are criminals so you have it backwards


    Why would Adam Corolla agree to do this scumbag podcast?

  • Nathan Gavin
    Nathan Gavin

    I've never seen a more toxic comment section. Podcast is not that bad everyone chill

  • Braedon Masset
    Braedon Masset


  • BloodShotEye Z
    BloodShotEye Z

    Boring! ZzZz

  • steins; gate
    steins; gate

    Adam Corolla is really cool dude. Never heard of him prior but great guest!

  • J.R. Esparza
    J.R. Esparza

    Next time try Burn's BBQ in Houston. Best in town.

  • evilash570

    GREAT EPISODE!!! Love Adam's catch a contractor show!!!

  • dave jon
    dave jon

    Brendan Is so bore,😂

  • Phil Campbell
    Phil Campbell

    Getting pretty boring fellas. Need a new format. Involve chin and cat more.

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez

    Is that a dino ?

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans

    Schaub asking a lot of questions about what it was like when man show ended with him and Jimmy...

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez

    Brendan's son: papa, they said eat the rich.

  • patocamarada

    My favorite part was when Bryan and Brendan went to pee, hence stopped interrupting the funnier guy.

  • Jay Francis
    Jay Francis

    10:26 brendan getting tight cuz he was reminded other people have opinions and can speak lmao

    • Jay Francis
      Jay Francis

      Also the irony of Schaub saying "yeah but its not original!"

  • thepeter

    Adam is so naturally and hypnotically an amazing guest on the show. You can tell they respect him.

  • Renaissance Light
    Renaissance Light

    I was getting a little bored until he made the Richard Gere comment 😂

  • Dylan Goldstein
    Dylan Goldstein

    having carolla as a guest is just a cherry on top of how bad this podcast is

  • Ronnie Belcher
    Ronnie Belcher

    Bryan was bored out of his MIND talking about cars lmao

  • 360 Fov
    360 Fov

    Casually just drinking $50 sips of whisky

  • Big Honker
    Big Honker

    Carolla is the coolest guest.

  • AlbertPayet

    31:12 Schaub “Nurmburger”, Carolla “Nurburgring”. It’s an absolute tragedy Schaub owns the car which does the fastest around this track.

  • Stoner Aleks
    Stoner Aleks

    53:18 Bryan starts to get REALLY interested

  • J B
    J B

    I love how Brenden shits on white people when they make up 97% of his fan base.

    • J B
      J B

      @funkspinna he's the worst for it. He literally doesn't have an opinion other than agreeing with whoever he's in the room with.

    • funkspinna

      Yup, virtue signalling.

  • Chris

    Seems like Brendan finally took a peek at the comment section and came to a realization cause it didn’t actually seem like he did a whole bunch of interrupting this ep

  • Xavier Mesquita
    Xavier Mesquita

    Adam killed it💯 Please bring him back🙏 Dude, he's legendary and his stories are insane😅🤣😂🙌

  • ehop22

    blue eye's girl aint all that tho lets be real

  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun

    Another guy who lives in a gated community telling us how nice the looters are “it’s only a few people they’re mostly peaceful” ya ok I don’t see him goin down there with his fancy shoes on

    • Bun Bun
      Bun Bun

      Maybe it was his gt2rs they lit on fire

    • funkspinna

      Brendan is out of touch, indeed.

  • The Yonko
    The Yonko

    Paul Newman salsa is the best

  • M M
    M M

    chin looks like an old asian man

  • aidan james
    aidan james

    And then I scored 7 goals on her 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 timing was peerfect haha

  • Ilya Veli
    Ilya Veli

    The podcast GOAT. Good stuff 👍

  • Tyler Paul
    Tyler Paul

    Brendan is at least now apologizing for interrupting... he’s working on it y’all!

  • Aaron Kocherhans
    Aaron Kocherhans

    Bryan keeps mentioning his gal... who is this lady with ol droopy eyes? Also, who has a truck a no tie downs?!

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