The Foolio Interview: Getting Shot at 15, "Who I Smoke" Controversy, Adin Ross Drama & More
No Jumper
Foolio and Adam go in depth about his upbringing, being in tough situations from a really young age, brotherly bond with Bibby, moving out from Florida and more.
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  • John Good
    John Good

    this world only got love for evil crazy how they celebrates murderers and drug dealers

  • sLice lol
    sLice lol

    “in ma city the police got me labled as some gang leader or sum shii” 😂 mans said that calm asf

  • Shamiyah Deluxe
    Shamiyah Deluxe

    😩 Foolio 🥰

  • M_A_R_K_23

    Adam how could you interview and promote a gang violence, but diss Vanessa Carlton for allowing a sample

  • Kid Chernobyl
    Kid Chernobyl

    Seems like a cool dude! 🙂

  • Tekka Dawn
    Tekka Dawn

    Adam thank you for doing your fucken grizzile my wizzle like interviewing him the way you did WHEN you did.?! Fuck any woke bitch that tries to come at you cause you’ve put more work in for the community than half of them Internet kids

  • Jacob DeShon
    Jacob DeShon

    Foolio really wanted to be there it shows throughout the whole interview, even asking for a picture w Adam at the end.

  • Danny Brailey
    Danny Brailey

    The Russians own wackos...


    My boy looking like Oscar Proud at 0:16


    Who’s foolio

  • E B
    E B

    Smoke an opp every time Foolio says "I ain't gone lie to you"

  • Lyn Cast
    Lyn Cast

    Trick ,uncle Luke ,Rick Ross, Jt money, Trina, and pit bull pave a way for Florida first then kodack

  • Lyn Cast
    Lyn Cast

    Captaiol of dem sticks

  • Lyn Cast
    Lyn Cast

    Adam ! We are at the bottom of the map so the bottom is what we call it back in the days that's what makes us different from upper Florida. To be honest we link up meaning in the tri county Dade (Miami) broward (fort lauderdale), and west palm (west palm beach) Then you have Tallahassee Gainesville and Jacksonville. And to end it we are they sunshine state etc crazy Crazy Florida where we are are on go get money type shit by any means necessary and handle business if necessary with the opps who ever what ever

  • Adam Boutot
    Adam Boutot

    “let’s get a picture in” Whole interview was dope af, but my respect level went straight up for Foolio after asking that.

  • Jordan Ramos
    Jordan Ramos

    @adam22 interview royal Smax look him dope artist. Get that co sign before anybody else

  • James Fear
    James Fear

    Listening to this fool talk makes me LOL.....especially cuz im gone off this bibby

  • Ahgase Forever
    Ahgase Forever

    God protect him he’s been through so much

  • Fredo Cooks
    Fredo Cooks

    I knew I liked foolio when I first heard and saw him, then he mentioned Soulja and it all clicked for real! He do remind me of Soulja 504 ya heard meh

  • Bruce Duece
    Bruce Duece

    He ain't have a no clue

  • kr!llen

    i feel like foolio and ace could be cool with each other. I feel like there whole beef was based on a lie and misunderstanding. I think they really want to be cool with each other lowkey, but the internet want entertainment and drama. In the future I hope to see /hear a song with them together in the same music video.

  • Joey Alessi
    Joey Alessi

    This was a good meaningful interview.

  • kevin

    JSO loves KSOO

  • Justin R
    Justin R

    He looks like the cinnamon guy on the Apple Jacks box

  • Kwesi Henry
    Kwesi Henry

    Mhmm definitely

  • Daniel Bermingrud
    Daniel Bermingrud

    Julio is really balanced, said it before when he was on some Twitch dude's channel.. he adopt and is wise.. sadly :'( hope all go well with both parts..

  • Dis Real Now
    Dis Real Now

    No Jumper seems part ok but part police. Dunno - dude is a bit fishy

    • Olbapbust 98
      Olbapbust 98

      wym part police he do this since years

  • KiddMikeMusic

    West Jax the babyyyyyyyyyy....You came along way my boy i remember


    He said Wayne and Eminem for some inspiration that was surprising. Motivational sad story this is the story of too many young kids and American nowadays yet we spend trillions and sent our own to war in different countries when our own kids are at war in their own neighborhoods. This is why I feel like I have a love hate relationship with rap. Hope he makes it though

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis


  • Duval Bangem
    Duval Bangem

    I'm from West jax McDuff we in here

  • gummyyummybabii

    Pray for "foolio"

  • Bj Preston
    Bj Preston

    White people is so entertained with these stories , that is so regular to black people.

    • Olbapbust 98
      Olbapbust 98

      weird flex

  • CoffeeZ

    How he sayin he could get locked up for havin a roach when weed legal in Florida if you go get your med card?

  • Chilli_slaw_ dog
    Chilli_slaw_ dog

    He’s ah real 1 for sure...very humble

  • saiiiiiii1

    it's sad that now you get all the clout because of the drama lately. so now let me do my interview while the hype is on. adam 😂👌

  • Tony

    The way X presented himself is way different than any other interview rip

  • forever SHAMPOO
    forever SHAMPOO

    If you punchin in it aint a freestyle

  • Jody Banks
    Jody Banks

    I cooked at that strip club

  • My Random Life
    My Random Life

    Shout out to Adams interview skills. How he got Foolio so comfortable to have the tough conversation.

  • HOI Avenger
    HOI Avenger

    Foolio is honest. He's alright with me.

    • Chicago KillinEm
      Chicago KillinEm

      Bro he’s a piece of shit get outta here 😂

  • the block
    the block

    He seems like a good young man who lived a very rough life.

  • xx DoughBOii
    xx DoughBOii

    The fact this man said he looks up to Eminem is incredibly crazy

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Hell yeah..

  • Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez

    Theres alot of crips in florida

  • Han Feng
    Han Feng

    I'm from France and I will say the South East United States have the best talent, influence and trend setters.

  • serenity paris
    serenity paris

    I fw foolio heavy 💯 I pray he makes it & lives a long life fr

  • zeitgeist909

    Look how sombre this dude is. He knows his life is over. It's just a matter of time. Either he gets shot dead - or he gets a life sentence, no parole. He already knows it's over you can tell by his tone.

  • Michael Corn
    Michael Corn

    He cool as hell to be honest ... and I've only seen 2 of his interviews.

  • Tubby Montana
    Tubby Montana

    His music is fire just hope he doesn’t end like all the other stories he has talent so he should stick with it

  • Pocketsand Shackleford
    Pocketsand Shackleford

    Ok seriously, how can homicide solve homicides when no one wants to snitch. I know pasco county has a high murder solve rate. Same with Hillsborough. This is a culture problem imho and it is a problem when shootings happen in broad daylight yet no one sees shit. Cops both black and white risk their lives everyday to try and make the black community's safer. But they are human beings and can only do so much.

  • Twiisted BL4D3
    Twiisted BL4D3

    “Who you tellin”

  • Malikai Villatte
    Malikai Villatte

    Foolio so humble just a regular ass dude from da streets

  • Ty Jones
    Ty Jones

    Got to b CAREFUL WHAT u say in the interviews im just a rapper i dont do shi out here SMARt

  • Veezy V
    Veezy V

    He doing right.. Bitch ass rapper Ive would've never said that but he smart he know people watching this interview. From opps to the police, feds & whoever!

  • guest

    1:43 I didn't know about that one. I know there sales go up in music, but who the fuck follows dead people that's weird as hell.

  • Goat pepper herbal tea
    Goat pepper herbal tea

    13:20 shit awkward asl w him having to be like damn fr shiiii better delete your notes app

  • Goat pepper herbal tea
    Goat pepper herbal tea

    I haven’t listened to adam in like two years but he def got better at interview shit use to be rough he’s hella confident with it

  • Andee OpenThree
    Andee OpenThree

    This homey isnt humble. He choose death. Murder. Ussables. Killing. He should be max. Not in some unicorn 1-see. He should be doing.

    • Goat pepper herbal tea
      Goat pepper herbal tea

      He didn’t choose shit he just end up in a spot same way you did

  • D Nor
    D Nor

    He was kool till he spoke on duck now I can’t wait till young ⚜️ace 🔫💨them dreads off

    • Goat pepper herbal tea
      Goat pepper herbal tea

      Lmao u got skin in the game smh

  • nickgavis0305

    Everybody in Florida has a least

  • Braden McGuire
    Braden McGuire

    Honestly he sounds like a real good dude, this shit is sad what’s happening. I wish the best for you Foolio straight out

  • Imjayking80

    adam u know u have song that song stop cappin

  • Ducemobb Quise
    Ducemobb Quise

    No one ever talks about hell Adam questions people off the head no notes nothing written that’s why I think he’s better than vlad

    • Goat pepper herbal tea
      Goat pepper herbal tea

      I thought he used to be bad an i ain’t listen to him in like two years but watching this he got so good he’s hella comfortable

  • Nick Jacobs
    Nick Jacobs

    Julio too real

  • Jim Conley
    Jim Conley

    These interviews are actually humanizing these artists. It's nice to see.

  • Jackson

    This man is not an intelligent human

  • Michael McDonough
    Michael McDonough

    Foolio tha man

  • Tatiyana Viale
    Tatiyana Viale

    The state of minds, the sadness, the poverty they expiernce is so systematic & terrible it puts me to tears. It’s all a cycle.

  • Konichisan

    I love how he doesn't mumble when he speaks unlike other rappers from Jacksonville

    • nickgavis0305

      He’s mumbling like crazy

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