The God of High School - Opening | Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)
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Artist: KSUKE
Song: Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)
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  • mayumi nak
    mayumi nak

    if we dont get a 2 second im-💀

  • Jagoan Training - Yann
    Jagoan Training - Yann


  • Jagoan Training - Yann
    Jagoan Training - Yann


  • Jagoan Training - Yann
    Jagoan Training - Yann


  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Lyrics You make it look easy I'm thinkin' hard right now Cause, I know that you want me From the inside out You got me speechless Opening my mouth I was keeping it secret But the word got out You're fast, then you're slow Why you call, then you fold You're luring me out now Till the walls come down Yes, then you're no But I'm not letting go I'll be your CONTRADICTION (Contradiction) I'll be your CONTRADICTION I'll be your CONTRADICTION You're fast, then you're slow Why you cold, then you're forward You're fast, then you're slow (slow...) Yes, then you're no But I'm not letting go Yes, then you're no I'll be your CONTRADICTION

  • MCijam MC
    MCijam MC

    Why all of their nose little red?

  • Imaginox

    We all gangsta till the anime OP sounds like an MLG video

  • Alexander Rojas
    Alexander Rojas

    Dam the anime is trash

    • Zeronin

      Yeah really disappointing

  • Brijmohan Negi
    Brijmohan Negi

    This is my favorite anime 🌸🤩🌸🌸🌸 I like this song 😍🤩🌸🌸

  • Mustafa Zafar
    Mustafa Zafar


  • emma piagnazzara _
    emma piagnazzara _

    0:36 this girl(?)looks like narancia (jojo)

  • PokemonMasterKiller 2220l
    PokemonMasterKiller 2220l

    Please season 2 for gods shake

  • ReArkified

    This sounds so much like a remix of an actual song.

  • fariha tufail
    fariha tufail

    Give us another season in 2021

  • DemonSlayer

    Welcome back because I know this isn't your first time you came.

  • Lefy Phxyam
    Lefy Phxyam

    If the anime was as good as the opening

  • jimennn g
    jimennn g

    This opening and anime was great, as well as the animation it looked amazing.

  • Utter Clown
    Utter Clown

    This OP is simultaneously amazing and a 2016 Minecraft IT-myrs opening

  • Ghislaine Mars
    Ghislaine Mars


  • siege_joestar

    what's faster goku or this amines pacing

  • Tô Afim
    Tô Afim

    I got really surprised with this anime. Absolutely gorgeous animation. I loved it. Really hoping for a season 2.

  • Dromus Black
    Dromus Black

    Anyone remember “Fly to High” by Younha, the artist who sang the original opening for this WEBTOON?

  • Piyush Jain
    Piyush Jain

    This song gives me goosebumps 🤟🤟

  • Yamil Tovar
    Yamil Tovar

    Nada más con ver el OP ya me enamoré del anime completo

  • Aldo Aguayo
    Aldo Aguayo

    Im Just Going to Leave this Comment here before this Show Explodes in the Future 💯💯💯💯

    • Aldo Aguayo
      Aldo Aguayo

      @Just Some Guy With A Mask I'm pretty sure it will bro bro 💯

    • Just Some Guy With A Mask
      Just Some Guy With A Mask

      No it won't

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea

    I will ✨NEVER✨ Skip this opening !!!

  • El Nubo
    El Nubo

    the geometry dash part ruins this song

  • Snjezana Dobric
    Snjezana Dobric

    UwU is it just me or does anyone want a season 3 really fast uwu

  • Beadles Central
    Beadles Central


    • Beadles Central
      Beadles Central


    • Beadles Central
      Beadles Central


    • Beadles Central
      Beadles Central


  • J. J Dessin
    J. J Dessin

    New season coming to everyone that want see more The god of high school😁👍

  • easy m.a.n
    easy m.a.n

    The song is my favorite in 2020 :)) because the music is so good :)) who likes to like or comment

  • Anand Benny
    Anand Benny

    Jin Mori is Yato confirmed.

  • Dimas F.W
    Dimas F.W

    He's good singer

  • Dimas F.W
    Dimas F.W

    Tyler carter

  • Goku San
    Goku San

    2x for best experience :)

  • Shrey Dwivedi
    Shrey Dwivedi

    1:00 IDIOT IDIOT

  • Hungry Star Platinum
    Hungry Star Platinum

    why everyone have rubby noises in this anime


    I like how they used parts from the show in this opening

  • thebeatunleashed

    Nah still don't like it gimmie Fly to High back

  • Dawn Floyd
    Dawn Floyd

    This is my first time watching it's very cool...... I'll be waiting for more

  • OriginalName

    1:14 favorite part

  • Xennon Arends
    Xennon Arends

    If you think im gonna watch this anime just because of the opening? Your absolutely correct


    More animes like this ??

  • Denny carol s.
    Denny carol s.

    Energik! 🔥 ❤️💪

  • Person Man 2404
    Person Man 2404

    Jin Mori has to be my favorite MC

  • Coizado

    Não conheço o anime, mas que abertura foda 🔥

  • Tanmoy DB
    Tanmoy DB


  • Yuuji Itadori
    Yuuji Itadori

    Só tem luta foda nesse anime

  • Danis Adhinugraha
    Danis Adhinugraha

    Oh ini yg dimaksud manca

  • Jasperツ

    What the lyrics are: I'll be your contradiction! What I hear: I'll be your drug addiction!

  • Leah

    This is definitely on my top 10 anime openings list

  • Dr.Sridhar Shastry
    Dr.Sridhar Shastry

    nsk *tree

  • Another Hardstan
    Another Hardstan

    The way how much I love this op and show 💕

  • Joel Kelley
    Joel Kelley

    Me: 2020 is the worst year Goh: I'LL BE YOUR COTRADICTION!

  • Zuko In Green
    Zuko In Green

    The god of geometry dash is the real title of the anime

  • Shota- Kun
    Shota- Kun

    When this anime started, I thinked it would be about a generic anime about a school of superpowers XD

  • richard vasquez
    richard vasquez

    seguro el autor de este anime a jugado mucho geometry dash

  • Daisuke Takahashi
    Daisuke Takahashi

    0:43 does Mori Jin look hot here or is it just me... probably just me....


    ¿Fui la única que se dio cuenta de que en el minuto 0:51 Están los logos de "WEBTOON" Y "Crunchyroll"? Like si tu también.

  • Javitwo

    Este op me deja re cebado

  • OP GamerYT
    OP GamerYT

    Waiting for season 2

  • royton bailey
    royton bailey

    I hope to see more episodes I love it thanks again

  • royton bailey
    royton bailey

    Crunchie I love it I love everything about it

  • [EoH] ArcPlz
    [EoH] ArcPlz

    Firefighter: I will risk my life for saving people! Creator of this: Haha fire fighter go brrrrrrrrrr

  • Molly Jade
    Molly Jade

    When you realize a metalcore king, Tyler Carter, is the voice of an anime theme song now. WELL--

  • The Quiet Kid
    The Quiet Kid

    Me: opens GD and goes to my weekly demon. The Weekly Demon Music:

  • meike tyson
    meike tyson

    I want to see an the gamer anime now lol

  • Anime Guy - Clazzard
    Anime Guy - Clazzard

    I want to know where is the song It's your time Chica

  • aaryangamer100

    this is a ripoff from black clover possible

  • i music
    i music

    We need to revive this anime 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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