The Grandpa vs. Grandma Rap Battle
Kyle Exum
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  • Kyle Exum
    Kyle Exum

    Install Raid for Free! iOS: ANDROID: PC: And get a special starter pack! Available only for the next 30 days

    • Official Shaun CHANNEL
      Official Shaun CHANNEL

      Oooo Snap She Out of her mind

    • booper dooper
      booper dooper

      Legit the only sponsorship I dont skip thru

    • Devin Wilson
      Devin Wilson


    • Nathan Fredericks
      Nathan Fredericks

      how the hell do you do this crap

    • M4ster4Lexis


  • gator king151
    gator king151

    This is the only time where raid Is good

  • Mecka07

    That cream of wheat bar 😤

  • Mathias Govan
    Mathias Govan


  • Little Leviathan - Fortnite
    Little Leviathan - Fortnite

    yo the raid shadow legends rap slaps bro

  • ImBoredJokes

    Even the raid legends rap was fire

  • BIBLE Chronicels
    BIBLE Chronicels

  • Udayveer Randhawa
    Udayveer Randhawa

    That grandmama who always gives you more and more food.

  • Ataur Rohman
    Ataur Rohman

    U rappin cappin

  • Ataur Rohman
    Ataur Rohman

    I wish this is how my parents argue

  • The Happy Nightlight
    The Happy Nightlight

    Kyle is the best rapper in history.

  • Edwin Arreaga
    Edwin Arreaga

    the people only disliked because justin beiber was added. and he looked horrible

  • Zovi Emerald
    Zovi Emerald

    Not even nationwide on your side hahah... like who just searches up Kyle Exum rap and just listens to all of then they can see

  • Kimberly Lopez
    Kimberly Lopez

    yyyyyyeeeesssss ssssssrrrrrrrriiiii

  • DreMation

    you always get whipped at the end of your videos

  • Adam Hanvey
    Adam Hanvey

    Never realized grandma was a blood

  • Junior Nyamahowa
    Junior Nyamahowa

    If that boy stop a slap from his mom it will come back in nuclear missile form

  • Junior Nyamahowa
    Junior Nyamahowa

    Me : I will watch adds if they are like that. I would literally have a dance party to a rap.

  • Big Chugss
    Big Chugss


  • Big Chugss
    Big Chugss

    8 Jul

  • Dominick Parrino
    Dominick Parrino

    uummmmmm did he just turn a sponsor into a rap?

  • ritzV

    The first raid shadow legend sponsor notice I did not skip

  • Danielson Gift
    Danielson Gift


  • voice actor
    voice actor

    I think gramps won, wby?

  • Brielle Knight
    Brielle Knight

    i made a music video based on the vidoe thank you kyle

  • Thunder Legion
    Thunder Legion

    Grandma is so fire

  • M3TaPHoR II
    M3TaPHoR II

    wow...... He posted on this birthday :D

  • HypnoticBunny

    Bro- That sponsor rap was hittin thoo

  • Saror hamoda
    Saror hamoda

    This mans career is to talk to himself

    • Andrew Goodman
      Andrew Goodman

      you aren't wrong

  • Moad Emragi
    Moad Emragi

    Wait was the grandfather gonna spank the father

  • Jar'Mani Smith
    Jar'Mani Smith

    Kyle you got bars

  • Tor S. Pro
    Tor S. Pro

    You’re the only person that I didn’t skip the sponsor

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown

    I love the intro

  • Trey Franklin
    Trey Franklin

    got 20 buck on Grandma

  • Cyber Ghost
    Cyber Ghost

    Raid Garbage Legends

  • Michael Doleman
    Michael Doleman

    Grandmas the e best

  • Ice blaze
    Ice blaze

    When your sponsored by raid but their is a rap. This is acceptable.

  • Slappy men
    Slappy men

    i actually like the sponsorship more than the song 🤣🤣🤣

  • Priekdad V
    Priekdad V

    Chico is my pugs name

  • Spider-Sense Matt
    Spider-Sense Matt

    Ngl that Raid rap was straight bars

  • Johan Thayyil
    Johan Thayyil

    Love ur vids

  • keon

    The song was great But them tenders tho You sharing?

  • Thatfriendlyneighborhoodbacon

    wait so the mom and that dad are siblings?! o-o

  • Quenton Knowles
    Quenton Knowles

    straight bars dude

  • Jack Gacha Games
    Jack Gacha Games

    but I'm always hungry so ofc i'll take the food 🍎🍌🍔🌭🥨🍞

  • kayla marie
    kayla marie

    Me watching this in 2021

  • Alexandre Mabote
    Alexandre Mabote

    The first part was like dessert before the meal.

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez


  • Abdul Allahabi
    Abdul Allahabi

    I like how Kyle watched them rap and whoop his mom and dad and they did not even see him 😂🤣🤣😂

  • jay washington
    jay washington

    What’s the beat to this????

  • Arandomdude11


  • Springtrap

    Whoa that was a nice burn 1:57 (Idk how to put that in words so Idk if that was a burn)

  • simple cookiie
    simple cookiie

    “not ever Nation Wide gon be on ur side” dang das cold 🥶

  • -Edward-

    When he even does a *FIRE* sponsor rap

  • elemental

    Only ad I didn’t skip

  • T d
    T d

    lol XD

  • Isaiah Ramirez
    Isaiah Ramirez

    Grandma got the pizza care package XD

  • GabeGoneWild

    I love the raid rap part!

  • Sydney Will
    Sydney Will

    Best raid ad everrr

  • Scottish but American
    Scottish but American

    Wait wait wait wait. Grampa said mom is trippin, must have your genes. Then at the end grandma said is that our son. SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  • Therespectingtroll

    "Boy I'm 80 but whoop like I'm 21, boy come here!" Oh so have the tables have turned.

  • Dovanah Jordan
    Dovanah Jordan

    Your songs are so cool

  • Jones Family
    Jones Family

    If only grandparents where this awesome

  • Phillip Jung
    Phillip Jung

    Kyle is poppin in 2020!💥

  • mohammed hassan
    mohammed hassan

    Only if Kyle was my whole family

  • Jonnie Scott
    Jonnie Scott

    Do the whole Exum household rap battle

  • Cole Plunkett
    Cole Plunkett

    NOoOOoooOoOooOoOOO NoT rAiD

  • Jacobb THE GAMER
    Jacobb THE GAMER

    what is matter to do

  • Jacobb THE GAMER
    Jacobb THE GAMER

    epic raps bro am a small person in the age of 14 whats the lie but you still lied again cause oh its another lie what is the matter with you bro am just playing oh ok but i know all the lies ok so your going to lie ok now i think hes saying a another lie so please cause am the only one around that does that so wg

  • Practical_Memer08

    My students love your videos, we watch like 10 every class!

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