The Grandpa vs. Grandma Rap Battle
Kyle Exum
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  • Kyle Exum
    Kyle Exum

    Install Raid for Free! iOS: ANDROID: PC: And get a special starter pack! Available only for the next 30 days

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      Junior Bunior

      Can I get the on Apple Music

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      Josh Purdue

      You hit 4M subs nice job! 😱👌👀

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      Joe Marcenat

      You hit 4 million

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      Captain Kaz

      4 mil yay

  • Midnight Aveen
    Midnight Aveen

    Mom: please listen to a song without curse words! Me: ok bet * shows her kyle’s whole channel*

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    optop one

    @kyle Exum Are you subscribed to sssniperwolf

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    Pavel Pintea

    I cant wait for u to get out a new song

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    Verified on yourube

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    Rohit The Robloxian

    Congrats on 4 mill dude!

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    CJ Zaharson

    Have you ever heard of Raid Shadow Legends?

  • SpeakableGame

    0:27 he almost dropped his phone

  • danieltadd

    Wow. For some reason this was on my recommended. Watched it, immediately subscribed.

  • Verzero

    "Not even nation wide goin be on your side"

  • lil_ cuh
    lil_ cuh

    What was the best he used in this video

  • Alexmavplayz Z
    Alexmavplayz Z

    1:30 Lol 😶 dead sign



  • Big pencil Studios
    Big pencil Studios

    Kyle please get a discord

  • Yeuhenii Zhuk
    Yeuhenii Zhuk

    Дедушка против бабушки?......

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer

    ... it’s a virus

  • Ballerz Highlights
    Ballerz Highlights

    Hey Kyle can you make a lil big mac 3 maybe

  • Joselyn Ocasio
    Joselyn Ocasio

    Make more vids!

  • XxStrawberry MilkxX
    XxStrawberry MilkxX

    Granny got bars😭😭

  • Liz Seely
    Liz Seely

    I like rap but my parents don't let me listen to it but I still do goo check out the song Rockstar

  • ciara caraway
    ciara caraway

    hi ciara kiara Happy

    • ciara caraway
      ciara caraway

      I love you Kyle

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    P Porkis


  • Ekt01Lbt

    You ever just feel concerned for Kyle's childhood.

  • Rudy TV
    Rudy TV

    Kyle I was tryna publish my own book and just remembered that you urself published that Trap Three Little Pigs book a while back and I was wondering how did u find someone to illustrate and publish your book

  • D4 DAZZO
    D4 DAZZO

    @Kyle Exum plz make a parody for Glock by playboi carti,the beat is suttin else and it's even fanmade 🔊🙏🏾

  • Notriden

    Raid bouta pay this mans Extra Extra

  • Jordae Henson
    Jordae Henson

    Bro ur videos are so dope and funny I'm definitely going to show people ur channel🙄🙄 can't wait to see the next video

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    Jaykove Casado


  • Sophia H
    Sophia H

    Yess I love the advertisement.

  • 123 45
    123 45

    I swear grandams can cure world hunger

  • YSS_ CEO
    YSS_ CEO

    Can Somebody drop the beat💯

  • Yandel Maldonado
    Yandel Maldonado

    It is FIRE!how do you do this

  • James Wolf
    James Wolf

    The 3-0 bingo verse was my favourite

  • Alfredo Silva
    Alfredo Silva

    Who ever dislikes this doesn’t know wat good music is

  • Joey Enjoy
    Joey Enjoy

    This rade Rap should totally be an ad

  • Ace Sports
    Ace Sports

    Where is Kyle?


    who everyday hear this song more than 1 time?

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    this is the only raid shadow legends video advertise i respect

  • Liam Ballard The Fact Person!
    Liam Ballard The Fact Person!

    Rape:Shadow Legends

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      Woah woah- i-

  • Ribbon Cloaks Gaming
    Ribbon Cloaks Gaming

    Can please do The Scotts. By: Travis Scott, Kid Cudi

  • Ethan Pinkney
    Ethan Pinkney

    He got bars👍👍

  • NinjaD

    I love these videos I have an idea make the gf father vs the bf

  • Amber Hatfield
    Amber Hatfield

    Please do a rap god or Godzilla by Eminem parody! PLEASE!

  • CoffeeCakez

    His rapping makes me not wanna skip the sponsors

  • freduary100


  • MrSkitMan

    This guy is my biggest inspiration for me to do youtube thank you for inspiring me to do youtube

  • Spagettinpants

    Wait so the grandparents children married each other??

  • Whoknowswho NobodySomebody
    Whoknowswho NobodySomebody

    I love how they keep dissing the parents!!! XD

  • Oni OW
    Oni OW

    Look at all his vids they are all over 1mil views he is a real champ

  • Allie Plays
    Allie Plays

    When's the Obama rap from basstoven

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    Cat Gamer

    new video yall

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    Aqua Sherry

    Someone sponsors Kyle exum Kyle: so you’ve chosen bars

  • TheRumbleBee 47
    TheRumbleBee 47

    Obama rap were is it 🔫

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    N Money

    How did his grandma hear him she was sleep


    I love him so much haha 💕

  • Cutter H toys
    Cutter H toys

    Your awesome

  • Rohit Sreekumar
    Rohit Sreekumar

    Plarium: Multiple people say Raid Shadow Legends sucks but how do we promote the game? **Sees Kyle's Rap Vids** I've got it! Q: When will this song be on Music Streaming (Not Raid Rap)

  • Matty Castellanos
    Matty Castellanos

    Will coby got 5.k likes where the official video at

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    Anna Rife

    Man is he talented

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    Keyah Allen

    Luv the tune

  • Elo Hrustic
    Elo Hrustic

    Whats the name of your clan

  • Spinjitzu Master Falcon
    Spinjitzu Master Falcon

    "Not even Nationwide be on your side." Grandma won with just that one line

  • Jasmine :D
    Jasmine :D

    grandpa’s croissant made me hungry

  • Official_. Axeeya
    Official_. Axeeya

    Kyle can u do a doja cat say so parody I made this lyric ‘’Let me check your phone your grades real quick’’ Plz

  • Cfjcc Hahn
    Cfjcc Hahn

    I literally want to download the app just because of this rap

  • Braxton Myers
    Braxton Myers

    I used the link the games awesome and jotun is a awesome champion

  • Twisted Soldier
    Twisted Soldier

    The end like lol : *BOI I MAY BE 80BUT I WHOOP LIKE IM TWNTY ONE*

  • Gatavazu 493
    Gatavazu 493

    Raid sucks

  • Moad Emragi
    Moad Emragi

    Hey look this time Kyle your grandpa went after your dad

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