The Herd | Colin Cowherd "Wow" Knicks defeat Clippers 106-100; Derrick Rose: 25 Pts, 8 Ast
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The Herd | Colin Cowherd "Wow" Knicks defeat Clippers 106-100; Derrick Rose: 25 Pts, 8 Ast

  • LiL Con
    LiL Con

    He's A D.Rose Hater!!!🌹🌹🌹

  • robert paris
    robert paris

    Typical left coast sycophant CC will praise LEBRON and it’s nauseating. Here a rarity. By the way Colin, Lakers are # 1 DEFENSIVE team. These days you can become a solid offensive team in a heartbeat. Sign one and draft one. The league has changed.

  • ladistar

    I’m so tired of people saying the Knicks can’t win the championship this year, they can absolutely beat any team in a 7 game series

  • Oroku Saki
    Oroku Saki

    Bad point because the yanks all they ever do is hit homeruns and back in those days it was all about the steroids ... then again baseball is a joke especially yankee baseball

  • Omar Reid
    Omar Reid

    Don't listen to this guy he just doesn't believe , he said rose was washed up when he was on the knicks with melo and now look ....... 🌹 Garden on the way no more msg Go knicks 🏀

  • Chunyu Cui
    Chunyu Cui

    that's one way to say “I'm sorry, I was wrong about you." to D-Rose.

    • oce ovi
      oce ovi

      That’s one way to say I’m always wrong about how I critique superstars

  • The MI6 Sports Network
    The MI6 Sports Network

    Derrick Rose will make the HOF.

  • Aizen

    Thibs runs the team so defense is of course in the menu -

  • Gerald Deus
    Gerald Deus

    What’s the female co host name…

  • Rage_x

    Where not Brooklyn offensively, they’re not the knicks defensively

    • oce ovi
      oce ovi

      Defence wins chips cuh fk a super team

  • Jeris SportsTakes
    Jeris SportsTakes

    If d rose starts in playoffs the Knicks will make the conference finals u heard it here first

    • oce ovi
      oce ovi

      D rose finals mvp

  • Darius Flagg
    Darius Flagg


  • I would like to order A number 1 Big Mac meal
    I would like to order A number 1 Big Mac meal

    They would be better if rose was in the starting line up, and ran the offense through d.rose. The man lead a scrappy bulls to the eastern conference finals, that talent doesn’t just dissapear.

  • Shannon Harris
    Shannon Harris

    "Derrick kind of reinventing himself" tells you these analysts don't watch basketball like yall think. D.Rose been like this in Minnesota and pistons, but they were trash.

    • Eric Powell
      Eric Powell

      So tired of hearing that!!! He is balling!! And doing it effortlessly and efficiently!! Reinventing??? Averaging 20? GTFOH #flowers

  • Dominique Robinson
    Dominique Robinson

    People think Colin's hate for Westbrook is bad, but it's nothing compared to Rose. Colin really can't bring himself to compliment Rose for becoming a better player and being one of the biggest factors to the Knicks. Both the graphic and the title are literally highlighting Drose for this game and Colin only casually mentions his name lol

  • North Dallas Forty
    North Dallas Forty

    Cut to the chase

  • Meethi Mouseqee
    Meethi Mouseqee

    *6:18**, what do you mean it WAS a Pandemic year, Just because you are on Fox Noise affiliate doesn't mean the pandemic is over JACKASS no matter how many times your **#LordMurdick** is telling you to :LIE. Pendemic has killed almost 600,000 Americans. Thanks for the Knicks stuff you said but you are still a TOOL.*

  • Slimbo Slice
    Slimbo Slice

    I hope yall knicks fans up on our new pg for next season Luca!! He is a problem he is overseas right now but the man can play we signed him Thursday🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • johnnyrascal 84hillside
      johnnyrascal 84hillside

      Man first person that I c cares about luca vildoza bro...he's a monster I can't wait him drose and chrodder IQ as sg..... I'd say

    • James-Earl Bonez
      James-Earl Bonez

      We been on dude pause

  • Vibz shop
    Vibz shop

    Sooooo what? We are going to reach😝😝😝

  • Jon holms
    Jon holms

    Knicks just might compete for a title in a title game in 2021

  • Shyheme Eszco
    Shyheme Eszco

    Dude is a certified clown 🤡🤡

  • Cole M
    Cole M

    "Julius Randle is pretty good bc he plays hard. But don't pay him" guys gonna make an all nba team and will be top 10 in MVP votes. The guys getting a max.

    • robert paris
      robert paris

      Thanks for that Cole. Randle is tremendous this years. Again he doesn’t know. He’s among MVP candidates, all NBA and cowherd has the nerve to say LA threw you a bone. All about LA with Cowherd

  • Shamel Gasby
    Shamel Gasby

    Theh will not be the pacers jn life guy. They will be to the finals sooner then later .u see it now 1 star max player away .don't for get we got no star players now. In doing so itt won't be reaching .this did well so far .Leon see.s he knew what he doing so ill say next yr team no to watch out ijs

  • C R
    C R

    Everybody plays hard in the playoffs, but that's the Knicks identity. The difference is in the details. A true team that plays for their teammates & coach, one possession at a time. Knicks will bring it in the playoffs & should be fun to watch.

  • AJ Rivera
    AJ Rivera


  • Rudy Dale
    Rudy Dale

    Sad that I have to watch The Herd for a Knicks postgame analysis and MSG Network is asleep at the wheel. Hello, Bill Pidto?

    • Lamont L. Belton
      Lamont L. Belton

      Check out @KnicksFanTV postgame. Better than MSG.

  • calvin watson
    calvin watson

    Derrick is smelling like a ROSE!

  • Drittzz924

    Man's can't say Rose's name without laughing fucking clown.

  • Drittzz924

    Eat your fucking heart out. Rose is balling out his mind. All yall media people got to recognize each of yall owe this man an apology after the blasphemy you were all spewing in 2017-2018

  • Jackson Stevens
    Jackson Stevens

    If only they performed like this two years ago, maybe kd and kyrie choose the garden instead😬

    • Zooba Hype
      Zooba Hype

      nope let them stay in bk

  • M B
    M B

    The words may hurt Collin at the end of the season

  • Fwight Weacts
    Fwight Weacts

    Hope Rose starts in the playoffs

    • J Valdez
      J Valdez

      Maybe he can start a few key games for the finals or get more minutes just to mix things up, but you don't want to risk injury, and you don't want to mess up something that's working at the moment.

    • Brian Calandrillo
      Brian Calandrillo

      Nah. He’s effective off the bench. Mismatches

  • Loose Joint
    Loose Joint

    Hey Colin. First time watching your show with you covering the Knicks!! What is so great about this being the best win out of all the knicks win this season, is beating this clippers team that has 2 superstars in Kawhi and PG . A championship contending team.

  • Ouynx

    Nobody: Colin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    Would love to see Alex replace Joy. Alex has such a nice personality and Joy at times is crabby and has weird hair styles.

  • DJMarkCornelius

    Not enough love in the comments section for D. Rose!

    • Eric Powell
      Eric Powell

      @Travis T THANK YOU!!!

    • Travis T
      Travis T

      Their position as the 4th seed is D Rose. he rest of the team is ok at best, even Randle. The team comes alive when Rose is on the floor. He should get 6th man of the year based on what he has done with the Knicks since arriving there.

    • William Allen
      William Allen

      @DJMarkCornelius a friend of a friend’s dad had a luxury box at the UC and he let us ha e it one night. It was amazing!

    • DJMarkCornelius

      @William Allen I never saw him live. Not even when he was in high school. I should have.

    • William Allen
      William Allen

      I got to see him at the United Center his MVP year. Damn, he was spectacular. I wish we could have seen him in an alternate universe where he never got hurt...but I am glad to see him still be able to contribute

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams

    The funny thing is that Colin Cowherd is being re uploaded by a Vietnamese individual in Vietnam. This isn't even Colin Cowherds channel.

    • Slimbo Slice
      Slimbo Slice

      Who cares!!?

  • Masculinity Matters
    Masculinity Matters

    I hate that he being black-balled by he media...the hatred is clear as they still try to avoid saying his name. They are TO'ing him completely out of HOF consideration. I listening and they still saying Bullock, Randle, then reluctantly say Rose's name. He paced the shyt out of the team, a Knick team poised to get blown out, but a steady diet of mid-range shot, timely dimes not only kept them for getting blown out, it gave them a small half time lead.

    • Eric Powell
      Eric Powell

      Dam!! So true fam!! Sh** is ridiculous!!

    • kenyona wilson
      kenyona wilson

      @Masculinity Matters I bought a ticket to the atl hawks first home game today JUST IN CASE they play each other in the first round but feel like I may be disappointed. Tickets to Madison square garden are outrageously expensive and if they play the bucks thinking about flying into Chicago, see my fam, and then drive to Milwaukee for the game. The last playoff game in attended was in 2012 in atl when bulls played hawks. Drose put up 44 that game. Best game ever!! Ok done talking your head off lol

    • kenyona wilson
      kenyona wilson

      @Masculinity Matters nice that you were able to get a signed ball

    • kenyona wilson
      kenyona wilson

      @Masculinity Matters that is so funny!! I love it 🥰

    • Masculinity Matters
      Masculinity Matters

      @kenyona wilson I still display his ROY signed ball... Burglars can take whatever, just leave the rock alone.

  • FG

    What a story that would be if the over-achieving Knicks won it all this year.

    • ZK321

      Thibodeau teams are overachievers but don't really win chips

    • samaal parker
      samaal parker

      Keep dreaming 🤣

    • M B
      M B

      Amen :)

    • Michael Sherron
      Michael Sherron

      Yes sir!!

    • Clipse D
      Clipse D

      Like the pistons

  • Paul Duffy
    Paul Duffy

    “Wherever you may be and however you may be listening” always makes me feel good about watching these scam clips

  • Dirty Lizard Neck
    Dirty Lizard Neck

    How do you not overpay Randle ?? knicks have a team option for 1 year if he keeps playing like this he is obviously a max player because other teams will pay it

    • Sports Guru
      Sports Guru

      @C R totally agree he’s setting it up so he can clown them

    • C R
      C R

      He's just trying to paint a narrative so he can crush them when they do. Hayward, Harris, Rozier, Middleton, Gobert, etc. all have max contracts. Yet they don't tryn invalidate their contracts or clown the organization for paying them. They're just looking for reasons to hate on the knicks. Kevin love makes 40 mil a yr and noone talks about him at all, so yea. I'm not tryna hear that garbage take.

  • Bonga Velem
    Bonga Velem

    Colin knows how to pick his woman though.🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😍

  • Junior Myrie
    Junior Myrie

    Colin started watching the Knicks in 71!! How old is he? 🤣

    • Jack M
      Jack M

      Probably like 58

  • Rodolfo Irizarry
    Rodolfo Irizarry

    The Knicks could beat any team at any given time with the defense let's go Knicks

    • Isaac Boyle
      Isaac Boyle

      @lamelle Evan Lmao Celtics 😂

    • Zooba Hype
      Zooba Hype

      @75 aces playoffs you get to focus on one team for at least 4 games straight and able to rest

    • johansen contreras
      johansen contreras

      @Lamelle Evan celtics ? Stop smoking buddy and now Jalen brown is out for the season

    • Lamelle Evan
      Lamelle Evan

      @fLbaby Swaegreek the freak is soft in the piant he get bullied then what the buck gone do . No buck smack down on his candy a. S

    • fLbaby Swae
      fLbaby Swae

      @Lamelle Evan you don’t believe in the Bucks?

  • James Scoggin
    James Scoggin

    Alex curry needs to stay

  • SupremeAbdulJabbar

    Unthaw your face Alex Curry, 0:30 Thanks, 0:38

  • Agent SuperArgo
    Agent SuperArgo

    Damn...The Knicks were on the road and Clippers fans were getting drowned out by Knicks fans.😂🗽🗽

    • Milton Gomez
      Milton Gomez

      I live in orlando and its the same way here went to a knicks game and us knicks fans were just as loud as the magic fans i loved it

    • Slimbo Slice
      Slimbo Slice

      WE HERE!!

    • Jason Variale
      Jason Variale

      Moved to LA 14 years ago and I let EVERYONE know who I root for

    • Michael Sherron
      Michael Sherron


  • Books With Benjamin
    Books With Benjamin

    Colin is going to be shocked how good the Brown's defense is going to be

    • Books With Benjamin
      Books With Benjamin

      @Jason Variale lol okay

    • Jason Variale
      Jason Variale

      Oh stop. The Browns will forever suck

  • Books With Benjamin
    Books With Benjamin

    Ms. Pretty smile is back!

  • Jared Michaud
    Jared Michaud

    I wonder who the Knicks could add next year who would put them over the top

    • ladistar

      @Jarrett Risper wrong, knicks can easily win the championship this year

    • Chris Chancellor
      Chris Chancellor

      RE HYPHEN UPS.TV I know Dame is getting on in age, but I’d imagine if Jrue Holiday commands like 4 picks / swaps, then Dame would only get traded for a similar bounty. Don’t think Blazers going to be too interested in Knox, Frank or Obi. Mitchell yes plus maybe four first rounders, two swaps and whatever else to make the money work. But I just don’t think they should give up that much for a small, aging lead guard who raises your ceiling a little but not that much IMO.

    • Michael Sherron
      Michael Sherron

      @Young Drama uh, yes, that's a no brainer. Who wouldn't. He'd be PERFECT for us

    • Young Drama
      Young Drama

      I want IGUODALA.

    • Darren Wilson
      Darren Wilson

      @Masculinity Matters oh no no u got me confused i give u he played the 2 most of his tenure at minny but its clear as day he execute like a mf from da pg he can def play both but its only maybe 2 or 3 pgs who can run da pick and roll like him penetrate and dish like him i know bc i got league solely to catch his games im addicted to this brothers resurgence bc they wrote him off i never ever got off this man bandwagon im from chicago and my brother was a freshmen when Pooh was a senior at Simeon

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