The Hidden Secrets Of Area 51
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What really lies inside America’s most top secret military base?
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Army soldier
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Facebook Page Created As Joke To "Storm Area 51" Becomes Viral Sensation
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A+E Networks And Mischief Management Present AlienCon Los Angeles 2019
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Unidentified Flying Object UFO
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Close view of a rare U-2 Dragon Lady approaching (and its pilot in a space suit).
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Milky Way
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Top Secret Old Rubber Stamp Collection 05
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The steel case of a chemical reactor
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Spacecraft Porthole.
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ammunition depot in western nevada
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File Folder Made of 100 Percent Recycled Fiber With Document
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The White House in Washington DC
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Area 51 Signs
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Photo taken in the 1950's of Allen Dulles, who bec
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Portrait Of Physicist Edward Teller
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Scientist Opening Tank in The Lab. Close-Up.
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Photobioreactor in Algae fuel biofuel industry .
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Professional shooting with a Camera
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Light Beams Flowing Around The Edge Of A Circular Shaped Futuristic Spaceship. Quantum Mechanics, Antimatter, Magnetic Field, Singularity, Gravitational Waves And Spacetime Concept
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Abstract blue world circuit
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Aerial view of Pentagon at sunrise.
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dolly closeup of a telegrapher using a morse code key
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white bus traveling down groom lake road in nevada
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Missile hits the terrorist base
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Revolving atom.
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Operate a machine
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nuke nuclear explosion
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Jet Aircraft Lands At Night
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balancing steam turbine frontal

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    • luis salazar
      luis salazar

      1942 Los Angeles Aka the battle of Los Angeles

    • Sentiløng Jamir
      Sentiløng Jamir

      HMMMMMM 🤪🤪

    • Bighead Biggerhead
      Bighead Biggerhead

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network all they did in Area 51 raid is hang out

    • Odin Satanas
      Odin Satanas

      Although we all know element zero is the real way to get zero G, artificial gravity and FTL drives We don't find it til like 2150, on the mars prothean base Hahaha, but if it plays out like that, we'll be fucked by the Reapers arriving and better hope we have a Commander Shepard :p

  • AmKam Omega
    AmKam Omega

    This was the weirdest episode I've ever seen

  • Sun Shiner
    Sun Shiner

    Damn Ryan’s body tho! His chest is ripped!

  • Mr Roboto
    Mr Roboto

    CIA detector: what's the code name? Assistant: Purple nurple!

  • Miss Linny
    Miss Linny

    Please do a episode in york in England. Known to be the most haunted city in Europe.

  • Alexander McCoy
    Alexander McCoy

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Shane invited the nipple kink to begin with

  • tracey’s hell
    tracey’s hell

    i can’t believe u guys are back and i didn’t know

  • Fiona Sinani
    Fiona Sinani

    If aliens do exist, how do they make alienbabies ?

  • witchywoman2008

    You could say that plane will need some pretty good EL-E-VA-TION WOOOOO OOO OOH

  • Renesmee Cullen-Black
    Renesmee Cullen-Black

    Please make a podcast

  • Ryoga Kun
    Ryoga Kun


  • Mrs Juicy Baby
    Mrs Juicy Baby

    do one on Henry Hudson

  • Danny Bishop
    Danny Bishop

    115? Black ops zombies lol

  • Evan Scanlan
    Evan Scanlan

    When did Lazar ever say the handscanner was alien? He only said it was used at S-4 from the beginning and then this proved to be true. If he wasn't there then how would he know this?

  • FluXs

    2:48 your welcome 😂😂😂

  • elizabeth mcgrath
    elizabeth mcgrath

    You should do what the try guys did and leave buzzfeed and have your own unsolved channel.

  • MrCyaltrbye

    Big fan. BUT I think you can afford to actually use Bob Lazar’s photo...(afford meaning spend the time and not worry about negative consequences)

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez

    It's never good when russia gets it's hands on unstable chemicals.

  • Dipak Singh
    Dipak Singh

    Hey Ryan and Shane, Do you guys believe in 'Fermi Paradox'??

  • bridie r
    bridie r

    aliens are already here, and we are the aliens. that is why humanity and technology suddenly progressed exponentially in just a couple of hundred years when "humans" have been living on the earth for thousands...

  • VIDire WolfIV
    VIDire WolfIV

    Correct me if i'm wrong but the reason why humans and everything on earth dont affect anything with gravity is because Earths gravity is much larger and pulls way more than anything on earth ever can. So if a new element has the chance to make thing float then it would need to overcome earth gravitational pull and essentially orbit the earth while being only a few feet above the surface. idk if that is even possible.

  • Sahota Karan
    Sahota Karan

    There is official release of ufo’s footage From navy can you please explain that one alsoo

  • SevOneSev7en

    0:20 Me playing Destiny 1 on a Friday back in the day

  • Anonymous

    I love your video's. I love the content but what makes the show so great is you two. You banter and humor is so fun to watch. You guys seem like so much fun. Keep them coming!

  • Legend 28
    Legend 28

    You can actually watch the Janet flights, fly into "the ranch" and the new area 51 aka tonopah aka drone testing place, by googling janet tail numbers and typing them into flight radar 24 app.

  • Yisrael Haber
    Yisrael Haber

    What if he just walked in on humans in alien costumes engaging in an orgy or something wierd like that... if there are furries then why not this too?

  • walter mcdonough
    walter mcdonough

    bob lazar is a liar

  • Genio nerve
    Genio nerve

    Better not be clickbait

  • Felix Jakobsson
    Felix Jakobsson

    You could use any word for a code word like: Code: pineapple-juice

  • Adam Wolf 237
    Adam Wolf 237

    I now purely watch these vids for Shane and Ryan's charisma

  • DaTerminatorMan

    Me: Hears them talking about element 115 Every COD zombie player ever: Let me tell you a little something about element 115

  • Alex singh
    Alex singh

    This is why the show is called unsolved its never solved

  • Mo Hawk
    Mo Hawk

    I have seen actual beings flying past me on their UFO crafts. The ones I seen was friendly.

  • roanoke

    Call of duty zombies anyone??

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith

    What do they mean, "produce its own gravity"?? That's what every element does? All mass produces gravity. That claim is meaningless

  • Michal

    "What a privilege it would be" - Shane, on the destruction of earth

  • Jack Ashmore
    Jack Ashmore

    Shane is so right, it would instantly turn into a joke if the government said aliens were real

  • Eduardo Sinaloa
    Eduardo Sinaloa

    Where not alone people.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina

    I don’t think they had hand scanners back then plus do you ever wonder how we discovered the internet?🤔

  • Pinnacle Gaming
    Pinnacle Gaming

    Hand over the coochie

  • softeshake

    this is the result of giving scientists crack

  • Åy DÇUØ
    Åy DÇUØ

    Element 115.............zombies???

  • Dave Vaidya
    Dave Vaidya

    Honestly, I wish they were reverse engineering alien technology. It would really help mankind progress themselves in the face of 21st century problems.

  • Hailey & Her Hammys
    Hailey & Her Hammys

    The government didn’t kill bob cuz there was no truth to his story and found no point

  • IightninXB

    why does he talk like that when he tells us about the history

  • chloè Siana
    chloè Siana

    *he's in there dancing to Billie Eilish*

  • Courtney Hammett
    Courtney Hammett

    I saw a UFO 🛸 once. Flew down close to the car I was in, huge and bright

  • jawd6715 sprite animations and more
    jawd6715 sprite animations and more

    ELEMENT 115 it's call of duty boiis!

  • SCF

    Ryan just figured out that nipple play feels good. Your gf isnt loving on you right

  • Siena Ashwin
    Siena Ashwin

    Aliens are cool!!!

  • cat

    s4 had never been heard of before bob lazar. its existence was apparently confirmed after the fact from what ive heard. its the most convincing thing about the case for me

  • Jasxon Amano
    Jasxon Amano

    I just love how Shane is like (¬_¬) to ghost but he's all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to aliens Hahahaha

  • Z Null
    Z Null

    For a physicist, this guy's understanding of very basic physics seems... poor. Whaaaat, an element that produces its own gravity?! ...So, like everything that has mass and/or energy?

  • Miss Angry Face
    Miss Angry Face

    How I missed these fancy bois

  • James Lampkin
    James Lampkin

    Why use a fake photo of lazar? Thats not even him!

    • Edd 1
      Edd 1

      Who bob the jet car guy? He's a bullshiter anyway don't worry yourself about him

  • Arun David
    Arun David

    Makes no sense 🤔why would the aliens only land in Us?

    • Edd 1
      Edd 1

      I heard somewhere that the US has the best fried chicken... maybe aliens like chicken

  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy

    Shane is so funny that.....

  • kim jong unnie
    kim jong unnie

    Aquatone sounds like a face cream or something

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont

    Instead of having everybody threatened to converge on Area 51 why don't we converging on the 15 million dollar mansion Obama bought right at sea level on Martha's Vineyard. It would seem we would want to warn him that when the ice caps melt his house will be underwater and we wouldn't want that to happen would we?


    Element 115 is this cod zombies?Is cod zombies real?

  • Anna Shyne Borlongan
    Anna Shyne Borlongan

    Is it weird Im watching an area 51 video and my battery percent is 51

  • NOAH'S MOMMY2012
    NOAH'S MOMMY2012

    2:02 Everyone watching the video attempts to feel the "niceness" of "PurpleNurple"

  • R M
    R M


  • J Hales
    J Hales

    I agree with Shane, we really wouldn't care if there were aliens in area 51. I just hope they are treated well.

  • Lauren Clement
    Lauren Clement

    I like this new season of "The X-Files"

  • jon snipe
    jon snipe

    guy in black shirt look like Eli manning 😂😂

  • Alexis HI
    Alexis HI

    6:15 or we could just have little toy not a...ugh...a real space ship

  • Elli Taylor
    Elli Taylor

    I want tomato sauce pasta now

  • Elli Taylor
    Elli Taylor

    You guys release serotonin in my braincell

  • xobts _12
    xobts _12

    You know what I believe. I think that now everyone knows about Area 51 the government is using it as a distraction. The place is probably empty and instead everything is at a different location where there's no people like Antarctica

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