The Interview - August Alsina and Angela Yee
August Alsina
August Alsina and Angela Yee sit down for an in depth interview discussing his new album The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy, documentary and much more.
Listen to the new album "The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy" -
Watch the documentary "stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina" -
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  • Sachaee Singh
    Sachaee Singh

    Can i get some clout?

  • & now he's coming out with all this in d mist of bring out a new album," Wow"

  • jacqueline akens
    jacqueline akens

    Angela I'm sure the interview was professional, but that pick though is all kinds of unprofessional. I love you girl but you have to stop blurring the lines.

  • Candice

    This was such a natural, sincere,fluid conversation. 'I cant breathe in this mf!" "What happens when you are tired of being strong...."

  • I love how he says "body"

  • ERRE O
    ERRE O

    Shit if Pac was alive he would be hittin that shit too. 😂😂

  • He went through so much poor guy I like him he seems like a genuine guy really.

  • 1st of GOD BLESS THIS young man & his journey n life, He was wrong fooling around with a married woman, regardless of the arrangement. & got himself hurt messing around with her, because she was going 2 choose Will & her family over him with no thought, life learning lesson.......

  • Rachel Dominique
    Rachel Dominique

    I think August has a mental illness...smh...I do love me some August Alsina but after he came out he changed a great bit...

  • It’s crazy when people bash you for the truth he telling the truth

  • Kid Wing
    Kid Wing

    He looking gay

  • Cutiee _3
    Cutiee _3

    I thought that was Jada Pickett Smith in the thumbnail at first😭

  • Darren Allen
    Darren Allen

    This guy doesn’t get my respect fr and will a bigger crab

  • Angela Yee is so underrated! She is really well prepared and professional in almost all her interviews

  • I so love his energy!!! To come on nation T.V. and tell his story...the good, bad & the ugly, and his spiritual journey and not BLAME ANYONE....SPEAKS NOTHING BUT A STRONG BLACK KING!!!

  • Dorasgard3n

    WOW! He dropped some 💎's and was very vulnerable. He's one STRONG black man and I'm loving who he's becoming. Speak Your Truth!!

  • smiles4u

    This is so tough for me to watch. But thank you so much for your message August! I pray that God heals you whole and that he brings people who will love you genuinely and bless you with long life, good health and prosperity.🙏🏾 God bless, Joy

  • Dionte Nelson
    Dionte Nelson

    Damn he couldnt get his music trending but this interview lol

  • Camille B.
    Camille B.

    Thank you for sharing your true self with us August.. May God continue to bless and guide you along in your life's journey... Great interview Angela!... You did a fantastic job... Blessings to you both👍💞

  • Norman Family
    Norman Family

    I love his hair color I might do a video on my channel with this hair color

  • This was a very emotional interview but so informative god bless you both 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Kwamez Waye
    Kwamez Waye

    Love your growth August...much love from Ghana 🇬🇭 west Africa 🔥👑

  • Nell Powers
    Nell Powers

    I totally get him!

  • Congo Label
    Congo Label

    I never knew he was this smart and cute but I applaud you man!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Jada know she should have been messing with someone her own age. Mother figure my ass I knew she was lying!

  • August Alsina I love the man you’re becoming! Keep striving for better. I will always be a fan.

  • This interview really made me understand his position. He seems like a beautiful person that has been through a lot. I truly think Jada took advantage of him. I hope he finds peace and true happiness.

  • Lemar Burger
    Lemar Burger

    This shit is deeper than him and Jada he just cant say what he want to say.

  • Tawasha Walker
    Tawasha Walker

    There's something so beautiful, memorable & cherishable above a man, especially a black man being completely vulnerable, honorable with himself & others. WHEEW!! I wish that more bruthas would do the same. This would be the beginning to a whole new relationship for a foundation of long lasting love.

  • Phil Daniels
    Phil Daniels

    What's up with the creepy music at the Jada part?

  • Social Science
    Social Science

    To Jada : Cuz I know damn well you're reading the comments. You and Will are living a Lie. Your marriage is over and you're staying together for public appearances and financial reasons. Don't bother to call August a liar because WE BELIEVE HIM. Calling him a liar makes you look like a fool. If you didn't do right by him in the past, this is your opportunity to. This man was clearly used and hurt by You Jada. Maybe you should stop playing with people's emotions and getting them mixed up in your phony, dysfunctional facade of a "Marriage" August: Thank you for being so honest and transparent. Thank you for your bravery. I'm looking forward to seeing you enjoy a long successful career.

  • August , I have so much respect for you now more than before. You're the realest and you've made it through so many storms. God really loves you man. Much love !!! May you be blessed with many more years in life ,and continue to inspire. Much love, xoxoxo


    I learned 2 things from this 1 He can't hold water 2 Niggaz doing anything for clout We are literally living in the last days pray for me 🙏🏽

  • Tawasha Walker
    Tawasha Walker

    It's a deep thing to fall n love with each other & one person belonging to another for. the. rest. of. their. lives.

  • Delancy Leek
    Delancy Leek

    -2:00 Documentary -4:26 Tupac -5:30 His Mom -9:30 His Pain -12:45 Him Being Molested -16:30 Love Life (Jada Pinkett) -22:10 His Sister -26:46 Nieces -30:43 His Sickness -37:06 His Health -37:35 Black People's Oppression -40:28 Nola (From The Album) -44:00 His Dad -46-40 The Documentary -47:45 Reactions of being sick -51:00 Anxiety -52:30 His Hobbies -53:10 Him not eating box -53:45 Prior Lips Service Podcast -54:30 He eat box now -55:10 Him not eating ass -57:27 Demi-sexual -58-20 Him Wanting Love

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      Thankkkkkkkkkk you

  • Erick Mack
    Erick Mack

    Too much cap in this interview

  • Robert Trob
    Robert Trob

    Angela yee looks sooo fine 😍

  • Macmittens411

    "So you know Jada Pinkett Smith correct?" - Envy

  • truthtube1000

    Awwwwwww shiiiiiidddddddd! Where my 🍸....and my baby sleep too!!!! I got time today! All 👂👂....

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  • Nerrissa Rich
    Nerrissa Rich

    August ❤️❤️❤️

  • xXGiggsyyXx

    When he said he only has the energy for love. Wow. I felt him tremendously. My heart cried for him. I’m so sorry. For the pain he’s had to experience.

  • Tamara Nicole
    Tamara Nicole

    The greatest freedom is truth.

  • Nosa Lloyd
    Nosa Lloyd

    She did that sh*t. This interview so genuine. Pray for God protection on his family's life. Do you bro!

  • diana indigo
    diana indigo

    I really love seeing August smile and laugh♥️ so happy for him its not easy to get so open 💯 God bless you August!

  • Terrance Tatum
    Terrance Tatum

    He bouts to get in Angela's drawers

  • Sunyae

    Him and Teyana need to work together. Their energy and work ethic would be fire🖤🖤

  • "Bury me an honest man," whew, I felt that!

  • Who is his stylist for hair and clothes🤣? Anyway he is still handsome, speaks very well and is very talented!

  • SunCrown Sie
    SunCrown Sie

    I love him. Not just his looks but his soul and spirit. 😍😍😍

  • Shane C
    Shane C

    Can someone tell me when he gets to the Jada part? I don't have time to watch 1:08:16 interview....not even for Obama or Beyoncé

  • Esther Bradley
    Esther Bradley

    The level of vulnerability and genuineness he shows is almost spiritual. He was respectful, loving, and raw with the ease of a breath.

  • He fell off LMFAO😂🤣

  • @August Alsina I’m disappointed in why certain artists didn’t reach out to you about Dr. Sebi’s Method🤔.. I appreciate you giving yourself to people, because if you didn’t how would they understand anything about you. I agree about emotions and sex. To feel the real it has to come from the emotions you have for that person or it’s going to be just another good feeling. Sex is something you can feel but it’s different when your emotions are involved. F*cking someone with these emotions helps you feel how f*cking really feels as well. It puts you in a different character as if your a Gemini lol not trying to be funny. Being a very sexual person can be weird to people, If you tell them your celibate. Celibacy is teaching yourself discipline, that’s a good thing, congratulations.. To feel everything is beautiful and scary at the same time, because your body is going into places sexually which causes you to make the other person unable to control how they feel during and after the whole sexual experience. So, the power makes it scary. Being celibate is not bad and it actually can help you learn how to soothe the urges like talking about sex vs not talking about it. Writing: writing all the things you would like to do too a person and what you want them to do too you can help, but I’m going to end here, because I don’t want to say to much on here. Research Dr. Sebi’s Method to help you; you won’t regret it.🎭

  • When ur dealing with a broken damage person, u work to heal the heart. Not try to build a bull***" fairytale relationship...knowing your a older married woman. Shame on u Jada... U should have known better!!!

  • محمدرضا مدنی
    محمدرضا مدنی

    #Iranian E.B children Iranian kids with 'Epidermolysis bullosa sickness' have not medicine because politic problems(Sanctions on Iran from usa) I request the world people: pleace publish this issue in youre social media please recieve suffer of those children to youre goverment.please help them🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Curtis Bishop
    Curtis Bishop

    16.18 is what you seek just let it play thru

  • Khwezay

    Not one ad. God bless! ❤

  • Lesedi Phelane
    Lesedi Phelane

    "Black people don't trust each other" WELL DAMN 💔

  • WOW. No words 💜 Wonderful interview.👏🏽

  • A Kimm
    A Kimm

    Always liked him, very smart.

  • Papi Shampoo-Oficial
    Papi Shampoo-Oficial


  • Iced Out
    Iced Out

    August just gave me so much clarity that I needed with my mom. I felt him when he said he wanted his mom to be a certain way but she didn't have it to give

  • Michelle Belle
    Michelle Belle

    As they saying goes....."The Truth Will Always Set You Free" ✌❤😁 I hope all parties involved can find the love and peace they need to move forward. Maybe in another life things could of definitely been handled different!

  • Mojoe Polo
    Mojoe Polo

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis

    Y’all really feel bad for this man when he fell in love with a married woman?!? Y’all wild 😂

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User

    Daily mail brought me here

  • flirt1diva

    Imagine this grown ass man lived a life loving the family (so much that he still cant stop saying now nice they are)and relationship he was in and now that it's over come on here like a broken hearted bitch and we all treat him like one ....2020 isn't shit, tired of these grown man bitches.

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