The Interview - August Alsina and Angela Yee
August Alsina
August Alsina and Angela Yee sit down for an in depth interview discussing his new album The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy, documentary and much more.
Listen to the new album "The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy" -
Watch the documentary "stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina" -
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  • The Alpha MANifesto
    The Alpha MANifesto

    SHHH....Entanglements WOW!! "game recognize game..checkmate!" This is the "Perfect example of Beta-Male Nice-Guy" I like Will Smith/jada ...but the Problem? Will allowed jada to "set the narratives" in this relationship 1) Chasing her for marriage..(feminine energy is about bonding, connection, nurturing) Will was the one that seeked connection with jada (a woman whos' heart belonged to tupac) her LOVE/FANTASY MAN is is dead for her! Will (a man that takes on challenges) tried to MAKE her "be his woman" good move for HER.. not so great for him! Will got hung-up on a Hood-chick that "made good" BY A RICH MAN..JUST LIKE HIS STORY-LINE OF THE FRESH PRINCE-IRONY bottom line....if a woman can't respect you..she can never love you. Alpha Males are Direct, clear in his intent, set STANDARDS FOR EVERY PART OF HIS WORLD AND HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE..REWARDS WHEN EARNED.. Good luck, Good lesson Will hoped you learned something..

  • Maria Reyes
    Maria Reyes

    I’ve been listening to him for awhile now and I never listen to lyrics and I have now instead of just the music. He’s a blessing his voice music his journey luv him for being honest. Blessings brother 🌸❤️🙏

  • Jazmine Arceneaux
    Jazmine Arceneaux

    Why is his outfit like 2 face?

  • Pronounced Van-Knee-uh
    Pronounced Van-Knee-uh

    A wise man once said " When you insist on taking something that God didnt give you , He will take something he DID give you. What did God take from this young man?? 🤔

  • Pronounced Van-Knee-uh
    Pronounced Van-Knee-uh

    Notice he never answers the question. He goes to defense mode. Don't negate from the question she ask him straight up " Can you clarify the rumors. His reply:" Its none of people's business who I date or sleep with for that matter" ... Then what's the purpose of this interview 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • mrperfect390

    If I was were out for Jada moms


    So y'all gone act like that thumbnail pic is weird as hell...why does she look high as hell..and what happened to all the hair he had during the interview...or was it a WIG??? I need answers😏

  • Anthony Ruiz Jr
    Anthony Ruiz Jr

    Go watch Vlads Boosie on Jada Entanglement🤣😂

  • Prudent Mom
    Prudent Mom


  • paul frank
    paul frank

    Did he have surgery on his eye I remember back in the day he was blind in 1 eye I believe that's why he use 2 always where shades cuz the pain from light this the 1st time I seen him with regular glasses on and his eye looks perfect anybody know???

    • Cole Lette
      Cole Lette

      yes he did, watch the doc he talks about it

  • Kim Patterson
    Kim Patterson

    I'm a 63 year old retired teacher. I am inspired by your wisdom, writing and singing. I heard you. Will gave his blessing, not permission. I believed you before the Red Table Talk. I love you and Angela. Loved this interview.

  • kimberly Lew
    kimberly Lew

    This is my 2nd time watching this interview and I love every moment of it. Much love and respect from Jamaica 💖💖😺🙇🙌

  • mercy Ed
    mercy Ed

    Ive watch your interviews August and i am soo amaze of your honesty about telling your truths don't let nobody ever take that away from you! Keep up the Awesome job and be proud of yourself! I love your music too! You kinda remind me of my other favorite Tupac i listen to him nonstop!

  • Tazz Tazz
    Tazz Tazz

    August look like someone sunday going to church grandma n shit lmao

  • Sara_ kilmot
    Sara_ kilmot

    Hace un vídeo clip con jay park

  • Chelsea Hutson
    Chelsea Hutson

    This man is speaking from his higher self. This is a man who is really in tune with his higher consciousness (that we all have by the way) and that’s why so many people are touched by the truth that he is expressing in this interview. The way he speaks about love, forgiveness, being in touch with his feelings, and so much more shows that he understands the laws of this universe. Not many people have this level of higher consciousness and for him to be so young and so transformed, I’m literally in awe. You have to go within yourself and expose what no longer serves you to become physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally liberated but what a lot of people don’t know is that is not easy at all. Especially being in the public, to keep know how to cleanse and protect your energy...I am honestly speechless and proud of him. August you are brilliant, everything you are speaking about was and will continue to be divinely orchestrated. Your story is beautiful because it shows a literal rebirth. I pray for you and your spiritual journey. As long as you continue to look within, you will be just fine. You are truly an example for mankind. Keep shining.

  • Ms Brt
    Ms Brt

    Okay, so Jada must have watched this or August's documentary repeatedly as I've just noticed that at 22:14 the interviewer says that August had described in his documentary having to disentangle himself from that relationship... lol the fateful seed of the use of the now notorious "entanglement" was planted weeks before- nice one August 😂 All jokes aside, he seems to be an amazing human being- Jada really has struck it lucky with 3 outstanding men being in love with her.

    • Ms BeautyBoss
      Ms BeautyBoss

      Yes I noticed that too “disentangled” was mention in this interview first before Jada said “entanglement.” August said in one of his social media posting that he gave the Smiths a courtesy call so they would not had been blind sided before the interview was released to the public. That may be the reason Will & Jada took so long to get a response produce on her show. They were going to make money from it. Also, August started the documentary back in 2014/2105 (when he was in a relationship with Jada). I believe Jada knew about the documentary coming out (because August used a clip from Red Table, he had to get permission from Jada to use it) and August added (episode 4 sometimes last year). I also believe Jada help to clear his name so August can fully get back into the music industry. I also believe they both have love for each other and Jada will do what she can to help him succeed in life. I can tell because Jada said on the Red Table to Will that the only reason they responded because “someone” is hurting & her face lit up talking about August. If she did not love August she would had ignored, denied all the drama, and kept is moving.

  • Janitorial University
    Janitorial University

    Karma is a SOB , careful young people out there respect

  • Carla.Nikeisha

    You are definitely a work of God. Your soul is so genuine and real. It’s rare that people get to experience knowing someone like you. I am happy that you can use your platform to bless many. I always say if my only accomplishment in life is blessing others with my kindness and genuine character, being true to myself and living that truth, I’ve done a lot. In today’s society you don’t find a lot of people who are actually living to find their true happiness or walking in their truth as real human beings who experience and go through real things. Everyone is so caught up in masking their true identities and feelings to please the world for the sake of not being judged or to come across as though their life is without blemish. But the funny thing is the same people we hide our truth from to pretend like life is all peaches and cream, experience the types of ups and downs you do. Sometimes even worst. So why do we hide our truth from each other? Why can’t we just behave like real humans who experience real things? Who are we fooling?

  • Yolanda Slaughter
    Yolanda Slaughter


  • Queen name of the song Cleopatre
    Queen name of the song Cleopatre

    TEAM AUGUST SO MUCH LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • sexyblack Mimi
    sexyblack Mimi


  • Good Vibes Radio
    Good Vibes Radio

    All I gotta say is wow... August is too wise, too awake, so in touch with himself it's amazing and scary but liberating.

  • Blain Locke
    Blain Locke

    Gronk no 💊

  • Veronica Daeh
    Veronica Daeh

    I will be praying for @AugustAlsina as well as Will & Jada..🙏🙏💔 I sincerely Hope they all find God & True healing ..It is a misnomer to think just because one is Financially wealthy that you are also Spiritually mentally ,emotionally wealthy.

  • Tanika Nakeya Lewis
    Tanika Nakeya Lewis

    Stop being sexually active, with Individuals that are not compatible with personal Sexual Preferences.

  • EricaYE6

    Jada risked her marriage with Will Smith for a lighter version of Nick Cannon? Wow.

  • Kai Wi
    Kai Wi

    He bore his heart and soul on this album and throughout the accompanying documentary. He knew he’d be judged but he was compelled to speak his truth regardless of the conceivable backlash. That meets my definition of bravery. Much respect.

  • Mika Waller
    Mika Waller

    This interview is therapeutic.❤ God Bless You August. Keep Pushin...

  • Meza Rod
    Meza Rod

    Let's be honest, if he hadn't mentioned Jada no one would be searching for no august alsina

  • Aisha Tamba
    Aisha Tamba

    Young, full of wisdom Aug you have a purpose in this universe and impact lives. Write a book and trust me, you will change so many lives.

  • armela selak
    armela selak

    I love LOVE

  • Aquarius Toinon
    Aquarius Toinon

    Did music start playing @ 21:00?? The hell.........??

  • carlosandmuriel

    Wonderful interview. I feel that if someone chooses to tell their story....our nosey asses are so here for it....but as SOON as someone chooses to monetize off of their story or their truth....all of a sudden...they're clout chasing...their attention hores etc.......

  • Life As Jakayla
    Life As Jakayla

    I don't care he still fine ASF petty or not IDGAF 😂😂💞💯

  • Vett Roby
    Vett Roby

    I can relate because I'm a major empath and I feel damn near everybody's emotions so I totally get it. August is an empath but probably on a deeper and spiritual level that its almost scary

    • J Peavy
      J Peavy

      Every human is an empath, unless they are a sociopath or psychopath.

  • Victoria Whigham
    Victoria Whigham

    I am weeping my eyes out for how he is expressing himself with those POWERFUL WORDS.

  • Victoria Whigham
    Victoria Whigham

    This was an Amazing interview.

  • Kiki Odubanjo
    Kiki Odubanjo

    The fact that he talked about real and powerful things and people only focus on the Jada part is just sad. People never truly care about you, just what they can make out of your situation

  • Marie Chanel
    Marie Chanel

    Whew @20:59 - 24:25 as an empath I have never cried so much as I have now listening to a beautiful intuitive, high vibration, conscious soul. I love a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. I felt every emotion he was feeling. He has gone through so much and I'm so happy that he is so authentic and transparent because that's something that is very rare to find. When I am blessed to find a man like this I will NEVER let him go.

  • Ezito improved
    Ezito improved

    only August can pull off a slush puppie Tropical punch Mango haircut inspired by Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.

  • Jasmine Sparks
    Jasmine Sparks

    August is such an intelligent, wise, creative, well-spoken man! Love you, August!

  • Ms A
    Ms A

    Stupid People will NEVER understand this interview in its truest form - It was really deep and you an learn a lot . BUt if you are one of the slow ones you just wont get it.

    • chassidy wilkerson
      chassidy wilkerson


    • Ar'Yanaa Linnear
      Ar'Yanaa Linnear


  • Ms A
    Ms A

    He doesnt belong to this EVIL DEMONIC INDUSTRY. I hope he gets out soon - inest the lil money he has is something like real estate to bring in some income . THE INDUSTRY will only get him worse. He is an extremely intelligent guy and i wish him well. May God guide him taking care of his gorgeous nieces

  • New World Grover
    New World Grover


  • DE Media Sound
    DE Media Sound

    Are they really playing dramatic music in the background to enhance the emotion and viewer engagement? This guy is like a tormented carrot top. Add his name to the prayer list at church.

  • Faye Lovee
    Faye Lovee

    I've always been here for Auggie lol...This interview pops.... You can really see all the pain he's endured..and not jst thru the entanglement...But he's managed to pull thru... and is also very intelligent....


    43:10 and up One word (chillzzz) BLESSINGS

  • Peppi Underwood
    Peppi Underwood

    This brother need some prayers and a therapist to talk to no joke

  • Adam Greene
    Adam Greene

    Yeah im sure god is okay with you being a Homewrecker

    • Trey Mathews
      Trey Mathews

      And it’s a 2 way street. She wanted him more than he wanted her

    • Trey Mathews
      Trey Mathews

      Um did u not watch this interview. He’s not a home wrecker

  • Katrina

    Awww he’s a beautiful soul 😢🙏🏽❤️

  • Th3lite

    This guy is so confused. On one hand he qouted a scripture and then he says to crucify him because he’s an honest man. But what honest man would think it’s OK to sleep with another man’s wife. even if he gave you permission to date his wife, that’s no exercise. Use wisdom, you stepped in the devils playground and came out burnt. now you talking about you hurting and it literally killed you to separate yourself from somebody who’s married to another man. that sounds crazy. How many of his family members died?

    • Baddie_bree

      She was married he won’t she disrespected her marriage

  • Triks36

    Great interview! I've always been an August fan, but I now have mad respect for him. His testimony and positive energy are much needed in the world.

  • Crer007

    I just want to speak on the aesthetic of the setting and decor. Omg. It is 🔥🔥🔥. That clock in the background😱💜

  • Tamika Daniels
    Tamika Daniels

    Jayda Wild I didn’t watch the whole interview but I’m watching it now

  • Rozanna

    Appreciating the simplicity and presence of Ms Yee, she exudes beauty and freshness. This interview is not what I expected ... I love being surprised like this. I pray Mr Alsina tries Raw Food (natural food), it’s very healing.

  • Marcus De Villiers
    Marcus De Villiers

    King 👑

  • S E
    S E

    This was a really really good interview. This should be an example of how to interview and how to be interviewed! I guess I already kind of said it but Angela Yee did an amazing job her, it shows when you have a genuine relationship with somebody just how authentic the conversation came seem to those watching from the outside. August, wow! There are literally no words. Continue to grow and trust God!

    • J Peavy
      J Peavy

      Check out his interview a year ago with Thembi of the Shaderoom. That was a beautiful interview.

  • P B
    P B

    The way he talking I can see the similarity with jada and him talking some deep shit with simple questions

  • Erica Morris
    Erica Morris

    Honestly needed this interview because this man is a wonderful loving soul like I can relate on so many levels I’m proud of him I pray for him and this new free spirited journey I’m loving it 🙏🏽

  • Sasha Galloway-Gonce
    Sasha Galloway-Gonce

    Love the honesty.. The background music fucked up the interview though.. for me.. it took away the realness..

  • Brian Pollet
    Brian Pollet

    He describes being oppressed and program by another race then states that we as black people are doing it for ourselves. This makes me think of the division that William Lynch introduced centuries ago.

  • Joy Coco
    Joy Coco

    You know despite how people are praising him, he is a fake guru. He had an affair with Jada.

  • Lavish Lily
    Lavish Lily

    "To show people that you can transform it, that's real life alchemy, to transform that pain into whatever you want it to be"

  • Tara Ann
    Tara Ann

    that poor man seems lonely. stuck with alot of yes people feeling very alone. I feel for him... Aug I'll pray for you, your talents are amazing! ❤️🤙🏼

  • Cheyenne Tate
    Cheyenne Tate

    I didnt know this guy was so deep; I absolutely love it

  • Carol W
    Carol W

    I have so much respect for August. Great interview. Please, Angela, stop trying to convince him to put everything in his mouth. More people should be discerning with who/what they open their bodies to. Our bodies are sacred temples; the foul is not allowed!

  • Michel Mullaney
    Michel Mullaney

    This dude as a man is so nasty..all this bullshit front "of positive awareness".. He used another mans marriage in so many ways including to get attentions for this and his album.. Straight parasitic...

  • Sharon J
    Sharon J


  • cathyjo Matheny
    cathyjo Matheny

    Let hom take a seat at the red table lole jada came to the me to movement and helped Jordan woods speak her truth

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