The Jump reacts to James Dolan's internal memo and the Knicks' ongoing public silence
Rachel Nichols, Kendrick Perkins and Brian Windhorst react to an internal memo obtained by ESPN from owner James Dolan to the New York Knicks' staff in the wake of George Floyd's death and the protests that followed.

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  • R Thompson
    R Thompson

    ESPN just cant stop running their mouths about the knicks. At thos point I'm convinced that if dolan donated 5million to cancer research, ESPN nd the dolan haters will find a way to make it a negative story. Its pathetic and I love dolans defiant, FK yall attitude. Last thing I want is a pandering weak minded owner

  • Isaac Annan Jr
    Isaac Annan Jr

    Dolan basically said if any of my players wear a BLM merchandise you’ll get fined or traded

  • Chuck Hauser
    Chuck Hauser

    Hey congrats espn you found a bigger imbecile than Dolan, Kendrick Perkins 🤮

  • Ashley Brabham
    Ashley Brabham

    He literally did nothing wrong cmon espn

  • otakurocklee

    He's right. NBA teams are not qualified and should shut up.

  • Wilson Yang
    Wilson Yang

    Literally giving Adam silver an excuse to make him sell the team

  • clue james
    clue james

    Dolan try to silence everyone at msg.. this is no time to silence anyone from talking ,,especially black people that work for msg!!! Fire!!!! Dolan!!!!!

  • CM Concierge
    CM Concierge

    Dolan is a tRumptard. It makes it hard to be a Knicks fan. It is harder than the losing.

  • sean reid
    sean reid

    New york knicks= Plantation James Doylan= Plantation owner

    • R Thompson
      R Thompson

      Yeah bcuz ppl on plantations use to get paid millions of dollars. Go ask the slaves who built this country 300yrs ago how much money their owners use to pay them

  • Tylaw2006

    Better than lying in the moment. They most of these other owners care doing. People are too easily swayed by words and not by a person’s actions.

  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling

    Boolay...look it ip

  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling

    Knicks suck

  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling

    Knickerbockers have 3 Ks In it...KKK

  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling

    James Dolan = Worst in Sports & Humanity

  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling

    KKK = James Dolan

    • R Thompson
      R Thompson

      Another moron

  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • Field Keeling
    Field Keeling


  • John Perez
    John Perez

    I feel like Dolan is trying to screw over the Knicks on purpose. He's been there way too long and it's time to get him out.

  • Joshua Reynolds
    Joshua Reynolds

    Wen u think things can't get any lower for the Knicks an come out with a disgraceful act like this smfh💯💯

  • Chanz " The Admiral" Simmons
    Chanz " The Admiral" Simmons

    These ESPN hatchet jobs are a joke. The way the sit there and target the knicks at every given opportunity is dispicable. This by no means is any defense for James Dolan but anyone who knows that man knows he has never spoken on any social issues ever. Im sure the media is the primary reason a statement wasnt made because he probably worried about you guys yapping about him again. unfortunately his plan backfired on him.

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams

    James Dolan will not say he is against excessive force by the police on unarmed citizens cause MSG works with law enforcement so his easy statement being against racism has nothing to do with police killing unarmed citizens cause more whites are killed by police .

  • MHN

    What qualifications does anyone need to say "stop killing black people" or "the systemic injustice is a problem" or "we need police reform"? Silence means "I don't care"


    You know what? I know It’s crazy that he said that. But I’m not mad at Dolan for saying that. We shouldn’t look to entertainment people for political matters. It’s weak. Find a real leader! Hit Dolan where it hurts. In the wallet.

  • Shadez

    How did this guy get rich enough to buy a sports franchise with the amount of stupidity spewing out of his mouth constantly.

    • courteo

      He didn't buy it, he inherited it from his father. He owns the knicks, the rangers, msg, and radio city music hall. Now that's what I call privilege.

  • Victorious Grace
    Victorious Grace

    Rachel set up Perkins and he took the bait. I like Perkins, but I don't care what dolan has to say on the topic of injustice. I do give dolan credit for being straight with us and not fake just to score political points. All he said is he is not qualified to discuss this. Look, if the knicks called today, 9 out of 10 players would jump for the money and chance to ball with the knicks, just like they did last year. Employee only meeting? what is that? It is BS unless they collectively go on strike or walk out and quit. But they won't quit because they want the job. True revolution means sacrifice. you want dolan to give lip service? no, he is who he is. Brother Perkins, just keep doing what you do to fight injustice and don't worry about dolan.

  • Selwyn Joy
    Selwyn Joy

    The Knicks usually screw most things up, but Dolan gets a pass here. The Knicks are the only team in professional sports that has proven to have no racial bias. They have a long history of Black executives and coaches. Last year their top 3 organizational positions were filled by black people. It's great and all for other teams to come out, but he actually puts his money where his mouth his.

  • Ray S
    Ray S

    Perkins Beard looks like a fur coat.

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv

    Hope they can draft because no free Agents is going there...💯

  • Ray S
    Ray S

    As Charles Oakley stated. The Knicks organization is like a plantation. We aren't getting any free agents so long as Dolan is there.

  • Boomer Ang
    Boomer Ang

    So he is so "too big to fail" that he won't be sued by "sell the team" protesters for violating right to free speech?

  • Boomer Ang
    Boomer Ang

    Sports are part of social solutions because it takes juvenile, whatever the color, "off the streets". Just because unpopular GM Rockets tried to pass free speech in China, DON'T EVER USE THAT AS AN EXCUSE!!!

  • Boomer Ang
    Boomer Ang

    Comm Silver should actually implement lower league system just like soccer is done in Europe: RELEGATION and less revenue as punishment for tanking! As for draft pick, even the worst team ain't getting no.1 pick no more.

  • Frank Heck
    Frank Heck

    no win situation for Dolan. If you really dislike him, quit and don't take his money

  • Nicholes Lilly
    Nicholes Lilly

    James Dolan's mindset is an example of why We still Cant Breathe in America

  • Desmond Addison
    Desmond Addison

    Its right or wrong. You are a human being, more than qualified to speak on it. Idc

  • Emerald Ember
    Emerald Ember

    James Dolan. Sale New York Knicks because don’t deserve the teams and fans and they sure don’t want you anymore.

  • Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος
    Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος

    So people are waiting on James Dolan to make a statement that going to change something really turn it up

  • Monk Bop
    Monk Bop

    This should have been a Taco Fall layup for Dolan. Can't believe he botched this

  • King Zande
    King Zande

    Fumbling of the highest order.

  • Claudio die Legende
    Claudio die Legende

    Giamons Dolan - Perk mumbels more than Shaq ever did 😂

  • will liam
    will liam

    NBA is racist just like the rest of USA

  • Eurobubble70

    every knicks player, black or white, should refuse playing until the team is sold

  • Angelo Laker
    Angelo Laker

    Perkins fat noises I swear get him off

  • Whippin

    I know we doin blm rn but what language is perk speaking?

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    I dare every Knicks player to man up and defy that idiot owner by speaking out for Mr Floyd and those who are protesting on his behalf. Dolan is so narcissistic and self destructive he cannot be able to think with the organ in his head what wrath he has caused.

  • James Toney
    James Toney

    This was a perfect alley from Jason Kidd on a 4 foot basket and he hung himself🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Randall Daniels
    Randall Daniels

    NFL Fans Black and White, Lets hold the NFL accountable for CHANGE NOW!!! The NFL Perpetuates Inequality and Racial Discrimination!! Black NFL Players make up 70-75% of the league Players. Yet in 2020 there is ONLY 3 BLACK HEAD COACHES & 2 BLACK GENERAL MANAGERS Out Of 32 NFL TEAMS!!! NFL Owners STOP acting as though that you can’t find Qualified Black Candidates, when you hire other candidates with lighter resumes. As a Football fan I’ve seen many Great Players. But in years 2015 - 2017, I had to privilege to watch a Quarterback who became My Favorite Collegiate Player of ALL-TIME!! His name is Lamar Jackson. He won the Heisman Trophy his Sophomore season and was runner up his Jr season. After and Absolutely Incredible College Career playing QB, 99.9% of NFL teams didn’t think he could play in their league. Simply because he plays with a Dual-Threat Urban Style and Flair. During the 2018 Draft I was afraid I would not get to enjoy Jackson play QB in the NFL because the so-called NFL Experts kept putting out the narrative associated with the NFL about the Black QB. He’s Dual-Threat because he can’t read Defense. He doesn’t have the IQ to lead a team. Teams wanted him to work out for different Positions. I'm Thankfully one Team took a chance on Urban Style Quarterbacking. Quarterbacking I’ve witnessed Generation after Generation in the park and playground but the NFL wouldn’t embrace it in their league. So, the NFL sent Hall OF Fame Talented Black QB’s Packing or to the CFL. Charlie Ward a Heisman Winning QB went Undrafted by any NFL Team. Lamar Jackson was given something no other Black QB was given before him. The opportunity to TOTALLY play his Urban Style of DUAL-THREAT Football in the NFL. Once given a chance Lamar Proved all the pundits Wrong and Proved the NFL’s Generational Theory wrong. He won MVP in his FIRST Full Season and became ONLY the 2nd Player in NFL HISTORY to win Unanimous MVP. Furthermore Fans & Owners know Colin Kaepernick was banned from NFL for his Peaceful Protest. Dear NFL Owners, BLACKS ARE FANS TWO AND WE LOVE THE GAME AND SPEND MONEY SUPPORTING THE GAME!! Pleading with You... MAKE CHANGE!! Help Us Fight Against Inequality... Fans Please Stand & Begin Holding the NFL Accountable for Equality NOW!! Please help this go viral to BRING CHANGE

  • Elias Puro
    Elias Puro

    Rich Trump's government don.t care of poor citizen life.

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith

    There are owners out here that don’t necessarily love sports. It’s just another stream of income for them if we’re gonna keep it 100

  • SideEffekt44

    Ya really out here acting like ya care what this man has to say about the protests. His opinion is irrelevant, and so is this conversation.

    • R Thompson
      R Thompson

      I'm sure no matter what he said, these ppl in here and at espn would have something negative to say. Of he stood up there and said how terrible he feels while keeping a straight face, ppl would say u can tell he isnt authentic and is faking. Ppl are just flat out stupid. I'm happy dolan just either ignores all of yall or gives yall the middle finger every time

    • Cameron No
      Cameron No

      A good statement would be irrelevant. A statement in favor of oppression is certainly NOT irrelevant. And believe me, silence means you don't feel strongly enough to stand against something as obvious as equality.

  • Casey McDonald
    Casey McDonald

    My whole thing is, if he didn't want to say anything then he shouldn't have. Don't come out with a statement that's not saying anything

    • otakurocklee

      He didn't say anything. It was an internal memo to his employees.

    • SideEffekt44

      Casey McDonald This statement was leaked to make him look bad. It's a basic HR statement that most businesses put out, but because it's the Knicks it matters more somehow?

  • J Alford
    J Alford

    Many that actually endure these injustices could care less about a statement from the Knicks or any other professional team. Statements don't change the brutality. Its a stat that says he hires more minorities than any other team. Go figure. Keep the statement.

    • Cameron No
      Cameron No

      For starters: Who are you to group all minorities in a bunch? That's a pretty grandiose and obviously incorrect statement. A good statement by Dolan would be irrelevant. A statement in favor of oppression is certainly NOT irrelevant. And believe me, silence means you don't feel strongly enough to stand against something as obvious as equality. His hiring record and firing record should both be known. Also, what power do they actually hold when in seat?

  • Yhonatan Goldberg
    Yhonatan Goldberg

    Kendrick Perkin is crazy, just look at his Instagram

  • Lex is
    Lex is

    New York experience police brutality all day every day. That is the irony.

  • Sir Robin of Camelot
    Sir Robin of Camelot

    Who tf cares. Oh no! A sports organization didn't make a statement about civil matters!

    • Cameron No
      Cameron No

      You clearly are inept.

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God

    It's just talk anyway. So what !

  • Jay A
    Jay A

    K Perk spewing facts!

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith

    For James Dolon since making the New York Knicks a laughing stock cause they were a perninal playoff team in the 90s

  • Randy G
    Randy G

    He said alot, but nothing at the same time smh 🤦🏽‍♂️🗣 " sell the team Dolan " 😒😤 and I'm not even a Knicks fan 🥱. I feel sorry for anyone who is still a fan of this team

  • Imanawalah Malak Dawadah
    Imanawalah Malak Dawadah

    James Dolan is not the voice for black people in America. James Dolan is the owner of a sports team. Not a civil rights organization. I don't want him speaking on civil rights related topics concerning my people anyway. I'd prefer that people who are not qualified to speak on suck matter keep their mouths shut on the issue. I watch the Knicks to see basketball. Not civil rights issues. I come to sports to escape the social issues for a while. Why is this a big deal to some, I don't know. But people in the media clearly have a gripe against the Knicks as an organization and James Dolan personally. He is not obligated to get involved with political matters. He deals in sports. Athletes are entertainers. Not politicians, nor are they leaders. That's my take on said issue. I don't care if you disagree. My people have to stop looking towards outside sources to help them with our personal problems. Only then can we rise above the madness. James Dolan has never spoke on any social politics in the past or anything else related. I don't want him to start now. It would be disingenuous.

  • pc_t

    I’m actually ok with what he said as long as during the good times he believes the same. If he doesn’t want to be a leader during the bad times, he doesn’t have a right to be a leader during the good times.

    • pc_t

      elbe Mahadi money

    • Lb04

      Then why does he own the knicks

    • Roman C.
      Roman C.

      I agree, this is america.

  • Mirna C.
    Mirna C.

    OMG, he (Dolan) can’t do ANYTHING right.

  • Paulo Lopes
    Paulo Lopes

    at what point can the nba just takeover the knicks if its even possible?

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