The Kid LAROI - I WISH (Official Video)
Official video for "I WISH" by The Kid LAROI.

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  • Miranda Burns
    Miranda Burns

  • Heretosay ,
    Heretosay ,

    I’m scared when he turns 21 ngl

  • hados Odadls
    hados Odadls

    Did not know that max moe foe made music too

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan


  • Hunter Wagoner
    Hunter Wagoner

    This isn't just dark humor, but as long as you don't leave this earth. You'll be bigger than juice, I miss him but you are gonna change the wrld.

  • Cody Braun
    Cody Braun

    This song is pretty much him wishing he could be with juice again.

  • Kamryn _
    Kamryn _

    juice would be so proud , ily 💗

  • Robert Kress
    Robert Kress

    He making juice happy


    Good job kidd.. 👍🔥

  • luis Mejia
    luis Mejia


  • Kayser Cameron
    Kayser Cameron

    your songs are amazing

  • S'wer Luo
    S'wer Luo

    young boy doin' things 👑💎

  • Hannah Caridi
    Hannah Caridi

    I only sing this song when I’m on my long walks 🍂✨❤️🥺

  • Arian Mangal
    Arian Mangal

    He is literally caring on juice legacy fr

  • angelique burkett
    angelique burkett

    0:43 is a reference from titanic.

  • Alexander Coreas
    Alexander Coreas

    Algún latino por aqui o soy el unico :')

  • rogue111

    Me: looks up wishing well “Finds this song”

  • Onuorah Stanley Arinze
    Onuorah Stanley Arinze

    This dude songs really reminds me of juice wrld. He is really on fire🔥🔥🔥 Rip juice.

  • Rinneganss -
    Rinneganss -

    Y’all know how juice has the song called wishing well? And there’s a well in the video and kids making a wish?

  • Matthew Jacobi
    Matthew Jacobi

    If he ever starts going downwards like Juice and cries for help in his songs we NEED to listen this time, we cant lose another one 999 forever

  • Sunrise the butterfly boy
    Sunrise the butterfly boy

    I once said to the people of my community "I'll be just like Xxx tentacion, juice wrld and all the best rappers like little peep and kid! " My older adult friend said "you won't make a new legacy if you follow one that was already made, so brake the ground to make your own path" And understood her completely and now I made my own song! It's coming out in a week or two so I hope I get clout cause I need money for what's going on at my home right now

  • Brycen Anderson
    Brycen Anderson

    But the legacy is carrying on

  • Brycen Anderson
    Brycen Anderson

    Rip juice wrld

  • U.G. PROD.
    U.G. PROD.

    Me: Mom can we get some juice Mom: we have juice at home Juice at home:

  • Louis Satchell
    Louis Satchell

    Legends never die they pass there soul to the next in line RIP JUICE 🙏

  • jeremiah Bracero
    jeremiah Bracero

    You're telling me Juice took this the by of all white boy

  • Jaylon Mccloud
    Jaylon Mccloud

    He is fire all day🔥🔥💯💯


    Is he referring to the wish well thing as juice?

  • Joshua Somerville
    Joshua Somerville

    Juice showed him the way rip my brother

    • Joshua Somerville
      Joshua Somerville

      Literally taught this white boy how to make a difference in the game!

  • slix

    low key im not freaked out or anything but i can imagine 7yr old me freaking out by this music video lol

    TRAP SOUL ouça a música.

    TRAP SOUL ouça a música.

  • t20 bry
    t20 bry

    Ever since juice died hes been the one who keeps me from depression

  • lil_panda _999
    lil_panda _999

    bruh stop saying he going to be a legend cause legends die

  • Zimrack

    Oh P.S! your lyric structure is impeccable broski.. Be smooth

  • Zimrack

    Crazy you had a dream at 14. Cause i had a dream when I's 13.. Got it tatted on me but im older than you so thats a coincidence.. Not really cause this stuff happen to me all the time. Hopefully this time somebody sees sumn in my view of life so i dont even gotta get to a grind cause i done alotta things from 13 years old till legit 6 months ago.. I got somethin to put on the table in rap itself so aye!! Somebody send someone to personality test this text like in NCIS Los Angeles or sumn ya kno wht im try say bro. But have a good one. Stay as straight as u can dude. Selfish, thats how it have to be sometime.

  • Zimrack

    Nope Leo. Thats my dogs name. Lol

  • Zimrack

    First time i heard u didnt kno what itd be but now its jus raw as fuck and you G about it. U scorpio? Hold up i got a phone i can look it up? 😂

  • Zimrack

    Remeber my name bub. Cause when I get where im goin I fwu hard dawg.

    • Zimrack

      Michael Hamilton


    Your tunes are old of this world 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kayden Rodgers
    Kayden Rodgers

    I love u

  • Lin Allen
    Lin Allen

    Don't sell yo soul plz

  • DocMalk

    He looks like beiber and 69

  • Mon Ark
    Mon Ark

    This song goes so hard

  • Owen Sana
    Owen Sana

    While I do believe LAROI is influenced by Juice Wrld, I don’t think he’s the next Juice, I think he’s the first LAROI

  • 9D. MØŻŻØÑ3ŻƎ 412Music
    9D. MØŻŻØÑ3ŻƎ 412Music


  • Red Shaun
    Red Shaun

    Best song from his album

  • Police_the_rogue_police

    I could write you a song about how I feel but do you want the breakup song now or latter? I dont want to have to think about it but that's just who I am I think the worst of every situation

  • Axelrhys Obleno
    Axelrhys Obleno

    “I wish” this would blow up!

  • Maddoggin 95
    Maddoggin 95

    Them juice wrld vibes 🎶 🎶 🎶

  • Emil Stryger
    Emil Stryger

    banger 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Spencer Moreri
    Spencer Moreri

    The Kid is holding onto Jucies legacy and taking it a whole nother level

  • Andoryūアンドリュー

    Feels like we need this LAROI. Sum just feels right about this

  • TRrift

    Is it just me that thinks the well in the start is a nod to juice’s song wishing well or am I overthinking it ?

  • afplayerTV

    this song is 2 short

  • AymeZ

    Follow menpls

  • julian

  • DannyBoy Simpson
    DannyBoy Simpson

    I want a song with him so bad!🔥🔥🔥

  • Maggie Bachmeier
    Maggie Bachmeier

    He has gotten even more like Juice omg

  • ThemDawgs Boy
    ThemDawgs Boy

    These music videos, get better each one i watch

  • Jackson Waldon
    Jackson Waldon

    Dude this is so relatable because I asked out this girl and she said yes, then she started ghosting me and now I hardly ever see her. Edit: I saw her today with another dude. Who was he? My friend, Max. He has been crushing on her for the last 2 years (I have been crushing on her for 3.) and he was making out with her in a small (not necessarily dark) alley in downtown. I swear I just want to knock the living hell out of him for what he did. He knows I asked her out and he knows she said yes. Thanks to him “I’m gonna be selfish” if you know what I mean.

    • Macko

      Shit man.. "Jamal, dont pull out the 9"

    • Uncle Roku
      Uncle Roku

      I'll take "Shit that didn't happen" for 1,000 Alex

    • saltR6


  • Sandy Cheeks
    Sandy Cheeks

    When he talkin about skeletons in his closet was like straight juice man

  • Lycosa

    Yep this guy reminds me of Juice WRLD. Very nice voice and production. This song is dope. Emotional and relatable.

  • BH Recycle
    BH Recycle

    He talkin about juice he confirmed it

  • Jav Money
    Jav Money

    People are allways comparing him to juice hes his own rapper and his own person hes not juice

  • Riley Gonzalez
    Riley Gonzalez

    idk why but i love the way he said "every night I saw it skeletons in my closet" like just he voice idk why

  • Nxhim

    Juice Wrld - Wishing Well The Kid Laroi - I Wish Carrying the legacy!

  • Mike raymond
    Mike raymond

    He drops straight up bangers back to back after another again and again he hasn’t drop a song that I haven’t fuxs with yet this kid is going to be world wide just like Juice WRLD and inspire so manyyy people. R.I.P to a young legend tho he died so young 😔💔but he’s death really took a toll on The Kid Laroi but it never stopped him it even pushed him to do better as an artist also it Impacted and influenced him so much. Even before he was still alive Leroi looked up to Juice Wrld as a role model even tho there were family but it shaped him just to be the best and become the greatest artist just like Juice.

  • Mike raymond
    Mike raymond

    Sheeeesh this kid Is only 16 and he’s already at the top bruhhhh I wonder what the future hold for him in his career cuz like god dammmnnnn he already killing it he fire and talented asf no cap 🥵🔥

  • jahsiah

    i been a fan for a while and dawmmmmmm is this shit gooooooooood

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