The Kid LAROI, Juice WRLD - GO (Official Video)
Official video for "Go" by The Kid LAROI featuring Juice WRLD.
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Director: Steve Cannon
Editor: Steve Cannon
Producer: Steve Cannon
DP: Brian Beckwith
AC: Majd Mazin
Colorist: Aleks Ver
Stylist: Jenna Demaio
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  • 6ftKADEsoCOOL :
    6ftKADEsoCOOL :

    sounds like a post Malone but with squidwards nose


    To juice we will always remember u u changed lives u saved lives love u legend 💯💯🙏

  • DA BEAST 1000
    DA BEAST 1000

    He’s 16 and making a song with Juice and so many others and I’m 15 and sitting here listening to him😂


    🤐 Rising Super Star Its Wild 😜

  • Cas T
    Cas T

    This song is 🔥 no 🧢

  • luna ray
    luna ray


  • invxonfn

    do you guys know how fucking crazy it is that they have him singing the verse like thats history i hope you guys know

  • Scott Gorbett
    Scott Gorbett

    I need subtitles I cant understand that mumble. Go go go she als be takin la she na na na

  • Jacky Thao
    Jacky Thao

    😪gone too soon, R.I.P Juice Wrld😪

  • Caleb_Beez Pickering
    Caleb_Beez Pickering

    Yo kid lario out given us banger after banger dude cracked asf I love dudes music its a vibe for real. 😁😁😁😁❤

  • Sybo

    2:39 that really made me smile. 😔❤️

  • Anmol Rai
    Anmol Rai

    This kid is gonna be next juice❤️

  • Jerveen miguel Francisco
    Jerveen miguel Francisco

    I miss juice😓

  • Ivan wong
    Ivan wong

    0:09 you know, I'm always ga guiya ga

  • blades

    Am I the only one that doesn't understand more than half the lyrics?


    R.I.p 999

  • Michael Olivo
    Michael Olivo

    Just wondering but does someone know what he actually said in the *indistinguishable* part?

  • lil ballerboy
    lil ballerboy

    He even used a flow like jucie would use

  • 999 Gaming
    999 Gaming

    ''Please don't be the type to hate the things I do.'' this word is to special.

  • 1million subscribers before december challenge
    1million subscribers before december challenge

    RIP 🙏 juice. Gone but will never be forgotten

  • Dylan Scharnhorst
    Dylan Scharnhorst

    Saw him and ski last summer when polo g was opening with them.

  • Ethan Wood
    Ethan Wood

    Bro it just brings a smile to my face, its seems like this kid is like juices prodigee. Let's hope he carrys out out the legend

  • Sawyer Fisher
    Sawyer Fisher

    Love this song but did you see this?

  • Nicola Emmett
    Nicola Emmett

    These are great, great vid, I've subbed! I got a perfect saint laurent bag and i wish recommend this trusted seller to get the high quality reps 👉👉 ****#CheckMyAmazingQualityPurse****

  • Luke

    Every year there’s a young artist who comes up. Lil Nas X, Tecca, and now this stud.

  • João vlogs698
    João vlogs698


  • Pham Tony
    Pham Tony

    Rest in peace juice world the legends !

  • Steve Herrera
    Steve Herrera

    Juice and The kid!!

  • Kayan Mullings
    Kayan Mullings

    Rip juice wrld😭😭🕊️🕊️🕊️

  • XFBluezyツ

    whos here at 515k followers

  • Puggie

    It wasn't just a gift too the kid laroi it was a gift too use all

  • Yung Nex
    Yung Nex

    "lil bro" shit hits different LLJW

  • Júlíus Kári Þórisson
    Júlíus Kári Þórisson

    He need a haircut fr

  • Duarte Brandão
    Duarte Brandão

    forass ta bue fire skrt

  • Melo Hello
    Melo Hello

    We all pray that 🖤 hearts and minds of the first time get better rip juice wrld well known as jarad Anthony higgins

  • lil sizz
    lil sizz

    Who else has been listening to juice since lucid dreams? If you have I cant fathom how much I love you...

  • D Beatgho
    D Beatgho

    underrated song.

  • NovaBoy BnB
    NovaBoy BnB

    Fav song on the album 🔥🔥 R .i. p juice 🙌

  • YoRkLeD

    he’s only 16 and he already knows how to rap without his accent

    • SupeR

      You can hear his Australian accent. And anyway, what's wrong with that?

  • 624 Lilthumper502
    624 Lilthumper502

    What brought me to laroi was juice now I fw sooo heavy this whole fu** love album just beautiful ❤️

  • H A
    H A

    2:22-2:48 the only good part of the song

  • Joy Kindelay
    Joy Kindelay

    Damn... it be good if juice wrld was still here he would of made alot more music with his unreleased music. Wish he would of just went to jail instead of taking whatever he took on the plane. 999 rip juice wrld.

  • Saarav Parekh
    Saarav Parekh

    gonna tell my kids he was RON WEASLY from HARRY POTTER

  • Liyura Thao
    Liyura Thao

    All the haters... on him became his fans... now thats what u call fake.... L.A.R.O.I stay vibin his shit slapp

  • Dizmo

    Lario will be a legend. Mark my words. I hope we don’t lose another one.

  • Thekid

    200 thousand dollar gift ... worth every penny

  • Arcade Ghost
    Arcade Ghost

    yuo will DO to many million m8 yuo' r amazing

  • Mkrakerz

    I thought he said "I guess I'll answer Tyrone rone rone rone oh oh oh yea"

  • Jacks Comedy
    Jacks Comedy

    Deez song fire when u smaked😂

  • Theoan33


  • sꪗꪀX҉ɀ on linear
    sꪗꪀX҉ɀ on linear

    This guy has the most angelic voice in the world

  • Wozzie

    Mans looks like fuckin bieber

  • JoXP

    Juice wrld He is Ded 😢😢😣😵👎🏽

  • Rayzor Monkeyboi
    Rayzor Monkeyboi

    the whole song is basically by juice wrld

  • NPJN

    The only reason this kid is popular is because he got juice world in his song and then released it after he died. Without juice this kid would just be another failed SoundCloud rapper.

  • Trazre LF
    Trazre LF


  • Infamilia86

    Songs fucking good fam keep it up it's also stuck in my head lol 😭🤣

  • Dominick Ascanio
    Dominick Ascanio

    What did he cut his hair. He looks better in the video then now.

  • Sakib Tahsin
    Sakib Tahsin

    broke into tears

  • Playlist US Grégoire pittet
    Playlist US Grégoire pittet

    Best Playlist Regardez "Juice WRLD" sur IT-my🔥🔥🔥👇

  • sxqna

    we need to protect this man 🙏🏽

  • Meetzy Officiel
    Meetzy Officiel

    Juicy’s legacy

  • Doudou Mouri
    Doudou Mouri

    What’s the gift Juice talking about?

  • sensi

    go go go 🖤

  • Gurjit Singh
    Gurjit Singh

    Any x fans

  • I D I O T バカ
    I D I O T バカ

    That's a 200 thousand dollar gift lil bro ❤️😂

  • pokemon3211

    Great song. Rest In Peace Juice Wrld.

  • Yung Turks
    Yung Turks

    Juice 🧃😢😢😢

  • Blade king
    Blade king

    laroi thinks hes justin bieber 2.0😂


    He sounds like juice

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