The Lacs - "City Boy’s Nightmare" (Feat. Nate Kenyon)
The Lacs
Official Music Video by The Lacs performing “City Boy’s Nightmare” (Feat. Nate Kenyon)
Produced by Sonny Bama, Stephen Van Etten & Les Hall
Written by The Lacs & Nate Kenyon
Directed by Crucifix, Hard Target & Breadwin
Mastered by Dave Fore
©2019 Dirt Rock Empire. All Rights Reserved.

  • Kane Browns A Bitch
    Kane Browns A Bitch

    the drugs did it

  • Chris O.
    Chris O.

    This Nate cat has it 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • samuel gingerich
    samuel gingerich

    I feel like this should be called country boys nightmare

  • Evan Bowen
    Evan Bowen

    Best song of 2020 hands down love y’all

  • Kane Browns A Bitch
    Kane Browns A Bitch

    i played this one to the guys at work and they were idk feeling it barely i told um i said man u gotta listen to this stuff maxed out its great when ur in that mode

  • ZJhontu1

    Love that WAYCROSS tshirt, Bubba!!! Thas m’kinfolk down’ere!!! Paige n Shawn!!! Damn..... I need to go see m’kin. Been over 20 years.

  • Brian Sova
    Brian Sova

    Hell yeah

  • Rachel Owens
    Rachel Owens

    I love this video 🤣🤣🤣 ❤️

  • Coby Molinere
    Coby Molinere

    That girl looks like my mom when she shotguns that 🍺

  • Preston Roundtree
    Preston Roundtree

    Wheb they stop him from drinking to much shine lmao that always gets me

  • Lisa Spencer
    Lisa Spencer


  • Adam Withey
    Adam Withey

    My boy William!!!!

  • Justin Clifton
    Justin Clifton

    When me and my girl go through the woods, we jam to this.#yeeyee

  • Aydan Robertson
    Aydan Robertson

    Hell yes

  • Rick D
    Rick D

    Love it

  • Rz_reptile* Ross
    Rz_reptile* Ross

    Country is my life even tho I’m like twelve years old I still love mud bogging and fishing and hunting lol it’s my dam life!!!

  • Annice Cannon
    Annice Cannon

    Annice Cannon likes it

  • Jackyblue67 Same
    Jackyblue67 Same

    Man I tell ya what country music is no more .

  • Jackie Kozakovsky
    Jackie Kozakovsky

    Congratulations on 3 million Boys!! Dirtrock is the Shit 🥳💯🤟

  • pot smoka
    pot smoka

    . This sucks

  • Rylie Shepherd
    Rylie Shepherd

    I have shared

  • Nicolas Thompson
    Nicolas Thompson

    Can I get a Yee Yee 😎😎

  • Lucas Marr
    Lucas Marr

    This song is sick

  • David Braun
    David Braun

    2:05-2:10 love it

  • Jay Bell
    Jay Bell

    Not really impressed.

  • lila greenway
    lila greenway

    just noticed the day this came out my dad and stepmom were gettin married

  • Kane Browns A Bitch
    Kane Browns A Bitch

    kane brown needs to go to this because he doesn't even know wat a rattle snake is look it up online its funny

  • Dylan Patterson
    Dylan Patterson

    This shit is trash haha

  • Danielle Boyer
    Danielle Boyer

    Fort i heard bad ass song keep up the hard work

  • Preston Windham
    Preston Windham

    This song is fire

  • clayton miller
    clayton miller

    Helllll yeahhhhh in bulldawg redddd

  • eddylowco

    Would have been awesome if the guy from New York mindset have been a singer or talent. Love the song GAshit


    Fuck. You

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson

    We want to hear y'all lay some tracks with Jason Birmingham from Huntsville Alabama!!

  • Brian Travis
    Brian Travis

    That was a good damn song

  • Shinesman21

    This song is amazing.

  • FazeWilson10

    Yo the lacs I love the vids you make I have subscibe to ur channel I have seen your vids for 9 years

  • The Outdoor Guy
    The Outdoor Guy

    whos the guy in the photo at 1:35

    • ithwitt

      @The Outdoor Guy no problem

    • The Outdoor Guy
      The Outdoor Guy

      @ithwitt thank you

    • ithwitt

      DALE FREAKING EARNHART one of the best NASCAR racers to ever live

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper

    Hell yeah its that one that grabs your ass and don't let go.

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper

    Y'all doing that shit son damn it man.

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper

    Fuck ya brother get it son

  • Little Texas
    Little Texas

    I'm new to these guys... Who's the guy at 1:48? I like his voice THE BEST! And I think he's kinda sexy. 😍😍

    • Little Texas
      Little Texas

      @ithwitt the bigger one. 💙💙😍

    • ithwitt

      The big one or the skinny one

  • Thatoutlawed _7.3l
    Thatoutlawed _7.3l

    New flow,,, now this is the right path 😎 good job

  • Trenton Nichols
    Trenton Nichols

    That Nate guy sounds like a city boy like a country boy wanna be if it ain’t in you then don’t try to fake it

  • Jasper Q
    Jasper Q

    I like it!!! Great tune...another great tune. "ROCKS"

  • I am FallenStar65
    I am FallenStar65

    Any Lacs songs with Nate Kenyon, my rap/hick-hop loving ass only cares about his country ass singing. Man’s got pure talent.

  • Jacob Martínez
    Jacob Martínez

    I'm here at home listing this good music. And just waiting

  • Backwoods Wildboy
    Backwoods Wildboy

    Anyone else not suprised that all it takes is a female to jar the ol memory lmao

  • Brett Ensign
    Brett Ensign

    Y'all should come to iowa it would be one hell of a time

  • Damien Funk
    Damien Funk

    im from new york and i feel like im the only one besides my boys that listens to this type of music and actually likes it

  • Cornbread

    992 people live in New York City.

  • gunny USMC
    gunny USMC

    Hell yeah !

  • KravJits Sig
    KravJits Sig

    Stay Country, friends, it's the only way to live!

  • Lostann Lonely
    Lostann Lonely

    👂👂 bof'um

  • Shane Moore
    Shane Moore

    “A long list of the little things I love in life”

  • Lostann Lonely
    Lostann Lonely

    You cross my Dog you Cross me !!!! 💯💯💯 Js!!!

  • Sherri Strunk
    Sherri Strunk


  • Jordan Evon
    Jordan Evon

    What is the dog's name

  • Dakota king
    Dakota king

    Northern people with the sweet tea just pour all the sugar or at least half the bag 😂 Kills Me but Great Job Y’all

  • Danny Clark
    Danny Clark

    Can't wait to see y'all again next month at Coyote Joe's.

  • Joshua

    How the fuck can you dis like this song??


    Love the song and this video is funny af

  • MrSaturday TM
    MrSaturday TM

    The more I heard this.....the more I liked it... Just like the more you read this liked it👍 #makeitblue

  • Justin Butterfield
    Justin Butterfield

    this is me everyday in a city boys nightmare



  • Megyn Tweedy
    Megyn Tweedy

    I love y’all

  • Larfix


  • Gene Worley
    Gene Worley

    Yet another awesome tune. Can relate to the lost one. Takes a couple days to reaclimate.

  • Hesskimo

    My absolute favorite Song right now! I wish I grew up on the country, at least I'm not a city boy ;-)

  • Zane Smith
    Zane Smith

    1:35 "Raise Hell Praise Dale!" #3

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