The Lacs - "City Boy’s Nightmare" (Feat. Nate Kenyon)
The Lacs
Official Music Video by The Lacs performing “City Boy’s Nightmare” (Feat. Nate Kenyon)
Produced by Sonny Bama, Stephen Van Etten & Les Hall
Written by The Lacs & Nate Kenyon
Directed by Crucifix, Hard Target & Breadwin
Mastered by Dave Fore
©2019 Dirt Rock Empire. All Rights Reserved.

  • Macyn Mckee
    Macyn Mckee

    hey clay amd Brian i want to meet you my dad says you are really good friends i love your music and my mom amd dad will be at the concert on Saturday i want toeet yoiso bad

  • Wills Kitchen
    Wills Kitchen

    You're all going to get old, if you live, and this fantasy will come to an end. What will remain for you? What will you look forward to? Or will you only be able to look back on what "was" because you've already had the only good you'll receive in this life? Trust Christ, obey Him, and the best is yet to come. The trouble is, obeying Christ looks nothing like what is portrayed in this video or any of your other videos. Awake to righteousness and cease sinning! Trust Christ and live!

  • Steven Trapp
    Steven Trapp

    Middle of No where...LoL P.S.-Never lost .. (y)

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    Somthing sereously wrong with that dudes eyes, he's got to be a downy...

  • Twisted Santilli
    Twisted Santilli

    🤣 For the Spirit is going into everyone! For the eyes WILL open! Even through acting wild is a Worldly Way!!! Standing strong is the way. Please be careful what you take into your bodies!!! I love you all. Standing strong together. New York can be a nightmare. Satan is in the cities much greater.

  • Game Bred Duramax
    Game Bred Duramax

    I like the Lacs, and these story songs, thats how old school Country was always had a story to tell in the song, I hear some people trash this new hick hop Country because of the rapping, but with the lacs it’s all Country shit in the lyrics anyway and the story lines are like the old time too. Keep my Chevy Rockin Boys!

  • Dalton Wynant
    Dalton Wynant

    Moreee music like this! Livin the dream in a city boys nightmare

  • Elena Luepertz
    Elena Luepertz

    love it

  • Josh Cawthon
    Josh Cawthon

    I would have the same look on my face if they said my best friend thought he was from new York

  • Hallie Simpson
    Hallie Simpson

    cool. thx guys. love it. I wanna move there

  • Blake Bashay
    Blake Bashay

    city boys disliked it

  • Kasey Krippner
    Kasey Krippner

    I have loved the lacs since I was 18 but man they get better with age like a fine wine

    • Kc T
      Kc T

      yes sir.

  • Marcus Reed
    Marcus Reed

    If you think this a awesome song give me

  • Gwen Reuter
    Gwen Reuter

    I'm 13 and I rock this shit

  • Jacob Stripling
    Jacob Stripling

    You say Lady Gaga, I say Lady Antebellum. You say Jason Derulo, I say Jason Aldean. You say T-Pain, I say Kenny. You say Pitbull, I say Paisley. You say Justin Bieber, I say Justin Moore and go grow a pair. 92% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop and Pop. If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music, copy and paste this message to another 3 videos. Stop being a idiot and start listening to real music!!! COUNTRY!! thumbs up!!!

  • trevor neal
    trevor neal

    the truth is us country boys are living in a city boys nightmare

  • Bobby Ledford Jr
    Bobby Ledford Jr

    nate shoud b put up there with george stright george jones this is comeing from a old man as most of u would call me

  • Spankster Valadez
    Spankster Valadez

    She Gave me a Blumpkin that Night!!

  • Ghostly.Meows

    I love Nate more and more every song hes in.

  • Call of Gameing
    Call of Gameing

    The lacs and Upchurch have to be the best country rappers

  • Don Mon
    Don Mon

    Most of the girls i saw in the last country town i passed through looked more like Honey boo boos mother not like the girls in this vid

  • Clinton Davis
    Clinton Davis

    Good song doesn't matter what you are thanks

  • Israel Carvajal
    Israel Carvajal

    The girls have really big titts

  • Dalton Martin
    Dalton Martin

    They are my favorite band

  • Terry Lynn Lawson
    Terry Lynn Lawson

    Hey hearing this song you know that they're from the country

  • Briana Marshall
    Briana Marshall

    I love this song I can't stop listening to it

  • OverTime

    The creativity in this video kicks ass! Keep it up fellas!!

  • Ross jr Family
    Ross jr Family

    Lol good song

  • Tamara Coyne
    Tamara Coyne

    i love your music

  • Lisa Gibson
    Lisa Gibson

    💖 Love Love Love 💖

  • Chrissy Mckenzie
    Chrissy Mckenzie

    Great song.

  • LAN43

    "hunting dog his name is blue like my collar or a bud light can" little on the fucking nose eh?

  • Matt Rider
    Matt Rider

    They need to do a song with Upchurch! That would be Badass Sweet!

  • Gunner Dakota
    Gunner Dakota

    That feel good blue collar working music

  • Ve Vee
    Ve Vee

    Y’all need to come here to Jacksonville Florida for a winter break concert!!!! My family and I love all’y’all’s music!

  • Kyle Beasley
    Kyle Beasley

    Cool song. Glad to see a Ford in a video

  • Luke Schrimsher
    Luke Schrimsher

    Would be better if it was just Nate in this song, the lacs ruined it in my opinion

  • Harley Moats
    Harley Moats

    was he really a city boy

  • Hunter Langford
    Hunter Langford

    I listen to this song every day

  • my Kirk
    my Kirk

    City boys are Pollution

  • Billy Baldwin
    Billy Baldwin

    Damn go get her Nate at the end

  • Billy Baldwin
    Billy Baldwin

    Damn hot girls

  • Billy Baldwin
    Billy Baldwin

    This song is lit

  • JR 81
    JR 81

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 doing big things y’all keepm comin

  • Joey Washburn
    Joey Washburn

    Love it

  • Kayla Craft
    Kayla Craft

    I wish y'all had this song when I went to y'all's concert

  • Arik Wing
    Arik Wing

    Nate should just Join the Lacs man, they work the best together

  • David Quarrels
    David Quarrels

    Wish y'all would come to Alabama.

  • Savannah Harden
    Savannah Harden

    I love when these guys sing together!!! Love love love the video lyrics EVERYTHING

  • Jackie Kozakovsky
    Jackie Kozakovsky


  • new found life
    new found life

    high in the hospital wats up

  • Joshua Adkins
    Joshua Adkins


  • Parker COFFIN
    Parker COFFIN

    "Livin the dream in a citiy boys nightmare" my favorite line

  • 1sick95venge

    Another bad ass song by the lacs

  • Paxbesnappin

    I used to listen to the lacs a lot, this is a nice one🤘🏼

  • Only Georgia bulldogs
    Only Georgia bulldogs

    Love these guys. Really wish they was a radio station for country rap. Just laid back jams

    • David Quarrels
      David Quarrels

      Me too

    • 1sick95venge

      that’s why I like pandora. They have stations that play them

  • Israel Carvajal
    Israel Carvajal

    Love this song love the girls titts and pussy

    • Israel Carvajal
      Israel Carvajal

      That not good to say

  • deb muthafucka
    deb muthafucka

    "Dust on. Rust on. Mud on everything" ..... singing that line all day haha

  • rottweilerdawg


  • Nathaniel Holmes
    Nathaniel Holmes

    Make more songs like this I love it

  • Blake Yoppa
    Blake Yoppa

    Dude this song never gets old, country boy checkin in from East Dublin, GA way out BUCKEYE RD on 100 acrz

  • Braxie Xaxie Braxie
    Braxie Xaxie Braxie

    Nice girls.

  • Wes Andes
    Wes Andes

    Can't get enough of this song

  • Southern Momma
    Southern Momma

    Nate Kenyon is hot! 😍😊😉😂

    • Brittany Stone
      Brittany Stone

      I took a pic with him at my dads wedding

  • Jacob Britt
    Jacob Britt

    I love this😘

  • Chad Ramsey
    Chad Ramsey

    It's great too be country

  • cody d
    cody d

    Never liked country ever until a good friend showed me up church and Adam calhoun them i found you guys and many other country bands love it now👍👍

    • TexanHick01

      Check out The Lacs older stuff too. I've been a Lacs fan for 11 years now

  • Adam Gordie
    Adam Gordie

    Nate Kenyon ain’t nothin but a city boy 🤣🤣

  • Adam Withey
    Adam Withey

    Them Baxley ga boys!!!

  • Adam Withey
    Adam Withey

    My boy William!!!!

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