The Lacs - Country Boy Fresh (Official Video)
Music video by The Lacs performing Country Boy Fresh. (C) 2012 Average Joes Entertainment
#TheLacs #CountryBoyFresh #Vevo

  • Cody Featherstone
    Cody Featherstone

    OMG 😍🔥

  • Cody Featherstone
    Cody Featherstone

    Feel it ❤️

  • Courtney Brooks
    Courtney Brooks

    2:15 white girls cant twerk... lol i love the song

  • Kevin Gaudet
    Kevin Gaudet

    Really good sound from a northern boy in canada

  • meliss1218

    🥰 love this song. I would love to be in a video if you need more hot blondes 😉

  • Tommy lee Pate
    Tommy lee Pate


  • P Dub
    P Dub

    Country girl take me home tonight

    • P Dub
      P Dub

      Country roads take me home I know I've been playing around with youshake it off with you it's a good idea it's not really good I don't know why I always quite as bad idea

  • Scott Herrington
    Scott Herrington

    DSGB doing that thang.

  • Joey Thacker
    Joey Thacker

    I wished this app had 2 thumbs up!!! Hahahaha!! Thats so good seeing this!!!

  • A thing or 2 about a thing or 2
    A thing or 2 about a thing or 2

    I like the ol' school G 'n' R tshirt 👍... I'm CBF!

  • Geo Country
    Geo Country

    When I heard this I truly died

  • Calvin's Corner72
    Calvin's Corner72

    Hello yeah! Keep em fresh especially the girls 😝

  • Gerrod Cooksey
    Gerrod Cooksey

    Those mud crickets are strong in this video.

  • john cunkelman
    john cunkelman

    I like that I love it

  • Eli Thomas
    Eli Thomas

    My dad turned this on in his truck and I atmeitly fell in love with this song

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore

    I don't like country at all but this right here is my is the bomb! Fresh

  • Jay Del Rosario
    Jay Del Rosario

    Country drive buggy jeep humV22V22

  • RED BALL73
    RED BALL73

    Still bumping in my trunk. Summer 2019 🇺🇸

  • Jeremiah Small
    Jeremiah Small

    They from Hortense Georgia I live like 25 mins form there I've been muddin with them basically

  • rich johnson
    rich johnson

    Anybody know where to get that if it aint broke tee from?

  • Team Crowley
    Team Crowley


  • Lil Payne
    Lil Payne

    The ford is wrapped with stripper camo and was built by dirty dave customs from Jacksonville fl

  • Allie Evans
    Allie Evans

    Sounds even better in concert!

  • Kristina Mack
    Kristina Mack

    People called my family white trash so I play this song

  • Nympho 1
    Nympho 1

    2:36 Z71 is lowered gonna get stuck

  • Paul Shore
    Paul Shore

    Love this song also

  • Scott Zenewicz
    Scott Zenewicz

    So what was the good reason you shot that buck. Lol I shot one one day but he was in my pot field.

  • Josh Damian
    Josh Damian

    I bet half of yall don't no who colt ford is

  • Jamie Gerwin
    Jamie Gerwin

    Saw the Lacs last year in Seattle, and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to! They blew the roof off of the Royal Bear Saloon, and they came out after the concert and took picture with all the fans. Great guys, and great music!

  • Tabitha Ward
    Tabitha Ward

    My bbay always country boy fresh😜😘

  • Chloe's Animals and rescue
    Chloe's Animals and rescue

    J love the lyrics and beat I legit took my head phones off to see if it was that loud Volume up 100% Country all the way 10000000000% Love mud and dirt 500000000% Ready to party and go mud riding 125382620000000% Country Girl fresh always 1000000%

  • Jonathan Cox
    Jonathan Cox

    Favorite thing about this videos, all the beautiful women ain’t twigs.

  • Chris Kaldro
    Chris Kaldro

    Who's jamming this in the north east!? Western maine represent! Cant wait till you boys come back this summer!!

    • Chaz Wiles
      Chaz Wiles

      Chris Kaldro northeast pa

  • Caroline Reeves
    Caroline Reeves

    2019 wya

  • Phillip Montera
    Phillip Montera

    mud crickets


    so good

  • Alexa Demith
    Alexa Demith

    Your pigs

  • Angela Acebo
    Angela Acebo


  • the Pussy liked
    the Pussy liked


  • Airborne Sniper
    Airborne Sniper

    My 3yr old daughter and 2yr old boy loves your music gents. I took all the kids, including my 12 and 10 year old daughters, to see you guys in Des Moines in 2018 and they loved it.

  • Ken Chichester
    Ken Chichester

    Good song 👌

  • Josh Caudill
    Josh Caudill

    #Stuckfest 2019 played this song

  • Saja Osman
    Saja Osman

    who could dislike this video

  • Tylitha Worley
    Tylitha Worley

    Love my country boy!! Your the best JC,I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man who loves me!! Your always country boy fresh!!!🎶💙🎵💙🎙💙🎸💙💑💋❤💯

  • Star Realm 26
    Star Realm 26

    I'm not gonna lie them country girls can get it lol

  • Northern Redneck
    Northern Redneck

    Love this song.....🤘🇺🇸

  • Jenni Medlin
    Jenni Medlin

    Y'all are the laces i love the laces

  • outcold 77
    outcold 77

    It’s rap!

    • Alex Hand
      Alex Hand

      Its called hickhop

  • Crystal Satterfield
    Crystal Satterfield

    Hxjbbchy doc

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    Good fucking song

  • Trenten Trenten
    Trenten Trenten

    Yell ya country boy forever mixed redneack

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright

    slapping the Lacs in cali

  • Michelle/Nana East
    Michelle/Nana East

    Love me some County Boys!

  • Michelle Cervenka
    Michelle Cervenka

    I miss you. Michelle Marie Whitcher. Red Bluff

  • outcold 77
    outcold 77

    Please stop the country rap crap

    • Alex Hand
      Alex Hand

      How about STOP listening to it if you don't like it. Simple as that

  • Sandy Mangelsen
    Sandy Mangelsen

    I'm country boy fresh 24/7 and my 85 chevy is fresh too

  • Dwight Blanton
    Dwight Blanton

    You are 👍👨

  • Benjamin Green jr
    Benjamin Green jr

    I stay county boy fresh

  • Jeremy Feasel
    Jeremy Feasel

    Hell yea

  • P chamberlain
    P chamberlain

    You are about as far from country as you can get bud...its actually hilarious.

  • Dawnsy Andre
    Dawnsy Andre

    The Lacs put on a Helluva show at The Ranch in Fort Meyers, FL. Can't wait to see yall again!

  • Allen Quigley
    Allen Quigley


  • Crystal Satterfield
    Crystal Satterfield

    E you DK what Amy him I owe for hfynybci

  • Tim Atkinson
    Tim Atkinson

    The lacs yall need to come to bosie Idaho and sing I'd love to meet y'all and the girls

  • Crystal Satterfield
    Crystal Satterfield

    Vvv can come over destiny

  • Bad Goyim
    Bad Goyim

    Johnny Cash rolling in his grave

  • Crystal Satterfield
    Crystal Satterfield

    I'm can you please let me know when you can come on the church is having a hard time tdnmxjthz I love in my heart and everything came to cm can y FJ from you but be sure to see cog you can come here have a good day I hjycbave off is

  • Crystal Satterfield
    Crystal Satterfield

    Do smoke but I homework

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright

    Cuz im kuntry boii

  • Jacob Mays
    Jacob Mays

    Damn, these girls in the video are fine

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