The Lacs - "Muddy Where Your Mouth Is" (Feat. Nate Kenyon)
The Lacs
Official Music Video by The Lacs performing “Muddy Where Your Mouth Is” (Feat. Nate Kenyon)
Produced by Sonny Bama, Stephen Van Etten & Les Hall
Written by The Lacs & Nate Kenyon
Directed by Crucifix, Hard Target & Breadwin
Additional Cinematography by Wes Langston
Mastered by Dave Fore
©2019 Dirt Rock Empire. All Rights Reserved.

  • Justin Perron
    Justin Perron

    You guys are comin to Minot ND. April 2020 Sweeeeeet! Playin the Original. Good bar I want my whiskey barrel signed ! I’ll be the guy with it on my shoulder Ya all will see me!

  • Joe Earnhart
    Joe Earnhart

    Watched these guys a few weeks ago in Des Moines Ia awesome show and meeting them was even better can't wait to see them again and hang with them

  • Brett Jarvis
    Brett Jarvis

    Holy shit, this is a kickass song!

  • Adam Criner
    Adam Criner

    Thats one hell of a good song

  • Toby Fleischaker
    Toby Fleischaker

    Legends right here, yall are some great singers, the lacs got this shit down, thanks for all your great music

  • martina Alley
    martina Alley


  • John Irwin
    John Irwin

    U can bet that boy!🔥

  • Christina Hinson
    Christina Hinson

    Hands down best song on any of ya'lls album's.... Guitar solo is bad ass, the entire song is set apart from any yet, Hope to hear more like this one.....🎙🎶🎵🎼🎧 (Nates A Beast)..😉

  • tacomamike2005

    Y'all like the side by side videos check out mikejohnson73 on IT-my...

  • Georgianne Taylor
    Georgianne Taylor

    Travis my country son all the way

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark

    Nate literally did put his muddy where his mouth is while shooting this video.... He was chewing on dirt from that hole while trying to sing.

  • Scotti Aschoff
    Scotti Aschoff

    Y’all are amazing!! Keep up the good work with the amazing music!!

  • Dustin Parker
    Dustin Parker


  • naynay Smith
    naynay Smith

    Hoiser is so sexy

  • Julie Glenn
    Julie Glenn

    Damn the lead singer is hott😍

  • David Head
    David Head

    👍👍👍👍👍 up on the new song !! Representing the South

  • Naed Wons
    Naed Wons

    I listened to the part with Nate at least ten times in a row, why have you not rapped in any other song, obviously you can do both top notch, defiantly more of that.

  • OverTime


  • Doyle Everett
    Doyle Everett

    Nate is great with yall

  • Alex Millward
    Alex Millward

    He'll yeah y'all

  • Shawn Hunter
    Shawn Hunter

    Love 💘 the mud and music and I have a good day milton ave Glasgow and all shawn hunter playlists for the same reason that we are to lol happy holidays!

  • Kota and Madison Vlogz
    Kota and Madison Vlogz

    I want Clay's hang Williams shirt I want one of those

    • Kota and Madison Vlogz
      Kota and Madison Vlogz


  • riotndisorderly

    At this point Nate should be the third member of The Lacs 😍😁🤘🙌

    • riotndisorderly

      @Big Haas Yeah thatd be cool if they all got together and did some amazing shit. Collaborative album.

    • Big Haas
      Big Haas

      I wished him and JJ lawhorn was

    • riotndisorderly

      @Brandon Rowland Whats a migos?

    • Jacob Thompson
      Jacob Thompson

      Damn straight!!!

    • Ronald Southwick
      Ronald Southwick

      I agree

  • muddin bros
    muddin bros

    Its good until nate repeats if your really about this a million times

  • muddin bros
    muddin bros

    Song bad live but recorded mint!

  • David Michael
    David Michael

    Love it...will be at horseshoe casino to see yall on the 6th!!

  • Cyd Payne
    Cyd Payne

    They should so more songs with this dude its my first time hearing him he's a fucking banger keep it up the lacs

    • Jon Bauer
      Jon Bauer

      Look up dirt road dollars and Willie Nelson hes in both songs and city boy nightmare

  • John Parkhurst
    John Parkhurst

    Not like these anime people storm area 51 jokers who can't not even fix a bicycle tire! be about it, don't talk about it

  • Tyler Siwek
    Tyler Siwek

    Hell yeah!!!

  • Johnny WeedSeed
    Johnny WeedSeed

    MaryJane is my Homegirl!!! Right on brother I hear that!

  • TheWalkingDead

    Im inlove with this song😈😍😎 makes me wanna just go muddin

  • holly innes
    holly innes

    Fukn mint 👌👌👌👌

  • Wes Langston
    Wes Langston

    Dat drone shot tho!!!!!

  • Countrygirl87

    *Mumble rappers days are literally numbered country boys taking over LIKE 👇🏻if you agree*

    • Jessica Carpenter
      Jessica Carpenter

      May be

  • shawnmx250

    My girl, my son and I are in the beginning up on the left. Glad we got to come down and be a part of this. Lactemberfest is always a great time.

    • muddin bros
      muddin bros


  • Shalana michelle
    Shalana michelle

    Love it!!!!!

  • josh barrett
    josh barrett

    Dirt rock y'all did it again I'm obsessed with this song I play it Everytime i get shitty in my truck 🤘🤘🤘

  • BluCollarBeauty

    Damn good one 🤟🏻🍻

  • Heath Garner
    Heath Garner

    I like your song but fix your flipping hats for god sake

  • Cindy Bowen
    Cindy Bowen


  • Ethan Nolen
    Ethan Nolen

    Wait who was gonna tell me nate had bars

  • Duncan D McGrath
    Duncan D McGrath

    Show me da Muddy!!!

  • Tricia Ann
    Tricia Ann

    Loved ur show in Jordan n.y back in October .i was up front-- .kick ass show!!! Next yr y'all should do a show at Tags .in New York .and I be there !!💓😊😊😊😊

  • MashGrass

    This is the beat and groove I’ve been looking for, for way too long.... awesome song and video!!

    • Chevyr


    • Fiddleup

      Is this @MashGrass here?? Awesome that bluegrassers listen to this too!

    • Kansasangler024

      Heyyyy @MashGrass!

    • Tony Hull
      Tony Hull


  • Kevin Cleveland
    Kevin Cleveland

    tractor rap

  • Shayne c
    Shayne c

    Has anybody responded to Mikal knight weak shit

  • Randy Shaffer
    Randy Shaffer

    What's the second dudes name? The one doing the second chorus? Idgaf if its autotuned, I can hear his voice in the flow and that dude has that shit that will be there for a while and put motherfu#%ers down and especially having that fast flow down like that!!! Keep that shit up brother!!!

  • nestor serrano
    nestor serrano

    Shit sounds good but that trump hat 🤦‍♂️

  • DIRTY spirit
    DIRTY spirit

    I Remember when the lacs had real songs this ain't their style

  • Dale Anderson
    Dale Anderson

    People actually listen to this crap?!?!!

  • Auto BikeTruck
    Auto BikeTruck

    !! Lacs !!! Kickin Ass Again !! a New Killer Song !!

  • Daniel & Danielle Thompson
    Daniel & Danielle Thompson

    This song its made with heat !!! Love it!!!!

  • dorothy brawley
    dorothy brawley

    Love it

  • Eva Apple
    Eva Apple

    Yessss!!! I can't handle it 🔥

  • Billy Wylie
    Billy Wylie

    hey hall yes i like the mud

  • MrBdmfps9

    Bad ass that u guys brought on Nate, he adds to the group. Keep em around for a while. Nate im glad u found ur grove man from when u were on AGT

  • James skippinhopper
    James skippinhopper

    looks more like cheeseburger where your mouth is

  • Connor Pierce
    Connor Pierce

    I like the song but it is more Nate Kenyon singing then it is the lacs. They should call it put your muddy where your mouth is by Nate Kenyon featuring The lacs

  • Jason French
    Jason French

    Fly that Rebel Flag Lacs. This a real good one.

  • Leon Roche
    Leon Roche

    hell yeah skins!!!!!

  • Dalton Miller
    Dalton Miller

    So taking a bath and playin in mud is all being country is now 🤷‍♂️🤣 bet let me just go hop in a mud puddle 😂😂

  • linxdarebel gaming2.0
    linxdarebel gaming2.0

    any of y'all got lyrics they should drop a lyric video #thelacs #natekenyon 🤘🇱🇷

  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop

    This is garbage. Music is complete shit these days.

  • Benjamin Anderlitch
    Benjamin Anderlitch


  • Tommy Blazer
    Tommy Blazer

    Nate boy! You killin it with rapping!


    I want to book them for a show in Alabama...

  • chrissy kight
    chrissy kight

    My boi can do it all!!!! Nate Kenyon u killing it! Crucifix u rock brother! Uncls Snap and Rooster yall the whole meal forget a snack! Love u all and cant wait til next time!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Vegas Skin
    Vegas Skin

    I’m bout this!!! BADASS!!

  • Respect the Blue
    Respect the Blue

    Reppin the 813 YALL, FLORIDA BOYZ OUT HERE

  • Matt Kamin
    Matt Kamin

    Love the song, but that's a whole Lotta talk about mega trucks for a video of 4 wheelers and side by sides

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