The Last of Us Part II (dunkview)
I thought this had Adam Sandler in it.
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  • Fiddle Schtick
    Fiddle Schtick

    Is Dunkey actually serious about TLOU2 being good?

  • ZON3

    "Invested in its characters" 😂

  • ___ Tenshi___
    ___ Tenshi___

    No cheesecake factory Ellie mad revenge time

  • Euqirne Nodnacse
    Euqirne Nodnacse

    Hey if any of you hardcore last of us 2 haters are reading this amd want to argue about why this game is objectively bad or just why you didnt like it drop your psn, xbox gamertag, or discord below. Its hard to find people that can actually give reasons why the game is shit besides "daddy joel died" or "ellie no kill abby"

  • Francisco Gimenez
    Francisco Gimenez

    Duuude suprised (in a good way) you liked the game. I

  • Y BH
    Y BH

    People are wondering why Dunkey likes TLOU2 when he’s usually so critical... well that’s because when he critiques games it’s usually because of genuine flaws in gameplay/story/pacing... he doesn’t critique games because he’s a giant man baby that jumped on a hate hype train.

    • Y BH
      Y BH

      The Senate Joel reminds me a lot of Robb Stark. A beloved character who’s story was unexpectedly and brutally cut short because he trusted the wrong people and made some mistakes for his own benefit. Only no one review bombed GOT when Robb died.

    • The Senate
      The Senate

      Damn right, story is pretty neat, i loved Joel too but it's like ASOIAF book series, everyone you love can die, it's a STORY after all.

  • shize Lee
    shize Lee

    dunkey got bribed by the metacritic i guess

  • shize Lee
    shize Lee

    disspointed, they kill characters for plot. JOEY was death become plot and he in this game is very opposite to his first game, he is like an idiot running around. Then he got his head cut off, it is an insult to fans from first game

  • hiczok

    This is a fantastic game and story

  • keven luna
    keven luna

    Curb stomp Leafy.

  • ThePaladin956

    In a parallel universe videogamedunkey and leafy are best friends

  • Sakana

    This video convinced me to start playing League of Legends again. That's how fucking stupid it is.

  • StealingColor

    I played the game the second it was released. Finally beat it the morning of August 10th. Almost 2 months later. I've watched this video since dunkey dropped it and always paused when he got to the part i haven't passed yet. Today is the maybe 10th time I watched, but first time I finished this video.

    • MrDuckeatsbread

      What did you think?

    • Aaron Martinez
      Aaron Martinez

      StealingColor bruh 💀 what were u doing it took u 2 months to finish it?

  • Nik

    Not quite a full menorah, this game gets five candles out of eight.

  • Tyler Smash
    Tyler Smash

    75k dislikes? Oh boy here we go.

  • sont vondo
    sont vondo

    i absolutely loved this game and it’s story sooooooooooo

  • Tikoblocks

    I can't tell of this is genuine or a joke.

  • Matthew Proietti
    Matthew Proietti

    10 out of 10

  • Adel Ahmed
    Adel Ahmed

    What's the name of the music at the end

    • Captain Cow
      Captain Cow

      The Path (A New Beginning) - From the Original Games Soundtrack

  • Zack Krenn
    Zack Krenn

    Have yet to see a negative “review” of this game that actually engages with the narrative, presentation, structure, and interactivity. And I’ve been looking. I understand not being a fan of how grim and oppressively dark this story is, as well as the sharp story twist. It’s not for everyone, and that’s understandable.

    • Diego Montoya
      Diego Montoya

      Yeah every "negative" review I've watched just complain about Joel being dead and playing as Abby. Watch the completionist review of the game.

  • Philip Craig
    Philip Craig

    Dude I love you. The hatred for this game was so ridiculous. These hating ass bitches out here are so ridiculous. I truly don’t understand how someone could finish this game and say that it was trash.

    • Ivan Drago
      Ivan Drago

      This game is a enigma for the industry. The gameplay and graphics are amazing and the story may not be for everyone, but its a pretty solid story. In my humble opinion this game is getting trashed on for two reasons. The politics, that is what it is and I dont really give a shit. The other reason, I do find logic too. The marketing of this game was very deceptive and it was done intentionally. They sold this game as a continuation of Ellie and Joel and their relationship. That clearly was not what the game was about. Bill and Ted part 3 is coming out, its being advertised as Bill and Ted. If 15 minutes into the movie they murder Ted and it turns into a horror film about Bill surviving, people will be pissed. It may well be the greatest horror movie ever, but it is not what was advertised. ND absolutely mislead people with the promotion of this game. While I concur the game is amazing, it is not without its flaws. The gameplay can get repetitive, there is some padding, the story telling with the flashbacks isnt perfect, there is no where near the customization as advertised. No where in many of the establishment reviews are any of these flaws noted. It is described as a 10\10 masterpiece. If one or a few of the early reviewers said this okay, that their opinion, but they all said it and ignored the flaws. The reviews felt dishonest and coordinated along with the marketing. That is why alot of people are pissed and being so negative. To those people, I 100% understand their anger and support them bombing this game. To the the people giving it 0\10 and calling it SJW trash, those people can pound sand. It is a great game with a dishonest release.

  • ssbbisnumber1

    More like Niel Dunkmann, am i right?

  • John Copter
    John Copter

    "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My favorite youtuber can't like a game I hate!!!!!!!!"

  • Acid Fire
    Acid Fire

    People in the comments be saying “If he can’t see why the story is bad then he’s stupid” and can’t even explain why the story is bad for themselves besides some stupid “SJW agenda” excuse.

    • The Senate
      The Senate

      It's just like ASOIAF book series, someone you love so much can die because it's a STORY, anybody can die as long as it is reasonable.

  • Transparent Retard
    Transparent Retard

    Finally a LoU2 review I can agree with

  • Tomo Ueda
    Tomo Ueda

    Spoilers below. Take a moment and imagine an alternate universe, where the first Last of Us DLC featured a companion boy that served as Ellie's love interest. Now imagine Dina is replaced with a white male character. Let's call him Dean. Ellie and Dean travel across America and Seattle, flirting and cultivating trust with one another. Now imagine Abby as a frail woman, an unintimidating sexualized Laura Croft-type character. I'll guarantee maybe 90% of people complaining about the "story" will suddenly find that the plot is a masterpiece. What I find frustrating is that this is one of the most well-written narratives in recent times, but people who never even played the game will ruin it for those who might've played the game if all reviews were unanimously positive. Contrary to widespread criticism of the game allegedly pushing an agenda to sell copies of the game, the Last of Us 2 hits none of the trite archetypes of recent video games. You don't see an over-masculine main character, a dainty sexualized heroine. While it's occasionally fun to vicariously live through those archetypes, it doesn't change the fact that it's overdone. The original Last of Us also veered from tired zombie archetypes. The characters presented in Last of Us 2 weren't written to satisfy our own vulnerabilities in life. They're just broken people in a broken world, much like our own. The game is more of a reflection than an escape, doesn't try to allure and seduce us, challenges us through impossible choices, and abhorrent violence, much like the original. If you earnestly play the game, the plot structure pays off big time. By the time I was facing off Ellie as Abby, my sympathy for Ellie was gone. Ellie's revenge story was fueled by her guilt for never forgiving Joel. Abby took away the chance for reconciliation, but personally, I think Ellie was at fault for completely alienating Joel in the first place. I don't think the game's worth is in whether Abby's revenge against Joel was justified. Joel's story had a solid conclusion, he made the impossible choice, whether he died of old age, getting killed by a zombie, or murdered in cold-blood by Abby, it didn't really matter, his ethos was set, it was just a matter of living by his honor. His own internal conflict was resolved. Of course, the only direction the game could take was to answer the conflict left in Ellie after being exposed to the truth. She wanted her immunity and her life to mean something. Joel took that away from her. Abby took away Joel. The game elaborately sets up a symmetric narrative structure to showcase Abby's growth and progression to offset Ellie's decline into madness and obsession. With Abby's newfound ability to see past her prejudices and personal vendettas, the game tasks the player to put Ellie in her place. Ellie murders her best two friends, but Abby takes the moral high ground and lets Dina and Ellie go. The conflict in Ellie is unresolved. She has yet to make a choice. She pursues Abby for the last time and makes an impossible choice of finally letting Abby go, in effect letting Joel go. Having lost the ability to play her guitar, the player and Ellie realizes that her immunity meant nothing, all that mattered was her love for Joel and his love for her. She lost everything, but the conflict within her is finally resolved. Amazing game. 10/10. It's a shame people can't see past the politics.

    • The Melon
      The Melon

      Tom Johnson so you hate it because it has really good writing

    • icebladewhatever

      Deep understanding and great articulation, hope more people could see this. Guess people like us who are deeply moved by part 2 so much share some certain views toward this game.

    • Tom Johnson
      Tom Johnson

      As someone who still holds a negative opinion on this game, I find this to be truly incorrect, I personally love LGBTQ representation in Video Games and found Ellie and Dina to be an amazing couple. Their relationship is great and one of the best parts of the game easily, the issue I have with the game is the way Joel died and the fact Ellie lost everything in the end, she is left with nothing and doesn't even kill Abby, which is what she set out to do. Joel's death in itself makes him and Tommy look like complete idiot's as they are like "howdy this is my brother Joel and this is our social security number and our address" it dumbs them down, then Joel dies in the most pussy way and we are forced to play as the person who violently and slowly killed him. It has nothing to do with Ellie and Dina being a lesbian couple, it has nothing to do with Abby being buff, the story itself is depressing and it makes you feel like shit for playing it.

    • MAJOR

      @Nicholas S He said while looking in a mirror

    • Nicholas S
      Nicholas S


  • Pnamaior Pinto
    Pnamaior Pinto

    I loved this game

  • Ceygar

    I mean,i disagree about everything you said except for the graphics's like,your opinion bro

    • The Melon
      The Melon

      Can I ask you why your homophobic

  • Jeff

    I played the last of us three times. Once when it came out, again after beating it and again when the remastered version came out on the PS4. I got tlou2 to continue in the universe I left off and to see what happens. While the graphics and gameplay were top notch, there was just something about the story that was not the same as the first. I did beat tlou2 but I could not see myself ever playing it again.

    • Jeff

      @Bump player 55 this is true. It honestly could've ended at the farm house scene.

    • Bump player 55
      Bump player 55

      It is so freaking long, that is probably why

  • Vladimir Lovrinovic
    Vladimir Lovrinovic

    Finished it,story is shit

  • vamrack powerhouse
    vamrack powerhouse

    This is the realest review i ever heard

  • Cassio Casagrande
    Cassio Casagrande

    Awesome man!

  • Gol D. Randy
    Gol D. Randy

    Someone recommend me GOT " it's a gamey game" Same person on TLOU2 " It's like getting kicked in the balls constantly" Idk bout u but I don't like my balls hurting

  • The Tagperson
    The Tagperson

    So let me get this straight, people are mad and don’t like the game because a fictional character they liked died and they believe conspiracy theories about SJWs taking over via video games...... I’ll just enjoy this great game.

    • knell18897

      keep enjoying it because naughtydog only make these kind game from now on, thank to you wonderful “fan” whos give a fuck about good story telling anymore, we have friendsship and sunshine now.

    • Velasco 141414
      Velasco 141414

      @jdp101ak what, Joel died because he's a white man? Lmfao

    • The Tagperson
      The Tagperson

      jdp101ak everything I’ve read sure makes it look like so

    • jdp101ak

      Not even close

  • Dr Moist69
    Dr Moist69

    Why does this video have 75k dislikes? There is literally nothing wrong with it. Are people really this salty that he liked a game that “you’re not supposed to like”

    • Dr Moist69
      Dr Moist69


    • Dave-K

      Dr Moist69 It’s worse... There’s no Knack

  • Kunal Ojha
    Kunal Ojha

    I will say one thing this game could have benefitted from a multiple endings system where certain choices you make affect the ending because the actual ending is unsatisfying and tries too hard to drill the "revenge is bad" theme into your brain.

  • Flash Kage
    Flash Kage

    August 9th 2020 10:53am and people are still mad, smh can’t wait to see their faces when it wins GOTY.

    • YouCanCallMeMich

      @The Senate + to answer your silly comment, there are games that are known for their gameplay that is awesome and there are games where the story is the main selling point. TLOU1's story was the selling point, gameplay was meeeh, serviceable, the story was gripping and wanted to keep you going, part 2's story is pure garbage, plotholes, motivations, subversion of expectations they themselves set, for the sake of subversion, character depth is completely missing, I felt nothing for no character, not even Ellie, she was a bitch.

    • YouCanCallMeMich

      Sure, sure whatever y'all say :) a game THAT controversial will never win GOTY :) if Cyberpunk would've been out sooner it would've blown TLOU2 out of the water and even Ghost. Difference is, I didn't feel like going on with TLOU2 after 13-14 hours or something, didn't have fun at all...while with Ghost it' aaaall about fun, you know the reason why games were invented?:D

    • The Senate
      The Senate

      @YouCanCallMeMich Ghost is not even close to this game, animations are PS2 like, gameplay is clunky.

    • Velasco 141414
      Velasco 141414

      @YouCanCallMeMich no. Ghost has more issues specifically the gameplay. The AI is so fucking dumb, but it got overlooked by how satisfying the overall gameplay felt.

    • Enrique Ganto
      Enrique Ganto

      @YouCanCallMeMich or will it???

  • Captain Blopsi
    Captain Blopsi

    Cheesecake Factory Laugh

  • tomkurts

    This video is poetry

  • Jakob Pfaffenbichler
    Jakob Pfaffenbichler

    The Last of Us Part 2 = 4/5 Red Dead Redemption 2 = 3/5 Me = No

    • MAJOR

      RDR2 had shit mechanics and the story took a nose dive halfway through. If we keep praising Rockstar games with obvious flaws then we are going to keep getting these broken mechanics.

    • Maxym Wasin
      Maxym Wasin

      @it r yes it r I also say so


      @it r yes it r Fanboy

    • it r yes it r
      it r yes it r

      Me= yes

  • Duck Butt
    Duck Butt

    Only thing I disliked about the game was most of the characters were really boring. It was really hard to get into Abby's story and care about her dad or friends getting killed. Felt like watching an episode of your friends favorite show just to be nice. Other than that, the gameplay, graphics and everything else were top notch.

  • Tom has flow
    Tom has flow

    Thank you

  • MansouR 1997
    MansouR 1997

    The last of us Part 1 Is The Best But Part II is great too❤️❤️

  • J R
    J R

    I give this game a 20/10, for being brave and stunning, until now games i mean every single game was made on the same lame idea , like copy paste , that a game should be fun, or entertaining or good, tlou2 broke the idea that a game has to be fun or lovable and that is revolutionary , kojima is a noob compared to naughty dog , i hope in the future naughty dog keeps making lame games that dissapoint the audience and ruins the reputation of the people involved in those games, keep it up naughtydog , i wanna see more crap in the future 1000/10 masterpiece

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago

      I agree, they are amazing and this game is a masterpiece, (bash me for making my own opinion)

    • J R
      J R

      @Diego Montoya yes

    • Diego Montoya
      Diego Montoya


  • Batzorig Gatbaatar
    Batzorig Gatbaatar

    But... Ellie just lets Abby go...

    • Rainmaker23

      Good, if she didn't Ellie literally wouldn't have any character development. Thank god angry dudes on the internet don't write stories 🥴

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      Yeah nobody wanted abby to live lol.

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago


  • Jokeré

    The king has spoken.

  • Pat

    Dunkie is funny man, but EFAP crushed this.

    • Rainmaker23

      Mauler fans lmaooooooo

    • TheMarsCydonia

      Sorry, I'll rephrase to "unless there's an objective, widely accepted standard for cringe" Obviously, the "bigot sandwiches" scene did not draw the same reaction from everyone.

    • TheMarsCydonia

      @Pat 1. Of course, to value Francis Schaeffer's "Four Standards of Judgement" as being the standards on which art should be evaluated, one's *subjective opinion must align with Shaeffer's. Unless here we're simply talking past one another and you're using a definition of objective that is different from mine. 2. So not "writers" but "writer"? There's also a difference between "collaboration" and "overruling" so I would love to see a source on this. Did you mean Straley or Druckmann is a "supporter of Ludonarrative Dissonance"? Aoo of the games Straley worked on since the Playstation 3 were criticized for ludonarrative dissonance. Some more heavily than the others... and TLOU Part II doesn't top the list, far from it (except among the haters of the game). 3. I appreciate that since the only thing you mention, "bigot sandwiches" seems entirely based on your own personal feelings unless there's an objective, widely accepted definition of cringe. And I won't really care about your feelings. For example, our difference in what we believe the worst part to be. In my case, it's the entitled fanboys trying to get everyone else to hate the game because their feelings were not pandered to. Their criticisms are rarely about quality but about entitlement.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      @Pat Huh, I guess to you the first lou was good in spite of neil druckman than.

    • Pat

      @TheMarsCydonia 1. Regarding the painting comment: Francis Schaeffer, an early Christian artist, estsblished the "Four Standards of Judgement" which were technical excellence, validity, intellectual content, and integration of content as a whole. While these standards twist with time, this is one standard that has been supported by early art historians to this day and was used for many years, even being adapted in to modern day critiques. This is proof that there is an objective way to view paintings, and even art in general. 2. Regarding the TLOU writing comment: The writer was Bruce Straley that originally shut down the idea as he is a supporter of Ludonarrative Dissonance, which has been a common complaint with TLOU 2. Its the idea that Ellie has pledged to revenge, but she never actually takes the vengance upon the subject (Abby) despite wrecking it upon hundreds upon hundreds of people that had nothing to do with Joel's death. 3. Regarding the issues with the story: I don't have time to deal with the mountain of shitty writing issues that plague this story (bigot sandwich was ultimate cringe) but this has been exposed by dozens of channels. Not to mention the fact that Druckman has acted like Rian Johnson and was not only incredibly smug but also dismissive of any critisicm. Rian was quoted saying he believed his story was perfect. The worst part of this is that people keep defending mediocrity just because they "like it." It no longer becomes about quality, but preference.

  • Gummi Bear
    Gummi Bear

    The story "could've" been good, if the writing and pacing wasn't so shit. For me, the plot and characters did not get better the longer the game went on. It got significantly worse and by the end I gave no shits.

    • Gummi Bear
      Gummi Bear

      @Harry M I said "Im not a dipshit". So there you go again assuming. Don't give me that crap about having a "respectful discussion" after you started one of the most stupid and cliche things you can start in IT-my comments, comparing obvious opinions to facts. Like I said, people don't need an "in my opinion" to make whatever they say an actual opinion.....that's just ridiculous.

    • David A
      David A

      Fact Speaker “Ghost of Tsushima destroyed this game” lmao what are you talking about...

    • Harry M
      Harry M

      Gummi Bear you start out by saying that “the story could’ve been good” even though it is good for others, and btw I don’t appreciate how you’ve just constantly insulted me in this thread, I’ve got nothing against you so why do you feel the need to call me ‘stupid’ and a ‘dipshit’, I was hoping to have a respectful discussion about the game and our opposing thoughts, but I guess you lack the respect and decency to do that

    • Gummi Bear
      Gummi Bear

      @Harry M I even said "For me" which is another way for saying "In my opinion". So your stupidity is sounding troll-like.

    • Harry M
      Harry M

      Fact Speaker sorry to break it to you but GoT didn’t ‘destroy’ this game, tlou2 actually sold far more and plus they are both Sony first party games in different genres so shouldn’t be compared anyway. (I loved GoT as well btw)

  • A Tem
    A Tem

    i was shock that abby would let ellie go the 2nd time, even after she knew all of her friends died to ellie. just because the last airbender told her not to kill...

    • Tomas Alves
      Tomas Alves

      @Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago Exactly. Great graphics but all in all just another triple A game a lil bit overhyped imo

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago

      @Fact Speaker Not really, ghost was the same as a lot of other games imo

    • Fact Speaker
      Fact Speaker

      @JamesHLanier >Best Way to Move Forward Erm.....Her friends are all dead. A pregnant woman is murdered. And Ellie loses everything. Ghost of Tsushima is better

    • JamesHLanier

      Yeah, it's almost like she learned that breaking the cycle was the best way to move forward or something...

  • Lebron Fitzgerald
    Lebron Fitzgerald

    No woman could bulk up like Abby without some gear 1/10

    • Max S.
      Max S.

      @Lebron Fitzgerald so why do you care

    • Tomas Alves
      Tomas Alves

      The stadium she lives on has a gym with actual gear and weights. Considering the fact that she has been training nonstop for ~ 5 years in order to get revenge on Joel (and she doesn't eat Mcdonalds) her muscles are actually believable

    • TheMarsCydonia

      You keep using the word unrealistic but do you know what it means? Do you need a dictionnary definition?

    • Lebron Fitzgerald
      Lebron Fitzgerald

      Harry M Why? Women don’t have very much testosterone, the muscle building hormone. Without supplements women have a hard time getting bulging muscles and a low body fat percentage. This is common knowledge. The average woman’s testosterone levels are 10-15 times lower than the average male. It’s not sexist to say that Abby’s physique is unrealistic for a natural woman. It’s just facts. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings

    • catbreadloaf

      but she has some gear

  • Nobody From Nowhere
    Nobody From Nowhere

    Well, you're still funny, but Like Yahtzee, you've lost all credibility as a reviewer in my eyes.

    • miguel florez
      miguel florez

      "dunkey i warned you about the consecuences of having an opinion but you didnt want to listen"

  • Alex McFly
    Alex McFly

    What’s the name of the song at the end?

    • I Watch You While You're Sleeping
      I Watch You While You're Sleeping

      "The Path" by Gustavo Santaolalla. It was the music that played at the end of TLOU 1.

  • Courtice

    What? 6 out of 5, at least!!! wth is wrong with everyone?!?!?!

    • catbreadloaf

      @Cole argghhghg these damn sjws are ruining my video games by subjectign me to black people and storng woemn

    • non intelligent life form
      non intelligent life form

      @Cole gamer moment

    • Cole


  • TheOrion_47

    The Last of Us Part II is a Masterpiece shut up guys!!! And Hope for Part III.....!!!!

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago

      Wait for all the hate comments..

    • Vincent Lopez
      Vincent Lopez

      In part 3 its going to be Joel saying wake up kiddo

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    All good things come in 2's. Jaws 2. Garfield 2. Knack 2. Super Mario Brothers 2.

  • Jay Odin
    Jay Odin

    I actually like the game.

    • Jaffar From Aladdin
      Jaffar From Aladdin

      I Watch You While You're Sleeping best password ever

    • Stonez

      dude!!!!!! bad opinion!!1!!1!1!1!1!!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!11!1!

    • I Watch You While You're Sleeping
      I Watch You While You're Sleeping

      @Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago The password to the club is "We all have our personal tastes and shouldn't shit on each other for having opinions". Also, I loved the game too.

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago

      Mind welcoming me to the club?

  • hej2k3

    HECK yeh brother, preach! But also, joel died 0/5.

  • MassYarchai

    I didnt(couldnt)played the game,but other than story,game doesnt look so bad? (I dont like gayness concept is taken too far.)

    • ICAME!ForDis

      Gayness? Wtf lmao

    • catbreadloaf

      get this gayness out of herere aghahgghgh

  • GOGETA The strongest fusion
    GOGETA The strongest fusion

    What about Uncharted 2

    • Taylor Dull
      Taylor Dull

      He said in a video it's one of his favorite third person shooter campaigns, specifically the PS4 version.

  • Yuki菊笠

    I dare say he definitely would Hate "Ghost of tsushima" , because he likes "TLOU 2" shit . just like he hated "TLOU 1" back then.

    • miguel florez
      miguel florez

      Why he cant like both?

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago

      @David Dodek I agree

    • David Dodek
      David Dodek

      I think he liked GoT tbh But not as much as LOU2

  • Double Tomahawk
    Double Tomahawk

    Let's test a post.

  • Ryan Collis
    Ryan Collis

    I didn’t even think it was that bad, it was fucking amazing, 9/10 for me - Don’t let the wingy opinions of 16 year old internet keyboard warriors determine your opinions on stuff. People always cry when they can’t get their own way these days, boohoooo

  • Craig The Monke
    Craig The Monke

    They should’ve added Gex as a playable character

    • You Say Yes I Say No
      You Say Yes I Say No

      Did you mean CRAIG

  • Mapple

    i think i understand now... wh not the new one was the full protagonist??, instead of antagonizing the audience making most people not wanting to play as the one who murdered one beloved character

    • Beijo na boca E aquarela
      Beijo na boca E aquarela

      i dont get what you are saying ... what... not the new one ... im too brazilian

  • Some Man
    Some Man

    I actually liked TLOU2 better.

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago

      I liked tlou1 story more, but overall I definitely like Tlou2 more

  • Jimmy Young
    Jimmy Young

    well you can have dk sex in game

  • Viflo

    That Frasier reference

  • just a shadow
    just a shadow

    Can’t believe just because he’s not being a sheep and just hating on the game to hate and get views like others. Pretty glad that he likes this game. Cause he has some good points.

  • El Nino
    El Nino

    Finally! An intellectual review! All the Joel fans out there are just doing plain butthurt reviews

  • Lionheart

    4 out of 5? A near perfect score for this shit show?

    • Beijo na boca E aquarela
      Beijo na boca E aquarela

      @The_Arab_Legend the story is not for everyone is like an empathy test

    • The_Arab_Legend

      Yes, the story is flawed, but the gameplay is great, The only thing ya’ll are looking at is the story.

    • Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago
      Dark Angel • 11 Years Ago

      I disagree, I really love this game :)

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