The Leaning Tower of Lire
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Hosted by
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Jack Merline
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Eric Langlay
Music by Jake Chudnow

  • Crystalix x
    Crystalix x


  • ipriori

    Sir. That creep away killed me 😂🤣🤯

  • Swapnil Joshi
    Swapnil Joshi

    I read it as leaning tower of life

  • Nicholas Lowther
    Nicholas Lowther

    This is why you wanna be thicc.

  • Henry Wils1n
    Henry Wils1n

    I had the normal (not bee) variation of that toy, as a kid (I'm Russian) and I still sometimes have nightmares about it, it's horrifying, especially with the fleshy time scarred tones and the clunky bells

  • TheDanger 2468
    TheDanger 2468

    You cant stack it forever because if you get down to the point of the atomic level of moving it by 1 atom and cant not move anymore

  • Ayesha Shah
    Ayesha Shah

    Isn't it the leaning tower of pizza? 🍕

  • Mitchell Harrop
    Mitchell Harrop

    I thought this was a genius video at first because of the thumbnail, but if you think about it, it actually is.

  • Saminations

    5:43 is that a casio databank i see

  • Jhonathan Camilo
    Jhonathan Camilo

    You mean the barycenter or am I dumb?

  • Hash

    Did you forget about cohesive force.

  • WHATSKraKin

    Doctor: “You are in a mental hospital” Michael: “Or am I” Doctor: “Yes, you are”

    • [REDACTED]

      “You know, the funny thing is there’re so many mental illness, that a normal person has enough to get into mental hospital if they have a proper doctor diagnose them.” “Stop it Michael, we’re not recording.”

    • Shohan

      Hey! Vsauce, Micheal here!

  • Ldbeastmode 06
    Ldbeastmode 06

    Fortnite be like:

  • Md Zaid Hassan
    Md Zaid Hassan

    I almost slept when Adam woke me up with a OOW at 7:03

  • Don Barnes
    Don Barnes

    Myth busters were fake, I really hope you aren't, you seem much smarter

  • Don Barnes
    Don Barnes

    Really like your vids but myth busters guy is a joke we proved him wrong several times in my foundry in Florida. And my alcoholic neighbor proved him wrong with a bow and arrow and a 12 pack

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    That ending will haunt my dreams forever...

  • Ian Cornieles
    Ian Cornieles

    When the blocks fell I thought of Adidas

  • Llama Girl
    Llama Girl

    I’m a simple man. I see Michael, I click

  • GamingWithMatt

    Hi this video is copied

  • Б11ʇɔɥ0ɯɐʇ1ɔ

    Sorry for pain

  • Sune Palmin
    Sune Palmin

    This remind me of stairs in minecraft

  • Wedding Table
    Wedding Table

    *Quite beautiful* grabs eagle viciously

  • PrerequisiteName

    I'm a little late to this video, but I made a simulation of the Leaning Tower of Lire. Just drag the slider for Number of Blocks.

  • Melissa Kimber
    Melissa Kimber

    That explains the leaning tower of Pisa

  • Andrew Basiorka
    Andrew Basiorka

    I thought this was a GENIUS Interview and I thought Michael dropped some fire

  • Milo HuskyPuppy123
    Milo HuskyPuppy123

    This is hard to watch with my 2+2=5 brAin

  • Ihsaan Miah
    Ihsaan Miah

    Coure this be used in bridges if u had to of them

    • Ihsaan Miah
      Ihsaan Miah

      If u had suports of couse

  • JacksonMcdackson Rogo
    JacksonMcdackson Rogo

    This is a bad joke I made up: 5 year old kids : what are atoms? Me: you are atoms Like if understand

  • etatwell1229

    The 15th block and up is too far back. I think thats where your 1/2 inch went

  • Jackson Livingston
    Jackson Livingston

    **hah** **hah** _its stays_

  • Phil Carroll
    Phil Carroll

    “I want to get that last 3/4 of an inch” 👀

  • Eli Z
    Eli Z

    Wish you would have made a little mathematical justification for why the tower can go off to infinity, since the harmonic series is an interesting case of divergence (it diverges really, really slowly).

  • Melon Melody 1234
    Melon Melody 1234

    You just did my homework

  • The Info
    The Info

    who thought that there will be a jump scare at last

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes

    This is why the Leaning Tower of Piza doesn't fall. Neat!

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes

    So, I notice that your diagram at 3:15 and it looks like a brachistochrone.

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown

    balance the bird on your nose because the nose of the bird is its beaks meaning its nose on nose

  • Grizzly

    You spelled liar wrong

  • hho b
    hho b

    10:24 caption this

  • Crazycaz Trex
    Crazycaz Trex

    This video gives me anxiety

  • Frosty UK
    Frosty UK

    Bruh he got the mythbusters involved

  • Carrie Winkworth
    Carrie Winkworth

    HEY Vsauce math here.

  • Sixtiese

    Why the center of gravity is a different point that the center of mass?The gravity is a force that pulls on the center of mass...Is it because the gravity isn't really a force(space-time curvature)

  • Sixtiese

    11:30 the fact that the point that touches the ground "moves" help to the stability of the object too.

  • NoobChester

    it just tends to the length of one block

  • Alex

    Something about problems like this is so human it’s at face value pointless but in ancient times it had a use

  • Christian _
    Christian _

    Did they patch this yet?

  • elvancor

    I have a question about the fundamentals of infinity. "Even though the amount of overhang we can get keeps getting smaller it never reaches zero, so these blocks overhang *as far as we want"* - is that actually true? Couldn't it be that we're just more and more closely approaching a definite maximum overhang without ever reaching it? I'd really like to hear some thoughts.

    • Mark Bessey
      Mark Bessey

      It depends on whether the series is divergent or convergent. I’m too far out of calculus class to remember how to determine that off the top of my head, but Wikipedia says the harmonic series is divergent, so 1/2 the harmonic series is also divergent, and therefore there’s no limit to the overhang, mathematically. Practically, you’ll run into instability once the overhang is smaller than the random perturbations in the environment.

  • Coolguy 298
    Coolguy 298

    You guys know about glue and tape right?

  • Cate Krueger
    Cate Krueger

    The Wibbles wobble but they don't fall down

  • overhaul stuff
    overhaul stuff

    Micheal: These are blocks. Or are they? Me: mind blown!!!

  • Mr Garden
    Mr Garden

    How big can of something it

  • Adler Fradenburgh
    Adler Fradenburgh

    Wtf this isn’t vsauce

  • Casey The Younger
    Casey The Younger

    I want a new mythbusters season but it's literally just Michael and Adam doing these kinds of things every episode

  • u mom
    u mom

    this taste... this is the taste of a lire, Giorno Giovanna!

  • I hate everyone equally
    I hate everyone equally


  • Yaswanth Yadlapalli
    Yaswanth Yadlapalli

    You cannot reach to side as much as possible. The overhang with n blocks for blocks of width w is given by w ( 1/2 + 1/4 ... + 1/2^n). This is a converging series which can be at max w. So you can only achieve at max 2w (w from the original block). The model build using planks is just short of 2w

  • Potchiey 195
    Potchiey 195

    I wanna topple it over

  • MissChaoticKitty

    Whoever designed this tower is a *lire*


    Things people do when there bored Like who thinks HEY LET'S BUILD THE LEANING TOWER OF LIRE btw this kinda blew my mind

  • Yoggo Doggo
    Yoggo Doggo

    Can you build a tower of lire around the whole earth?

  • hondatb08

    What about a donut?

  • Samy 7209
    Samy 7209

    No way Michel watches Vsause

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos
    10,000 subscribers without any videos

    Subscribe so I can complete my journey please


    I found u

  • michael updike
    michael updike

    Any mathematician knows the series .5+.25+.125....equals 2 so you can only build two blocks long, but that would mean that you need infinitely many the leaning tower of Lire cannot continue leaning infinitely long.

  • Tiko

    I thought it said leaning tower of life

  • Just Reflection
    Just Reflection

    Matreshka not scary:c

  • BurntDj

    14:44 he went to every major city except hobart lol

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