The Leaning Tower of Lire
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Hosted by
Michael Stevens
Edited by
Jack Merline
VFX by
Eric Langlay
Music by Jake Chudnow

  • Nikolas Tye
    Nikolas Tye


  • Avery Hermann
    Avery Hermann

    6:20 Is that the first time a popular youtuber has ever had 10 seconds of no voiceover or music?

  • Josh Russo
    Josh Russo


  • rene cabuhan
    rene cabuhan

    That curve is parabolic for sure.

  • VArsovski10

    OMG I want dat fox rlly bad :)

  • Nathan Trantham
    Nathan Trantham

    “It’s actually not heavy, I’m just really weak”

  • Chase Ventura
    Chase Ventura

    watching vsauce high is the best tging ever

  • Eva Chase
    Eva Chase

    0:15 Unlike my dad...

  • Yusuf Khazi
    Yusuf Khazi

    10:20 what I do to clowns

  • Ethan Kaiser
    Ethan Kaiser

    4:32 isnt he the guy from mythbusters

  • Samuel Chapman
    Samuel Chapman

    And this is the same guy that made a farting Mario video

  • james duffin
    james duffin

    “Huh huh it stays” thumbs up

  • TaeTae's Smile
    TaeTae's Smile

    Я подавлен

  • Mikestion

    the leaning tower of lies

  • Maksim Karavaev
    Maksim Karavaev

    Is it because we can consider all blocks but which lies in base like one body with bigger mass centre shift since we adding more blocks?

  • David Liu
    David Liu

    Before I watched the video I thought the title said the leaning tower of life

  • killer 1560
    killer 1560

    1800 be like

  • Surekt

    Nobody: Michael: Do you live in Australia?

  • zydde

    Could you use this method to build a bridge across a gap if you used ropes downwards diagonal as an counter weight to pull the bridge back as you walk across to cross the center of mass. And how often is this used to build bridges, Or is it just with ropes and a lot of luck?

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh

    Leaning Tower of Liar = Donald Trump

  • AnymousI lol
    AnymousI lol


  • Beckett Grabner
    Beckett Grabner

    I literally have that exact same bird toy.

  • Cecille Marie Saldana
    Cecille Marie Saldana

    I sense the Zipf Mystery.


    Michael 's toy review

  • Dolphinboi

    I always used to do this a lot as a kid, with jenga blocks

  • Janny LEL
    Janny LEL

    The wall on the left has an extra brick. On the side. Couldn't stop looking at it the whole video. Darn you Michael

  • ThePlantMan-Oh Yeah!
    ThePlantMan-Oh Yeah!

    This man would be the greatest teacher of all time. I would be on cloud 9 if I was lucky enough to have been taught by this profoundly amazing man. Good job to you and your team. Thank you for making these videos and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

  • Madein Asia
    Madein Asia

    🐝_toy was sacryy

  • aarons butt
    aarons butt

    I've seen that bird in a porno before hahaha

  • Lem0nBr33zy

    *That other guy looks familiar.*

  • Lem0nBr33zy

    The leaning tower of *’WTF’*

  • Daniel Collier
    Daniel Collier

    The tower won't go as far as you like it to go, as this is an example of an infinite geometric series (nearly is). infinite geometric series don't diverge off to infinity or negative infinity, instead they approach a value (converge). Which limits us to a finite length. And although this isn't entirely a geometric series as there is no common ratio between values in the set (1/2, 1/4, 1/6...), the sum of the values won't diverge they will still only approach a finite value like infinite geometric series do.

  • chris g
    chris g

    Stop what the hell was that at the end Michael

  • Evan Li
    Evan Li

    Bean yoda

  • Nacho Taco
    Nacho Taco

    Yow that outro is scary lol

  • laierr

    Me: Trying not to freak out. We've been with a therapist through this. Nevaljashka Doll can't harm me anymore. Michael: ... but they just not creepy enough ... Me: oh no. NO. NOPE. Michael: ... I have an answer for you... Me: PLEASE STOP. *HAY-YAH, NEVALJASHKA, YOU, ARCANE ONE, THE ANCIENT GOD OF MADNESS! TAKE MY SOUL, BRING ME THE SOOTHING DARKNESS, END MY MYSTERY!*

  • Victor Flint
    Victor Flint

    If I had a Penney for every time Michael talks about something infinite, I’d have a lot of Penney’s

  • Vedant Parekh
    Vedant Parekh

    One of the last few episodes before Michael lost his sanity

  • Tarim Ali
    Tarim Ali

    it really isn't that funny adam

  • Color MehJewish
    Color MehJewish

    Is this the next iteration of Jenga

  • Gabriel Courtois
    Gabriel Courtois

    Me about to beat my meat for the 11th time today My brain:10:25

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    If it can't handle a load, what good is it?

  • Eyes.of.lenses

    you need this mythbusters guy just to stack wooden pieces? would be far more interesting if you would have used harmonic material. but i get the point.


    The leaning tower of book (French joke)

  • Drum Ape
    Drum Ape

    The original toy was a Russian toy called Matryoshka.

  • Michael theGreat
    Michael theGreat

    Who saw "the leaning tower of life"?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

  • Mayhem Unlimited
    Mayhem Unlimited

    Fortnite building be like

  • génie idris04
    génie idris04

    michael if you try to make a leaning tower of lire that is facing each other maybe it will be able to balans

  • Paul Gleason
    Paul Gleason

    12:44 tastes like a bird

  • osmacar

    Are... are you ok mike?

  • Nicholas Clane
    Nicholas Clane

    Russian dall's name is Неваляшка (Nevalyashka). It means "it can't fall" ;)

  • uzielperez2002

    "It is endlessly fun. Especially if you're a baby." I DIED

  • Mr. TopRamen
    Mr. TopRamen

    14:29 My little brother about to tell me it's his turn on the xbox.

  • DaDonutDragon

    This is my favorite genius verified

  • the best country
    the best country

    Sagittarius a black hole is so black it accused cops of police brutality.

  • S0L4RE

    Nobody: Michael’s shirt: Vsaucc

  • Shikamaru747

    16 seconds in and I've already burst out laughing. "I'm sure you've played with blocks before, and have noticed that it's quite fun to put one block on top of another." "Huhuh. It stays!"

  • Paradox Edge
    Paradox Edge

    Gravity. Why you do? Why you no just down. Why you must weird. :(

    • Lord Angelus of House MacGregor
      Lord Angelus of House MacGregor

      Can you even tell what mine is? I keep thinking it's too dark to tell, and I've been thinking about changing it.

    • Paradox Edge
      Paradox Edge

      @Lord Angelus of House MacGregor *Looks at yours*

    • Lord Angelus of House MacGregor
      Lord Angelus of House MacGregor

      "Why you must weird" Me: ::Looks at your profile::

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham

    What if you built two facing eachother and linking them together

  • FinlandForceTeam

    *you have created an imbalance*

  • treschlet

    I'll say again, I would pay a monthly subscription to just be able to watch a show with Michael Stevens and Adam Savage building things and doing science every week. Like, $10 a month easy.

  • (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712
    (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712

    Ding sauce michael here

  • Maria Ornelas
    Maria Ornelas

    i thought this was a genius interview

  • Wizz

    Why did the the thumbnail look like a GENIUS video

  • Lauren Wright
    Lauren Wright


  • DaddysFatBelt

    You can't build an infinite tower of these because the resolution is too small

  • Wario Number One
    Wario Number One

    So if you replace, say, the first quarter of the plywood planks with gold, to move the center of gravity back, can you make your tower of Lire lean even further?

  • Doggos are good.
    Doggos are good.

    Tower of Lire? Don't you mean Lire's Spire? (Edit: yeah i know a spire and a tower aren't quite the same thing.}

  • Bobby Bologna
    Bobby Bologna

    Adam Savage?? HOORAY!

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