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"Jennifer Aniston’s success speaks for itself. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and has started her own production company. Yet, it's her love life that continues to be the greatest source of intrigue.
Born in California in 1969, Aniston’s father, who was an actor himself, tried to prevent her from watching television growing up. Before she eventually became an actress, she worked as a waitress, a telemarketer, and a bike messenger. She achieved global fame at the age of 25 thanks to her role as Rachel Green in the sitcom “Friends.” Her role as Rachel won her several awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a comedy series.
In 1998, she met Brad Pitt and married him two years later. Pitt cheated on her with Angelina Jolie in 2005, leading to their divorce. In 2006, she starred in the movie “The Break-Up"" - but the press was very focused on her relationship with her co-star, Vince Vaughn. At 39 years old, she founded her production company, Echo Films. She starred in two films the year she turned 42, but it was her relationship with Justin Theroux that grabbed headlines.
In 2017, she was back in the headlines, after she and Theroux divorced, just two years into their marriage. At 50, she returned to television to star in “The Morning Show” with Reese Witherspoon. On January 19th, 2020, Jennifer won the award for Best Actress in a drama series at the SAG awards - but as usual, it was a picture with Brad Pitt that made the headlines instead."

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  • Ayesha Fatima
    Ayesha Fatima

    That is an INSANE amount of background music. Not to mention fu*king Loud! Ease up

  • Supriya Darwhekar
    Supriya Darwhekar


  • Koninika Ghosh
    Koninika Ghosh

    She is amazing..I love her🙌

  • anime guy
    anime guy

    I also hold a world record for the longest time anyone takes to reach 1M followers on Instagram.


    im really gonna wanna live her life ahhhhhhh she is so lucky but her lovelife is like ughhhhh

  • Patricia Rodriguez
    Patricia Rodriguez

    🌺 Way to go Jennifer, one in a lifetime, as true to herself as she is with the world 💐

  • Siuma Hin
    Siuma Hin

    she's a true classy gal, always take the high road, being kind and smart.

  • timna nuahn
    timna nuahn

    This is exactly what the media is doing to Justin n Selena.

  • Sneha Reddy
    Sneha Reddy

  • thereal JS
    thereal JS

    People want to know about relationships because they're interesting and fun

    • Bisma Haris
      Bisma Haris

      Sure but razzi' need to stop hounding her and ignoring her amazing career just to get a whiff of her personal life. If she wanted to share them, she would've. Let the woman live.

  • Dea Hunçi
    Dea Hunçi

    Is it me or Jennifer looked like Avril Lavigne in the 2000s? 🙈

  • kavya k m
    kavya k m

    Woman needs to get appriciated for what she did

  • Lorena Bot Laf
    Lorena Bot Laf

    she is amazing and very strong

  • jezus nawrocenie
    jezus nawrocenie

    She has a very low voice , like a man.

  • Doan Jenny
    Doan Jenny

    One of the most amazing things about FRIENDS is that the actors and actresses, they're still friends to this day.

  • Ronald Alexander Damian Diaz
    Ronald Alexander Damian Diaz

    I don’t like Brad

  • bellafaatiha

    anyone cried watching this? :') god i wish all the best for her. i love you jennifer!

  • Rimpy Robert
    Rimpy Robert

    Well she is my fav from india ❤️😍 love you

  • Chong Chapman
    Chong Chapman

    She speaks...

  • Number 1 Fan
    Number 1 Fan

    Wow her life struggles were a breeze compared to some.....

  • Naincy Kiro
    Naincy Kiro

    I appreciate her work. And if I do then I am sure there are a looooottttttt of other people out there who genuinely love apprrciate her... But sadly mostly bad comments and rumors are being captured.

  • Cora Ledoux
    Cora Ledoux

    04:06 02:43 01:32

  • Lucie Jin
    Lucie Jin

    ive liked jennifer aniston from friends and I will continue to like her for all my life. her work has bought some of the happiest moments of my life.

  • Soumya N
    Soumya N

    My Rachel for ever...Biggest inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

  • Naa ja
    Naa ja

    Her family did her wrong and the tabloids did her wrong while she deserved all the love

  • Aimee Thomson
    Aimee Thomson

    Think she looks like shes worked out too

  • Akash Pungalia
    Akash Pungalia

    Jennifer anniston is love❤❤

  • Sherlin David
    Sherlin David

    I really love jenifer aniston, she is graceful with reality , look into her eyes there are pain but she decided to move on and not to get stuck by illusion of love , in time thank gosh she figured out , Now she is in a place where she can create her own peace without fakeness of people which sometimes she gets surrounded...So now she is a hard core rachel with more truthfulness...Gosh, rachel is a person who will forgive but not forget ,And people around her have to know it .... Did people havent saw rachel in 'Friends' very well??

  • Safleen Sandhu
    Safleen Sandhu

    Whenever I see her in a movie I think it's Rachel's movie.

  • Jackie SJ
    Jackie SJ

    Omg! Her ears are so big! Her makeup is melting away. I love it! She actually looks like a normal person. Wish she would show the real side of her more often! Nobody looks great all of the time. Jennifer has had two nose jobs but she says cause of a deviated septum? Why can’t she just tell the truth? Great nutrition, private Trainer, no house cleaning, no money worries on and on! You look great Jen, but be honest...

    • Jackie SJ
      Jackie SJ

      She puts Jolie To shame! Speaking of plastic surgery, Jolie has had multiple surgeries. She’s also a nut job. Brad must be sick to his stomach about leaving Jen. Too bad. Made your bed. God bless Jennifer Anniston! No, I’m not a whack job, don’t even have cable/internet. When bored I go on my phone and look about. This story is probably A year old🙃

  • Michael Jason
    Michael Jason

    She is God's woman...and he will marry her soon 😉

  • H Susmitha
    H Susmitha

    Who got goosebumps when the F.R.I.E.N.D.S poster came ?

  • cate499

    She never refused to have a child.

  • S J
    S J

    Moat biased news channel .... Always reporting negative news about Republic India 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • lola lola
    lola lola

    Какая она классная!

  • Naima Akram
    Naima Akram

    She has my heart ❤️

  • Adriana Torres
    Adriana Torres

    Jennifer Aniston, is stunning and amazing beautiful person inside out she loves life and knows exactly what she wants in life God, soon will send her soulmate she dissevere the best and awesome actress and comdian and just beautiful!

  • Ana Saldana
    Ana Saldana

    I really admire jen

  • Mubashir Wani
    Mubashir Wani

    She is best actress work she has done is an inspiration for millions of us.

  • Sameen Choudhry
    Sameen Choudhry

    Whatever happens in people’s love lives and bedrooms is the most ‘wanted’ piece of info for humans all around the world. You could run an empire but you love life willl always take the limelight. Sooo wierd.

    • Srishti Sinha
      Srishti Sinha

      I agree. And media focuses on their private lives more because audiences loves to watch it too. There is this saying in hindi, "jo bikta hai wahi dikhta hai." Correct me if I am Wrong, I am not quite sure if I used the right words

  • Shi Ma
    Shi Ma

    I love her so much ,she is just perfect.

  • E MP
    E MP

    Love you Jennifer, since the 90's I would like to see you a little bit less blond.

  • soundhara preetha.m
    soundhara preetha.m

    Body shaming,illusional has nothing else to do these days rather than disturbing the people who entertain us by giving their best performance .But still ,the truth always wins.

  • Suchitra Chakrabarty
    Suchitra Chakrabarty

    Omg! Just leave her alone

  • Esther

    She is a man, I had my doubts but the footage toward the end gives it away.

  • ajey kulkarni
    ajey kulkarni

    It's sad that people are more interested in gossip instead of the art. Just watch the work and appreciate it. Let people keep their personal life private.

  • Arrah M.
    Arrah M.

    I just hope she could've gotten herself a child but that child would've been followed by paparazzi too. Somehow, it's a sad life. I wish they gave her more privacy. Or she could stop and move to some country and live her life with her earned money

  • Jazmin Thorson
    Jazmin Thorson

    Come on Brut, she accomplished way cooler things than the record guiness with the most followers 😒

  • Karine JR.
    Karine JR.

    i love this girl!!!

  • Natsupa Pongsatit
    Natsupa Pongsatit

    She is so beautiful and sweet

  • Anwesha Dattagupta
    Anwesha Dattagupta

    Justin cheated on Selena, Brad cheated on Jen. What is wrong with men?? They seriously repulse from angel women.

    • Srishti Sinha
      Srishti Sinha

      Cheater cheater everywhere. I find it quite disgusting thing and I really loathe cheaters

  • Crystelle Guaño
    Crystelle Guaño

    So love Jen, such a shame people focus more on her relationship/s than her craft

  • Soumaya Elmadouni
    Soumaya Elmadouni

    She is an amazing person ! I love her so much

  • Caroline Carpenter
    Caroline Carpenter

    Can't say that I admire her. 4 what? 4 being known as brad Pitt's arm candy? It's the only reason why she was the 1st place...not bcz of anything else...It's been said that she orchestrated alot of the tabloids gossip...

    • Angela Angela
      Angela Angela

      Have you ever watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  • Nurul Tea
    Nurul Tea

    @Bumbu Masak Indofood

  • Aminder Singh Nagpal
    Aminder Singh Nagpal

    Paparazzi of states seems to be despicable

  • kirti chuchra
    kirti chuchra

    I love you whole heartedly

  • Kory gama
    Kory gama

    I Truly Admire Jennifer Aniston!! Beautiful! Tallented and Kind! All the Best Mrs Aniston and Big hug from Brasil!

  • Sally Charalambous
    Sally Charalambous

    She's lovely because she has Greek blood.

  • solder rinassold
    solder rinassold

    Action, Aventure, Comédie, Criminel, Drame, Épique, Science Fiction, Horreur, Bouchers, Musical, Le meilleur des films de guerre de tous les temps

  • Mariya Shaikh
    Mariya Shaikh

    Why such a dramatic music to show some good stuff like this.

  • aLaa aLi
    aLaa aLi

    I applaud her for her positive and optimistic view on life.. Wish her well for the next phase of her life

  • Jackie SJ
    Jackie SJ

    No!! I’m straight and no crush! Holy cannoli look at those ears. Look at those ears on her. She is all Makeup, hair etc.. However, think she’s very sweet.

  • Elaina Weeks
    Elaina Weeks

    I feel bad for her. I think she'd kill just to have a normal life back. But once you pull that fame trigger, you can't take it back.

  • Meha upadhyay
    Meha upadhyay

    oh man I have a huge crush on her 😍😍.she is best❤

  • Therapist Gus
    Therapist Gus

    I loved her as Rachel but none of her other roles have really done it for me.

    • hkxin

      Yes,Rachel is too stunning

    • Kory gama
      Kory gama

      you really Need a Therapist, gus.

  • Mini Tnt
    Mini Tnt

    I'm sad that one day all these good things will come to an end.

  • Marina Dimova
    Marina Dimova

    She is freaking amazing and inspiring. This woman had gone through so much crap but is still here making great movies. I LOVE HER ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bliss

    Everyone loves Jennifer ♥️ across continents also .friends n Rachel is iconic. grace n happiness to her .

  • Simmer Jong, de
    Simmer Jong, de

    Lets be honest, Even straight woman had a ,,crush” on Jennifer

    • Rosa Cruz
      Rosa Cruz

      thank god its not just me

    • Starry Night
      Starry Night

      @Jackie SJ oh, lighten up, it is a in modern linguistics. Your family's gay situation is much different and serious though.

    • Laurette bsy
      Laurette bsy

      ​@Jackie SJ It's just a way to say that Jennifer Aniston is amazing, beautiful, talented etc. Yes you're right, but it's not the subject 😂

    • tita dewahasta
      tita dewahasta

      I did, she's so amazing

    • Number 1 Fan
      Number 1 Fan

      No as I'm not gay

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