The Mandalorian | Official Trailer | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12
Star Wars
After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. “The Mandalorian” is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.

  • SpaceXVll

  • Emma Bentley
    Emma Bentley

    Thank god they didn't let Rian Johnson near this

  • Nice Try
    Nice Try

    You think I'm gonna pay you $5 for that dog shid cgi....??? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mr. Sahab
    Mr. Sahab

    With the helmet on the thumbnail, and Lena Headey (sorta) in the hover GIF (0:39). The lack of Dredd references in the comments is quite unexpected.

  • Weener 69
    Weener 69

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this

  • 505


  • Alvin Elmore
    Alvin Elmore

    Once I saw Apollo Creed, I was sold.

  • John Arceane
    John Arceane

    God, why can't the Disney SW movies look this amazing?

  • Brandon Elbers
    Brandon Elbers

    I’ll be subscribing to Disney+ on day one for this alone. Anything else that’s good is just a bonus.

  • xlioilx

    looks like a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fest of things blowing up. What no epic storylines anymore?

  • AJ nevan
    AJ nevan

    OMG ! IG-88 !!!!!!!

  • Lego boi 3000
    Lego boi 3000

    I heard Taika Waititi is gonna direct an episode

  • The Bellmaster
    The Bellmaster

    I'm here before PewDiePie hits 100.000.000 subs

    • Lowkeyamazing _
      Lowkeyamazing _

      The Bellmaster legend

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich
    Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    🔥 let's made the force be with us 🔥

  • Andrés Alvarado
    Andrés Alvarado

    Leave star wars alone

  • drfunk1986

    So odd, Disney has made some really good side films (Rogue One, some scenes from Solo were dope) compared to that of their actual canon films (Force Awakens/Last Jedi) and now here's another side project that already looks better than those canon films.

  • Jay Khwaja
    Jay Khwaja


  • throwing deodorant
    throwing deodorant

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  • Robert Lloyd
    Robert Lloyd

    Did I see IG-88? I'm really intrigued now...

    • throwing deodorant
      throwing deodorant

      Watch my video I threw deodorant on my couch Not clickbait Subscribe

  • 王龙



    Cashapp $Arvion2 for full movie right now !

  • GenericTroll

    This is getting out of hand now the power of Disney is becoming unstoppable

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards


  • Tim Hansen
    Tim Hansen

    They need to give Dog the Bounty Hunter a guest role in this show

  • Danglysaucer_ 763
    Danglysaucer_ 763

    Yo where tf is the new clone wars season tho???

  • Isabella Young
    Isabella Young

    At 1:01 I swear that's a Fang Fighter from Rebels pursuing the Razorcrest!

  • Lemonz4all


  • thanos FAKE
    thanos FAKE

    Coloca Disney plus no Brasil por favor

  • TysonMcBoss1 YT
    TysonMcBoss1 YT

    *Insert We Need To Make Money Meme*

  • Isaiah Brickfilms
    Isaiah Brickfilms

    I didn’t realize this was a tv show at first. This actually looks good.

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone

    Am I the only one who notices Gus from Breaking Bad at 0:49 seconds? And Apollo Creed aslo?

  • Cesar Cedeño
    Cesar Cedeño

    Me before trailer: Disney is getting too greedy, i m not signing up for their streaming services Me after watching trailer: Here is my paycheck Disney!

  • -Mascote -
    -Mascote -


  • DanDunDun

    Some mention of The Old Republic, Canderous Ordo, and/or Mandalore requested.

  • I’m a God!
    I’m a God!

    1:03 Is that the legendary IG-88?

  • Nicolas Aguilar
    Nicolas Aguilar

    I mess with this, but I still miss Jango & Boba Fett ;( They should at least give his armour a cooler colorway

    • System32

      nah b the colors being dull af makes it dark souls-ish and somber af

  • John Carter
    John Carter

    You had me at Gus.

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone

    Yes, so much yes. Good call Disney!!!

  • Seminex

    It looks like darth maul in carbonite just the mouth and nose look quite similar

  • rtcharge

    Lots of people jerking right now.

  • Jake Chinn
    Jake Chinn

    Honestly 1:10 it's good to have some of the gritter action from a new star wars adaption.

  • Christian Hacz
    Christian Hacz

    How is this from Disney someone got cut in half by a door

  • Yvonne Ross
    Yvonne Ross


  • Dorvalina Da Silvatt
    Dorvalina Da Silvatt


  • Rogue

    I'm getting an uneasy feeling it will be a paragon character "promoting strong women" with cheap comedy just by how the character isn't talking and how people seem to be in distress

  • Jonathan Alexander
    Jonathan Alexander

    God I absolutely despise Star Wars.

  • Ulsterwhite

    This is actually restoring my faith in Disney. I went into this thinking “this is going to be terrible” but now I’m actually really hyped.

  • Chad Kent
    Chad Kent

    Bet it is a LGBTQXYZ nongender specific character with boobs. Thanks SJWs and beta males. Thanks so much.🤦‍♂️

    • XxKnightSkyFilmsxX


  • Evan Cruz
    Evan Cruz

    Mandalorian Viper. It just sounds scary.

  • The12p

    It looks good already. I'm glad we will FINALLY get a live action Star Wars series. Hopefully it leads to more of them.

  • dragonlord567

    Anyone remember the Mandalorians from the old KOTOR games?

  • Mac Kobalt
    Mac Kobalt

    Now that the jedi and the republic are gone who will stop mandalore

  • Nicolas Velandia
    Nicolas Velandia

    Is nobody going to mention the fact that Gustavo Fring is in this?

  • JoandJox1

    Is this about Boba??

  • Troll Colate
    Troll Colate

    1:03... ig-88 ftw!

  • Natalia Irla
    Natalia Irla

    I have a netlfix account and an amazon Prime. I see the trailer: Disney take my money💵💵💵💵

  • Rich Warburton
    Rich Warburton

    Looks utterly wank,

  • Gavin Criado
    Gavin Criado

    Is that Bobba Fet? Someone plz tell me

  • Citizen Four
    Citizen Four

    This is definitely on my list of shows to *PIRATE* this November! 🖕😎

    • Jake Chinn
      Jake Chinn

      Cool cat over here getting all the girls by pirating star wars series... wait.

  • DrViperVideos

    As long as Ruin jonson isnt involved ill watch it

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Okay, that's good. Now make a SWTOR one!

  • Alexsandros Tyborowski
    Alexsandros Tyborowski

    Who cares

  • AwesomeAustin

    Can it just be November 12th already 😫

  • Jordan Nichols
    Jordan Nichols

    Trailer:🍔 Reality:🥦

  • YouTube is dead
    YouTube is dead

    Disney star wars sucks

  • Bigfoot Billbo
    Bigfoot Billbo

    Looks better than the recent Star Wars movies.

  • Stephen Schuster
    Stephen Schuster

    I love how he cuts the dude in half with the door. I am all in for this !

  • #awesomeNM21


  • Brody Davis
    Brody Davis

    Ahhh sheeeet here we go ahh sheeeeet here we go ahh sheeeeet here we go ahhh sheeet jejer we jo

  • Fernando rocha
    Fernando rocha

    "I am a merciless bounty hunter, and I will hunt you to the ends of the galaxy to earn my money, using whatever bloodthirsty and sadistic means it takes." On a Disney Channel! "😂😂😂😂

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