The Manga That Breaks People
Super Eyepatch Wolf
Correction - Silence of the lambs did actually win best picture in 1992.
Here’s a video on the heart warming story of a mother and son and their inspirational journey to over come adversity.
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Why Horror Sedueces- by Mathias Clasen (Book)

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  • Super Eyepatch Wolf
    Super Eyepatch Wolf

    Yo yo thanks for watching the video ~~ this is nearly definitely going to run into some monetization trouble, so if you want to kick me over a buck or two on Patreon it would mean I can keep making weird stuff like this - Either way, thank you

    • Shwiii _
      Shwiii _

      Love your work but do you know jagaaaan?

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      chris nz

      What’s this song in the beginning of this video

    • Nazia Majid
      Nazia Majid

      Hi just found my new favourite channel would love to know where you've been hiding 😉 but very happy to find you !!🍀

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      winter x kiran

      @Peaches thanks bruh

    • Raven Ranger
      Raven Ranger

      The manga is A Trail of Blood

  • Why is 6 afraid of 7?
    Why is 6 afraid of 7?

    It's so fascinating how this artist can capture all those emotions so well

  • Kaynat Asghar
    Kaynat Asghar

    WTF your commentary was scary AF ahhhhhhhhhhhh😭 but now I lowkey wanna read it 😬😬 I’m scared

  • fuyuseetaa

    The manga is officially published in English as "Blood on the Tracks" by Shuzo Oshimi. Volume 1 is currently available.

  • Sk0lzkiy

    We need to a commodified version of releasing aggression, does any1 want to kickstart a pro-gladiator fights lobbying group?

  • Frozen Era
    Frozen Era

    This f up story.but very intriguing.

  • Foxella The Fox
    Foxella The Fox

    Idk why but horror manga doesn't scare me. Actually horror in general doesn't scare me. I calmly sit through horror movies. I've actually never read any horror manga. The closest I've gotten to it is Kuroshitsuji and the demon isn't scary he's beautiful

  • James Rininger
    James Rininger

    Horror films in the US have become cheap, and mass produced.

  • i need a life
    i need a life

    Ngl but am i the only one that thought of killing stalking?

  • Emil Kuban
    Emil Kuban

    What is name of anime??

  • littlecasserole

    bro this manga is fucking insane

  • マービーmabi

    Yo it's the guy that likes cute cats!

  • Danielle Crider
    Danielle Crider

    God I wanna meet Junji Ito.

  • The Owens
    The Owens

    Ah i cant handle you breathing in the mic after every phrase and the sss sound of your voice, just gives me the feeling of nails on a chalkboard

  • Don'tSubsribeToThis CHANNEL
    Don'tSubsribeToThis CHANNEL

    why is video so d e e p

  • David .D
    David .D

    I am always stonefaced while i watch or read horror. The thing is if you just imagine so many situations as possible or you can puzzle the ending of every horror, you just cant get scared anymore. I just dont understand why ppl expect others to react as expected. If some of you disstrust other classmates or family you will understand

  • Lilly G
    Lilly G

    I clicked on this expecting something about killing stalking

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown

    Honestly, the art is so beautiful. I love dolls, especially porcelain dolls, and these characters remind me of them. I also love horror, especially the type that doesn't rely on an orgy of gore. Sure, gore is a given at times, but you don't need a bloodbath to invoke true terror.

  • Jazmín Abril Fredes Udvardi
    Jazmín Abril Fredes Udvardi

    I love horror, but I hate most horror movies because I don't feel literally anything when watching them, and that made me look for other kinds of horror, in books, stories, but it only got me more frustrated because the more I watched horror stuff (of any kind) the less it made me feel anything, and for a while I even got worried that I had some kind of problem because not even the most disturbing gore would make me feel anything, but now I just guess it's normal, because horror like the one in this manga is kinda able to give me a sense of fear and discomfort, so yeah, I'm happy that I could find something like this (sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense, English isn't my first language)

  • aldi suchti
    aldi suchti

    this video captured my attention as much as the manga did

  • soleher

    Our natural predators *Shows a man on the toilet being devoured by a T-rex*

  • Mama Kitkat
    Mama Kitkat

    Where can I get it.

  • Chibap

    ooo will you do a video on inside of mari?? I just finished reading it and i can't wrap my mind around it

  • Tis'ButAFleshWound

    Literally the embodiment of when your mom says "I brought you into this world and I can take you out."

  • Bipro Mukherjee
    Bipro Mukherjee

    Oshimi shuzo is the most underrated mangaka

  • Pinaku Shrayu
    Pinaku Shrayu

    Whoever came up with deep throat as a horror movie title I-

  • xrexjj

    sooooooooooooooo hi i'm scared xoxo

  • Jovana Shalevska
    Jovana Shalevska

    K I know this is deep and all but why do the close up pictures of the faces remind me of mindless titans from attack on titan?

  • young neil
    young neil

    I read the manga. Didn't break me, but I'm privileged to not relate to the protagonist (to his degree). Some people unfortunately can't say the same. I wasn't exactly horrified or scared by this story, but deeply grossed out and saddened by everything. I loved the art tho

  • saket vadlani
    saket vadlani

    i started crying when i saw this 10:00

  • Dyamy

    It’s weird how fear has evolved into us being more afraid of other humans, rather than natural phenomenons

  • • Delilah •
    • Delilah •

    oh no thank you

  • wormslurms

    I didn’t know I added it to my manga list but I was looking in the psychological section and it was horror too, I’m just surprised now

  • Marcelo Braga
    Marcelo Braga

    AMAZING WORK. Sweet lord, I love this. Thank you so much for your hardwork. Incredible job.

  • DeuceQP

    Little antichrist and i saw the devil cameo, okok i see you

  • 30,000 Feet High
    30,000 Feet High

    Just that description of the intro gives me that anxiety filled, deep breathing fear

  • Ayelen U.P.
    Ayelen U.P.

    for me true horror is the one that psychologically fucks you up that's why horror movies about ghosts or monsters doesn't scare me at all for me a story that showcases how truly terrifying and unpredictable humans can be is the most horrifying an example of this would be the webtoon bastard and ghost teller

  • 4Slatt

    10:03 I thought u were going to say sheer heart attack

  • fred donaldson but trans
    fred donaldson but trans

    so. when i fullscreen as the panel shifts across the screen- it looks as if the lines, the characters themselves, are shaking, because of the amount of pixels the video is at. and it makes it so unsettling, so real, that i have to watch the video out of full screen.

  • John Couchman
    John Couchman

    I find it difficult to hear what you're saying sometimes. It goes from clear and distinct to an almost monotonous grumble that I cannot decipher over speakers. Will have to try again with headphones on, so I don't disturb the rest of the household.

  • Bobbias

    I knew I recognized that art. I have a few volumes of Happiness.

  • Kavai Animu
    Kavai Animu

    Its 2 am and i cant sleep. Lets watch horror shit

  • Latisha Vivian
    Latisha Vivian

    So I clicked on this cause I recognized the art, and it was cool to learn what other series the artist did. I own like 3 or 4 of the "Happiness" books, and they're pretty messed up, but I still kept them because I really like the art (even though it's a bit terrifying) and it's inspiring

  • Samoan Joseph
    Samoan Joseph

    After that intro, I had to binge read Trail of Blood. While it is extremely difficult to defend any of Saeko's crimes, her motive for shoving Shigeru was clear immediately, at least to me. And it has very little to do with her being insane. A recurring theme in this story seems to be what the appropriate amount and type of punishment for a bully is. Maybe that is my view as someone who was a victim of it more than once. But childhood pranks are supposed to be relatively harmless. When you play a prank that isn't funny, doesn't make the victim tougher, and only serves to cause distress, that's not a prank. That's deliberate harm. Pretending that someone is about to die isn't funny. Shigeru did the cliff prank TWICE. Do I need to stress how much I don't like that kid? But I'm sure that was the author's intent: to provoke a strong reaction, both to Shigeru, and what happened to him. But I feel the need to stress that what happened to him is a direct result of his own actions. Saeko didn't begin this trip planning to shove her nephew off a cliff. Ironically, I was only sure of that after it was revealed that she threw Seiichi off a cliff years earlier. And because she DID plan to shove Seiichi then, and it was obvious that she did, shoving Shigeru is clearly a spur of the moment choice by comparison. And it only occurs to her because of what Shigeru did. So if he was a decent kid who did NOT go around pretending his cousin was about to die, he would have gotten through that trip unscathed. People tell the truth when they lose their temper. Shigeru's mom said that Saeko had always been odd. Saeko is repeatedly accused of being overprotective, and that has been going on since Seiichi was born. So I ask, what is more insane: a mother being overprotective of her child, or provoking that mother by pretending her child is in danger? I'm sure Shigeru never thought Saeko would react that way, and clearly his parents never told him to stop teasing her and Seiichi. But they should have. Especially if they truly thought she was crazy beforehand. And if she wasn't before (she was), the very idea that people would laugh at her fear of possibly losing her only child might drive her right up Crazy Street. Saeko didn't push Shigeru off that cliff because she was crazy. She did it because he pretended to threaten the most precious thing in her life. Shockingly, she didn't see the humor in that. Neither do I. I wouldn't have shoved him off a cliff, but I would have limited how much my family had to endure spending time with his. I know Asian culture is different on things like that, but nobody should have to put up with people who only decrease the quality of their life. And if that meant Saeko's husband had to lie (or frankly, tell the whole truth) and say his wife wasn't feeling well, all the time, then so be it. I knew Saeko would never apologize for shoving Shigeru, because she wasn't sorry, and I wouldn't expect her to be. Then we have the issue of Ogura. I'm still not clear on if he and Seiichi were ever truly friends, or if he simply always targets Seiichi for pranks. I tend to think the latter. It's normal for a friend to be mad when you hurt them for seemingly no reason. But judging from the smirk on Ogura's face when he sees Seiichi getting teased, the way he blames the whole incident on Seiichi, and how he moves in on Fukiishi immediately, I don't think he's a good kid. Though, I would expect Fukiishi to know that already. So letting him kiss her strikes me as odd, unless she truly feels so alone at the moment that any affection is welcome. And with the added stress from her home situation, she very well could.

  • Josel Castillo
    Josel Castillo

    I don't know what i got myself into. But some of these panels are going to give me nightmares. I searched up Junji Ito's work and it is terrifying. Hes such a talented person.

  • Derilo Lucas
    Derilo Lucas

    In the description Seduz is miss written

  • Jero TK
    Jero TK

    I read it and now I need more

  • Baller

    My heart sank at 16:55

  • Baller

    Your videos are amazing

  • Hoseok’s verse
    Hoseok’s verse

    Idk how to explain it but the panel with the angry mother hits so hard because you’re expecting to be feeling the uncomfortable creeping dread of not only losing the person you’re supposed to feel safe and protected by but having to see it happen and feel helpless as they get farther and farther away. I think a lot of people are familiar with this scenario and the usual aftermath of such an experience as well which is usually relief and happiness and the comfort of being reunited with your guardian. Being confronted by such anger and even hatred is so unexpected and confusing that the relief you should be feeling is completely replaced with a different kind of dread and helplessness that’s so much more unfamiliar and doesn’t really have any kind of known solution

  • Majin Sugars
    Majin Sugars

    Nothing was scary in this vid

  • Ma. Althea Valdezpinosa
    Ma. Althea Valdezpinosa

    I love psycho horror.

  • Takkun4343

    At this point, I'm not even bothered at the negative backlash towards the Aku no Hana anime's decision to rotoscope everything. Sure, it often looks awkward and loses a lot of Oshimi's expressiveness, but in decreasing the visual appeal that would allow certain audiences to fetishize the actions taken by the characters, the adaptation works at being horrific in a different but nonetheless effective manner. I mean, I know *I'd* be less willing to do what Anime!Nakamura demands of me than Manga!Nakamura...

  • Teddy Cipolla
    Teddy Cipolla

    Hi! Where can I find high quality manga scans?

  • xsored

    The manga seems to be Chi No Wadachi

  • african booty scratcher
    african booty scratcher

    I don’t feel comfortable in my own room anymore ._.

  • lefur8

    I'm always impressed at how well researched and thoughtful your videos are

  • ShironLue

    Imagine if this gets an adaptation, and it turns out really good Hope not, it already is great!

  • Evelyn Ellis
    Evelyn Ellis

    The part where he showed the 1st person kid trying to catch up with his mom just made me sad but when I saw her face my heart stopped, I'm not even joking

  • Elyxvion

    I nearly fucking peed myself at 9:52

  • EmptyKingdoms

    I think you missed the same opportunity as SolePorpoise's _OTH: How Bloodborne Transforms the Myth_ and since I've commented there, I won't do it all again here (is this a IT-my reference? yes, let's turn this into a scholarship of its own). The idea is _not_ of what is human in all this, first of all because we can't even define what the heck is human if not as the animal that tries (somewhat in vain) to separate itself from its constitutive animal-ity. And so the idea is to think of all that is inhuman and that we keep trying to forget as such. It's the same with myths: they are not about the humanity of nature or whatever anthropocentric bs, they are about how inhuman the universe is and how all this crosses us every now and then and we have to deal with these diagonals, these transversals. And how hard it is, because there is really no way of dealing, it is just overwhelming. And this is not horror, this is philosophy.

  • Luisa

    love the video

  • Noel Moncibais
    Noel Moncibais


  • VividlyAwesome Chargepulsed
    VividlyAwesome Chargepulsed

    Your voice, the animatics, and background audio making the manga seem so chilling. I haven't read this but I will now. You should just make some video's of reading chapters to us

  • He May Hikaru
    He May Hikaru

    so what manga is this?

    • Some Person
      Some Person

      Chi no wadachi (a trail of blood). Still ongoing

  • Seymour Disapproves
    Seymour Disapproves

    Wolf, have you considered a career in narrating audio books? I think you would be very good at it.

  • Seymour Disapproves
    Seymour Disapproves

    1:25 oh my gosh, you're so good at this! I actually gasped!

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light

    Bruh, I'll be honest, the way you show the panel with the eerie music made the music more terrifying than the panel.

  • Olocip Picolo
    Olocip Picolo

    Once in a while, I go buy a manga that I've no idea what it is about, that I've never heard of. One time, I came across the first volume of this series. Gotta say I wasn't disappointed

  • fangedladybug

    SEW: You can see it all on her face, clear as day! Me, face-blind: ...

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