The MOST Disrespectful NBA Moments Of All Time
Today I'm checking out some of the most disrespectful and dirtiest plays in the NBA!
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  • ryan bonhard
    ryan bonhard

    jesser: kuzma,clank. me: what did he saayyyyyy

  • RedFlame09

    4:17 what did he say

  • Axel The Bush
    Axel The Bush

    The way he laughs at these just makes my day

  • getvibechecked_real

    rubio keep goint to the floor

  • Robert Howell
    Robert Howell

    Balls of steel

  • Kennedy Payne
    Kennedy Payne

    Jesse the KD one is when the crowd was cheering

  • OwenAndFriends

    I subed so I am a part of the jesser army

  • OwenAndFriends

    Florida gator 🐊

  • OwenAndFriends

    Fav collage team in 321

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Kros Gaming
    Kros Gaming

    Ben Simmons set a good screen not bad sportsmanship

  • Lisa Chronister
    Lisa Chronister

    Quote of the decade “doeseh peef plop a little” jesser

  • Carter Blattner
    Carter Blattner

    Any one else realize that Jae crowder is in every clip

  • DualScripts

    why dont i see tiyler

  • Roxius

    jesser PAUSE 4:14

  • Rylan Holleman
    Rylan Holleman

    On the Kevin Durant one was disrespectful because after he got injured the crowd was cheering because he got hurt

  • Brickbois NZ
    Brickbois NZ

    Hey Jesse as a referee bonking someone is illegal lol

  • Smitty


  • 박미정

    The acidic rub specifically please because bill italy bake concerning a neat citizenship. unused, complex raven

  • Thomas Mendell
    Thomas Mendell

    Plzz react to devin booker highlights

  • zvsgames

    “Did he get a knee to the balls?” Got me 😂😂😂

  • Brotherhood

    Did he not notice that the crowd was cheering when KD got injured

  • Nathan Hudson
    Nathan Hudson

    Anyone else notice jesser edited out embid fouling siakam because it was an obvious foul😂

  • Tj Duhe
    Tj Duhe

    The one with KD was the crowd was cheering when he got hurt

  • Kvng Zay
    Kvng Zay

    The KD one was the fans were cheering and laughing when he got hurt

  • 2k Tryhard
    2k Tryhard

    Only ogs know about the rec story when jesser hit the kids head

  • Tyler Craciun
    Tyler Craciun

    jesser what was disrespectful was the fans cheering that kd got hurt

  • Xavier Hidalgo
    Xavier Hidalgo

    Doesn’t Mopl Remind you of Rubio

  • Breyden Pennington
    Breyden Pennington

    Jesse the KD one was because the crowd celebrated his injury

  • AMP Music Videos
    AMP Music Videos

    I love dribbling through dudes legs 😩🤤

  • Shawn Faulkner
    Shawn Faulkner

    Do the hardest football hits of all time

  • Supa Rian
    Supa Rian

    It’s was that Toronto was clapping when durAnt got hurt

  • Ryddog 23
    Ryddog 23

    Do more nba reactions

  • Seth Hellesen
    Seth Hellesen

    I remember he told this story a couple years ago😂

  • Levi Da Turtle
    Levi Da Turtle

    How was iverson stepping over ty lue not in this vid

  • Ilija Durutovic
    Ilija Durutovic

    Jesser pause moment:"You have some deadly neck"

  • dannyy

    I remember listening to Jesse tell that basketballlll story a while ago.

  • Elijah Benson
    Elijah Benson


  • Ptr

    Life accomplishments ✔️Jesser hearted my comment ✔️Jesser commented on my commented ✔️Won the teaball World Series

  • Jack G
    Jack G

    Part 2

  • Just- Soldan
    Just- Soldan

    3:43 jesser learning some cash-nesse

  • Jonah Varkul
    Jonah Varkul

    3:43 what language is that

  • Jonah Varkul
    Jonah Varkul

    No Jesser Welcome your beautiful face

  • Jonathan Madison
    Jonathan Madison

    I am a big boy and it does hurt to get a screen from another big boy but when you set one and the bigger but just body checks you that hurts really hurts

  • Zeeshan Ahmed
    Zeeshan Ahmed

    Where reddit videos ?

  • AP Jayden
    AP Jayden

    Partyyyy PEOPLEEEE

  • i only take dubs
    i only take dubs

    Jesser the kd one was the crowd was cheering after he got hurt

  • Derrick Christian Sevilla
    Derrick Christian Sevilla

    Bro jesser it was the crowd reaction that was disrespectful for that durant injury not the players

  • Damiann

    Me: falls asleep while watching videos Jesse: WELCOME YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES BACK!!

  • Mendy

    The Kevin Durant one was the fans cheering since he got hurt

  • Zay Zay
    Zay Zay

    I thum nail is my cousin smacking another nba player

  • Qasim M
    Qasim M

    7:30 but the cameras weren't on.

  • Julian Lally
    Julian Lally

    This Should be on trending

  • Grayson Pitts
    Grayson Pitts

    The crowd was being disrespectful on the KD injury. They were cheering and waving at him goodbye

  • GreysonPlayz 8
    GreysonPlayz 8

    Everyone having flashbacks from story time with Todd

  • Jackiechan09

    It Jeff Teague jesser favorite player

  • mryeet 45
    mryeet 45

    69k views nice 😏

  • Ben Plasterer
    Ben Plasterer

    When watching these videos it makes me think that Jesser does not watch the NBA on 📺

  • Mark Allan Mendoza
    Mark Allan Mendoza

    4:40 the crowd cheered when durant gets hurt

  • Joe Pron
    Joe Pron

    Jesse "Get to the gym" it was only Dwayne Wade


    🔥🔥🔥 content

  • Dominic Marengo
    Dominic Marengo

    7:33 real ones know that’s from storytime

  • Hollywood 1230
    Hollywood 1230

    Jesse The KD one where he got hurt the crowd started clapping because he got hurt.

  • e hag
    e hag

    me and my brother played 1 v 1 and he pushed me into the basketball pole because i had a wide open layup


    Noice vid


    unicorn family with rick

  • David Doubman
    David Doubman

    all my homies hate grayson allen

  • Willie Green
    Willie Green


    • Willie Green
      Willie Green

      At 4:25 is a big PAUSE ⏸️

  • Kay Chau
    Kay Chau

    4:50 I think the crowd was cheering for the injury

  • Nathan Oakes
    Nathan Oakes

    Jesser should do a dog jeopardy.

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