The Most Iconic Fight in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
AfroSenju XL
There was MANY iconic moments in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot that I can't wait to play. But before those, Goku VS Vegeta hands down has to be one of the most Iconic Fights in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Especially when you take into consideration of how Vegeta is now. Even going back and watch Goku VS Vegeta in the anime hits different because of that
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Playlist:
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  • Godti187 Gaming
    Godti187 Gaming

    Ultra instinct was beautiful babbbbbyyyy

  • Caleb.

    Krillin and Gohan: 8:23. Afro: “The Kids”

  • Jayson Cannon
    Jayson Cannon

    6:04 whenever your crush text you back

  • MrCrazyGameGuy

    But... Kaioken only bolsters his physical strength... this always annoyed me when I was a kid, because how does it have any effect on his Kamehameha... Also... first time you see Ozaru fighting... 10/10 best DBZ moment ever.

  • Darius Johnson
    Darius Johnson

    Piccolo kidnapping gohan to train him.

  • Hegatin Ekul
    Hegatin Ekul

    16:59 8:35

  • Draco Bushe
    Draco Bushe

    My favorite part was when goku went mastered ultra instinct

  • Jonathan Mandes jr
    Jonathan Mandes jr

    Gohan went super sayin in the hyablolical time chamber training with goku

  • 234 subscribers without any videos challenge
    234 subscribers without any videos challenge

    Imagine if krillin accidentally absorbed the spirit bomb and became ultra instinct or a super saiyan 🤣🤣

  • 234 subscribers without any videos challenge
    234 subscribers without any videos challenge

    I wish nappa and Raditz teamed up to kill Vegeta

  • Daijiion Smith
    Daijiion Smith

    Ape fight Vegeta Afro: Easy Do we need to ring back those apes from Sekiro instead????

  • A.G.P.

    Lmao fam! You did that video haha also I agree I think dragon ball z Kakarot captured the sagas really well 👍🏾👍🏾

  • A.G.P.

    Lmao why was I laughing so much at 7:45 😂😂

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    2:59 "FLYING NIGGAS!"

  • Eladio Camacho Chan
    Eladio Camacho Chan

    28:31 the way goku says that, OMFG THAT'S HILARIOUS

  • O_- See_You2
    O_- See_You2

    My boi krillin got on them 2020 Bruce Lee's on his feet. Fuck Goku pointy ass air Max.

  • DuckBoy

    The thing I like about DBZ is that Vegeta after the Saiyan Saga Vegeta begins to look older as the show progresses. Goku does a little as well, but it’s not very noticeable.

  • DuckBoy

    Top 5 most iconic DBZ moments 1. Super Saiyan Goku 2. Goku v. Vegeta 3. Vegeta’s Sacrafice 4. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan 5. Any Vegeta Super Saiyan transformations Honorable Mentions SSJ3 Goku Vegito Edit: Not including Super

  • Bailey Dix
    Bailey Dix

    Can I get an f for nappa

  • joseph fielding
    joseph fielding

    Why do the earlier parts of the game look way better than after the frieza ark

  • Jaedin Watson
    Jaedin Watson

    Yamcha getting blown up

  • Jayden Parker
    Jayden Parker

    Am I the only one who wants a flying nimbus

  • Jayden Parker
    Jayden Parker

    My iconic fight from dragon ball z is semi perfect cell vs tien. even if it was short, Team 4 Star dbz abridged paraody of this left me laughing

  • tyler fuquaa
    tyler fuquaa

    Mine is definitely ssj 2 hogan cell saga gave me chills when I was a kid not the same now tho :/

  • DarthSour Eagle91
    DarthSour Eagle91

    Dude I want your discord link And your leaf/Afro ninja is beast

  • StrictLE3 Gaming
    StrictLE3 Gaming

    At least this monkey didn’t piss you off in this series

  • Omelet

    Mines gotta be ssj 2 gohan absolutely kicking cells ass

  • Nintenerdo

    Most iconic moment was vegeta's sacrifice.

  • Halo Trial OG
    Halo Trial OG

    A saiyan has to lose their tail to turn super saiyan. Super saiyan 1 is still wayyy stronger than monkey form. Ironically to get super saiyan 4 you need to have a tail, hence why they grow it back in GT but it's not really canon

  • Mikie God's Gift
    Mikie God's Gift

    All time moment in dbz has to be when goku went supersayian the first time

  • Alec Hibbs
    Alec Hibbs

    Is really no one gonna mention afros perfect cut off scream when fighting great ape vegeta?

  • Tw• up
    Tw• up

    game is trash it was originally supose to be on mobile under a different name after db legends dropped 🤣

  • DBT 13 Is cool
    DBT 13 Is cool

    I beat vegeta second attempt s rank with half green health idk how I did that

  • UnderratedSZN

    I know for sure that this is Yamchas most iconic moment 6:18 😂😂

  • DeAndre Rsheed
    DeAndre Rsheed

    Goku's power level was never suppose to be over 9000. It was a typo that they stuck with. As far as Kakarot goes, They wanted the experience to be as close to the original manga as possible which was 5000.

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson

    I'm fairly certain you have to reach a certain power level in order to trigger the Super Saiyan transformation. Specifically around the level Goku was when he fought Freeza.

  • Jeff Havenar
    Jeff Havenar

    Honestly, and this is just my opinion here... but the game is fantastic all the way through the Saiyan Saga... then it sorta drops off...The Frieza saga is alright, but not as impressive, and so far the Android saga is pretty whatever now too. The quality in the bossfights just declines so much.

  • SMU

    Goku kinda looks like a super Saiyan god when he in kio ken.

  • Cool Flip
    Cool Flip

    Freiza.freaiza killing vegeta then krillin.goku 1st turning super sayian....GINU FORCE DANCE MOVES!!!

  • Valence


  • Tiyiselani Nkombyani
    Tiyiselani Nkombyani

    11:04 Me: Vegeta should have won, it was over Friend: why?????? Me: Coz he had the high ground

  • Jj Mmm
    Jj Mmm

    16:00 what was Vegeta's plan here? Destroy the planet and then what? Fly in space?

  • Batskywalker124

    Goku vs Majin Vegeta

  • Dlzzying Swing
    Dlzzying Swing

    If u really think abt it he was really just so much better then goku they jumped this nigga

  • Bumbastic Biggs
    Bumbastic Biggs

    I'm pretty sure that they can't grow their tails after they reach the maturity age, so like 18 years old

  • Jeffrey Bond
    Jeffrey Bond

    when Goku leg kick up from the force of his kameha wave is life bro

  • Josh Akinwale
    Josh Akinwale

    Only young Saiyans can grow their tails back

  • kira black
    kira black

    Mines ssj vegeta

  • Reverof Enola
    Reverof Enola

    Really nitpicking here but he keeps pronouncing KAI-o-ken incorrectly.

  • Chirs Popcorn
    Chirs Popcorn

    Dende healing everyone

  • rgikki

    My favourite dbz moment was with the T4S abridge version... the gohan fight in the og dbz was fucking awesome but the T4S version was on a completly diferent level... AND THE MUSIC GOD THE MUSIC!!!! all the hairs on my body just went "HERE TAKE MY ENERGY!!! OHHHHoooohhOOOOHH!!!"

  • Silver D. Yeager
    Silver D. Yeager

    Teen Gohan going ssj2 🖤

  • AsPeCt4392

    Why didn’t Vegeta go Ultra Instinct there?

  • Krxnical

    my moment would probably be when Gohan did One-Handed Kamehameha like no other character achieved this. It was a intense and emotional part of Gohan's life and to me makes it my favorite part.

  • Dictator of Robotica
    Dictator of Robotica

    Is he always this aggressive against enemies. Because he didn't let vegeta breathe for a minute.

  • Gc Cg
    Gc Cg

    Imagine a dam dbz game like the rest with no online big money grab seen this and sed fuck it I rather play xenoverse2

  • Kaelan Beatson
    Kaelan Beatson

    Majin Vegeta was my most impactful moment

  • TNT 24
    TNT 24

    Super sayian vegeta

  • FBI Alypstick
    FBI Alypstick

    My favorite Iconic moment in DBZ is: Vegeta sacrificing himself Broly turning LSSJ to 10's in the background Goku killing Frieza and Kid Buu (Goku's sad face after killing Frieza really made me love his character even more; and Goku killing Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb...such a great moment.) Vegeta resisting Babidi's control Gogeta beating Broly's ass Goku and Vegeta going SSGSS (My favorite form other than SSJ1/2. SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL) Goku and Vegeta achieving Royal Blue and Ultra Instinct and Trunks killing 17, 18, Cell, and Zamasu in his future.

  • Jimmy Habooboo
    Jimmy Habooboo

    8:24 just disrespected the fuck outta krillin

  • jazzy Dennis
    jazzy Dennis

    Bruh you just called krillin a kid 8:23

  • God Bear
    God Bear

    SSJ Goku is the most iconic scene in Anime history.

  • Rob Mitchell Man
    Rob Mitchell Man

    Great Ape Fight @17:25 ~Rob Mitchell Man~

  • Jc's Universe
    Jc's Universe

    the way you're controlling goku in that vegata vs goku looks like an anime fight. It's so hype bro!!!!!!!

  • Roberto Flores
    Roberto Flores

    Damn, so they really skipped the “It’s over 9000” (it’s technically 8000 but still) and when Krillin throws the Destructo Disc at Nappa

  • derick david
    derick david

    Only saiyan children can regrow their tail after a certain age it can’t grow back👌

  • Brandon Krempec
    Brandon Krempec

    I have never watched DBZ, (I did watch the tournament of power in super) but watching your vids made me get the game and I'm hella digging it!

  • stop talking shit
    stop talking shit

    Tien tri beaming semi perfect cell

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown

    This is like budaki 2-3

    • Reverof Enola
      Reverof Enola

      Ehhh...more like Budokai 3's Story Mode or "Dragon Universe" as an actual game. Which is great because Dragon Universe was my favorite part about Budokai 3 and why I put it above Tenkaichi 3.

  • castelox

    But I'm also leaving

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