The Most Insane Couple Ever.. TLC #11
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  • Viridiana D B
    Viridiana D B

    9:30 "can't bealive that hapenned! That's amazing, I mean, aweful". Got cha

  • Sydney Sears
    Sydney Sears

    Pewds keeps doin the Paul face

  • Selena Lin
    Selena Lin

    omg now i think he's an actual psycho what the actual f

  • C:

    This dude is so spoiled

  • emmanuel garcia
    emmanuel garcia

    ay I got number one

  • Mrjkjd

    Paul should see a psychiatrist because he is obviously psychotic... I’ve NEVER seen such a broken man... No wonder he acts so weird and bad

  • Repo

    Pewdiepie funny and good forsure, but it just shocks me how hes at 107m subs

  • •LiL [ash]•
    •LiL [ash]•

    Gosh I feel like the women that are foreign are so mean to men in these shows.

  • •LiL [ash]•
    •LiL [ash]•

    The one thing I appreciated about this couple. Was that this couple didn't have the whole green card situation.

  • Noen Kristoff Balume
    Noen Kristoff Balume

    Why didn't Paul just put everything in a bag and in the military case

  • christina kratochvilova
    christina kratochvilova

    I'm distracted by the mom's eyebrows

  • Mae Lim
    Mae Lim

    When Felix brought up the ac possibly falling on someone, I can finally say I have a fear of walking near tall buildings with windows


    T series can go kick rocks!


    Yo that opening was fuckin sick AF!!!!! lol

  • kur0mi333

    i got an ad for ur merch 😐

  • Daddy Erwin
    Daddy Erwin

    One Punch Man is so good omg love that intro

    • toriko 123
      toriko 123


  • The1920sChannel

    Pewds: I don't understand rent. Owning land and milking it for money doesn't seem right. New York Times: PewDiePie is a Communist!

  • The1920sChannel

    He looks like he's faking every emotion

  • olivia stinespring
    olivia stinespring

    Felix don’t apologize for dissing America. As an American I can say for most of us, I hate it here it’s horrid. Send help.

  • Mishap & Me
    Mishap & Me

    honestly, the way they're acting, they deserve each other. A bit of mutual respect wouldn't go amiss here.

  • Obi-wan konbei Jedi master
    Obi-wan konbei Jedi master

    i dont know why she is talking trash about that second house comparred to her's lol

  • Obi-wan konbei Jedi master
    Obi-wan konbei Jedi master

    just get a divorce so colt can marrie his mom lol

  • Obi-wan konbei Jedi master
    Obi-wan konbei Jedi master


  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab

    Pewdiepie, mate, putting an air conditioner in a window isn't something you need a professional to do lol. A 10 year old could do it. Prolly better than Paul.

  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab

    8:56 that's why we Americans have guns lol. Shoot those useless stains between the eyes and put them down

  • Saltiest Salt
    Saltiest Salt

    I dont even feel like his mom would be overly obsessive with him. It feels like shes relatively normal but doesnt know how to deal with his weird behaviour and the fact that he never grew up

  • beastypie99

    8:00 - 9:26 Paul IQ 9000

  • jeshereal

    watching these couples from TLC makes me not wanting to marry

  • FrkKatch

    Thank you for the anxiety pewds 👌🏻

  • MrGoat 823
    MrGoat 823

    We need more TLC vids

  • MrGoat 823
    MrGoat 823

    Robbers : give me ur phones (while their dumb asses dont get the cameras that r what 5k each)

  • awesomeferret

    I'm assuming you're joking about rent, right? That was a pretty good troll there lol.

  • Necee Laurent
    Necee Laurent

    My boyfriend is Mexican, he visits Mexico in October every year and they give him bullet proof vests before going places, but I think Paul just brought his. Offensive in my opinion

  • Gabriela Alencar
    Gabriela Alencar

    Watching this and being Brazilian is a whole different feeling

  • Joleen eliz
    Joleen eliz

    His mom was just trynna help him. If it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

  • Neelya

    My exo-l heart was hollering when I saw this 24:01 LOL

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry

    $500 for the lot that doesn't include the mobile home!

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry

    Buying a home as is he is basically going to do a renovation.

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry

    Paul is cheap. Trailers can be very nice and inexpensive but he wants to do every thing the hard way. If he can afford to travel back and forth to brazil this man can afford a nice place to live

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry

    Crazy being a camera man there and thinking you are just filming for work and then you get mugged!!! and the poor girl you are filming is getting mugged and the Brazilian police are shooting at someone right in front of you.

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry

    He got that girl pregnant wow sad

  • Anis T.M
    Anis T.M

    how the f.. they took her phone and didnt took the camera that was filming like damn its an indian movie

  • Raysa Cassanelli
    Raysa Cassanelli

    Aw him cleaning up the house was cute.

  • Logan Wright
    Logan Wright

    Mom: "Can you pick two and go?" Paul: "Mom mom mom please please" Bruh she asked 1 question chill

  • Virtual Himeji
    Virtual Himeji

    Nono no that's lot rent. Basically paying to park the home on the space. Sometimes it includes water and electricity but not always

  • Oen Bernardine
    Oen Bernardine

    i hate that he looks like Garett watts

  • fallengamer

    His mom blinks too much. Close your damn eyes..

  • K C
    K C


  • Srishti Joshi
    Srishti Joshi

    I want a meme video, gif, or a sticker with pewds saying "THIS SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL" !

  • Leo Endo
    Leo Endo

    He is exactly acting like Cartman when havin a problem

  • Blake Parkhurst
    Blake Parkhurst

    My Figurine has been sitting in my town since July and AfterShip says "forwarding" I really just hope it shows up EVER 😢😢😢😢

  • Vagupi07


  • ManzyOlaver

    22:55 his reaction lol

  • Niclas Koch
    Niclas Koch

    Concerning the AC-fear I recommend a certain murder scene in fargo, season 3

  • LadyBlue


  • Jowan James
    Jowan James

    Anyone else thinks that PewDiePie is starting to look like Fred from first dates

  • webslingercj

    He told her dad he'd protect her. Then she gets mugged Without him to be found Lol

  • Kat

    "what if I walk underneath a building and some idiot Paul guy installed his own AC" 😂😂

  • May

    As a Brazilian, i can confirm that all these scenes are a normal day here. Also, come to brazil!

  • Lucy Singh
    Lucy Singh

    Today I unlocked the new fear of falling objects

  • Julissya

    poods looks like a weird combination of steve jobs and a cartoon thief

  • claidel bautista
    claidel bautista

    it started with the hair.

  • likaboss7654

    They are getting robbed (lightning can strike twice) if they pay $500 for that dump

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    “Sorry Americans you’re great obviously” I swear this man can literally be EXTREMELY racist, and I’ll still love this him

  • Andika Budi Hermawan
    Andika Budi Hermawan

    what de fck, getting mugged in that wide park?? with machete?? I would never want to go out I live there... or, I don't know... can I even be safe in my home?? I am afraid WTF Brazil on another note: Paul must have left all the necessary things to fights against robbery in his military grade box, if not she will not get mugged

  • Meow Princess
    Meow Princess

    paul always looks like a 3 year old when he cant have any more cookies

  • Jay Speckhardt
    Jay Speckhardt

    I dont think some people from america understand how dangerous some parts of brazil really is, This kinda of thing happens a lot and almost daily.

  • Blaze Hoodie
    Blaze Hoodie

    I got 69,420

  • ScabbleDabble

    Pewdiepie ur not wrong that's EXACTLY what rent is here in the USA

  • Keeyan Dameen
    Keeyan Dameen

    Imagine 2 year old watching this with their parents and they all watch cocomlon

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