The Most ODDLY SATISFYING Video Compilation EVER
The Most ODDLY SATISFYING Video Compilation EVER
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to The Most ODDLY SATISFYING Video Compilation EVER


  • Jaelyn Rodriguez
    Jaelyn Rodriguez

    One like is a love for azzy

  • Magical

    The slimey stuff that melts is called oblek

  • Jaxon King-Murray
    Jaxon King-Murray

    Azzy it's called Ooblek

  • Kaylin Lackey
    Kaylin Lackey

    Azzy the putty is called oblec

  • Kristina Wåger
    Kristina Wåger


  • Tazeen Rahman
    Tazeen Rahman

    Someone get her some slime😆

  • Kai hall
    Kai hall

    Hi azzy!

  • fluppyducky

    its called oobleck

  • Jon Christensen
    Jon Christensen

    Because that was oobleck

  • Nina Guthrie
    Nina Guthrie

    You should watch the DSv

  • Savannah Lonzo
    Savannah Lonzo

    This is how many people that loves AZZY ⬇

  • vocoloid0019 UwU
    vocoloid0019 UwU


  • Lillie Piercy
    Lillie Piercy

    Azzy:it's hard with pressure but soft by its self Me:it's call oobleck

  • Diaz gamer
    Diaz gamer

    I love you Assyrian. Can I get a shout out

  • siiri v
    siiri v

    I cant hear The sponges bc you're talking and The MUSIC! why IS there music at that kind of timing?

  • Adiv Dholakia
    Adiv Dholakia

    Don’t worry azzy these slime handelers are trained professionals in handeling glitter

  • Chiara Tomic
    Chiara Tomic

    your so cool

  • randy westerman
    randy westerman

    AzzyLand.exe has died 😵

  • Preston Dunlap
    Preston Dunlap

    the first one is minecraft in real life :O

  • Azzy easter
    Azzy easter

    So satisfying

  • Jennifer Knippenberg
    Jennifer Knippenberg

    It's called iblece

  • Verona Valentina Garcia Nessi
    Verona Valentina Garcia Nessi

    Azzy I’m sorry but you died before they video was done

  • Carter Sheffer
    Carter Sheffer

    Make it from water and flower

  • Emma Kranz
    Emma Kranz

    YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GUESS WHO THE BEST PERSON IS! Read the first two words and have a wonderful day!!!

    • Michelle Yeu
      Michelle Yeu

      Emma Kranz was it azzy

    • Caroline Taco King
      Caroline Taco King

      Aww thank you!!! You have a great day too!

  • Crazy Unicorn!
    Crazy Unicorn!

    I so want to do dis 1 like or subscribe if you are satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orange Porange
    Orange Porange

    The weird putty is called ooblek, (I think) and all you need is cornstarch and water.

  • Vic Ramos
    Vic Ramos

    Its not putty Its oobleck!!!

  • Susan Villanueva
    Susan Villanueva

    8:03 thats ooblek

  • Shelby Parry
    Shelby Parry


  • Jolification

    While rewatching this video I realized Azzy said delicious twice without doing the hand motion. 5:11 and 5:15 I am questioning my existence.

  • Too Blue
    Too Blue

    2:36 little did we know, this was an elusive sighting of Percy Jackson

  • Jill Mooney
    Jill Mooney

    If u like azy click here 👍🏼

  • Roxy the fox amintons
    Roxy the fox amintons


  • Awakhiwe Gan
    Awakhiwe Gan

    3:04- Advanced farming be like:

  • Totally Tavie
    Totally Tavie

    Its obbleck

  • Sael Hanna
    Sael Hanna

    The strange putty is called ooblik it is made from cornstarch and water

  • Lloyd Mason
    Lloyd Mason

    This is so satifying

  • Sandra Gomez
    Sandra Gomez

    I love you ❤️😘💕 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Cristy Bishop
    Cristy Bishop

    it is called ooblek

  • Tiffanny Lin
    Tiffanny Lin

    It is called oobleck and that elastic hair band is called a scrunchi

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore


  • Danala Young
    Danala Young

    Gilttter is like that one best friend that never left your side 😔😔

  • Kenia Perla
    Kenia Perla

    I allowed to do like you

  • Kimberly Mauzy
    Kimberly Mauzy

    Azzy is the best who would not agree bc I do think she is the best

  • Gilbert Patingan
    Gilbert Patingan

    Can you make a slime i commented on your video of asmf of slime and i put there the things you will need and the process pleasex200 do it azzy🤗💕

  • Reshmi Anjanee Jagdaroo
    Reshmi Anjanee Jagdaroo

    Jazzy please do more satisfying videos.

  • Kambria White
    Kambria White

    Azzy those oddly satisfying videos blow my mind too

  • Ayanna Wesley
    Ayanna Wesley

    My sisters like ewww don’t smack your food in my ear but then omg I can’t get enough of asmr

  • Dempsanator

    Hi Azzy!!

  • Sybella Nikas
    Sybella Nikas

    that stuff thats made out of cornstarch is oobleck

  • Liv Herman
    Liv Herman

    The ‘putty’ is ooblec it’s a liquid when pressure isn’t applied and a solid when it is

    • Zayden McGraw
      Zayden McGraw

      @Liv Herman Oh im sorry thanks for noticing me :)

    • Liv Herman
      Liv Herman

      Zayden McGraw I’m pretty sure it’s ooblec also because the cornflour and water is what makes it be able to do that 😂

    • Zayden McGraw
      Zayden McGraw

      Im not hating or saying I know more I just think its a special kind of putty that allows you to do the same things as oobleck because in my experiences the Oobleck did not turn into liquid that fast and you cant smush it like that and play with it. No hate and please no arguments!

  • Anna Low
    Anna Low

    Azzy I LOVE ya but I can’t hear satisfying noises because you speak soo much love ya (no hate I am in your top three biggest fans)

  • Lexie Kolenda
    Lexie Kolenda

    For me food AMSR depends on how they eat the food and what food it is.

  • Hey Har
    Hey Har


  • sister and brother tv
    sister and brother tv

    I like slime asmr

  • Ishrat Hashmi
    Ishrat Hashmi

    I have a bed that can turn into a sofa

  • Mikayla Zurita-Claessen
    Mikayla Zurita-Claessen

    Azzy- Do you hear how the scizzors go like, shwoo shwoo shwoo? Me-. NO BECAUSE YOU WONT SHUT UP!

  • Gritcelis Nieves
    Gritcelis Nieves

    I love you.

  • Prinnymoo Gaming
    Prinnymoo Gaming

    Minecraft has taught me wrong about obisidian i trusted you minecraft i thought you educated me no obsidaian i can break it

  • Wesley Bayton
    Wesley Bayton

    Plz subscribe and comment back

  • Wesley Bayton
    Wesley Bayton

    Wooooowie wow wow 😮 sooooooo satisfying

  • Melinda Reid
    Melinda Reid

    This is so amazing and satisfying to watch please like I never get any likes

  • Piper Chin
    Piper Chin

    it is not putty it is obleck you make with water and cornstarch when you let it be it is liquad when you move it is solid

  • Martin Sutton
    Martin Sutton


  • Pari Panda
    Pari Panda

    8:00 that ‘putty’ is called ooblek So when u put force on it it is rock solid But when u don’t put force and u just put ur hand on it softly and get watery

    • fluppyducky

      punch it

  • Longolongo Finau
    Longolongo Finau

    i love this 👍😍❤️💕💕💗💝😁😍🥰😝😜😛😚🤩🤤🙌🏻😻👍🤝🙀

  • Longolongo Finau
    Longolongo Finau

    Never gets old 😍💗😜💝😘❤️👌

  • Zoe A
    Zoe A

    I am allergic to paint,slime and carpet they just make me itchy but still

  • Carolina Sanchez Soroa
    Carolina Sanchez Soroa

    Azzyland oh she has a hair elastic VSCO girl um it’s a scrunchie skskskskksks and I oop 🤣🤣🤣

  • Taylor Mar
    Taylor Mar

    3:13 I do

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