The Most ODDLY SATISFYING Video Compilation EVER
The Most ODDLY SATISFYING Video Compilation EVER
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to The Most ODDLY SATISFYING Video Compilation EVER


  • Emily Brannan
    Emily Brannan

    it works azzy

  • Nerdy Bubbles
    Nerdy Bubbles

    I don’t like eating asmr but I watch it at 2 am while I’m starving

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas

    Like I was eating mochi🍡

  • bird house
    bird house

    No music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grace Swanson
    Grace Swanson

    That’s not eating corn at some pumpkin patches they have pits of dried corn for kids to play in lol

  • Rebecca Kastawi
    Rebecca Kastawi

    No offense but when sne's talking i couldn't here anything she's talking about how satisfying it sounds but i can't hear anything bc she's talking and she has headphones on so when you do one of these i suggest to let the viewers hear it for themselves

  • Eseme Unuavworho
    Eseme Unuavworho

    I thought you could only break obsidian with a diamond pickaxe, well thanks for misleading me minecraft 😠

  • اشرف ندا
    اشرف ندا

    The ment7 41 it is not Noodles these is konafa

  • R M
    R M

    I got an air canon

  • R M
    R M

    I got a Air

  • Shamelya Jones
    Shamelya Jones

    BOO Azzy

  • Bubbly Melon
    Bubbly Melon

    Imagine someone sticks gum underneath the pick nick table and then when I flips to a bench...

  • six

    that moment when your watching a satisfying video and the video freeses

  • Velvet Rose
    Velvet Rose

    7:57 its called : Oobleck or something ;-;

  • XxBlueFirexX Gamer
    XxBlueFirexX Gamer

    Azzy it's not puddy it's called Oobleck

  • LuigiChamp Number 1
    LuigiChamp Number 1

    That woman that had pet hair everywhere she should get that vacuum from the commercial so it can get deep into the carpet to vacuum up all the pet hair

  • Yara Wahbi
    Yara Wahbi

    So satisfying

  • Crystal Gamer
    Crystal Gamer

    Azzy:WOOW.... What is this putty Me:Azzy..... It's obleck

  • Nasir, Nailah, Saadia & Samiyah Ikhlas
    Nasir, Nailah, Saadia & Samiyah Ikhlas

    If you're going to talk while you're doing your video can you please at least whisper with you I wanna go to sleep😓

  • Emmablanchard

    This is how many people absoulutly love slime@

  • Emmablanchard

    I love you're and kasies videos

  • adam brown
    adam brown

    I love your vids can I have a shout out pls if you do them

  • Gino Tucker
    Gino Tucker

    Duffy Russ for them fig hehe foray hghhwrhwrwwwwrwwefuwufwuwuwejqqe1udufyrrytutur7uudquwfu47r9r

  • Gino Tucker
    Gino Tucker

    I not a b****

    • Gino Tucker
      Gino Tucker

      It's not bich

  • Katy Thomas
    Katy Thomas

    the weird liquid is oobleck and you can make it with water and cornstarch.

  • Leann Simmons
    Leann Simmons

    I love food ASMR btw the slime is called ooblek

  • Margarita Nunez
    Margarita Nunez


  • Marie Palmer
    Marie Palmer

    azzy the carrots go to the supermarket

  • Natalie Claire
    Natalie Claire

    I have 3 cats so my carpet stairs would have like triple that amount of fur

  • Azzy Is beautiful
    Azzy Is beautiful

    I love you Azzy

  • Sarah Quilty
    Sarah Quilty

    Wow 🙂🙂🙂

  • Edite Gavare
    Edite Gavare

    azzy i m a big fan but i dont like ur song

  • Queen Puppy
    Queen Puppy

    By the way the putty I think is ooblec sorry if I spelled h\that wrong

  • Queen Puppy
    Queen Puppy

    Azzy: DO you hear the way the scissors go into the sponge Me: No you did not put the effects in

  • Daredevil Central
    Daredevil Central


  • Jennavieve Gehlhoff
    Jennavieve Gehlhoff

    it's called oobleck. try doing an oobleck pool when you have space.

  • Lauren Wills
    Lauren Wills

    9:38 is the way I feel for azzy Like if you love her too

  • Eve For Shopping Online Rafeh
    Eve For Shopping Online Rafeh

    Hi hi hi I love you Google you make some awesome videos can you make some more videos like things I love your videos when you do something because it's all the clothes and all the things I have the picture

  • Xx Triple J xX
    Xx Triple J xX

    Roses are red Violets aren’t blue


    If u want us to hear then don't talk

  • Jim Oler
    Jim Oler

    I want ice cream sandwich now :C

  • Adopt me updates and roblox Sometimes BitLife
    Adopt me updates and roblox Sometimes BitLife

    No one: Not even a gacha: Me: wakes up at 2:30

  • Chloe Watts
    Chloe Watts

    At 2:35 he is eating mochi

  • Adriana Deschaine
    Adriana Deschaine

    Have I been living under a rock?😂

  • Rokaya Emad
    Rokaya Emad

    That not noodles it something only muslim or arabs understand we do this in Ramadan and he is arab not American or like talks English and its called knafa and the slime thats wet then its solid thats not slime its obleck its made with cornstarch and water ( I LOVE YOU AZZY

  • itz cocoa bear
    itz cocoa bear

    I mean 1:55

  • itz cocoa bear
    itz cocoa bear

    Um am I the only one who heard the Elsa at 1:57

  • Lexi Parado
    Lexi Parado

    Wait the first movie my mom try it

  • Maggie Eileen
    Maggie Eileen

    I love asmr

  • Sumayya Asif
    Sumayya Asif

    Why do you look like your crying

  • Itz_ Reese
    Itz_ Reese

    Azzy you should do a oddly satisfying video with Gloom

  • Gamesplus Challenges
    Gamesplus Challenges

    Azzy at 8:03 it’s called oobleck it’s both liquid and solid (yes there is a word for liquid and solid I think)

  • Rachelle Seiber
    Rachelle Seiber

    Rust is cool

  • Gacha **Cookie
    Gacha **Cookie

    On 1:12 I think it’s name is pench

  • kateplayz games
    kateplayz games

    OMG I just realized this video was posted the day before my 8th birthday

  • kateplayz games
    kateplayz games

    Azzy my dad is a wood worker and what you rub on wood is not resin

  • siren princess
    siren princess

    You should watch hunnibeeasmr

  • Sinead Albertus
    Sinead Albertus

    Me and my puppet watched a lot of your videos and we bolth love your videos

  • Lidia Gottlieb
    Lidia Gottlieb

    Azzyland that clay is called ooblek it’s a solid and a liquid at the same time

  • Ronald Schoonover
    Ronald Schoonover

    The cornstarch and water thing is called obleck

  • Rose Kiddle
    Rose Kiddle

    azzy: i want so many porshins of this i dont even care how many calories how much does it cost .....proberly not cheap

    • Kayla The Army
      Kayla The Army

      Portions* Probably*

  • Chloe Philippy
    Chloe Philippy


  • Chloe Philippy
    Chloe Philippy

    The corn is for animals I know because I am a farmer

  • Leigh Anne Austin
    Leigh Anne Austin

    Azzy: Where do all those carrots go!? Me: to grocery stores and into my stomach

    • Cris And Marti Vlogz
      Cris And Marti Vlogz


    • Emily Castro
      Emily Castro

      lol 😂



  • Juliette Costello
    Juliette Costello


  • Galax Squad
    Galax Squad

    The slime that turns hard with force and water when you don’t try to kinda known as the Jesus water

  • Fatima Ali
    Fatima Ali

    This is random but I just gained 2 pounds in 1 hour yesterday

  • K Gray
    K Gray

    I never felt so completed

  • Lariah Gowling
    Lariah Gowling

    Love your videos

  • Juliana Tataroiu
    Juliana Tataroiu

    Wooooooooooooooow sooooooooo trippie and I'm going to eat Chick-fil-A and ice cream today since you're looking at ice cream sandwiches and I like ice cream sandwiches I know so you're so awesome

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