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  • james Balagon
    james Balagon

    Wanna know hie to hack caylus i know how ill give u link lol but u need to be host

  • Reign Paz
    Reign Paz

    download it in happy mod to be a hacker

  • I Like Potatoes
    I Like Potatoes

    Notice how he kept calling cyan green πŸ‘Œ

  • Vienne Alex
    Vienne Alex

    7:41 yooo that was chara vs sans in among us


    The end: Another was not the Imposter 1000 Imposters remain...

  • Michael Roepke
    Michael Roepke

    Down voted and reported as the thumbnail was not in the vid. Clickbait and misleading.

  • H I ,.,
    H I ,.,

    I'm still waiting for infinite to react to neytirixs video like in the thumbnail....

  • Ryder Robertson
    Ryder Robertson


  • Zanxify

    I want INFINITE V-Bucks! Not sorry

  • kettel corn3607
    kettel corn3607

    That pink blob is the imposter. Which is why it ia called among us because someone is an alien. There is a whole Game Theory video that explains.

  • Lincoln Wright
    Lincoln Wright

    i hope they add those kills

  • Caleb Bishop
    Caleb Bishop

    And that is light blue not green

  • Caleb Bishop
    Caleb Bishop

    The fact how light blue seen the body to and didn’t report it

  • Jeannie Holt
    Jeannie Holt

    Weight have you noticed it says traumatize noises

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    I love how he said green for a minute straight and I’m looking at it and I be like β€œthat is cyan not green”

    • I Like Potatoes
      I Like Potatoes

      Yea.... I just now read the comment you coppied....

  • Essam Sappari
    Essam Sappari

    I Think It's A Mod Caylus I Think You Can Download It Soo Yeah

  • AgentOfMemez

    3:11 when Infinite goes color blind -_-

  • Sarah Veazey
    Sarah Veazey


  • Sarah Veazey
    Sarah Veazey

    It's LIL BILLY.

  • Sarah Veazey
    Sarah Veazey


  • kaelan martinez
    kaelan martinez

    I like your cut g ahhh

  • kaelan martinez
    kaelan martinez


  • Maze RunnerA5
    Maze RunnerA5

    I cant belive I used to watch this channel for fun.

  • Ashley Fox
    Ashley Fox

    If ur a true fan what does he say in his intro

  • Jxpuxp Ux
    Jxpuxp Ux

    I don’t like it but I think it’s fun

  • Raymond Houle
    Raymond Houle

    They did just be playing a mod that has the report button with a cool down

  • Ludwig Kulhaneck
    Ludwig Kulhaneck

    Where is oink for vid.....

  • Sophia Schader
    Sophia Schader

    *Me hacking* Me: "hehe" *gets banned for hacking* "GOD DAMN IT"

  • Amen Yazzie
    Amen Yazzie

    ig cyan is green

  • CR BN
    CR BN

    Infinite: GREEN IS THE IMPOSTER!!!” Video: shows cyan

  • ChienTe Feng
    ChienTe Feng

    The hacker one

  • ChienTe Feng
    ChienTe Feng

    I watched it already lol

  • tristan manyx
    tristan manyx

    2:45 Caylus: gg green Me: That's cyan

  • Emileigh Chadwell
    Emileigh Chadwell

    well the first thing you do is change your name to crewmate then you get into a game and in the chat type " i will be crewmate" before you start then you have to fun up to the door in the lobby then you stay there untill the game starts then you may shall enjoy being imposter

  • pn71201

    you can hack in amond us

  • Lightning Strike
    Lightning Strike

    He says green and I’m like ITS CYAN

  • s231 Lewis
    s231 Lewis

    Imagine stealing it friends girlfriend smh

  • Aviel Rowland
    Aviel Rowland

    Poor billy

  • Josh The JVCWO
    Josh The JVCWO

    Ummm it’s cyan not green

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin

    Lol it's so realistic and realixing

  • Guss Vargas
    Guss Vargas

    # best video ever

  • PewPew Gamer
    PewPew Gamer

    people dying: caylus: thats so cool

  • Kyle Maklister
    Kyle Maklister

    The most popular game right npw

  • Silas mΓΈller
    Silas mΓΈller

    you can hack

  • Remington Pope
    Remington Pope

    I agree

  • Rami Ballouz
    Rami Ballouz


  • Bunnie Kei
    Bunnie Kei

    My best friend can tel u

  • Bunnie Kei
    Bunnie Kei

    I think he doest know colors hes cyan not green

  • Hetal Gandhi
    Hetal Gandhi

    Fdghg seek offset girl

  • Ike Setiorini
    Ike Setiorini

    My character in among us name Watermelon

  • Mark Syrus YT
    Mark Syrus YT

    Ahh sakit

  • Mark Syrus YT
    Mark Syrus YT

    Noob me

  • Zoe Iara Mothersole
    Zoe Iara Mothersole

    Billy is a cute name

  • Christian Ocampo
    Christian Ocampo

    Dude this is the best youtuber she really are the best youtuber to us ok she is the most best youtuber to me what do you think

  • Angelica Dimaandal
    Angelica Dimaandal

    Sometimes i see your vids like your so scard like this "😱"

  • Brady Walters
    Brady Walters

    God imagine if you could hack in Among Us, just imagine man, jesus.

  • Calvin Limantio
    Calvin Limantio

    Do you mean cyan?


    Long time no watch

  • Zen Spachuk
    Zen Spachuk

    He is mean

  • Kingston Bradley
    Kingston Bradley

    Why is he so sad about people dieing?

  • captain ric123
    captain ric123

    thats not green that cyan

  • Zuliany Aguilar
    Zuliany Aguilar

    I wanna brush his hair for some reason. ☹

  • Th3DESTROYER 777
    Th3DESTROYER 777

    3:09 is it green or cyan who got green

  • Yaima Llabona
    Yaima Llabona

    Do u play roblox cuz its. Amazing i love that GAMEEEE

  • Benyamin Yuniarto
    Benyamin Yuniarto

    is not green is cyan

  • Julieta Aravena
    Julieta Aravena

    No 't guere inglis plis no 't inglis " espaΓ±ol

  • Guneet Singh
    Guneet Singh

    It is

  • Deklyn Robinson
    Deklyn Robinson

    Hmmmmm there’s four kill animations

  • Clissa ipina
    Clissa ipina

    Little Billy:( sad

  • goobly mcfarts
    goobly mcfarts

    give credit to the artist in the thumbnail.

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