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The Nürburgring has gone by many names over the years, but none are as accurate as “The Green Hell”. This legendary track has a reputation for being brutal and unforgiving, it is the very track that scared Niki Lauda forever, and the same track that allowed Ayrton Senna to show the world his talent. Everyone from BMW, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and the list goes on and on … they all test at the Nurburgring to see who takes home the title of the fastest car around “The Ring.” The track also attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year, all looking to test their abilities behind the wheel, yet this has resulted in millions of crash videos. The Nurburgring even offers its guests the chance to sit in the passenger seat of proper race cars piloted by seasoned drivers in order to experience the track at its finest. So what exactly is it that the Nurburgring has that it draws OEM manufacturers, custom builders, and speed freaks from all over the world? Ohh yeah and did we mention that this “track” is also a toll road? This is everything you need to get up to speed on the world’s fastest and craziest toll road/race track!
Huge shoutout to TheDriveGuyde for sending us some sweet footage of the Hyundai Veloster N.
Check out his channel!
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media

    What car would YOU wanna drive on the ring?

    • RandomPersonOnTheInternet

      Peel p50

    • Izzuddin Prawiranegara
      Izzuddin Prawiranegara


    • Aryan Manohar
      Aryan Manohar

      @Gusti Widyanta a man with good taste... Perhaps an rx7 or nsx cause the 90's rocked

    • Reece Brown 123
      Reece Brown 123

      Mk4 supra

    • SCFC family
      SCFC family

      Zubair Shaik PAUL WALKUH

  • Gallagher Talks
    Gallagher Talks

    I love this track so much that I got a phone case with the track on the back

  • Areg Mirzoyan
    Areg Mirzoyan

    NOW you will do the Circuit de la sarthe à Le Mans at France

  • svenyboy

    I have been there once

  • Itz_gray_ 2020
    Itz_gray_ 2020

    i watched this the same day of the Nurburgring qualifying lol

  • Aga_100kr

    James pronounced "Portuguese" well two times, but then the proper english pronunciation cames and screwed it all up.

  • Itz_gray_ 2020
    Itz_gray_ 2020

    lets be honest, watching those cars catch air is a thing of beauty in a way

  • Itz_gray_ 2020
    Itz_gray_ 2020

    1:00 my dad has a 2015 Jaguar XF Sport. great sounding car and he loves it a daily driver!

  • PepiBEATZ

    grüne hölle hahaha i love it when british/amercan dudes speak german

  • Gregor Meisen
    Gregor Meisen

    Ein Ring sie zu knechten? Nice Lord of the Rings reference. xD On topic: I live 90 minutes away from Nürburg, but I'm way too scared to put my car or my life on the line to ever take a lap there.

  • Mark Loh
    Mark Loh

    We need one for Spa

  • G.J. P.
    G.J. P.

    In this case ring means circuit

  • Spiri Manea
    Spiri Manea

    "Dub Dub II"

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G

    4:28 yeah about that...

  • Carlos Qüehl
    Carlos Qüehl

    Everything you need to know about the grand Toronto please

  • Cannibal Nectar
    Cannibal Nectar

    Is the host that rapper big pump?

  • Lindsay Cole
    Lindsay Cole

    "In the early days of motorsports there weren't dedicated tracks to race their cars on." Cough... Brooklands UK in 1907, and Indy in 1909. Ok they were all ovals but still.

  • Tom Welfringer
    Tom Welfringer

    How can you talk about the Nürburgring without mentionning Rock am Ring, which is one of the most famous Rock festivals in Europe? I know it has nothing to do with cars, but the festival takes place an the freaking racetrack with people camping allong the Nordschleofe 😅


    good times when the pilots were not trapped by the brands they used

  • Hologram

    Soo geil alter

  • Neo Mphahlele
    Neo Mphahlele

    James would make a dxpe Austin Powers

  • GreaseMonkey67

    My least favorite Gran Turismo 4 race location

  • Satan


  • Satan


  • Joe Wessel
    Joe Wessel

    Truck Grand Prix...Isn't that when the farmers truck the barley to the brewery to see who has the highest quality grain to be made into beer? (actually observed this...probably the most polite traffic jam on a farm road I have ever witnessed)

  • Joe Wessel
    Joe Wessel

    Uh, cars move for street hockey up here, eh?

  • BMO

    My first car 1999 Acura CL 2 . 3 ... If I can find one and buy it :(

  • Bush Bush
    Bush Bush

    man... hw old is u😂😂

  • IcingOnThe Cake
    IcingOnThe Cake

    Why old race cars has very big wheels?

  • Specter7 All hail the dn
    Specter7 All hail the dn

    Imagine this, it’s ww2 and you just woke up in a trench in deep nazi Germany, you march just over a hill on patrol and find a gigantic dope ass race track, you tell the boys to wip the Jeep around and you slam the peddle through the sheet metal floor as you cut corners on the NÜRBURGRING circuit, greatest war story ever

  • Ma_tt_i

    I am from Stuttgart its about 1 hour away from the Nürburgring and my dad almost chrashed his 1969 Porsche 911 there

  • Espo Nation
    Espo Nation

    10:25 I died laughing


    They should do some work on the nurburgring to make it 13.0 miles instead of the 12.9 miles.

  • עילם אברמוביץ
    עילם אברמוביץ

    are the cars behind you real or green screen?

  • Luzindro

    I'm portuguese and you pronunciation of the word cracked me up! More, please, I need more (powa!)

  • Lordi79

    Drove 4 rounds till now, wonderful track.

  • Subhajit Naskar
    Subhajit Naskar

    Donut should make more videos on tracks around the world

  • Shrike

    2:00 Ein ring sie zu knechten. I FUCKING DIED THERE!!! I'm german btw...

  • Just another commenter
    Just another commenter

    'car' 'car' . 'Game on' 'game on'.

  • Mr Kahoobadoo
    Mr Kahoobadoo

    Nurburgring looks like a turkey


    "ein Ring sie zu Knechten" I see what you did there xD

  • Tonic Shondlani
    Tonic Shondlani

    RIP Nikki Lauda

  • Pablo Castillo
    Pablo Castillo

    You've got to do an episode of Le Mans 1955

  • Hriday Sharma
    Hriday Sharma

    I wood drive a Corvette gxe

  • adam s
    adam s

    Shoulda did an ICP for the ringmaster reference

  • craig johnstone
    craig johnstone

    My son: Please do bathurst please

    • craig johnstone
      craig johnstone

      I want bathurst!

  • Xyber Team MorbID
    Xyber Team MorbID

    You dont know how to say portuguese so know make a video about the new portuguese car to compensate. We need some more fame

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    There is one James who’s not such a fan of the ring.

  • Nexus of ice
    Nexus of ice

    I assume they don't hold rally races there?.....

  • Jens

    I love when American try to fuck with the german pronunciation JA xD

  • Dasding619

    Alles gut

  • Shawn N
    Shawn N

    Sabine is a smoke show. I really appreciate her.

  • Shawn N
    Shawn N

    Folding money? That’s an hilarious way to put it.

  • Dgisch

    Well on Nicki's car a part of the suspension broke. So it's not the rings fault at that point. Maybe

  • BuckSlinger02

    “Bomb it” James May

  • Not _ Creed Drawings
    Not _ Creed Drawings

    3:35 ok thanos

  • Lucca Dornellas
    Lucca Dornellas

    I've transformed this paradise into a Demo Derby hell with a Bugatti Veyron, in Forza Motorsport 4

  • Hermann Brand
    Hermann Brand

    I am from Germany

  • Shaksham Shah
    Shaksham Shah

    You pronounce few word very terribly. They sound very irritating

  • Russell Winfree
    Russell Winfree

    *Depression happens US: *builds dams Germany: “that’s WEAK!!!” Germany: *builds Nurburgring

  • Firefinger

    i just finnished watching rush its amazing movie about nikki s crash

  • Big Denny
    Big Denny

    4:29 That didn't age well

  • Matheus Rodrigues
    Matheus Rodrigues

    6:11 The way James said is actually more similar to the original than the correct way. Just drop the last "e" and it would be perfect.

  • elg0re

    Ein Ring sie zu knechten 😂 Pissed myself - Love your stuff guys

  • Kayden Robinson-Raffel
    Kayden Robinson-Raffel

    Audi (B9) RS4

  • Chaosgamer 64
    Chaosgamer 64

    Oh Dude... I know... German is an very difficult language.

  • 2stroke sumo
    2stroke sumo


  • ryfu10

    A-lum-ini-um! Lmao!!!!

  • Guy on Headphones
    Guy on Headphones

    How about you try silverstone? Do an up to speed on silverstone!

  • EnZoFerrari

    i am living 30km near to the nürburgring and i spend time there every weekend, i am in a tuners club and we always meet next to the track and do little 1 lap 1v1 races. i bought the 2019 zr1 corvette and thanks to consistently working on the car it has 1208hp, but when i do some laps (my car has around 2000 laps or 41.000km track experience) i am only driving with a 845hp setup, which is already very much for this track and i have to brake so much earlier than with a gt3 car, but however, it is a giant pleasure to live near to the most amazing track in the world and orienting my whole life around this, i am also working there in a famous racing team as the aerodynamics designer and livery creator

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