The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured (Official Video)
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Director/Animator - Christopher Wilson
sweet & sour motivation
wish i could keep concentration
ive been gettin high
keeping me low now
doin it alone now
think i gotta slow down
& i know i
gotta take control now
but i sold my soul
a long time ago
feel like a ghost now
cherry flavoured conversations
got me hanging on
down to earth from all the waiting
take me somewhere beyond
i’ve been gettin high
but i don’t ever stay up
feel like i’m fading
gimme stimulation
gimme to the next level
gimme levitation, god
slow dancin with the devil
sent my soul on a vacation
ive been gettin high
keeping me low now
doin it alone now
think i gotta slow down
& i know i
gotta take control now
but i sold my soul
a long time ago
feel like a ghost now
#TheNeighbourhood #ChipChrome #CherryFlavoured

  • Tori Rodriguez
    Tori Rodriguez

    So what exactly is a “🍒 FLAVORED CONVERSATION” ??? Anyone?

  • Rebeccarebelli

    I think this one is my favorite from this album 💗 love it

  • Xronoxz E
    Xronoxz E

    Anyone know Wasup with the ending. Best part of the song

  • Leah

    I can't explain what their music does to me but I love it

  • Cxvzz_ •
    Cxvzz_ •

    i just love tnbhd sm

  • ChampagneNovas

    I loved how Jesse changed in his music video, from 2013 Jesse and the Neighbourhood, to Chip Chrome And the Mono-Tones. It’s their alter ego, a chance for Jesse to express his other sound of his music. Straying away from his usual dark music, he’s paved way for their new sound.

  • Jessica R
    Jessica R

    Dude this is so upsetting cause I love them so much, but how am I supposed to trust they aren’t saying things subconsciously in there songs since they sold there soul??

  • { ANDY }
    { ANDY }


  • Jessica R
    Jessica R

    I love them so much but He literally said “I sold my soul a long time ago, I feel like a ghost now” like dude

  • Rikk Hyo
    Rikk Hyo


  • Rikk Hyo
    Rikk Hyo


  • napping koala
    napping koala

    devon and jesse said this is there favorite song of the year

  • carebear


  • Danna Mallette
    Danna Mallette

    My favorite of the álbum forever 💓

  • No One
    No One

    I love the “Nickelodeon” symbol that instead says “neighborhood”

  • aly

    My favorite song on the album

  • Dlc Zmey
    Dlc Zmey

    Owww me encanto!!! 🇲🇽😍

  • S. Ylmz
    S. Ylmz


  • אביב מלול
    אביב מלול

    2:30 sound track lowkey sound like prey intro😍

  • Payton Redmon
    Payton Redmon

    I want a song out of the end, the outro!

  • Hooligans ホーィガン
    Hooligans ホーィガン

    they have no idea how much i love them.. thank you...

  • Kaye G
    Kaye G

    Man, its crazy how this song fits so well in the wattpad fanfic I'm currently reading. lmao

    • Kaye G
      Kaye G

      @Danielle Gonzales YEP!

    • Danielle Gonzales
      Danielle Gonzales


  • sighboris

    the way i love u guys sm

  • Yuliana Ramos
    Yuliana Ramos

    this album is the best

  • Yuliana Ramos
    Yuliana Ramos

    Amooooo 😭😍😍😍

  • Isa Del Rey
    Isa Del Rey

    definitely ONE of my favorite songs off the album

  • trash can
    trash can


  • brunerquina araujo
    brunerquina araujo


  • El MariaJin
    El MariaJin

    This song makes me so happy idkw I really like it ❤

  • Samantha Lacerda
    Samantha Lacerda


  • Samantha Lacerda
    Samantha Lacerda

    we'll never forget the day the boys were back

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange


  • emma tomlinson
    emma tomlinson

    still being obsessed with this song 🍒

  • Nathália Bueno
    Nathália Bueno

    GREASE !!!!!!!!

  • Yashraj Singh
    Yashraj Singh

    If you're alone at night... Consider yourself with The Neighbourhood... 🕯️🎶

  • G -
    G -

    Soo good man

  • Abbi Diane
    Abbi Diane

    Why is barely anyone talking about the Grease art style? This is so cool! ☺️❤️

  • Shapeless_Abomination

    Good shit dude. - A metal fan

  • Morales Pacheco Nailea Natalia
    Morales Pacheco Nailea Natalia

    Apenas descubrí the neigbourhood y me arrepiento de no hacerlo hace años, me encanta su música

  • Cadi B
    Cadi B

    I love this one.

  • Brianna Hernandez
    Brianna Hernandez

    It’s the vibe 🌃


    hard to imagine the neighbourhood ever changing

  • Olivia Wiles
    Olivia Wiles

    this song is honestly everything to me right now and this video was just perfect. thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • hoes mad
    hoes mad

    “black lives matter” periodt

  • İncimer Çiçek
    İncimer Çiçek

    That black lives matter detail :) ❤

  • sun flower
    sun flower

    that one episode of sponge bob

  • JJ Hoffman
    JJ Hoffman

    I love this song.

  • Daniel SnHd
    Daniel SnHd

    Instrucciones: 1) Tiene que ser en un momento que estés relajada o tranquila 2) Ponte en un lugar donde nadie te joda, un lugar cómodo 3) Auriculares a un volumen agradable (o parlantes a alto volumen) 4) Deja fluir tu mente 5) Cerrá los ojos y se guiado por la música:)

  • Kardelenimsi

    You are very beatifull!!

  • devils spit
    devils spit

    The neighborhood symbol looking like nickilodelion is crazzyyyy

  • snufalufagus II
    snufalufagus II

    This is the one that shoots them over the top

    • snufalufagus II
      snufalufagus II

      Cherry 🍒 flavor with extra whipped cream

  • Noa Berry
    Noa Berry

    I really really like this EP. I had only ever known them from sweater weather and but for some reason I listened to this EP and it’s really good I love it. Glad I listened.

    • Dyami

      I recommend listening to the full album when it comes out next week, this might end up being my favorite album from them

  • Amala Kaiel
    Amala Kaiel

    I have a neighbourhood addiction. I love this so much!😍

  • hjönk hjönk am GOOSE
    hjönk hjönk am GOOSE

    Am I listening to this because I miss my girlfriend? *M a y b e*

  • nini aa
    nini aa


  • Safeeya Samad
    Safeeya Samad


  • Magdalena Gavric
    Magdalena Gavric

    did anyone notice black lives matter and no justice no peace?

  • Cinthya Rivera
    Cinthya Rivera

    First of all, why the fuck am I a month late on this??!!!.... the return of my fav fucken band ever. And THIS fucken song tho it’s vibe is so fucken amazing and chill and I love jesses voice so much, he soothes me❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 Recently I’ve just been listening to it while I smoke n I’m just blasting this song 😎😎😎 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Sam

    “this song reminds me of you” ouch.

  • kuoyske

    I love this song so much 🍒

  • victor torres
    victor torres


  • frecks``

    The neighborhood saving 2020

  • Crisu20


  • Candace Pero
    Candace Pero

    Shout out to Grease

  • Hope B.
    Hope B.

    No ones talking ab how this video is like the intro to Grease..? Iconic

  • Adrian Stanley
    Adrian Stanley

    Nice vids!! Keep on uploading! By the way, go and search for smzeus . c o m!! Loads of IT-my channels use the site to promote their videos!

  • Guille Acdc
    Guille Acdc


  • TaeTae's Beret
    TaeTae's Beret

    4am is the best time to listen to these guys

  • Kevin Zkeekz
    Kevin Zkeekz

    This video is seriously enchanting. Great Work.

  • joanne brown
    joanne brown

    Good band.. love your old stuff too! You've have an image adjustment?! Still love you! Now blow up!

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