The New Map of America
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The New Map of America

  • CallMeCarson


    • everythinghurts

      Is it still available?

    • Matt smash Studios
      Matt smash Studios

      seandeegan no

    • Big lion
      Big lion

      Big lion

    • Shrieking Abyss
      Shrieking Abyss

      they are no longer hott like carson

    • Rmacd

      pizza fired wood

  • degingerked

    Babies at 3 am: 15:38

  • Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez

    Speaking of three inchis my di- i mean my youtuz is out.

  • the monky
    the monky

    travis is lawful good while ted is chaotic evil

  • mmtunligit

    Jawsh actually drew a really good outline of the US holy shit. Aside from Cape Cod being too big it looks spot on

  • Landon Wright
    Landon Wright

    I only now realize that when Carson is showing his yootooz he also plugs his twitch when typing the URL

  • Tamerlan Sultanli Austin
    Tamerlan Sultanli Austin

    Is it me or is Ted insanely good at drawing with MS Paint.

  • Meme Trash Can
    Meme Trash Can

    Shack was a mortal church that was spreading heresy, Big Lion has to show them who the fuck was the true God

  • Virgo TheMaiden
    Virgo TheMaiden

    Country Roads take me home, To the place i belong, Swiss Virginia Grilled cheese mama, Take me home Country Roads

  • Elijah Halstead
    Elijah Halstead

    Does this count as a form of treason

  • Edytka Dorosz
    Edytka Dorosz

    sometimes I'm Ted, sometimes I'm Travis

  • Sen. Pai
    Sen. Pai

    Merciless sun god vs Big Lion

  • Niamh Barden
    Niamh Barden

    Ok is anyone gonna talk about big lion????

    • Morgan Billmaier
      Morgan Billmaier

      oh shit

    • Bode Nickles
      Bode Nickles

      He’s so powerful

  • EatingMy Kidneys
    EatingMy Kidneys

    Big lion

  • EatingMy Kidneys
    EatingMy Kidneys

    Big lion

  • EatingMy Kidneys
    EatingMy Kidneys

    Big lion

  • EatingMy Kidneys
    EatingMy Kidneys

    Big lion

  • EatingMy Kidneys
    EatingMy Kidneys

    Big lion

  • AlmightyMAD

    Can we get some bird calls in chat?

  • TrackFocused

    How dare you call our glorious state a hamburger helper

  • Justin Rein Borromeo Catabay
    Justin Rein Borromeo Catabay


  • TheOneToRule GT
    TheOneToRule GT

    i am in shock that i haven't noticed this but he advertises both his youtube and his twitch in the youtooz ad. how am i so STUPID?

  • Awesome Face Gamer
    Awesome Face Gamer

    Hail big lion

  • Fans

    So this is why 2020 is happening

  • soggy bones
    soggy bones

    Is it just me or did I just cry for 5 minutes laughing at BIG LION

  • Ethan Atkinson
    Ethan Atkinson

    Big lion vs big chungus Time of big gods collide

  • John Fussell
    John Fussell

    It's big fucking lion

  • Ryan Chrome
    Ryan Chrome

    the best video on youtube

  • T Tt
    T Tt

    innocent guy: ah fuck

  • Eli Help To Relax
    Eli Help To Relax

    I am in virginia ,this flag would be better

    • HurricaneAlly

      Me too and absolutely agreed

  • Randall Napolitano
    Randall Napolitano

    "Is he bleeding?" "No, he's IMMINENT"

  • Anshul Patil
    Anshul Patil

    Is this what NASHOBA looks like?

  • Greyson Nealy
    Greyson Nealy


  • WinningPluto8

    callmecarson? more like callmecumson, get powned noob

  • dyfo's simp
    dyfo's simp

    The grilled cheese stand just gets worse every second you look at it

  • Austin Ruppel
    Austin Ruppel

    Is that a moan in the background at 4:39

  • gangstagrinder 81
    gangstagrinder 81

    14:58 - tHeY NukED FucKINg pHEb!!

  • Prominence Retro
    Prominence Retro

    This is the funniest vid I've ever seen 🤣

  • Streaks

    People prayed under Big Lion’s rule...their prayers were not answered.

  • Lumps

    3:29 this explains a lot

  • King Zalgo
    King Zalgo

    “ B I G L I O N “

  • Banana BBBread
    Banana BBBread

    Damn ur over6 ft! Lol I’m not getting over 5’4

  • Wirt The Human Beast
    Wirt The Human Beast

    All these versions of America are me trying to plan my damn animal crossing island and finishing with big lion destroying everything.

  • StijnTPR

    11:05 this shouldve been the thumbnail for the video


    Bruh stop being mean to fitz

  • Confused

    Ted is trying to continue travises chaotic energy but he does not compare.

  • Ethan's Way Of Gaming
    Ethan's Way Of Gaming

    Ok WTF IS WRONG WITH IT-my? Its says that this channel is "family friendly" and won't let us get notifications. It is very clear that this is not family friendly. Can someone try to figure out what is wrong with youtube?

    • Ethan's Way Of Gaming
      Ethan's Way Of Gaming

      @Medicai Funny

    • Medicai


  • WolfScarLover

    Big Lion 202p

  • ColaSap

    15:27 technically the man in the box is a close up image *big lion can break the 4th wall*

  • Ella R
    Ella R

    I’m trying so hard not to laugh bc my friend is sleeping and me trying not to laugh is making it easier to laugh

  • One Shot Kill
    One Shot Kill

    Answer to the question at 2:41. It is because jerry is a snack :l

  • T.O.C.C

    He fricken Nuked feb

  • The Occasional Snickerdoodle
    The Occasional Snickerdoodle

    Traves' pickles did not bounce so therefore the pickle jar is illegal

  • EternalDeal

    big lion has taken over my background help

  • Little Pixel
    Little Pixel

    _Big Lion_

  • Kevin Ross
    Kevin Ross

    Is it just me or does Carson’s youtooz look like slimecicle in real life

  • I am a loaf of Bread
    I am a loaf of Bread

    My creation, big lion was made by me for your punishment for your sins repent to the God of grain, or big lion will keep on destroying.

  • Torin Miner
    Torin Miner

    This entire video is just Big Lion

  • cookie Paraoan
    cookie Paraoan

    just keep clicking this 4:40

  • Lilly Pop
    Lilly Pop

    im laughing so hard my sides hurt i think im gonna die send help

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover


  • Anthony Oliver
    Anthony Oliver

    omg it’s big lion....

  • Rees Murdock
    Rees Murdock

    10:23. This is where it all began.

  • IntrovertedNerd

    Big lion

  • Awkward Cheese
    Awkward Cheese

    I’ve seen this video four times now. _thats how fucking powerful he is_ I don’t even need to say who _he_ is, he’s just that fuckin powerful

  • Jack Hammons
    Jack Hammons

    5:25 skip ad

  • LonePotato

    14:18 lol i live in rhode island :(

  • brember

    Travis is on another plane of existence

  • Tyler Jaedon Naidu
    Tyler Jaedon Naidu

    Q-tip=Hammerhead shark???

  • Pepsi man thy commenter
    Pepsi man thy commenter

    I am swiss. Swiss Virgina.

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