The New Map of America
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The New Map of America

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      Monster Gamers

      By the way for anyone that does not know the Youtooz comes on the last week of October

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      GachaGalaxy 4Ever

      Big lion

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      Aiden Valdez

      Isn’t 30$ a teensy weensy overpriced?

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      uhoh poopy

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      Exploding Minecart

      Carson you need to make a rpg to stop big lion

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    David Morales

    My school is covered in call me carson images

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    pēters tuletā

    15:37 :)

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    dominicryzs too

    laughed so hard i peed

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    Zack Lunas

    I am now interested in the Big Lion religion

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    All hail *Β I҈ Ǥ Ꮣ I҈ Ѳ Ŋ*

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    BIg Boi 777

    B IG LION has me convulsing

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    Joe Phin

    I live in Washington


    *B E A N S*

  • mantis

    Sometimes I rewatch this video just to see the power of big lion

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    tudf Tyranix

    I know that you will probably never see this Carson but I just wanted to let you know that you will always be my ThickNeckMinecraftBoyfriend. Love you bb

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    Disk Drive

    I would love to see a more perfect union become a reality. Josh 2020, make it happen

  • regretti spaghetti
    regretti spaghetti

    As someone who lives in washington seeing all the cities being changed to washington is a huge honor

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    Winter League

    *b i g l i o n*

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    Irrelevant Shrimp

    i must rewatch at the true crackhead hours

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    PlayWithTheFlow ???

    They got rid of me in just the first minute. 👌

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    Bean Burrito

    This is the best 16mins and 42sec of my life!!! I'm dying of laughter

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    Stop motion Bros

    i need a link of all the americas so i can print them out

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    Jethro_ Bett


  • LimusGD

    7:23 as an Oregonian, this is scaring me please stop traves.

  • Ditto

    “I got in a call with 6 of my friends” *5 friends in call*

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    Leslie Madrigal

    Ok but that first guy was cute👌🖤

  • Ari_The_Swisschocolate Drawings
    Ari_The_Swisschocolate Drawings

    I am from swiss and i feel fucking honored have some chocolate, cheese and clocks for free *I DARE YOU*

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    Pheb didn't stand a chance against me.

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    Finley Burns

    Why would you turn my state into fucking hamburger helper?????

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    1rlvnt Main Channel

    15:37 aaAAWOOOOOOO

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  • q p
    q p

    4:40 Ammmm carson what kind of beach were you on?

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    GachaGalaxy 4Ever

    I lost so many brain cells while watching this video

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    I’m A fucking loser

    RIP Pheb we will miss you

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    This is the true season 11 event

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    laansbreig II

    Carson look at the best of Tiktok We are the most dedicated fanbase

  • Willhelm III
    Willhelm III

    top 10 most powerful entities in the universe 1: Big lion 2: God

  • Spousel Cheese
    Spousel Cheese

    Have you guys ever woken up, sweating, and in fear, and there is only only one thing in your mind? AND THAT THING IS BIG LION

  • Collin

    This is the 7th time I’ve watched this

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    Sloth Bushido

    I don’t like being in a hamburger helper

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    Rat Daddii

    *Im in an actual daze*

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    travis has ascended

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    pontyballer FC

    i wish i was high rn watching this ahahaha

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    Dylan Brady

    I want big lion merch

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    Hi @callmecarsonyt you are receiving this because you are unofficially invited to my 16th birthday part y at on October 26th chuckecheese st Louis Charles Missouri. Please RSVP and bring you own pizza

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    make the west the entire country please get rid of the east and destroy california

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    Tristan Johnson

    C R A M

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    A youtooz is as hard and long as Me.

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    legendary samurai

    I lost most of my cell brains

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    Samuel Resnick

    Grilled cheese

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    Poor boy Inc.

    Everyone I know lives in florida

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    I should be studying but this video is to funny half the time I was watching this I couldn’t breathe

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    Tyranno z

    Big Lion is so powerful he made me choke on the most firm grapes of all the land

  • KoЯny Mofo
    KoЯny Mofo

    I live in Florida :(

  • Jacob Thurmond
    Jacob Thurmond

    BIG LION (5E) Gargantuan monstrosity (Titan), unaligned. STR: 30 (+10) DEX: 10 CON: 30 (+10) INT: 25 (+7) WIS: 26 (+8) CHA: 29 (+9) HP: 855 (45d12 + 540) SPEED: 50 feet BIG LION HAS PROFICIENCY IN ALL SAVING THROWS. .Immunities: Non-Magical B/P/S, Acid, Fire, Fear, Lightning, Necrotic, Poison, Poisoned, Psychic, Restrained, Grappled, Charmed, Paralyzed .Resistances: Magical B/P/S .Legendary Resistance (3/Day): When BIG LION fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead. .Magic Resistance: Big Lion gains advantage on all saving throws made against spells. .Siege Monster: BIG LION deals double damage to objects and structures. .HOLY SHIT: Everyone that can see BIG LION at the start of its turn must make a DC 26 WIS saving throw or take 22 (4d10) psychic damage. If they are under the effects of frightful presence they take an additional 11 (2d10) psychic damage. ACTIONS .Multiattack: BIG LION uses its frightful presence then makes 5 attacks, 2 with its claws, 2 with its shadow arms, and one with its bite. .Bite: Melee weapon attack/+19 to hit, reach 10 feet, one target. Hit: 31 (6d6 + 10) piercing + 14 (4d6) necrotic damage .Claw: Melee weapon attack/+19 to hit, reach 15 feet, one target: Hit: 25 (6d4 + 10) slashing + 7 (2d6) necrotic damage .Frightful Presence: Each creature of BIG LION's choice within 120 feet of itself must succeed a DC 26 WIS saving throw or receive the frightened condition for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, with disadvantage if BIG LION is within line of sight, ending the effect upon a success. If a creature's saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it , the creature is immune to BIG LION's frightful presence for the next 24 hours. .Arm of darkness: Melee weapon attack/+18 to hit, reach 45 feet, one target: Hit: 23 (4d6+ 9) slashing + 23 (4d6 + 9) necrotic damage. LEGENDARY ACTIONS BIG LION can make 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creatures turn. BIG LION regains spent legendary actions at the beginning of its turn. Attack: BIG LION makes a singular shadow arm or claw attack. .He's so fuckin powerful: BIG LION stares down his opponents causing them to realize how fuckin powerful he is, everyone that can see BIG LION must succeed on a DC 26 WIS saving throw or take 55 (10d10) psychic damage and are blinded and deafened, a sucesful save halving the damage and ignoring these effects. .Imprisonment: BIG LION summons a SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from its eyes and encloses up to 4 creatures of its choice within 120 feet in prismatic cages of blinding light, everyone targeted by this must succeed on a DC 26 DEX saving throw or be considered restrained and take 16 (3d10) fire damage till they can succeed the save at the end of their turns. .Nuclear Yeet (costs 3 actions): BIG LION yeets a fuckin nuke at his opponents, everyone in a 120 foot radius must succeed on a DC 24 DEX saving throw or take 110 (20d10) force damage + 55 (10d10) fire damage. I spent 2 hours on this, please send help.

  • Hyperdragondx 95
    Hyperdragondx 95

    Me: waiting for another vid for a fresh discord link Carson: uploads Me when i get in: I-I DID IT! IT ACTIVATED!

  • NightmareLuna

    Oh god big lion

  • Budder Epicz
    Budder Epicz

    “Oh shit. Oh god. Something really bad has happened.” Moments before absolute madness

  • 0k nOtHiNg
    0k nOtHiNg

    The only reason i like this video it's for The power of B I G L I O N

  • Boyogamer123

    Question: Do you need Whale Facts? We head on down to Wilbur’s Whale Facts at the nether hub! Only 3 diamonds for some “excellent” Whale Facts.

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    Jerron Smallcanyon

    What Was That AH!~

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    big lion goes raw in 3 year old baby

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    Gaming With Tito

    Wood fired pizza is from tik tok

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    Gunnyboy Friends

    Maps: Big Lion, Washington USA, and The Peas

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    I’m literally crying 😂😂🖤

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    Something Something

    I’m from Swiss lmao

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    Joe and Raelina Miller

    I think Travis is high and on acid at the same time.

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    Brianna Kelly

    guys i think its fucking big lion. he's so fucking powerful.

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    Leo Donald

    This is my 20th time watching this

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    Travis kinda owns this video lmao

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