The SHRINKING CHARACTER Glitch In Fortnite...
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  • mr pulse boi
    mr pulse boi

    How’d you do that tho. can you make a video or something on how because i wanna prank my friends

  • Christian Bayley
    Christian Bayley

    7:09 fortnite bosses be like...

  • knight Ops
    knight Ops

    How u do dat

  • cgamer09 logantoll
    cgamer09 logantoll

    Muselk didnt change size hes just a small man

  • Beth trollope
    Beth trollope

    Fortnite 🐜

  • The Passivist
    The Passivist

    I actually want to know how he made himself tiny. I wanna troll friends with this now😂

    • NotExactly AName
      NotExactly AName

      it ain't possible anymore I think it was a combination of prophunt gun and quadcrushers

    • Shane Hopkins
      Shane Hopkins



    Is the glitch patched?

  • Laura Nicol
    Laura Nicol


  • FaZe Pago
    FaZe Pago

    2:47 Muselk is tall like Bazza

  • Morgan Clarke
    Morgan Clarke

    How do you do it

  • Steve Richardson
    Steve Richardson

    this bring a whole new meaning to the word minigun!

  • Nick Spicer
    Nick Spicer

    that motorbike

  • abdi shakur Omar
    abdi shakur Omar

    That is Lanan’s son

  • Jonah Mandrell
    Jonah Mandrell

    fresh is lazrs son not muslks

  • Nisha Santhosh
    Nisha Santhosh

    1V1 me epic is xTaze-badass_YT

  • Phlip217

    Hbgvtvbyf ttrffbutr dyed tried itrd Reid

  • manic scope
    manic scope

    Where's the face cam

  • Tracey Slatter
    Tracey Slatter

    9 million

  • Platapusduck R
    Platapusduck R

    How does he turn small??

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob


  • Sean Orellana
    Sean Orellana


  • April Collins
    April Collins

    Really fun and addictive but I don’t think it would have to go back and get it back again soon I wish I had it on the iPad and I have a lot more fun than the games on the game and it won’t let you go to play the games and it is so much better then it will get the best of it and I will be happy with this app if I

  • Gamer Tee Vee
    Gamer Tee Vee

    3:22 featherweight.. does this mean muselk is super weak?

  • Dottie babes
    Dottie babes

    lazer beam is a good meamer

  • Woody Owen
    Woody Owen

    We love it muselk

  • Noah Bičvić
    Noah Bičvić

    Muselk ur so bad

  • kurosaki

    Every time fresh said ITS TO SMALL I said that’s wat she said

  • Kristi Ringen
    Kristi Ringen


  • Anna Riley
    Anna Riley

    This is a stupid question but can you request me on Fortnite

  • Riat Interact
    Riat Interact

    Muselk will find a way to die even if he doesn’t take damage


    Fresh plugged in the controller

  • Fresh 123
    Fresh 123


  • Fresh 123
    Fresh 123


  • Cooper Mccullar
    Cooper Mccullar

    How do you get the glitch or hack

  • DetaFn Clan
    DetaFn Clan

    Yeh it does

  • Ivy Shadow
    Ivy Shadow

    Proof that fresh is best Australian fortnite player

  • Deanna Cass
    Deanna Cass

    My win rate is 70 percent

  • Grant Markewitz
    Grant Markewitz

    Is that just me or did that quad crashed look bigger

  • TheoR123 _
    TheoR123 _

    2.23 😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Fregoso
    Gabriel Fregoso

    how did you trun mimy

  • Conor DOOLEY
    Conor DOOLEY

    Is it only in creative

  • Christian Bayley
    Christian Bayley

    Fresh and Elliot predicted the bosses 7:09

  • Bryson Levine
    Bryson Levine

    What’s the small map code?

  • direwolf 225
    direwolf 225

    No offence but ur literally copying lannan with the whole fresh as ur son thing. Its tru tho

  • Shboyle64

    He should use this hack on deathruns!

  • RCN Gem
    RCN Gem

    Honestly best content from Eliot i have seen for a while

  • Gamingwithadam 2
    Gamingwithadam 2


  • LandonClay123 Nintendo 64
    LandonClay123 Nintendo 64

    This existed since season 7/8

  • Bryn Blackburn
    Bryn Blackburn


  • Julian j
    Julian j

    If fresh can kill a literally human size ant then hes just the best

  • Caldera Sensei
    Caldera Sensei

    I think I will use code LazarLazar

  • PX Shock
    PX Shock

    How would decoys look tiny or normal size? 🤔

  • Jaxton Norrie
    Jaxton Norrie

    Who else realized that they were 1v1ing when the game wasn’t started

  • Maximus Marquesss
    Maximus Marquesss

    0:24 there’s a button

  • lubzawan786

    Sweat fresh

  • Gabriel Österström
    Gabriel Österström


  • Caleb Dunham
    Caleb Dunham

    Fresh is laserbeam son not your

  • Parker Stregger
    Parker Stregger

    Did he not show how to do this or am I just blind

  • Wyatt Linnell
    Wyatt Linnell

    Why did no one talk about no face cam

  • Cristian Mendoza
    Cristian Mendoza

    How do you get small and big

  • noah Marshburn
    noah Marshburn

    Fresh not lying has aimbot im seryous

  • Raw Junaid
    Raw Junaid

    What if this was in a real match

  • subscribe to me for no reason please
    subscribe to me for no reason please


  • Harry Waide
    Harry Waide

    Mouselike is trash at fortnite🤬

  • depressed fat boy
    depressed fat boy

    My fav part is the end "just do it"

  • KOKO Sushi Art
    KOKO Sushi Art

    Fresh betrayed lazer for being Muslims son

  • mr dude 24
    mr dude 24

    I eat fish NO! Fish eat him

  • MrKennyg1987


  • MrKennyg1987

    This shows myself is a bit a the game

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme

    Elliot is smol pp and fresh is bigg pp

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