The SHRINKING CHARACTER Glitch In Fortnite...
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  • Fendy Saadon
    Fendy Saadon

    I actually seen it happen to me. I was playing red vs blue creative gameode and i kept getting shot from nowhere then i c a tiny person and try to shotgun him. I got tired of him and luckily i was the party leader so i kicked him out. 🙃

  • Kevin Bacon The Dog
    Kevin Bacon The Dog

    Ik how to do this. I learned back In Season 9

  • Noobs GOOSEYttv
    Noobs GOOSEYttv

    8:15 when you pull it out and she finally sees it 😂

  • Noobs GOOSEYttv
    Noobs GOOSEYttv

    Lasarbeam couldn't beat fresh when he was at full health and fresh was at 1 hp. Muselk can't beat fresh being small or big. What can stop fresh!? Fresh is to op lol

  • Doodle S
    Doodle S

    Do a death run while being tiny

  • Mr.Dr. Mask
    Mr.Dr. Mask

    What if muselk was tiny and fresh was a giant ?

  • Seth Chanda
    Seth Chanda

    How do you get small

  • rhys lagged
    rhys lagged

    Cray got roasted

  • Joseph Boughton
    Joseph Boughton

    Muselk you copy of the glitch king I'm not dumb I saw the video when he did the glitch

  • Edaug-ethanb YT
    Edaug-ethanb YT

    The final battle was an ant vs a hawk and the ant won

  • Boring 5
    Boring 5

    Jarvis and EJ Lad are looking at this video in jealousy

  • Ryker Beagley
    Ryker Beagley

    It like cray in real life

  • Yunique Esports
    Yunique Esports

    How do u do that glitc

  • Xerox

    I just seen a guy in playground Tiny lol

  • lonely 999
    lonely 999

    How do we do the glitch

  • Angelica Sanchez
    Angelica Sanchez

    he should play like that in solo

  • David Pedraza
    David Pedraza

    Muslik sucks

  • almighty1man A.1.M
    almighty1man A.1.M

    Fresh is way to good

  • dragontraitor 145
    dragontraitor 145

    Tryong to kill an ant with the tip of a pencil be like:

  • Aden Casteel
    Aden Casteel

    Can you gift me a skin

  • The Mr.X 352
    The Mr.X 352


  • Cylis Perez
    Cylis Perez

    Muselk I know how to be medium size

    • Cylis Perez
      Cylis Perez

      Add me default me boy and join I will show then unfriend me

  • 1 Mil subs with no vids Challenge
    1 Mil subs with no vids Challenge

    Sub to me

  • Camron Blankenship
    Camron Blankenship

    How do you go small

  • Joshua Vazquez
    Joshua Vazquez


  • Dominic Baker
    Dominic Baker

    on replay mode you cant see him

  • Sawyer Hill
    Sawyer Hill

    Musklet sucks

  • Caleb McCoy
    Caleb McCoy

    I'm trying to see fresh vs sway tho

  • Level Cardz
    Level Cardz

    Imagine if epic bans you

  • Tiras is a wasteman and I will expose him
    Tiras is a wasteman and I will expose him

    Why does muselk always call someone an idiot it’s so funny

  • Johnny Betmansour
    Johnny Betmansour

    2:22 When you pick Bowser in Mario Kart

  • Jack the Galaxy
    Jack the Galaxy

    Oh ye good idea

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo


  • DefaultGoneRogue

    Big cook, little cook Lol

  • Leo Why
    Leo Why

    Stop uploading fortnite

  • Austin Reed
    Austin Reed

    5’11 vs 6’0 people😂😂😂

  • Kelly House
    Kelly House

    Heres a joke: What did the libary employee sayto the kid Read more

    • Top 10 Clipzz
      Top 10 Clipzz

      You bastard



  • Shayan Ranjbar
    Shayan Ranjbar

    This is sooooooo cute

  • Lightning Ghost
    Lightning Ghost

    Huh , this is an ants life

  • Mrsaucy 2
    Mrsaucy 2

    I know how to do the glitch lol

  • Armour Of The Skys
    Armour Of The Skys

    I'd muselk is tiny doesn't he take more headshout damage with a shotgun

  • hmaspinenut YT
    hmaspinenut YT

    Play the tiny sized map with that glitch

  • Jamai Samuela
    Jamai Samuela

    8:14 fresh with the clean voice crack😂

  • Jude Sleadd
    Jude Sleadd

    But how do you do it

  • Battle Angel2981
    Battle Angel2981


  • Chris Mankus
    Chris Mankus

    BOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or fresh is just soooooooo good

  • Rahila Qadeer
    Rahila Qadeer

    2:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂fortnite what the


    Can I 1v1 you Elliot? Maybe next week on Sunday.

  • Sydur Rahman
    Sydur Rahman

    Fact:Ham Burger's dont have Ham in it.It's beef

  • Samu Krizsai
    Samu Krizsai


  • Cant Be Clan
    Cant Be Clan


  • YoungDab777

    When Muselk loses with every advantage. BRUH

  • shxino

    Muselk: Its so big (looks at fresh's penis)

  • Frost

    the hit box of being small isn't that different from regular player size

  • AhBove _ C
    AhBove _ C

    Muselk: tiny Fresh: it’s too small! Muselk: that’s what she said. Fresh: 1V1 MEEEEEE! 👇🏻

  • ‹‹ L A V E N D E R ››
    ‹‹ L A V E N D E R ››

    Me In Minecraft 1v1 my brother stop flying 🤣 Fresh stop flying Muselk

  • CxllMeCheese

    How do u do this. I wanna do this w my friends

    • ZOOM _163
      ZOOM _163

      Me too

  • CxllMeCheese

    Y don't u use cones?? 7:44

  • Brian Indolfi
    Brian Indolfi

    When he drone shots it, it looks like there’s an invisible player building

  • Beckham Figueroa
    Beckham Figueroa

    On the replay the build battle looks so dumb

  • Military Steve
    Military Steve

    Big guy on a small bike

  • Blake washburn
    Blake washburn

    Bring back og outro

  • Alex Erwin
    Alex Erwin

    Fresh is trash I will clap him

  • Soka Bazooka
    Soka Bazooka

    This is another lvl of cute

  • Locational 7
    Locational 7

    you were so late with that glitch my friend found it first

  • Kush Kaya
    Kush Kaya

    Ant man 3 😂😂

  • Rajnish Golap
    Rajnish Golap

    Play a match with this glitch

  • Marley Fryze
    Marley Fryze

    You should play a game as tiny on the small fortnite map in creativ

  • Thalhah Permadi
    Thalhah Permadi

    Muselk: haha I've got hacks Hacks: so who am I up against? Muselk: Fresh *hacks has left the chat*

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