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The Sims
Redefine reality competitions with The Sims™ Spark’d, a new show where the only limit to what contestants can create is their imagination! Don’t miss the episode 1 premiere for United States viewers on TBS on July 17.
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For decades, diverse storytellers have been telling millions of stories in The Sims, inspired by their own lives and limitless creativity. Now, the competition is underway as twelve Simmers take on timed creativity challenges to build characters, worlds, and stories in the hopes of impressing the judges-and winning the $100,000 prize.
The Sims Spark’d episode 1 premieres on July 17 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on TBS and hits Buzzfeed Multiplayer on July 20 at 8:00 a.m. (English only content.)

  • Unicorn Magic
    Unicorn Magic


  • yuqicutie

    why can’t they give us baby updates first before creating a whole tv show i’m maddd

  • Keysha Porte
    Keysha Porte

    Why do I play sims mobile mobile I see yt p,Aly sime 4

  • gourmet fruitgels
    gourmet fruitgels

    this is just embarrassing

  • anna sorokina
    anna sorokina

    oh ok wow.. feeling left out again...only this time it feels like someone kicked you out of your home and locked you out...WHY WEREN'T INVITED?

  • xxlovely vxbesxx
    xxlovely vxbesxx

    I hate this show, everyone on there is so amazing and EA just humiliates these people because they have anxiety and are introverts like what do you expect of SIMMERS, we’re all introverts smh

  • Bribanks

    EA done fucked up once again.. y’all never listen

  • Bribanks

    Wtf is this... smh

  • Miahabella May Roquemore-Bovain
    Miahabella May Roquemore-Bovain

    Did you make that game

  • Danielle C.
    Danielle C.

    See idk if I could finish in 2 hours because normally when I play I get really distracted or my parents need me 😂

  • Kiara wellington
    Kiara wellington

    I love the Sims 4

  • SuperSnackBros

    Thanks, but we already have Vargskelethor Joel's Sims 4 Meme House.

  • M0hiixw Sims
    M0hiixw Sims

    I wish you could hold a contest for the singers as well🥺😢

  • Dan Hammonds
    Dan Hammonds

    The way I'd play The Sims is to break all social etiquette. I'd have one urinal in the kitchen next to the cooker and another in the kids' bedroom, a toilet in the living room facing the TV, a bath on the front lawn, and one of my kids had to swim to his bed every night as it was positioned in the centre of the pool. Not sure I'd fare so well on this show.

  • Ashvonn Russell
    Ashvonn Russell

    Why can’t we play on phones and iPads and tablets

  • heather clark
    heather clark

    How do I go about getting an audition for sparkd

  • Debbie Reiter
    Debbie Reiter

    Is this going to be on computers or any device?

  • Laura Tošić
    Laura Tošić

    Thing we need and want: - better sibling relationship ( actually arguing with your sibling, sharing, playing with them, fighting, giving advices, discuss boy drama, steal each others stuff and babysit if your sibling is younger) - better babies -school gameplay (actually going to school, making projects for a talent show, getting a detention and getting in trouble, studying, sneaking out from class...) - more animals, farms ( farm animals, unique animals, unusal animals) - vacations ( packing a suitcase going to the airport and getting on a dream vacation in New York, Paris, London and much more...) - teen drama ( teens don't have any gameplay, they are just adults that can't start a family yet, we need teen drama like getting excited about a boy and crying over him, having a crush, picking a prom dress for a prom that you are going to with a guy who asked you out in school, dances, selfies, concerts, sneaking out, joining a gang with the bad squad...) - better elders ( walkers, nursing homes for older ppl, golf, doctor appointments, babysitting their grandchildren and being included in their events and lifes-like parents should be) - more personality ( being sad and dramatic after a breakup, sassy behavior, feeling happy after getting something you wanted, being selfish, being caring, really liking little kids and babysitting them) - more traits ( kid lover, bad girl/boy, gang leader, sassy queen/king, caring, selfish, internet addicted, maybe sime sims can have health issues they can't see, hear, sniff, walk, talk...) - unexpected events (being asked to a dance, aliens knocking on your door, principal wanting to have a talk about their children, scouts selling cookies...) - more events ( dances, graduation party, prom, toddler playdates, school moms meetings, children's ballet shows, sport compatitions, school project show off, sleepovers...) - more creatures ( imaginary friends, elfs, fairies, princesses, living statues, butterflies...) - cars that sims can actually drive - activities for children ( something fun to do after school, like ballet, karate, football, baseball, gymnastics, selling cookies...) - more romantic gameplay ( it's always the same, find a random sim in the park, speed everything up to get married and start a family since there are no couple activities at all, sims age too soon and while expanding your couple relationship they get too old for everything, that's why having a teen relationship would help) - more characters that are not included in our households and families (postman bringing you mail, scouts selling cookies, inspectors, children randomly. knocking on your door...) - more open worlds - sims need to age slower, adults can't be a couple without speeding their relationship up bc they get too old to start a family and have kids, grandparents can't see their children grow up bc they die too soon, toddlers are the only generation that's alright and doesn't need to change and toddlers age up the fastest

  • Mute TV - Gaming Zone
    Mute TV - Gaming Zone

    E-Reality shows. Something commin' up

  • BGC Kourtney
    BGC Kourtney

    They trying too hard....𝐈 𝐜𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐰.

  • SpaceRanger

    The host actually looks like a sim 😂

  • ellenpower

    Steph0sims: *has a straight face and talks in a serious tone* Me: Something’s very WRONG-

  • John-Paul Hunter
    John-Paul Hunter

    Tbh just watching this because Steph hasn’t uploaded for ages 😂 (H2 hoes unite

  • TheBorisShow

    wow, ea sells out one more like the circus they are

  • Punny Yandere / 愛してる、しかしー
    Punny Yandere / 愛してる、しかしー

    I think I would appreciate this more if they let normal simmers with overall impressive creativity and imagination to take part in the competition, rather than youtubers who already make a lot of money on uploading sim-related content. I imagine it like this: everyone interested would have a chance to upload their video (through the official site?), and only the few selected people with the best submissions could become part of the show.

  • Mitchell McCulloch
    Mitchell McCulloch

    english simmer is out , but she’s there agin in a bit we haven’t seen oop?

  • Anna Saad
    Anna Saad

    Yo.... I don’t think anyone cares about this, everyone just wants better game content. What tf is this 😂😂

  • Polarx


    • Blah Blah Blah
      Blah Blah Blah

      Who cares about stupid babies.

  • Masen Brown
    Masen Brown

    The first episode had major back lash second episode this shows going to go down fast.

  • Allisonn King
    Allisonn King

    was someone.. crying?

  • Jayson STANNARD
    Jayson STANNARD

    I love the game

  • Touch Me
    Touch Me

    Hey am new what do l do

  • Marga Sayo
    Marga Sayo

    This is the ultimate dream job. Would they actually show the clips of the contestant downloading mods? 😂

  • Michelle Iglewski
    Michelle Iglewski

    So excited to see this!

  • Games Email
    Games Email

    Me: oooooo cool so im assuming its a youtube ori- *sees its actually a tv show* Me: OH DANG-

  • jdynnbrg

    1st of all I see Kelsey 😍😍 and 2nd the host looks like a sim 😮

  • TheRedPandaCat

    I lost it at 0:48

  • Alainapaloosa2

    Steph steph steph Steph 💖

  • Rainbow Moonlight
    Rainbow Moonlight



    Симс - фабрика по производству DLC

  • lisa

    This is so ridiculous 🤦 Friggin moronic 😂😂

  • J9nKidz TV
    J9nKidz TV

    I actually think this is great. I just have no cable, live in Canada, & have NO Clue HOW or WHERE or whatever platform I will even be able to watch this on? Anyone help me with that? Thanks Simmers

  • Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano

    We don't care about this we just want more free packs and game development that ya'll lack on the mobile games . Also why do you guys lack male sims clothing 😐

  • Niamh Gill
    Niamh Gill


  • ILostMyAccuracy

    So a competition where the most woke will win? Think this might be canceled in a year.

  • BoiBoi800

    This is all staged you can already see it Lol

  • Rainbow Cute Sparkles actually I'm a tomboy
    Rainbow Cute Sparkles actually I'm a tomboy

    Hi love sim

  • depression with skylar
    depression with skylar

    my question is why is it this. why isnt it more like project runway, where its cc designers making new stuff to follow challenges? and then the prize could be that the winner is allowed to have some content added to the base game, or maybe they release a stuff pack with the best content from the show. like couldnt all of this just go down on the gallery? what fun is a competition that anybody in the community could be good at?

  • Some Specie
    Some Specie

    They all look like sims characters tbh

  • Tiffany Dick
    Tiffany Dick

    I was wondering if you could make a free sims 4 mobile...I just really like the game and I've always wished for one :D

  • Chloe H.
    Chloe H.

    I love watching sims youtubers but this just ain't it. Very cringy too

  • Ashleypotatey

    Why with all the mean comments tho? If you don't like it then off you pop. I'll get the door for you 👍 nobody's forcing you to be here.

  • Ashleypotatey

    I think the time frames are pretty unrealistic to be honest. It would be difficult to come up with all that concept on their own in such a small time frame, nevermind managing other people's opinions and finding a balance between your team aswell. Could have atleast gave them a bit more time so they could showcase their skills properly. Some of these simmers are incredible and you can so see how the stress is affecting all of them. Other than that I'm so excited by this whole idea. So epic to see lil #plumbella the mother hen herself doin her thing too!

  • April Flanagan
    April Flanagan

    They are building and creating sims based on life experiences so their story of their sim was probably a part of their struggle in life, why are people so inconsiderate...that is probably why they got emotional get a grip.

  • Ashleigh Smith
    Ashleigh Smith

    Why did I open this trailer thinking they were turning our Sims into real people and then making them compete in a triathlon type game.. *2 years later..* “Watch the new trailer for Sims; The Real World Las Plegas! Premieres August 21 on Bravo”

  • 1GoldRunner

    This looks like a blatant attempt to replace the Sims channels on IT-my and I’m p*ssed. EA and the current Sims team doesn’t respect it’s customer base at all towards a franchise that has held historical relevance in many of our lives since the 90’s!

  • 1GoldRunner

    Think about this, they put funding in this garbage that could have been used to improve the The Sims 4 game. It’s like a competitor against The Sims franchise has somehow made it into EA and is sabotaging the entire game.

  • Pedro Quiroz
    Pedro Quiroz

    I want the Sims 4 cuz I think you really really funny

  • Tiffany 562411
    Tiffany 562411

    STUPID TO CHOOSE TBS Um ya. Why TBS it will be on where u need cable to watch. Not everybody has cable. So therefore a lot of people won't be able to watch it as well as I can't!

  • Xenia Badillo
    Xenia Badillo

    Who else wants Vixella on here

  • Calvin Paulus
    Calvin Paulus

    Where is GRAYSTILLPLAYS ?!!!

  • Frank Marble
    Frank Marble

    I only play Sims a little bit but I came to see what new packs were coming, but the comments on this video took me OUT 💀💀 yall are not having it one bit 😅 mb EA

  • Matthew Glick
    Matthew Glick

    If greystillplays was on this it would be funny

  • linvehy


  • Aoife Barniskis
    Aoife Barniskis

    Can we not.....please? Whatever dignity is left in the sims 4 is getting tossed out the window by the marketing executives. And right after the developers knocked it out of the park with the last few packs and expansions :\ Can you use the money for this to instead support the developers? And read the room marketing people, this isn't what we want from the franchise

  • Graciella-Violet LaClaire
    Graciella-Violet LaClaire

    they should allow you to play sims with other people like animal crossing. my friend is an amazing builder and id love to go visit her worlds

  • sautéed broccoli
    sautéed broccoli

    When I only watch Steph and Plum for the whole life and didn't know they were in this kind of show.. new thing actually. Well I play The Sims just for fun..

  • strawberry milk tea
    strawberry milk tea

    eww what in the world is this

  • Emo Kitty
    Emo Kitty

    I guess they'll make anything into reality shows anything these days and the fact that they're trying to make this sound as big as like Fashion Runray boggles my mind..

  • grace bailey
    grace bailey

    so this is where all the money for the baby update and cars went

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