The Sims™ Spark’d | Official Trailer
The Sims
Redefine reality competitions with The Sims™ Spark’d, a new show where the only limit to what contestants can create is their imagination! Don’t miss the episode 1 premiere for United States viewers on TBS on July 17.
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For decades, diverse storytellers have been telling millions of stories in The Sims, inspired by their own lives and limitless creativity. Now, the competition is underway as twelve Simmers take on timed creativity challenges to build characters, worlds, and stories in the hopes of impressing the judges-and winning the $100,000 prize.
The Sims Spark’d episode 1 premieres on July 17 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on TBS and hits Buzzfeed Multiplayer on July 20 at 8:00 a.m. (English only content.)

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane

    Ok so I am having an issue with EA, I posted the question on my channel, and if anyone knows the answer please please comment on that video

  • laina J
    laina J

    I thought the host was a Sim on the Thumbnail

  • Miriam Alves Campos
    Miriam Alves Campos

    Eu vou entrar em uma competição de The Sims e vou ganhar!


    obvi scripted bc steph is too PG. also, you needed graystillplays bc like... i need tonsils and spleens 🥺

  • donovan chan
    donovan chan

    Cc salvou esse game de falir

  • Uncle Daniel
    Uncle Daniel

    too bad the sim youtubers who participated couldn't make interesting stories and be creative on a game with so much content and immersion like sims 4! we are luck it was sims 4 and not sims 3 or 2, those 2 games lack content and originality compared to sims 4.

  • subaaoo

    Can you play on mobile??

  • Haydi Baswedan
    Haydi Baswedan

    I laughed and then I laughed again because I laughed

  • Dustin Allen
    Dustin Allen

    Remember was sims had adult humor and was cool? Lol not anymore

  • Danielle Jackson
    Danielle Jackson


  • Games and Nonsense
    Games and Nonsense

    About as fulfilling as the recent expansion packs ... and do any of these girls not soak their heads in crayons? heh

  • Rose&Lilysbloopers

    Why cant u play sims 4 on chromebook i really want to play but i cant bc i have a chromebook

  • Mikayla Barnes
    Mikayla Barnes

    Dang okay...competition show aside...Rayvon Owen 👀 what is he doing here? Lol

  • Kenia Yanez
    Kenia Yanez

    Can u guys put sims on Android plss i always wanted this game

  • gracie ?
    gracie ?


  • Bell Williams
    Bell Williams

    But it's just the sims.....

  • Gsage

    Is this an Esport now?

  • Maya

    0:01 Littleshia you belong with just dance

  • bored to live
    bored to live

    мой комп:а не пойти бы тебе?:)

  • Elisiane Fátima
    Elisiane Fátima


  • Diänä Mëndës
    Diänä Mëndës

    Vocês podiam fazer esse THE SIMS 4 para o Android

  • bel

    Deveria existir isso no brazil

  • Toca Strawberry
    Toca Strawberry


  • BekahJung RNDMThings
    BekahJung RNDMThings


  • BekahJung RNDMThings
    BekahJung RNDMThings

    The host looks like a sim....

  • Moxi Foxi77
    Moxi Foxi77

    Oof steph0sims

  • 복개

    Hello, I'm Lee Junhan, 13 years old, playing sims4 hard. I'd say, "What if I could collaborate with others and create our own inner life?I came to think that. Then I got to know sims spark'd, and I really wanted to appear in sims spark'd and have a new experience together. But as you can see, I am 13 years old and I am not good at English. That's why language barriers are high. But I will try and achieve my wish! (FYI, my dream is to be an architect:) Please tell me how I can appear on the show and how I can do it!

  • Jakobi Hestand
    Jakobi Hestand

    I’m 25. At age 12 long ago, commenting on a Sims page, (Not sure what page, lol! Too long ago) I wished them to consider building Charlie’s chocolate factory. Grown older now, I joined Sims FreePlay from the App Store. Really cool candy items now, so I had lot of likes and comments remembering when I was 12 too! Not saying I inspired them, but dear Sims creators, please add Coraline next!

  • Aniis Le Neve
    Aniis Le Neve

    This is a bit weird.


    I thought the thumbnail was a sim character! I was like “Whoa! They really made them realistic this time!” Lol

  • draco's wife
    draco's wife

    I couldn’t tell if it was a real person in the thumbnail-

  • ᴘʀᴏsᴛᴏʏ


  • blob fish
    blob fish

    Who else thought the sims graphics got so good the guy in the thumbnail was a sim

  • kavya kumeria
    kavya kumeria

    can y'all literally just LISTEN to your consumers. you are such a bad company.

  • Shan Bell
    Shan Bell


  • Ana Sanchez fernandez
    Ana Sanchez fernandez

    Salían para descargarse yo quiero que vuelva

  • Chester Alvarez
    Chester Alvarez

    I don't know I feel bored even if there's a new packs coming out. I think the sims is not that realistic compared to other games. Electronic Arts want us to be game changers to rebuilt and remake they boring builds and stories. And it is time consuming

  • The Awsome Aalders!
    The Awsome Aalders!

    When is the sims going on sale pls I really wanna know btw love the sims 4

  • ludmila micaela
    ludmila micaela

    L😻ve sims

  • IMOIQ مرصد الاعلام الدولي HOT WORLD NEWS
    IMOIQ مرصد الاعلام الدولي HOT WORLD NEWS

    😍 😘 . 🙏😍

  • Chris Ramirez
    Chris Ramirez

    OMG steph0sims is in this so is plumbella. I will be watching this when it comes out.

  • Closs Cc
    Closs Cc

    Can the sims team please fix the ghosts they constantly process to break things it’s horrible it needs to be fixed! ATLEAST ones that are apart of your household


    I just want to know the total number of straight guys who play this game. I don’t think it’s a very high number

  • Kermit’s Left Nut
    Kermit’s Left Nut

    Corona virus: exists EA: let's put a bunch of people from around the world into the same room without masks for no reason!

  • Laura Tello
    Laura Tello

    more ideas please... i want cars, to hotel employer, hotel manager, another things please!!! travels, come on! listen to players!

  • Gabriele P
    Gabriele P

    im living for plumbella's faces in this.. didn't even know she participated.

  • Emma Hall
    Emma Hall

    all we want are some not ashy skintones for poc

  • Siimply_Lemonss Plays
    Siimply_Lemonss Plays


  • Jusuf Ramadhan
    Jusuf Ramadhan

    You can't make people cry for this game & show LGR: I can make cat on the sims 4 look like my died cat so I can play with it again. Me: *crying

  • Probably Zoomer
    Probably Zoomer

    When your game is THAT BORING, what you need to create a full reality show to interest someone in it.

  • Elana Banana
    Elana Banana


  • X O
    X O

    0:35 why do they all look like randomized sims. Like I hope that doesn't sound mean but I swear I've seen a sim that looks like every single of one them.

  • gibraltardrums

    My eyes are bleeding....>____

  • Bonnejournée

    imagine all of the editing they're gonna have to do with steph. just beeping out allll of the sexual jokes

  • Mari0

    Everyone: We want a better game. EA: Here’s an expansion pack *releases Eco Lifestyle and TV show* Expansion pack and TV show: Breaks game and is scripted with only successful youtubers instead of people that need that money. (No disrespect to XMiraMira though, I like her melanin pack but c’mon. I want normal people, not celebs.)

  • 365XCHAR

    Oi sim people I am fuminggggggg, not on the prices of the packs but the fact that you had the nerve to take team gnome out of the comp when they were the best team going!!!

  • Racela Rabie Barrientos
    Racela Rabie Barrientos

    Make sims free in loptop Please I want sims thats my dream :((((

  • Leon Scott Kennedy0
    Leon Scott Kennedy0

    Is it out

  • ღTena_Wanderღ

    the sims spark,d it for mobile too

  • Kara Dillon
    Kara Dillon

    im gonna be real i’m only here for Stephosims

  • Aubrey Brady
    Aubrey Brady


  • A nn
    A nn

    Lmao Juno Birchs sims stories is much more entertaining and stunning than this.

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    Can you please add sims 4 to mobile

  • Total useless
    Total useless

    Czy tylko mnie dziwi dlaczego na Polskim kanale sims znajduje się filmik po angielsku? XD

  • Bárbara Trallero
    Bárbara Trallero

    Where can we watch this?

  • Jess Anscombe
    Jess Anscombe

    i thought this be a new pack but kinda like oop when i watched it :/

  • Evan King
    Evan King

    The Quxxn would have loved this. RIP

  • Hi Hyun
    Hi Hyun


  • Hi Hyun
    Hi Hyun


  • Sub Storm
    Sub Storm

    I love the game changers, I think they're awesome and I'm glad that we have them, but this is not it. Can't the money and time that went into this go towards making the game more enjoyable? Or at the very least can't we have the modders and custom content creators compete instead?

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