The Son Of Sam’s Reign Of Terror. Demon Possessed Dog Gave Demands?| Mystery & Makeup| Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian
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Hi friends happy Monday!
Hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there. I know things have been so exhausting (I don't know if that's the right word here) in the world but, I hope you're doing okay and taking care of yourself as best as you can right now.
Today I wanted to talk about the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz. I really don't know what else to say here hahahah.. What are your thoughts?
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day, Love and appreciate you guys so much!! I hope to be seeing you very soon
x o
Bailey Sarian
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  • Bailey Sarian
    Bailey Sarian

    Hi friends! Hope you are staying safe out there ❤️

    • ItsKatieKat

      The Cosmo DiNardo case would be interesting for those unaware of him! It’s *fairly* recent and shows how our system for getting people help is still incredibly messed up. Plus I’d be more than happy to send you some sources I learned about this case from.

    • Sherridan Green
      Sherridan Green

      Please do a story on luka magnotta!!!!

    • Doris Housand
      Doris Housand

      You are a natural and beautiful!

    • Jessica Lumpkin
      Jessica Lumpkin

      Doing well here.. hope you're safe and well be blessed

    • Rhodonite Universe
      Rhodonite Universe

      Love you🕊💕💕💕💕

  • Gimhani Basnayeka
    Gimhani Basnayeka

    Hey Bailey! I came across one of your videos a couple of days ago and watching your videos on Fb and IT-my has become my newest favourite hobby. Two of my favourite things in one place. ❤️ I truly, absolutely LOVE your videos. Some of these stories I've read or watched before and some of them I got to know after I watched your videos. I hope you could do one about Emma Walker, that's one that hit me hard. You'll find it quite interesting too. Much love. XOXO ❤️

  • colby trensch
    colby trensch

    I’ve been binging you for hours (read:also days) in between parenting, and you’re hilarious, so artistically talented, and a great story teller. I love this journey for you.

  • Phil & Maisie
    Phil & Maisie

    Maybe the dog was Mr. Pickles. lol. Look it up.

  • Ana Klein
    Ana Klein

    It sounds like he has some form of a Mother wound from either his adopted mom, bio mom or step mom

  • Amber Hudson
    Amber Hudson

    Need some merch restock 🤩🤩🤩

  • Shana Adams
    Shana Adams

    Megan fox vibes

  • Amy Kinkay
    Amy Kinkay

    44 caliber pistol you don't need the "point"

  • blxck goth
    blxck goth

    Crime talks : checked Makeup : Checked But would you cosplay too?

  • Amber Moore
    Amber Moore

    I would love to hear your take and story telling on Gary Ridgway

  • Leslie Baines
    Leslie Baines

    Great video and story! I was a little girl when this all happened but I remember! Very very scary!

  • Jacky Kidwell
    Jacky Kidwell

    I'm surprised you didn't sing "son of Sam, son of Sam..." Or is that what you are singing?? 🤷‍♀️. I Don't know im british😆

  • lily ruiz
    lily ruiz

    I know I’m not the only one who thinks the “theme song” hymn she does is super adorable

  • Jody Holgate
    Jody Holgate

    my name is Jody and this caught me off guard 😂😂

  • Maria Julia Ramirez Berho
    Maria Julia Ramirez Berho

    Have you seen Mindhunters?

  • Taylor Vaughan
    Taylor Vaughan

    To answer your question, when referencing a caliber of pistol, you do not have to say point. You just say the number. Also, if you see this, just know you're my favorite! 💛😘

  • Tasha Pirie
    Tasha Pirie

    Please do the pickton farm story!! 💖

  • AnnaMarie Beneduci
    AnnaMarie Beneduci

    This POS lived about a 1/2 mile from my house on north Broadway Yonkers NY

  • coleener

    “What a demanding dog.” 😆😆😆

  • carly

    its crazy that he is still alive and in jail

  • Shania Stover
    Shania Stover

    Do the William Inmon story! We see his accomplice Stormy walking around our town everyday. She got off on insanity 😡

  • SientjeL1

    It's interesting that in all the attacks before they started suspecting David it was always two people and one always survived

  • lani60259196

    Please make a podcast x I would listen to you every day :D

  • BrokenNail

    Yeah.... I don't have much nice things to say, but I think a time machine would be great.

  • Amy Kawaii
    Amy Kawaii

    I thought your intro song was “son of Sam, son of Sam, son of Sam Sam, son of saaaam.

  • Alex Shaffer
    Alex Shaffer

    Please do B.T.K

  • choi ji-yong
    choi ji-yong

    if only she didn't keep the baby

  • lauren ormsby
    lauren ormsby

    Is there where bailey got her theme song ?? 😱

  • Kelly Ann
    Kelly Ann

    Why are you just so beautiful without make up??

  • Megan Fee
    Megan Fee

    No disrespect to the victims, but why would any couple be sitting in their car late at night when this was going on??

  • Kelly Ann
    Kelly Ann

    My husband uncle used to write him in jail

  • Meilani Kitchens
    Meilani Kitchens


  • Bayli Fisher
    Bayli Fisher

    I think Israel Keyes would make an interesting video, not many know about him. Hope you’re well 💞

  • Jessica Pawis
    Jessica Pawis

    Highway of tears

  • Jennifer Campbell
    Jennifer Campbell

    Does anyone know the words to her "theme song"? I can't really tell. Thank so much!

  • Megadeth 3
    Megadeth 3

    Needs to be on spotify!

  • Lizz Delgado
    Lizz Delgado

    You should do Henry lee Lucas

  • Cat W.
    Cat W.

    You would be an amazing Morticia Addams

  • Skylar Stiltner
    Skylar Stiltner

    “ im struggling to talk today .. well actually that’s everyday “ THISSSS 😂

  • Nathalie Skinner
    Nathalie Skinner

    1st comment: I love your videos!! Always listen to nearly every story nearly every day. I am hooked, for real!! Please never stop!! ❤️❤️ 2nd comment, or rather, suggestion: Please do the Ken and Barbie case!!! It's sick, and interesting, in a veeeeery disturbing way at the same time (Love from Greece!! ❤️)

  • Suzanne Sutton
    Suzanne Sutton

    Your so entertaining !!!!! Great story teller !!! Great job 👍

  • Suzanne Sutton
    Suzanne Sutton

    Love the greyish hair how so u go from dark ro that light grey love the color do u so that yourself ? U look awsome in any color

  • Forever HaleyJay
    Forever HaleyJay

    Jodie got out the car and ran away? 🤔 Rosemary did the smart thing.

  • Michelle Crippen
    Michelle Crippen

    Audio book! that's funny

  • timflemming4christ

    Bailey the hairstyle isn't flattering babe

  • Nakeysha Ricks
    Nakeysha Ricks

    👀 2.91M !! Far cry from 587,000. So happy for you, like overnight.🥳🥳

  • Amy VanLuven
    Amy VanLuven

    Hey Bailey I love your videos. It got me back into doing my own makeup lol but I just love watching you tell your stories and just be a real human. Will you please check out crimes from my home state. I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We have a few doozies up here and down state! Thanks for the morning ritual. I hide away from my 3 kids and do my makeup and watch your videos

  • Litna Olu
    Litna Olu

    Angarsk maniac story pls

  • Tara Slaydon
    Tara Slaydon

    Ewww David

  • Nyaleengi

    Can you do the Julie Vega story⭐️

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    Aye Dee Dee

    ‘Why am I out of breath?’ 🤣 highlight of my life 🤣🤣

  • Lindsay Reynolds
    Lindsay Reynolds

    Has anyone else watched every single one of baileys monday videos ? No? Just me ? Embarrassing. Best part of quarantine.

  • Angel Fox
    Angel Fox

    Please do H.H. Holmes! :) ❤🎃🎉

  • ArmaniiPlaysss !
    ArmaniiPlaysss !

    Why would u get out of the car and run???

  • Savannah

    Found your videos yesterday and I've been binge watching all day. These stories are crazy, you tell them well and that makeup is gorgeous.

  • Paula Tiamzon
    Paula Tiamzon


  • Erin Brazell
    Erin Brazell

    Kayla Giles! Please look into her case. Btw, you are amazing and have the perfect voice for this!!!

  • RAFF D
    RAFF D

    Mr.Pickles 🥒🐶

  • Kami Anderson
    Kami Anderson

    Girl you’re progressively making me rediscover my love of forensic science and criminal justice.

  • Misty Puckett
    Misty Puckett

    Your makeup is always so perfect

  • Keekz

    “During his confession that’s when David claimed his neighbors dog was a demon dog demanding the blood of pretty young girls..... as dogs do” 😂😂😂😂😂


    Ummm so who’s here in October 23 ?!

  • Khindall Williams
    Khindall Williams

    I’m watching this on October 23rd

  • monica bingham
    monica bingham

    You don't have to say . (point) when talking about a caliber of a gun. Any one who knows anything about guns will know a 45 caliber is a .45 refers to the bullet size.

  • Yana Camm
    Yana Camm

    You just say "44" caliber I think haha, that's the way I've heard it at least

  • realsharpe

    Jodi Arias .... nut job, lets hear your take🙄

  • DontWrite OnMe
    DontWrite OnMe

    💓💖 you Bailey! 💅 have you seen Netflix show Mindhunters they pretty much got him with the dog telling him legal rights lol

  • Amanda Thammavongsa
    Amanda Thammavongsa

    "Only strike girls with long/medium length hair" **everyone cuts their hair**

  • Allysa Nicole Abalora
    Allysa Nicole Abalora

    Addicted to your videos, Bailey! Take care! 💜

  • Heather Warner
    Heather Warner

    What a demanding dog!! Lol

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