the truth about why i left LA
Lauren Giraldo
hey guys...well I left LA. It was a decision I thought long and hard about but ultimately I decided it's what's best for me. Come hang today and let's talk why. I've lived in LA since I was 17 and now that I've been ready to buy a house I broadened my horizons to different places. (At the end of this vid I tell you where I moved) and I even bought my first house. I'm feeling so blessed and grateful and I'm so excited for this next chapter of life with you.
my UPDATED 5am morning routine
virtually doing my everyday routine
responding to your JUICY assumptions about me...
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  • LovelyMeli

    I love your earrings they are so adorable. And congratulations on your accomplishment. Bendiciones !!

  • Neare :
    Neare :

    It’s the industry not LA. Get out of downtown, WeHo, Beverly Hills, Hollywood hills. Then you’ll see real people who aren’t unemployed trying to become “famous.”

  • Jovani Silva
    Jovani Silva

    I didn't love it here in LA at first. But it eventually grew on me (moved here at 23, now 31). As long as you're able to keep yourself level-headed and keep the noise out, it's a blast here. Just find your solid group of friends and you're good. I'm a designer in the entertainment industry but I also like smaller town vibes sometimes. You get to know the areas to avoid the tourists. It's not for everyone though, which i understand.

  • Alex Swanson
    Alex Swanson

    I love this for you :)

  • Julia Carey
    Julia Carey

    You and Henny should meet with Charles and Alyssa! They’re also in AZ

  • bts' maid
    bts' maid

    you should befriend Nessa!!

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl

    LA is a place I never want to go. It seems toxic to mental health

  • Katrina

    Girl what Arizona are you living in?😭😂😂 I do love it here though💕

  • Victoria Dawn
    Victoria Dawn

    Az is the best im in Glendale and have lived here my whole life.. Will never leave

  • Alyssa Nunez
    Alyssa Nunez

    Okay why am I just finding out that she moved here in AZ, middle school me is SCREAMING

  • Gabriela Orta
    Gabriela Orta

    I want to be your friend but I live in Fort Worth TX lol 😔

  • Shanita Laxman
    Shanita Laxman

    shoutout to all my arizonans we got LAUREN🥺🤧

  • Tabasum Mehri
    Tabasum Mehri

    omg this is so exiting honestly so inspiring you make me want to get my life together so fricking proud of you love you also ive been watching since your ama video so happy that video popped in my feed you truly changed my perspective on life tbh

  • ChaseliketheBank 420
    ChaseliketheBank 420

    Yasssss kween!!!! I live in Chandler and work on Mill Ave. I hope you enjoy Scottsdale.💖

  • Chloe Cute
    Chloe Cute

    Congrats girl!!! 😍😍😍 American dream.....✨

  • cynnxo

    “la is good for vacation but it’s not real life”. girl imagine how we LA natives feel about YALL coming out here to “make it” and gentrifying the f*ck out of our communities. unfortunately for some of us this IS real life. watching our friends/neighbors getting evicted or losing their homes is the sad reality because of you guys. everything she’s complaining about is BECAUSE of people like her moving out here ): i love la and i hope you spread this to other potential influencers so they can stop moving here.

    • zzz

      cynnxo i agree, if they can do it from far away then why not... I live in the greater la area so I see what you’re getting at

    • cynnxo

      zzz you right lol don’t get me wrong, it’s a place full of opportunities but ever since influencers became a thing, they just made it that much worse. About 80% or more of their job is to post on social media, they can do that from Iowa or wherever tf. no need to come out here unless you’re trying to get into hollywood/music/entertainment. if you’re gonna stick to sponsorships just do us ALL the favor and stay home. & it’s just kinda stupid how she’s a part of the problem and then she comes and complains about it on here 😂 it’s not LAs fault your in that crowd, she chose to do it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • zzz

      It will never stop, la is a magnet 🧲

  • Elisabeth Chandler
    Elisabeth Chandler


  • Ocean

    You’re so cute. 🥰

  • Hector Borges
    Hector Borges

    Legend has it if you watch one of Lauren’s videos a day you will become the best version of yourself

  • Christina Galvan
    Christina Galvan

    I think your time in LA has matured you soooooo much! Excited for your new phase of life!!

  • Jon Jacob Smith
    Jon Jacob Smith

    Hahaha. I love how you’re describing how peaceful your drive to get an oil change is when you have a Tesla. 🤣🤣

  • Zeleno Oko
    Zeleno Oko

    Girlll good for you guys!!!! :)

  • Idalis Nazario
    Idalis Nazario

    LISTEN LA....i love that place but i moved back to florida for a while bc i was like why the heck am i paying $800 for a dining room that was turned into my room(& didnt have a door) ? like whyyyyyyyyyyyy....but anyways i miss LA lol

  • Ali C
    Ali C

    Take a shot every time she says LA

  • Alyssa Tookie
    Alyssa Tookie

    People not born & raise come here usually to manifest that “famous/big screen/mansion/party” lifestyle either surrounding themselves with with “self absorbed”/toxic groups or can not get in with the “it” crowd and get a taste that it is all smoke & mirrors. With that being said, from a LA native, what she is saying is correct, that is not a normal life.People born and raised here not in the industry don’t go to “events” & not everyone is trying to be a celebrity, but if you hangout in touristy/gentrified areas then that is what you are going to get.

    • Alyssa Tookie
      Alyssa Tookie

      That being said LA is fucking amazing if people realize there is a party scene and real life. “Hollywood/show biz” is all FAKE. True Angelenos aren’t hanging out at Melrose, Art District, WeHo, Malibu sipping on a $15 cocktail every weekend, we aren’t running into a celebrities, and we aren’t social networking, I’ve never herd someone say that in real life. Befriend a true Angeleno and look at LA through our eyes and you will see the magic

  • Daniela Herrera
    Daniela Herrera

    I used to never be subscribed to influencers in LA because of that pretentiousness you spoke about, but watching this video and seeing how DTE you are and that you’re in a different place. I’m subscribing!

  • Joleen Jenkins
    Joleen Jenkins

    I just found your channel and subscribed and from the perspective of a 53 year old woman I have to say I am very proud of you and just the way you sound like you have grown. My 28 year old son lives in LA and we are from Virginia and I hope he comes to this realization and comes back home soon God bless you young lady.Sidenote,my son is not in the entertainment business,he is a very intelligent business man,but he does like the party scene.

  • Pamela Aranzazu
    Pamela Aranzazu

    random place, random people..... you mean locals? you need to check your LA mentality before you come here girl.... it aint it

  • Ana Molina
    Ana Molina

    Queen of leaving LA! I actually just uploaded a video about why I left LA and this is how I came across your video. I lived there for 7 years and 1000000% agree with everything you just said. I too feel so much better, my mental health is so much better and I feel free!

  • Tea Embo
    Tea Embo

    ok but not moving to Arizonaaaaa lol

  • Tea Embo
    Tea Embo

    ok but not moving to Arizonaaaaa lol

  • Savannah Howard
    Savannah Howard

    You will love it here! I love living here because this state has so much to offer!

  • Serenity Proffitt
    Serenity Proffitt


  • Ariah Joy
    Ariah Joy

    i love “hanging” out with you lol and girl you get it. We’re the same age and I can say I’m so happy for you and success. I was watching your empty house tour and I was crying bc you are genuinely so grateful and deserving of all these beautiful things! 🥺 I want nice things too one day. Thank you for passing on the drive 💫💕🎉

  • Lan Nguyen
    Lan Nguyen

    This video is everything I didn’t know I needed. Going thru something similar and your words are soothing. Thank you for sharing your authentic journey 💝💝

  • emilyyynatasha

    omg I'm so happy that you're happy bb! To growth and new memories 🎉🍾

  • Lana Katić
    Lana Katić

    Such Lana del Ray vibes with the hair and makeup 😍

  • Lauren Boucher
    Lauren Boucher

    Make a video trying spots in AZ! Black rock, Dutch bros, snooze cafe, first watch, Cheba hut, and snowtime are great!

  • eriicoco

    it’s crazy to see you started off in LA at such a young age and now at 22 you’re tired of living in the imagination and you’re doing your own thing, we need more influencers like you

  • Hailey Johnson
    Hailey Johnson

    you're so genuine i love u

  • Maxim Zubkis
    Maxim Zubkis


  • Robyn Hood
    Robyn Hood

    Anyone know where she got her earrings????

  • Alexandria Fajardo
    Alexandria Fajardo

    I just wanna say I love how real you are.. been watching you since you were a smol bean I'm Miami. Congrats princess Lauren

  • Annie Metcalf
    Annie Metcalf

    Super happy for you Lauren!

  • Adrianna Mv
    Adrianna Mv

    Ohhh girl, that Arizona house is GORGEOUS. I will also make a MAKEOVER IT-my VIDEO of my house but I live in Canada, though :)

  • andrejka ratulovska
    andrejka ratulovska


  • Luisa Tolda
    Luisa Tolda

    I am so proud Lauren!!! Congrats girl!!

  • Taylor S
    Taylor S

    thank you for being a real human vs. an influencer robot

  • Sarah McAulay
    Sarah McAulay

    Will you still be able to have the clothes stylist come to the house?

  • Olivia Hoffman
    Olivia Hoffman

    me sitting in arizona about to move to LA next week while she talks up az & basically shits on LA: 👁👄👁

    • Olivia Hoffman
      Olivia Hoffman

      but in all seriousness, I am sooo happy for her!!!

  • Justme Yram
    Justme Yram

    I love like 2 hours away from LA and I’ve said I want to live in LA because of what I see in social media and only at the good things about it. But I hit i they’re are more cons than pros of LA lol ... I’m good living here and I hope that big one doesn’t hit us soon 😭😭😭 earthquake

  • Justine Pena
    Justine Pena

    WELCOME TO AZ LAUREN 🎉you look more happier and peaceful we see you glowing sis ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Justme Yram
    Justme Yram

    Where did she move to?

    • symere woods
      symere woods

      scottsdale arizona

  • LoveMychaela

    Born & raised in LA and want to get back at some point in life... but listening to your perspective I'm like damn you might be right.

  • Jacqueline Cerventes
    Jacqueline Cerventes

    This is so cool to see how much you have grown and My family and I have been wanting to move to literally any other place than California. It’s too expensive. Girl you’re lucky and enjoy your new Casa!!!! Love ya!

  • Tasneem A.
    Tasneem A.

    Where did she move to?

  • Nina

    Me watching this from my studio apartment like 👁👄👁

  • Faith Koebert
    Faith Koebert

    I’ve been saying I’ll retire in Arizona since I visited when I was little!!

  • Santana M
    Santana M

    Finally the girl I went to school with that I looked at differently back in atm days actually popped out .

  • KayLaRhee

    I love living in Phoenix so I get you! Welcome to the AZ fam! :D

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez

    Arizona is the most real life it gets! Bittersweet! It’s perfect for people with this mindset! I moved from Cali to Az too and the difference is there just hard to explain but she did very well! So happy for her.

  • Karolina M
    Karolina M

    It's always weird for me when you say "I moved" or "I -whatever" when it's both you and Henny.. like he moved with you, you moved together, it's not only you

  • TheRealErikaF

    EVERYTHING YOU EXPLAINED ABOUT LA ARE MY EXACT THOUGHTS! Congrats on moving!!!! Wish you the best of luck.

  • Christty Meza
    Christty Meza


  • katie bonilla
    katie bonilla

    & now you’re grownup

  • katie bonilla
    katie bonilla

    Literally I’ve been watching you since day 1

  • katie bonilla
    katie bonilla

    I’m so happy for you

  • Kali Raigh
    Kali Raigh

    Honestly Lauren talking about 1 million dollars not going far in LA is the same as toronto. a 500 qt 1 bedroom in Toronto is 1 mill or more . ughhhh

  • Jeremiah Daniel
    Jeremiah Daniel

    LA is what you make it. If you're a shallow, materialistic person and you surround yourself with those kinds of people, that's gonna be your experience. The real LA, the one the locals know and love, is full of diversity and culture. Maybe go to a museum or on a hike or something instead of being so shallow and superficial. People who aren't from LA think it's all Hollywood and Venice and they really stand out, usually in a bad way. lol

  • Saige Avis
    Saige Avis

    Where’s this dress from 😍😍

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