The Try Guys Recreate Dramatic Twilight Scenes
The Try Guys
Do we dazzle you? Well today we just might! Watch us find out which Twilight character we are and recreate some of the craziest movie scenes! Don't forget to buy the new Miles Nation t-shirt on now!
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  • swati boral
    swati boral

    I think Zach really killed it

  • Erin Erin
    Erin Erin

    This is a lot to take in during one sitting.

  • Ro Po
    Ro Po

    I just gotta say: Ned's beard = total babe magnet. That shit is fucking glorious. I've always loved Ned to death as a person (which, of course, would be the most important catagory...and also the same level I feel for *all* the guys), but I've got to admit that Ned has, by far, the objectively sexiest beard of our beloved Guys. Okay, well, also Miles. Miles' beard is certainly glorious as well. (Hail Miles Nation!!!!) But, honestly, I'm a sucker for a ginger. I love fiery follicles unconditionally and I'm not ashamed to admit it. So many things are so beautiful and sexy about all the races of our complicated planet that I can't possibly pick an "ideal visual representation of attractiveness within our society". Things change on a "day to day". Nothing's permanent. And every opinion is ever changing. Nothing stays the same. And if it does...Try Something New!

  • Anne Anne
    Anne Anne

    16:59: “ SHE’S A BABY!! Lmaoooo

  • Raven Girl
    Raven Girl

    I got Carlisle. I so freaked out

  • Ayeits Kyla
    Ayeits Kyla

    Wait put the try guys in a relight movie they did so good I felt like I was watching it

  • Sara Faulbaum
    Sara Faulbaum

    I’m crushed that Ned didn’t get to be Nedward

  • Emily Manfield
    Emily Manfield

    Still better than actual twilight

  • Claire Neville
    Claire Neville

    "you're just really weird" lmaooooo

  • blue galaxy
    blue galaxy

    Ned is a mood.

  • Alexia Chen
    Alexia Chen

    I love it but, w h y

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa

    She a BABY... 😂😂

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa

    In the book she tells him she knows he’s a vampire in the car..

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa

    I can’t hahaha I’m crying 😂😂😂

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa

    I’m so fucking hungover... I.. my brain.. IS THIS REAL?.. Is this really happening. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hurricane Tortilla
    Hurricane Tortilla

    Bro I'm like 30 seconds in and I can tell this is going to be the best and worst thing I've ever watched

    • Hurricane Tortilla
      Hurricane Tortilla

      I need the entire movie series to be redone by all of the Try Guys and Eugene as the baby

  • Denise

    More of these please

  • C8Al B18
    C8Al B18


  • The Murderbot Feed
    The Murderbot Feed

    Better than the original

  • Sloth InPocket
    Sloth InPocket

    still better acting than the actual twilight movies

  • Tavish

    More like Nedward

  • Logan hinds
    Logan hinds

    grow up eat a person

  • Jamilé Cantillo
    Jamilé Cantillo


  • Syd The Kid
    Syd The Kid


  • Rachelle Yeung
    Rachelle Yeung

    the fact that she named her daughter "Renesmee" proves she didn't really love her anyway

  • Rachelle Yeung
    Rachelle Yeung

    nothing cements NEd and Ariel's basic bitch-ness more than their interest in "dangerous love." the idea of abuse as romance is some repressed ass shit

  • Alysha Goode
    Alysha Goode

    keith really got the “YoU iMpRiNtEd On My DaUgHtEr?!” Down

  • Jessica Leser
    Jessica Leser

    14:25 LMFAO

  • Jc kookie
    Jc kookie

    Damn Keith, you're a beautiful human.

  • Winter Sweetser
    Winter Sweetser

    It's a bit strange that even though I know that there not pros it still gives me the same vibes as the original did.

  • Eden Gaines
    Eden Gaines

    I just finished watching twilight and I cried a lot but I cried more from laughing at this

  • Bhumika Bhakte
    Bhumika Bhakte

    I've never watched Twilight but I'mma watch this cause it's the Try Guys

  • Heather Overvold
    Heather Overvold

    Make more!

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose

    Keith killed this!

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose

    imagine being wes seeing this ten years later lolllllllll

  • bluecandies

    I love how accurately Keith captured the awkwardness of a teenage girl

  • Cookies Little devils
    Cookies Little devils

    I love how Keith is the girl but he's taller then ned and Zack

  • Roanne Sison
    Roanne Sison

    Keith is so great as Bella

  • Venus O
    Venus O

    hold on who is calling keith annoying??

  • Serena E
    Serena E

    Haven’t watched it yet, but I know it will be amazing

  • call me nesie
    call me nesie

    OH MY GOD so, storytime: I emailed zach congratulating him for his new tea comapny and he replied back with what I thought was an automated message. so I sent an email to zach saying: "an automated message? zach I love you but wtf man" I was kidding, of course. But then he replied saying, "ain't nothing automated about me! by the way, is nesie is a twiliight reference" and I was confused when he said that because my name is Ines and nesie is my nickname. I have never read or seen twillight. NOW I get what he was saying :) I know they're talking about renesme but they said "nesie" and I got so excited because I'm like, "that's my name! :D"

  • Thea Sundqvist Ahlqvist
    Thea Sundqvist Ahlqvist


  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Young


  • Summer Whitman
    Summer Whitman

    Nedward, beith, and zacob

  • You are my light
    You are my light

    and you know what? still a better lovestory than twilight

    • Melis Köksal
      Melis Köksal

      This needs more likes

  • C Doughty
    C Doughty

    lol, why does Zach only have vampire teeth for one shot in the forest scene

  • Parker Knight
    Parker Knight

    Zach’s hair looks amazing.

  • Camrin Hasbrouck
    Camrin Hasbrouck

    Zach “2 things that are upsetting, 1-“ *holds up 3 fingers*

  • Marcelina

    Ned likes Twilight (secretly, kind of a lot), still knows nothing about the plot xD

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay

    They need to do more like these!!

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay

    Grow up eat a human

  • Karissa Brand
    Karissa Brand

    Zach in the "you imprinted on my baby" scene had me BUST out laughing OH MY GOD he is amazing! This whole video was hysterical. :)

  • Mandy Sue
    Mandy Sue

    Can we get rocky horror re-enactments

  • Gaby M
    Gaby M

    Keith looks like Alanis morissette with the wig on lmao

  • Verocs4

    Love it how Kieth compliments all the other guys :)

  • Shanice

    Wow I'm digging Keith with long hair

  • Cole W
    Cole W

    @tryguys there is a restaurant in LA that sells human meat. They are a fully operational and legal cannibal eatery. I think a video dedicated to his sounds interesting :)

  • the fire witch
    the fire witch

    To be honest, this parody perpetuates the whole cringy concept of Twilight

  • Destinee Davis
    Destinee Davis

    Not gonna lie I found the exact same quiz and I got Victoria too 😂😂

  • qing 21
    qing 21

    Zach’s plastic teeth really got me

  • Erin Park
    Erin Park

    NOOOO!!! that’s not how you do vibrato!!!

  • Erin Park
    Erin Park

    I love the fact that they took a buzzfeed quiz, but they left buzzfeed

  • Jaylene

    They should make a movie scene lol they're good👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Gabby Davis
    Gabby Davis

    This is honestly one of my favorite Try guys video

  • William Orensky
    William Orensky

    Where’s Eugene?

  • Kristina M.
    Kristina M.

    I love it

  • Jordanian 77
    Jordanian 77

    18:00......this is funny because my niece is actually legit named Renezzmae after this movie 🤣

  • Kate FP
    Kate FP

    Oh my god 😂😂😂😂


    "she's a BABY"

  • Avira Oriflame
    Avira Oriflame

    11:19 D-did he just ... Naruto run the heck out of the class??

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