The Try Guys Try Drawing Male Models
The Try Guys
We tried to paint our staff like french girls and WOW was this a ride! 👨‍🎨🎨 How do you think our art turned out?
Let us know in the comments and if you think you can do a better job than us, submit your version of the drawing to and maybe we'll repost you! 😏
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Instructor - Rebecca Holopter
Models - Miles Bonsignore, Will Wilter, Sam Johnson, Alexandria Herring
Elliot Dickerhoof
Licensed from AudioNetwork
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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto
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Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
Producer - Nick Rufca
Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
Editor - Devlin McCluskey
Editor - YB Chang
Editor - Elliot Dickerhoof
Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
Camera Operator - Miles Bonsignore
Production Assistant - Sam Johnson
Content Strategist - Kaylin Burke
Camera operator - Michael Summers
DP - Daryl Gilmore
Location rep - Brandy Lewis
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  • Kady Hupp
    Kady Hupp

    Nude men. Ned:wut?

  • moonlight loverr
    moonlight loverr

    12:40 Eugene is good at everyting

  • moonlight loverr
    moonlight loverr

    11:55 I like the way the man outside the window look at them

  • Banana Cake
    Banana Cake

    I watched this back today, I missed the part when Keith goes “is there a reason we are drawing bananas and grapes practice perhaps...). I didnt know this was what I heard yesterday but, now I understand

  • Ernest Fox
    Ernest Fox

    they did REALLY good. I'm actually shocked!!! Eugene 😲❤❤

  • PhillyFrank1

    Just as well they pulled a bait-and-switch on the nude male model -- the straight Try Guys were being a little too silly about the prospect.

  • Brianna Grace
    Brianna Grace

    I cringed at 8:10 As much as it seems tempting, try not to blend with your fingers! The natural oils from your fingers will lift the pigments from whatever medium you are using, and the result from this will be splotchy from where the oils have gathered! Just a tip from experience, doesn't necessarily mean you can't do it :)

  • •JellyBean Bear•
    •JellyBean Bear•

    how can the staffs not laugh omg they re so good

  • •JellyBean Bear•
    •JellyBean Bear•

    I got the Mr Bean vibe here LOL

  • Sunflower Timez
    Sunflower Timez

    Eugene's so good ;-;

  • •_•

    “Something has to get bad before it gets good.” “Perfect is the enemy of done.” -My art teacher 2019

  • Stephen Hall
    Stephen Hall

    I love how they think its weird that Ned *hasnt* seen zach 's penis

  • Banana Jones
    Banana Jones

    Any of the Try Guys: does literally anything Rebecca: *that's great, that's really good-*

  • Prayash Rai
    Prayash Rai

    By watching this I'm remembering Mr Bean in the drawing class 😂😂. Does anyone remember?

  • L

    Ok but I got an anatomy art class advert at the start of this video >~

  • kam kam
    kam kam

    keith is like.. so good

  • Kendyll Salyer
    Kendyll Salyer

    They should make a red underwear that says “does it make my butt look big?” for Ned.

  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis

    Eugenes face when Rebecca said “nude men”😂😭😭😭😭

  • mayank maan
    mayank maan

    okay. but can we talk about the outfits. they look chic!

  • CloudeeDragon

    A tomato..... you mean... an OrAnGe?

  • Heyit'sDakota

    Aw the teacher is so supportive

  • Cool Space Kid
    Cool Space Kid

    Miles is the sexiest bunch of grapes I've ever seen

  • Lionstep YT
    Lionstep YT

    I mean is their anything Eugene is NOT good at

  • Ann Tran
    Ann Tran

    Eugene is good at drawing

  • Grace Swavely
    Grace Swavely

    I think it grate that the try guys are trying some yhing that means the most to me I love art and I am happy to see the try guy do art

  • mister y
    mister y

    Eugene got exited

  • SaltyTestes

    Zach is so cute!!

  • Elske Bloemhof
    Elske Bloemhof

    11:21 look at the guy outside

  • Saptarshi _
    Saptarshi _

    Damn the first girl i would smash her defo

  • Caleb Fraser
    Caleb Fraser

    The teacher is so into ned. Careful Ariel!

  • Soe Ta eh
    Soe Ta eh

    Keith-"Like wow you look so fudging hot."😂😂😂😂Keith umm ok yeah

  • Ariana Negron
    Ariana Negron

    Okay can we talk about how fucking good at drawing Eugene is?

  • ROBERT świst
    ROBERT świst

    wooow u guy's r beather then me

  • Khanyisa Nonkelela
    Khanyisa Nonkelela

    I wish she was my figure drawing professor...she’s not mean 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Yuru Wu
    Yuru Wu

    *Eugene Lee Yang has discovered a new skill: art! Lvl up x1000000000*

  • Lucia

    9:41 eugene’s proud happy face after his drawing was praised 😍

  • Justin Markwell
    Justin Markwell


  • Persephone Winters
    Persephone Winters

    I'm really happy that Rebecca insisted on pointing out the good features of each drawing, and asking them to do it as well. The positivity is so encouraging and she knows how to nail it.

  • Aksh Sarma
    Aksh Sarma

    Ned's reaction is my reaction

  • Sorsa-Chan


  • Timmy Girard
    Timmy Girard

    I really admire how well shes able to teach and encourage art. I should take notes

  • Sami

    Zach: Are we gonna see d*cks today? Eugene: *gives it away and is totally ready* 1:27

  • Braxtyn Birrell
    Braxtyn Birrell

    Whoa Keith did so much better than he said he would. Also of course we have to mention eugene's. So good

  • Jimins Right pinky
    Jimins Right pinky

    keiths is actually really good in the final drawing

  • Erica Carcamo
    Erica Carcamo

    The lady “ nude men “ Eugene “ gay panics “

  • Samantha Robison
    Samantha Robison

    *Lifts a finger* Teacher: that’s great good job

  • Rihanna Allen
    Rihanna Allen

    eww did she say rad

    • Rihanna Allen
      Rihanna Allen

      I was only making a joke didn't mean to be rude

  • Andrey Shmotyev
    Andrey Shmotyev


  • Justin Bruce
    Justin Bruce

    Staves not Staffs

  • Lila Zalucky
    Lila Zalucky

    Ned Fulmer? I only know Edward Fùlméré the French artist

  • Hummy

    Did I hear classical music???!?!!?!? Ling Ling is that you messing with my mind...

  • Cute Cats
    Cute Cats

    Eugene is so great at drawing and I did not know he had that talent

  • MajuZ

    The announcement has fucking 22 minutes

  • muffin gang
    muffin gang

    *Eugene's gayness kicks in*

  • Anne Zijp
    Anne Zijp

    I'm watching this while I'm eating breakfast. This is such a wholesome way to start the day💜

  • Sadie Durham
    Sadie Durham

    "Great.. that's... uh... beautiful." 8:15

  • Eva Mcauley
    Eva Mcauley

    1)Zachary 2)Keitholemu 3)Nedward 4)Eugenia 5)Wessary 6)Arielto 7)Beckath 8)Margaret 9)Matthew 0)You’re not any of them 😞 You know what to do; but this time it is (if they were all posh) version 2.0 😊-likes

  • Maria Steinhauer
    Maria Steinhauer

    When i was younger i loved my art teacher while my classmates hated our teacher, i had her on the n.1 place on my teachers rating, i thought she was the best beacause of how mean she was

  • Brianna

    their instructor was so wonderful and encouraging. I wish all of my art teachers were like her

  • Aji Priambodo
    Aji Priambodo

    Why am i kind of disappointed?

  • Turtle Boy
    Turtle Boy

    Eugene being gay \(*0*)/

  • j. fh
    j. fh

    keith’s really good!

  • Alec Arnow
    Alec Arnow


  • JamiRose17

    10:23 I’m crying so hard just from laughing so much at miles

  • Carolina Bento
    Carolina Bento

    Kieth's final piece was amazing!! He's definitely not as bad as he thinks

  • Carolina Bento
    Carolina Bento

    They gave them the biggest canvas for them to draw tiny fruits right in the middle whyyy lol

  • Xi Chen
    Xi Chen

    *_Me sitting there at my house , drawing a ballerina and looking at pictures of ballerina's and looking back at my art : "It looks real-" and then looking at this video I was never good at drawing to be honest until I just drew something when I was a kid-_*

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King

    They all did an AMAZING job!!!

  • Robbert

    everyone gonna ignore the fact we all got clickbaited

  • Kaitlin

    Ned's outfit is sooooo handsome. Fashion!

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