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Welcome to Snowdonia! Let's roll some dice! 🎲
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D&D Narrator:
James D’Amato @OneShotRPG

D&D Reenactments:
Miles Bonsignore @milesbon
Sam Johnson @_buckjohnson
Jonathan Kirk @jf.kirk
Will Witwer @wwitwer
Kaylin Burke @kaylinnrae

Devlin McCluskey
Rob Seidel

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Editor - Devlin McCluskey
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Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
Camera Operator - Miles Bonsignore
Sound Operator - Jonathan Kirk
Assistant Production Coordinator - Sam Johnson
Content Strategist - Kaylin Burke

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    • Fierce Leaf
      Fierce Leaf

      i would watch the shit out of a video if you all create a campaign and do a series on it!!!

    • khairulnisaR

      The game is too expensive for us.

    • Jesse De Paz
      Jesse De Paz

      Make more !!! Lol

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      Emma Futral


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      Amelia the neko

      Could you make a sequel!

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    Michael Sahagun

    Trump train 2020

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    reina ciara

    zachs character is exactly him

  • corneliajs

    We want a D&D series!

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    sdq sdq

    wtf , always thought this game is about 4 dude sitting on the table rolling funny looking dice , lol

  • camryn m.
    camryn m.


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    Gg Uhhh


  • Lauren Cough
    Lauren Cough

    I love that they named this after the cheese from Keith eats the menu

  • Abigail Fouts
    Abigail Fouts

    Eugene: “I think my main inspiration is that i want to be Kate Blanchet as Galadriel in LOtR but just for that one second where she turns evil” Yes please

  • Ava Cantarella
    Ava Cantarella

    Part 2 please! Honestly this was my favorite video they’ve made 😄

  • Arya Dueck
    Arya Dueck

    YOOOOO ITS JAMES D’MATO!! If you like him, go listen to Campaign: Skyjacks. He’s one of the best DMs I’ve seen

  • Ashley Sarimana
    Ashley Sarimana

    Ned's character reminds me of the beloved Giantsbane in GOT.

  • Mathias Novakovic
    Mathias Novakovic

    Carol is my spirit animal.

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    Elena Kaiser

    *the try guys playing dungeons and dragons* Me: what is Keith’s hot sauce doing on the table

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    Lisa Dixon

    Yeah, this is NOT their first time playing 😂

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    Zeeshan Sheikh

    Toss a coin to your Zackary

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    Depressed Artist

    Please do this again. :'3

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    amorfati khb

    5:15 BOSS LINE

  • xX Indecisive Kitten Xx
    xX Indecisive Kitten Xx

    8:49... Ok, nobody come at me but... This is the best description of one of the biggest pains in a women's life. Also, could we get a full on DnD gameplay?

  • raesinx ⁷
    raesinx ⁷


  • Bob Sewage
    Bob Sewage

    Do they know snowdonia is a real place

  • Sam Woollett
    Sam Woollett

    Snowdonia is actually a place in wales UK - where i'm from :)

  • Kaitlyn Dignam
    Kaitlyn Dignam

    more DND pls

  • Ash Meyer
    Ash Meyer

    Lol I just realized they used Snowdonia from the cheese eat the menu episode lololol 😂😂

  • Jocelli Bread n Water
    Jocelli Bread n Water

    I want more

  • Daisy Bates
    Daisy Bates

    I swear Ned knows every person who comes in to help with the videos. He knew the birth guy...

  • Hand of Stalin
    Hand of Stalin

    Plz do more!!!

  • Silver

    Oh boy, i remember when i frist tried

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    Eugene RPing a D&D Carol is ultimate mlm/wlw solidarity. 😂🏳️‍🌈

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    Grace Abbott

    hey i commented sugesting they play dnd

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    Laila Masoud

    Is it just me or is Ned friends with EVERYBODY

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    jiya kirigaya

    to anyone that's interested in dnd check out critical role matt is the best dm that ever lived and the players do the best role play its so hilarious you laugh until you can't breathe

  • Caroline Dela Fuente
    Caroline Dela Fuente

    Dang.. I want to enjoy this wholeheartedly but this is really giving me DanPlan vibes... *Sigh good times...

  • gammelhund

    Aight i'm gonna watch this, unfortunately i'm expecting them to just make fun of it.

  • kitty claw
    kitty claw

    HAh look at this guys trying to had theatrics! Critical role brings one thing nerdy ass voice actors

  • Crimson Queen
    Crimson Queen

    I hope they realise Snowdonia is a real place

  • Caroline Marshbanks
    Caroline Marshbanks

    This is one of the best things I’ve seen. Seriously made my day!

  • emmy !!
    emmy !!

    yay fellow tiefling bard!! welcome, it's kinda chaotic haha.

  • Heather Gonzalez
    Heather Gonzalez

    I have never played Dungeons and Dragons or seen people PLAY dungeons and Dragons. It looks like fun! I would watch the Try Guys do an entire story run for this! I might even listen to the Podcast of this! :D

  • Tobias Hillier-milton
    Tobias Hillier-milton

    Try larping

  • Amber Angel
    Amber Angel

    Omg, I love you guys and I play D&D religiously! So this has to be my favorite video of all time😊

  • Katie N T Illyria
    Katie N T Illyria

    I watch AngstAttack on Twitch play this every Friday night at like 7pm mst. It's so great to watch people!

  • Jules Whatever
    Jules Whatever

    This was extremely entertaining! Haha

  • Devilish Jester
    Devilish Jester

    Ngl i thought Eugene was gonna be a bard, also i guess bard tieflings are a common thing

  • Joseph Chua
    Joseph Chua

    I wan a part 2

  • Khent Abuyog
    Khent Abuyog

    Snowdonia is actually a mountain in Wales, UK😄

  • N3ON Valkyrie
    N3ON Valkyrie

    Should've got Matt Mercer tbh

  • Selena Zhang
    Selena Zhang

    sounds like seattle

  • Ruhaan Shankar
    Ruhaan Shankar

    There should be a part two to this

  • Kristian Stave
    Kristian Stave

    So we will ignore saving throwes, attack rolls, passive checks, homebrew concepts, backstory influence from the DM, spellslots and more. If this is someones first exposure to DnD then you are skipping over alot of important rules and choices that alot of players generally do.

  • Panda Punch
    Panda Punch

    You know what Eugene should have been the monk drunken master🥴🥴🤪🤪

  • Bluefire 1014
    Bluefire 1014

    series? please?

  • Skeet’s skeet
    Skeet’s skeet


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    faythe britton

    you like d&d Audrey Hepburn Fangoria Harry Houdini and crochet

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    Chance’ogal 1810

    Ooooooooh I like the sound of for know

  • Blazingblue 123
    Blazingblue 123

    Can you guys do more D&D

  • Jayantra Thulasidas Andal
    Jayantra Thulasidas Andal

    Why did Ned look like a low budget Stoick?

  • Maximus Amadeo
    Maximus Amadeo

    I’m just surprised that the Barbarian didn’t have a negative modifier in INT, that’s the real miracle here

  • LeighB

    Ned's character just reminds me of Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Veerle Berends
    Veerle Berends

    Wow that was great 😂 you should really make a serie of this🤣👌🏻campaign idea: curse of strahd.. I really enjoyed it!

  • Otis the Can
    Otis the Can

    Eugene sounds like a blast to run!

  • Sarah Leewhite
    Sarah Leewhite

    This shizzz is fire when you high. 🤣

  • Moopie

    Did anyone see Zach Junko Pose?

  • Majesticool Muffin
    Majesticool Muffin

    this is the most entertaining recording of DnD that I have found to date :C i'm trying to learn how to be a dungeon master haha

  • Justin Viola
    Justin Viola

    "Unique to DnD" Literally shows Tibalt from Mtg.

  • Teapot Inc
    Teapot Inc

    OMG Ned managed to bring his family into DnD...🤣👌 Also that music was also used in Skyrim; Rags to Riches with Olaf, a simple man with no shoes. I must know this music, tis my quest!

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson

    Low testosterone soy boys giving normal people reasons not to play D&D.

  • Lukas Robausch
    Lukas Robausch

    13:27 Dungeonmaster here and I need to point out that Deception does stack with Wisdom and not with Stealth. Tbh it's about having fun but i needed to share my knowledge

  • Abi

    “Welcome to the magical land of Snowdonia” So...Wales?

  • abbynady

    cringe as fuck

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