The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)
Drew Gooden
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I GOT to gooby

  • Awesome Eliam
    Awesome Eliam


  • tyler barnett
    tyler barnett

    hej, my name is greg, i am a guy, and i am a citizen of kurtistown

  • Im A fLaMiNgO :p
    Im A fLaMiNgO :p

    tf its not fair someone can just quote something from a video and get thousands of likes wtf

  • Lilly Katherine
    Lilly Katherine

    who's watching in quarantine? also the bee trailer is literally just murder hornets...

  • Maddy Hamilton
    Maddy Hamilton

    omg imagine having to be as tall as the average supermodel... her life must suck

  • RobinoK

    drew: "if there's one thing I miss it's being home" ARE YOU HAPPY NOW DREW

  • Rubix T. Cube
    Rubix T. Cube

    Kurtis never talks in these

  • Tomas Senn
    Tomas Senn

    I think part of talk girl is that her sister is a model because she's shorter. And I think the creators just looked up "how tall is to tall for a model" and found that modeling agencies look for girls between 5ft 8in and 5ft 11in, so they just added 2 inches to the upper limit and said"that's that."

  • Anna Puke
    Anna Puke

    4:07 Kurtis: **attempts to wrap arms around Drew** Drew: **wraps arms around Danny** Kurtis: (REJECTED!)

  • Mammaxmia

    are we all just ignoring the fact that that was PAISLEY FROM ANT FARM

  • iPhone

    Ok but is that sinjin

  • I like gacha BFR
    I like gacha BFR

    6:21 Me: that’s the actor of sinjin from victorious right? 7:16 Me: HOLY SHIT IT IS

  • Cahasty

    they are all the same person.

  • dana g
    dana g

    God they’re so alike they remind me of the twins in the shining except instead of twins they’re triplets

  • Emma Hobby
    Emma Hobby

    When Kurtis tried to hug Danny and drew but they hugged each other I felt that 🥺

  • okami fang
    okami fang

    Oooh kissing

  • honey coves
    honey coves

    4:08 Kurtis: 👁👄👁

  • amanda b
    amanda b

    The porn bee movie is somehow less sexual than the actual Bee Movie

  • Lim4 Beans
    Lim4 Beans

    I mamaboy the trailer you guys were going over there was a guy vomiting in another guys shirt without you guys noticing. Lol

  • Sarah Pritchard
    Sarah Pritchard

    Just get an abortion? I feel like there were a lot of options before weird monkey transfer pregnancy

  • Undyne

    RIP you can see kurtis reach out for a hug around 4:05

  • Anna Ball
    Anna Ball

    It's been almost a year and I still don't know what the C stands for

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M

    I feel like everyone (probably only 18+ lmao) needs to see Another Gay Movie. It is an absolute masterpiece of a mess and I've watched it 5 times. It's basically a feature length cheesy gay porn parody of American Pie featuring a gerbil in a place a gerbil should never be, Graham Norton as a character he should have NEVER PLAYED (a foreign high school teacher that doubles as a dungeon master) and, weirdly, trans representation. There's also a sequel called... Another Gay Sequel. Featuring a dad having sex in a dog costume, a magical gay merman who only appears to one specific person and teaches him about the wonders of getting pissed on, and a scene with close ups of animated pubic lice. Also RuPaul is in it. And he likes people to piss on him.

  • bootycakes

    why didn't the girl just have an abortion

  • Coffee Jelly
    Coffee Jelly

    love you

  • Taryn Mulvaney
    Taryn Mulvaney

    I watched tall girl recently and lets just say this... It was the worst hour an 42 minutes of my life.

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose

    12:53 is that the house from a talking cat? I watched jon trons video on a talking cat and it looks really similar

    • Silly Goose
      Silly Goose

      I just googled it and they’re made by the same company it is

  • Dog on it
    Dog on it

    i like how when one of them starts doing a weird gesture, the others start doing it

  • Cosmic_gxlden

    Cancer I got I before they said it

  • Teresa Skripek
    Teresa Skripek

    I feel like the entire Christian movie was spoiled in the trailer

  • IceWallow come
    IceWallow come

    2:07 that reminds me of the time I called my sister a big little piece of tiny, I don't know why I said that but i did

  • Dying In fashion
    Dying In fashion

    As someone who took Latin in high school all these religious movies just seem hilarious 😹 it’s like a demon just speaking a normal ass language at least from my perception. Once you see your high school teacher speak it it’s no longer spooky.

  • Victoria Stone
    Victoria Stone

    When Drew, Kurtis, and Danny predicted the murder hornets

  • Unknown Bandit650
    Unknown Bandit650

    Drew is more professional than the rest, danny is confused about everything and kurtis is a country guy that talks to himself to much

  • Toes R us
    Toes R us

    The same person just different fonts

  • steph

    Killer bees walked so murder Hornets could run

  • Matthew Holtz
    Matthew Holtz

    The house in the bee movie is the same one as in a talking cat

  • Brownie Cat
    Brownie Cat

    so I was watching ts and then an ad pops up that is Curtis telling me about

  • aisha mahamed
    aisha mahamed

    14:04 scared the SHIT OUTTA ME WTF

  • Catherine Witherow
    Catherine Witherow

    Kurtis is precious

  • ciera culbertson
    ciera culbertson

    “do not touch her” -sinjin from victorious

  • grace daisy
    grace daisy

    seeing kurtis like this makes me think of when you hang out with some people and know only one (drew), who prefers another person (danny).

  • lucy f
    lucy f

    was it just me or were they trying to sync most of their sentences together

  • L Davenport
    L Davenport

    17:17 i was gonna comment something really clever like "charge your phone king" but then i looked down and realized my phone was also at 26% and now i'm kinda freaked out ngl

  • L Davenport
    L Davenport

    every time they speak in unison it adds a year to my life

  • Evan Stark
    Evan Stark

    Seriously what is the Neil Breen movie called

  • Aoife Fitzgerald
    Aoife Fitzgerald

    How are they all so synchronised it’s kinda creepy

  • H. F
    H. F

    I can't tell the difference

  • UwU OwO
    UwU OwO

    I've watched this video several times and I still don't know what C stands for.

    • Serenity Freeman
      Serenity Freeman

      Dad me dance?

  • Oof TvT
    Oof TvT

    Gooby looks like a story about someone being a furry XD

  • Mikayla H
    Mikayla H

    12:53 is this the same house from a talking cat?

  • Goose • v •
    Goose • v •


  • Goose • v •
    Goose • v •

    Big Ed be like: 2:23

  • Slone Slone
    Slone Slone

    How murder Hornets were made

  • SashaStallion


  • Kris R-K
    Kris R-K

    I like how, on his own channel, Kurtis is like chaotic neutral, but when he's with these two he's just baby

  • Ba Na
    Ba Na

    Next video is with Kurtis Danny Drew and Cody Ko now thats epic

  • 84 Percent
    84 Percent

    I'm almost the size of the tall girl and I'm 12

    • Serenity Freeman
      Serenity Freeman

      Let's face it 84, you're the tall girl

  • Blake Pettys
    Blake Pettys

    How come Kurtis looks like a Dobre bro?

  • CampVloggy Bee
    CampVloggy Bee

    I’m 5’10

  • Josie

    at 11:03 What ever that movie is, I recognize the house they use in it. If you search up "A talking cat jontron" Jon reviews a movie that is just as bad. "A talking cat" uses the same house as the bad bee movie!! XD

  • Hannah Paxton
    Hannah Paxton

    Please watch MamaBoy!!!!!!

  • J- Walk
    J- Walk

    I remember seeing gooby as a kid and being TERRIFIED

  • Jocelyn Lyons
    Jocelyn Lyons

    6:07 jojo, P O S E

  • Emma Leigh Grace Jackson
    Emma Leigh Grace Jackson

    Gooby was my favorite movie as a kid and I don't know why 😂 that movie creepy as hell

  • Asa Brockmann
    Asa Brockmann

    They made tall girl know they should make small boi

  • CJ Sluiter
    CJ Sluiter

    Kurtis does three identical short laughs starting at 2:51.

  • Siarra Roman
    Siarra Roman

    i love how even tho the Neil Breen trailer was terrible Kurtis still made an excuse for him🥺

  • Molly Fairbanks
    Molly Fairbanks

    that movie about bees predicted the murder hornets of 2020

  • Camille

    The trailer about killer bees kinda hits different rn

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