THE Vampire Diaries Video
Jenny Nicholson
If the cast of Vampire Diaries see this please let them know I’m single, unless it’s Jeremy tell him I found peace
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S01E13 “The 14th Party of the Season”
S06E05 “[Song Title]”
S04E22 “The Mummy vs. Frankenstein”
Seasons 1-4 & Seasons 7-8
S03E19 “Vampire Fight!”
S08E01 “A clipshow of all the adventures Bonnie had every time she was offscreen for the past 8 seasons”
Bonnie fan wiki:
Gameplay footage:
Full credits song:
Six Flags ad archive footage:
Monster Mansion:
Laffing Sal:
Chapter timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:58 1) The Love Triangle
7:54 2) The Supporting Cast
11:12 3) The Lore
17:31 4) The Birth of Vampire Diaries
20:35 5) The Dating Tree
25:20 6) Magic Jewelry
28:15 7) China Beach
30:28 8) Product Placement
33:05 9) LJ Smith
38:14 10) Caroline's Singing Career
40:31 11) The Villains
51:08 12) Good & Evil Switch
56:04 13) Vampire & Human Switch
1:01:36 14) Dead & Alive Switch
1:04:30 15) Raising the Stakes
1:10:49 16) Characters I Hate
1:19:38 17) Good Stuff
1:23:41 18) The Video Game
1:31:43 19) The Clothes
1:33:52 20) The Vampire Diaries
1:35:50 21) Surprise
1:41:05 22) Elena Leaves
1:43:48 23) The Elena Problem
1:56:44 24) The Bonnie Problem
2:11:22 25) Where Are They Now
2:17:25 26) Missed Opportunities
2:24:52 Conclusion
Since I spent $3 to watch that clipshow retrospective I actually earned -$3 on this video.

  • Irritating Shotgun
    Irritating Shotgun

    "Oh my God I found my racism post it!" Probably the best joke on IT-my.

  • Celine Gaudard
    Celine Gaudard

    Too bad for you, you missed the best seasons. The fifth and the eighth.

  • figus204

    Loved the video. This is one series that I've contemplated watching since... well, it aired. But I just watched a couple of episodes back in the day, didn't follow it up and have on-and-off been thinking about if it's worth starting again. Watching this, I think I can conclude that I should not start it - I can spend that time watching something else instead.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    I kinda wanted to hear Ishtar trailer, instead of china beach

  • Irritating Shotgun
    Irritating Shotgun

    Legit, just realized I wasn’t subscribed, and I feel bad. 🤣

  • Kat

    At least they didn‘t go à la supernatural „well you‘ve defeated the devil, but what‘s this?! it‘s the devils EVEN MORE EVIL COUSIN!!“

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb

    I hope Jenny didn't pay anything for the shitty subtitles someone has put on this video.

  • Candace Boyd
    Candace Boyd

    + bonnie didn't have a cat!! she is a witch she deserved a black cat.

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony

    All the talk of Ghostwriting had me looking to see if the Ghostwriter series was ghostwritten. Apparently it was only ever /just/ a TV series (3 of them, but still) so no book series to be ghostwritten. Feels like a missed opportunity.

  • AnthoTaphos

    “Genres have tropes” Addison Cain has entered the chat

  • thatcrazypineapple

    I know I'm late commenting on this, but Virginia has TONS of amusement parks and even has a law that requires the schools to schedule their summer to the amusement park season. So your amusement park plot could've easily work.

  • Nickolanious

    Imagine your best friend calling the unexpected death of both of your parents a “blah phase”

  • ForgedWings

    The fact that you even played the video game is an immediate sub for me

  • sandra iwona
    sandra iwona

    I didn’t know I needed a two and a half hour review of TVD but IT-my did and I’m not mad about it. Also ‘hiding’ the racism post-it under Bonnies post-it. Very clever.

    • Arno Arno
      Arno Arno


  • Spacehyun

    The fact you brought back the china beach ad so many time makes this 10 times funnier it's a meme at this point lmao

  • Shayla Evans
    Shayla Evans

    Mmmm you should finish originals all the way through it is too late 😭

  • Bllue

    I learned to tell when you were going to put the commercial in for the show that brought women to the front lines but it was FUNNY EVERY TIME

  • maria joão
    maria joão

    Omg I had a lot of good memories attached to the first seasons, and now watching the first 20 minutes of this video I'm realizing all of the really bad takes on certain things xjjdjsj not sure I should watch the rest, I kinda wanna preserve the remaining good perspective I have of the show

  • XamoebabrainX

    Came for the 2 and half hours of Vampire Diaries content, stayed for the genuine insights and Putt Putt plushie in the background. 10/10

  • e gallagher
    e gallagher

    that feeling when you have a sister and are gay

  • Chloe Holt
    Chloe Holt

    The final season is so so bad lol


    Ngl I liked that they didn't make Damon and Bonnie a couple. It's nice to see some platonic boy-girl relationship

  • Eskil

    I'm the guy struggling to sound American ;_; English is hard, I'll just speak with a stronger accent than I want to from now

  • Elka

    This video revives the thrill of a Tuesday night in 2010 and I thank you for it.

  • Anna Woods
    Anna Woods

    "It smells like if celery was mad at you"

  • Randomized Designs
    Randomized Designs

    You should do a video like this for pretty little liars

  • Jed

    how'd this on my recommendations?

  • Florence

    ur just so cute

  • bibhash bhardwas
    bibhash bhardwas

    Do one on originals

  • Brianna Rose
    Brianna Rose

    You HAVE to do one of these videos for a Riverdale lololol

  • Alina Amador Loyola
    Alina Amador Loyola

    Ive never even seen the Vampire Diaries

  • Livja Cykra
    Livja Cykra

    GIRL you need to do this for The Magicians. Plus there's centaurs.

  • Vinyl

    This show sounds like a dumpster fire, and I want to know why my parents watched this, and loved it so much. So here I am.

  • Lydia Herself
    Lydia Herself

    Not one to usually comment on IT-my videos, but I absolutely need to thank you for your service in providing one of the best recommended videos I have ever seen. The point and click game killed me. Love loves it 10/10

  • Anthea Johnson
    Anthea Johnson

    There's one gripe I have with this video and it's you not liking the originals bc honestly its better than tvd

  • Anthea Johnson
    Anthea Johnson

    I like Daniel Gillies hair in season and season 3 of TVD

  • Emma E
    Emma E

    1:13:09 "What are you gonna do, Jeremy? Sing at them about Sante Fe?" I mean I've been listening to you talk about this show for over an hour now, Jenny, and if you said he did, it would be the first thing so far to make me want to watch the show.

  • Vivlie

    TELL ME what the duck is crawling down the board closer and closer during the whole video??


    i was team stefan....

  • Aaronb1215

    2:04:12 I'm very impressed by the confidence with which Jenny smacks the Enzo Tangent on the board behind her without looking.

  • Sema

    You're mad they let a guy and girl be just friends? In a really healthy friendship given the wacko circumstances?

    • Sema

      Bonnie dating Damon as a placeholder for Elena would be super disrespectful to Bonnie who knows and love Elena

  • lily benton
    lily benton

    The able cricket occasionally rob because religion unquestionably disarm like a aboard fireplace. remarkable, good database

  • Antonia Lunarius
    Antonia Lunarius

    Teen Wolf? *shrug*

  • V Innocenti
    V Innocenti

    Season 1 Damon vs Damon in every other season is basically the boss as the enemy and the boss as a playable character meme.

  • Sin

    Elijah yesssss

  • Amber Ballato
    Amber Ballato

    now do supernatural

  • Sin

    At least Vampire Diaries are pretty good, unlike Twilight which was a really bad series of movies. Also...teams? Lmao....I just think both Damien and Stephon are very different characters that are both enjoyable.

  • Stephen LeBlanc
    Stephen LeBlanc

    I've tried several times and never been able to watch more than 5 continuous minutes of VPD, for a total of maybe 17 min. Somehow, though, I've listened to or watched this 2h33m Jenny video 3 times.

  • Lydia Sue
    Lydia Sue

    BETTER THEN BUFFY? nothing is better then Buffy I will not stand for such blasphemy

  • Angela Maure
    Angela Maure

    2:07:34 how is it that i have rewatched this like five times and only just noticed that Jenny is recording this fake letter??

  • Viktor Peychev
    Viktor Peychev

    This is the best video on IT-my.

  • Sema

    the fucking music! the first season is so 2009. completely inescapably 2009

  • Sema

    stefan literally in tve clip says it wasnt enough pills to kill him. it would have had other terrjble effects. taking too many pills can have really awful consequences if you dont actually die.

  • Sema

    he wasnt knocked out so much as 95% dead when dragged into the house. they count as dead while stil staked

  • Lydia Sue
    Lydia Sue

    the "Humanity switch" thing is so dumb. It's like they try to do the Angel to Angelus thing but dumber

  • Lydia Sue
    Lydia Sue

    I recently binged this show, only in a covid world would I have finished it. BUT I love LEGACIES much better characters.

  • wundum

    Hi Jenny, Just wanted to say that you're awesome and that I could listen to your whimsy for more/less than 1,000,000 hours. Ok, thank you, bye

  • Big Bango Piggo
    Big Bango Piggo

    The china beach made me laugh every god damn time HAHAHAH

  • americantoadsarecool


    • Kay Haven
      Kay Haven

      Yeah it’s a ghost writer situation. Plenty of people have used the name Carolyn Keene when writing the books.

  • Andy BCE
    Andy BCE

    That ending song kinda be slapping though

  • Emily Wernick
    Emily Wernick

    this was incredible

  • Crystal Felicia
    Crystal Felicia

    Can u do an update where u tell us how u think they show wud hv made more sense and what needed changing?

  • Crystal Felicia
    Crystal Felicia

    Ngl I was a huge fan of VPD still am. And yet i really appreciated and liked ur analysis of this show. However it still made sense think of it Damon is like idk 100 or something? So it makes sense every1 looks a little older & they can get away w it cuz some kids nowadays look like 40 in high school!

  • Rama


  • FlamesAndShadows

    Nah. I think 'Pizza Guy' Vamp was smart(ish). Sure, not all are going to invite you in, or use the correct wording, but you can always pull them by the hand when they hand you money and their hand leaves the threshold. Also, its a bad superstition to hand over stuff over it, so a lot of people prefer to fully step out of apartment. Then a vamp can bite or compel them. Or just take their 'free money'. Then again, a pizza guy's body is going to make police ask around or draw a pattern if it happens more than once.

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    I love how the Vampire Diaries Point-and-Click obviously uses the same interface as early Nancy Drew games, down to having the first letter of every choice a different colour and the same noises.

    • Kay Haven
      Kay Haven

      @Ellie F WHHHAAATTTT?? 😱😱😱 They’re so good! I’ve played about 25 out of the 33 games available!

    • Ellie F
      Ellie F

      @Kay Haven Well yeah xD But I mean it's the same skeleton to the game. The fame, the sound effects, the way the text box looks, the tiny inventory box, the small playscreen... It's just a reskinned ND interface and it made me smile. I have never beaten a Nancy Drew game except Secret of the Old Clock, because I get scared lmao.

    • Kay Haven
      Kay Haven

      Except the early Nancy Drew games are still pretty playable and easy to figure out. The only one I remember being slightly stuck on was the second one “Stay Tuned for Danger”.

  • Bogart Gaming & Tech
    Bogart Gaming & Tech

    Wasn't this vampire diaries supposed to be like the origins of Netflix THE ORIGINALS?

  • xman t
    xman t

    Vampire blood can heal anything that isn't instant death. Snapping the neck is instant death. Overdose and stabbing is not

  • Eevee Tay
    Eevee Tay

    Am I the only person who likes the originals way more than tvd???????????? I thought they had a lot more fun with it and better representation all around ( and better actors)

  • Amanda Lewandowski
    Amanda Lewandowski

    Jenny, I NEED you to do this to Teen Wolf. Please. I need it.

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