The View 1/15/20 | ABC The View January 15, 2020
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  • Jeneba Cham
    Jeneba Cham

    He full of it

  • gemcan54

    Behar is a Smollett.

  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit

    These four women have to be the most uninteresting, biased, silly group on TV today. Bernie Bros? I am a female senior and a Bernie supporter since 2016. You are all rich, spoiled women who do NOT reflect the average woman in our society. Meghan McCain is extremely distasteful. Her only claim to fame is her last name. All of you should GO AWAY! No one gives a tinker's damn what you think.

  • LYCANSS999

    How 'bout keeping Abby and firing MeAgain McGain instead?

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez

    Watching The View is like watching a bizarre show from a world where facts, logic, and reason are not important while strawman fallacies with manipulative presumptions are. There is no reason to believe or run with the narrative of Sanders being a misogynist and yet they get to do it without any opposition. These people get paid huge sums of money and cannot even be intellectually honest.

  • Rok Weiler
    Rok Weiler

    These women are so out of touch with reality. Corporate hacks & shills.

  • salmi maria
    salmi maria

    You can't beat God. You can't win if Trump is God's choice.

  • Billy Anderson
    Billy Anderson

    Joy just starts laughing listening to Meghan complain haha

  • Greg Hargis
    Greg Hargis

    Dont know how people watch it....Most hate filled show on TV...

  • janna lee
    janna lee

    That's why medicare for all. Would take care of all these problems. (like every other country) Bernie is the Person for the People.. Give me a damn break..

  • sheshe7 j
    sheshe7 j

    OMG why are they called me a misogynistic Bernie bro when I'm a black woman😡😡😡 I wish she would say that to my face

  • Dawn Dyar
    Dawn Dyar

    I still just wanna know, when Bernie wins, are all these centrists going to get behind him and help him win? Or do they just think we should all fall in line. I cant even stand to watch this show anymore. Who cares what a bunch of people who don't have to worry about paying they're bills think's?

  • dameon dunlap
    dameon dunlap

    Message from Bernie. To the ladies on the View: 🖕😡🖕 I said b!tche$ like y'all will never be President.

  • Back in Black
    Back in Black

    The View, what happened with your boy Avennati?

  • Dede Elliott
    Dede Elliott

    Thanks Sunny for calling him out to his face. Whoopi cowardly ass.

  • Cynthia Grape
    Cynthia Grape

    Sunny is so beautiful. 💜


    A guy that was supposed to be at the debate commenting about the debate...😳 Your opinion on it is waived...

  • Dudley Baggerman
    Dudley Baggerman

    To Bad Abby has to go, Butt the View could give her a parting gift,, Megan ! Just tell Abby she can only Regift Megan to Fake Fox news ....

    • LYCANSS999

      I wish it was MeAgain who was leaving.

  • Fil M
    Fil M

    YANG 2020!!


    I'm so glad Abby is gone don't let the door hit you on the way out and take that fat hog Meghan McCain to 👏💯 IN BERNIE SANDERS WE TRUST TRILLION PERCENT 👍👏💯

  • eliheartspatd

    Not a strong enough answer on stop and frisk mike, sorry!

    • 2b alive
      2b alive

      @eliheartspatd Exactly, even if Bloomberg takes responsibility for his horrific policies as mayor of new york city he is not the right man for president, too many Americans are at the end of their financial ropes, only government can reign in these financial crisis brought on by deregulation and centralized banking, Bloomberg is the problem not the solution. Bloomberg should give back 90% if his I'll gotten gains inorder to correct past mistakes and move toward making the American people whole, anything else is just lip service.

    • eliheartspatd

      @2b alive yess stop and frisk was a huge failure. He needs to accept that, say it and take full responsibility period!

    • 2b alive
      2b alive

      Bloomberg has made his money as a globalist. Started his company in 1981 wasn't that the Ronald Reagan era of deregulation and tax breaks for the rich. he knows nothing about black American history. Stop and frisk 54% were black people ages 14-24, racist cops girls were molested by dirty cops during stop and frisk, young people were charged for questioning the stop.700,000 stops in one year even tho crime in the area was declining. This man is the devil.

  • Ro Woods
    Ro Woods

    Whoopi I thought you said you didn’t need Bernie or his supporters to win, sooooo why are you telling him he needs to endorse whoever is the nominee quickly !?! Sounds like you need us

    • kimberly monseur
      kimberly monseur


  • Amicas Curia
    Amicas Curia

    Bernie IS infallible and no one must disrespect him!!! BlessedBernie WILL win! terrible. I am voting for Bernie because I know the machismo in MY OWN family and neighborhood will not allow them to vote for Warren! 💔

    • janet Scott
      janet Scott

      I can not stand Bernie

  • Amicas Curia
    Amicas Curia

    I hate millioners, tv personalities or people making 6 figures when they attempt to make believe they know it all(like some of these hosts...)

    • piano man
      piano man


    • RellyR510

      @salmi maria naw they out of touch they don't know the struggle of everyday people

    • salmi maria
      salmi maria

      Are you jealous?

  • adremma123

    These women really have it out for Bernie?

    • janna lee
      janna lee

      Yes.. Like the rest of the mainstream media


    Sorry in other words.., you intentional created stop and frisk to target black and brown men!! YOU WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE!!

  • YouTube Premium
    YouTube Premium

    Clinton waited until her debt was paid off by Obama and guaranteed Secretary of State.

  • Virginia Taylor
    Virginia Taylor

    Still prefer Yang for PRESIDENT.


    Talking about non policy topics smh...bernie got that policy talk in the bagg

  • ConVex Gaming
    ConVex Gaming

    How about you get off my account


    Fam did u get hacked?

    • du buff
      du buff

      I don't know he doesn't post gaming video anymore

    • سـبـحـان الله وبـحـمـده سـبـحـان الله الـعـظـيـم
      سـبـحـان الله وبـحـمـده سـبـحـان الله الـعـظـيـم

      @ConVex Gaming where are you

    • ConVex Gaming
      ConVex Gaming

      @Repgel Anh no I did get hacked I'm working on it

    • Repgel Anh
      Repgel Anh

      ConVex Gaming no i think he sell it

    • JRe1lly

      ConVex Gaming Damn

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