The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat (Audio)
The Weeknd
Official audio for The Weeknd's “In Your Eyes” Remix feat. Doja Cat - available everywhere now:
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  • Ariane Madriz
    Ariane Madriz

    Una genialidad 🌹

  • Helena Vasconcelos
    Helena Vasconcelos


  • c d
    c d

    Only here for doja

  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer


  • viral msc
    viral msc

    I don't understand why people dont like this version, I actually love it

  • AlyeahLol

    I always had a odd feeling about doja cat, I feel bad for Abel now because this is bad timing

  • Bertrand Kabran
    Bertrand Kabran

    Genial le Remix !!!!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones

    So all y'all gonna act like she ain't say mad RACIST stuff. And literally make a song making fun of black people who have been MURDERED by police.........okay 2020 messin with people minds.

  • CateDoge

    who's here only for the music and not for the bullshit drama that ya'll die for?

  • Blerta Shkurti
    Blerta Shkurti

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • cant stop
    cant stop

    Why were you not in lean on me video Hmmmmm You should help your community You know pass it forward Your poor in TO need air-conditioning this yr Toronto seniors can't take heat coming figure it out and get money for this cause

  • Kwasi De Jonge
    Kwasi De Jonge

    idk what yall hearing but i actually kinda like it

  • BIGE2333

    Doja cat is garbage, can’t believe you used her in this song, total garbage !

  • Ashraff Haiqal
    Ashraff Haiqal

    here before tiktok steals it

  • ayealexiskimx3

    I LOVE this better than the original, let’s be honest!!

  • IncorporatedOps

    I swear, 2020 is like a sequel to the 80s.

  • Asherah 1147
    Asherah 1147

    Since everyone loves mash words. How’s about thinfluencers?

  • Jose Luis Sanchez
    Jose Luis Sanchez

    ¿Que significa el ojo ? ¿Por que todos los artistas lo usan ?

  • Patrycja Madej
    Patrycja Madej

    Yea yea Love from Poland 🥰

  • إلين استير
    إلين استير


  • Sagar Shrestha
    Sagar Shrestha

    doja cat telepathically brought me here ..

  • Lloxvd

    Cancel culture sucks.

  • TEN Channel
    TEN Channel


  • Dasari Saheti
    Dasari Saheti

    Woahhhhhhh!!! Love the song!! Perfect!! 🙂🙂

  • rahmanf muha
    rahmanf muha

    Weekend's 80's song vibes are just amazing and specially with doja cat

  • Maha Juma
    Maha Juma

    For the uneducated swines in the comments go look at her recent insta post it’s all a misunderstanding

  • 月島暁濃

    I heard this one time and it's been in my head ever since I had to come back.

  • Armani Kid VI
    Armani Kid VI

    Cancelled 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lil jay
    lil jay

    I’m xo4L but dojaaaaaaa ):



  • Ionut

    Leaves Cardi B in the dust

  • Rosidi Amri
    Rosidi Amri

    Nice music. Come to my channel

  • silas

    i love the 80s vibe this has

  • Wolfie The Wolf
    Wolfie The Wolf

    Just for your info, she’s no longer being cancelled. Stan Doja back, wait a second... you guys never even stanned her. Y’all just haters

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama

      For your information i was a Doja 2015’s Stan. And at this time I didn’t had Twitter. Now that I see tweets from her saying that being white for her give your life more value I am sorry but I can’t stand it. Y’all whittiz you can’t understand the pain

    • Kyran Roberts
      Kyran Roberts


  • ImmortalMolly

    This sucks

  • Kazz

    2020 really is the future... We are using technology more than we ever did before

  • iicloudies.honeyii


  • Jake Butler
    Jake Butler

    these two just sound incredible together, combined with the instruments. what a banger

  • huntingbird ً
    huntingbird ً

    Just when I thought this song couldn't get better. I loved this ft.

  • Ozkn Mahn
    Ozkn Mahn

    Mad remix!!

  • AliensAnonymous


  • Diffensive e
    Diffensive e

    Doja Cat Being Canceled The Weeknd: In your eyes, you lie but I won’t let it define you

  • Wanda Simms
    Wanda Simms

    Damn it, now I can’t vibe to this song because of Doja 💀💀can somebody make a version with just The Weeknd

  • kima B
    kima B


  • Mr Tar Tar
    Mr Tar Tar

    this was not good timing

    • Doja kitten
      Doja kitten


  • Simple edits
    Simple edits

    the problem the things she is getting cancelled for are just allegations from someone online with no actual proof to back it up she even addressed the song as well ppl misinterpreted it and there is no proof of the room being filled with white supremacists when it comes to cancel culture you to have solid proof before canceling not just statements from some random bitch

    • Supersonic bro
      Supersonic bro

      So true!!!!!!!!!!

  • nomkii

    I don’t support Doja’s actions but this song is fire idc

    • nomkii

      Xavier Ros She was racist and said the hard -er and even admitted to it in her live try again ✨

    • Xavier Ros
      Xavier Ros

      she did nothing wrong

  • containtheword

    Whatever happened.. She has a talent. This song is great. With and without Doja In your Eyes remains a great song!

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    Cancelled or not her voice is amazing 😌🧚‍♀️✨

  • haziq jik
    haziq jik

    Who’s eye in that pic?

    • Supersonic bro
      Supersonic bro

      Doja ...😍

    • Matthew Anthoni
      Matthew Anthoni


  • Bonny Cake :D
    Bonny Cake :D

    The song is still fire y’all just appreciate it 😔🤚

  • Marianne Duong
    Marianne Duong

    Don’t know what drama is going on and don’t really care. I’m here for Weeknd and Doja 😀

    • Jaycee Esteves
      Jaycee Esteves

      don't worry about it anyways, doja is not even cancelled anymore. she apologized for her actions and that's all that matters. she's human like us and we can't be mad at that forever.

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout


  • Iviko Sakvarelidze
    Iviko Sakvarelidze

    i didnt like the trumpets in the beginning but otherwise iss good

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia

    This seems like a modern day careless whispers

  • Tiger Lover
    Tiger Lover

    Yes 😍

  • Jayron Moya
    Jayron Moya

    This is what you called modern at the same time classic...

  • nelauwu

    i dont know about the polemic with doja, but the song is good af

  • Aarji Bee
    Aarji Bee

    So many misconstrued rumors about Doja Cat. The supposedly 'supremacist' chat she was in was mostly composed of black, mexican, arab and asian kids. None of them alluded to race either in their edgy jokes. It was literally just a bunch of nerds simping for her and the other two girls, and her playing along with the others were cringing. Just manufactured outrage from people jealous her success.

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama

      Bruuuuh. Girl you’re not black so you can’t understand the pain you feel when you’re favorite artist that you Stan from 2015 have tweets saying that being white give more value to your life.

  • Pedro Sandro
    Pedro Sandro ... Is this also the weekend and Doja?

  • Pedro Sandro
    Pedro Sandro

    @ ........ Is this another weekend and Doja song? Can someone confirm? Its amazing!!!

  • Pedro Sandro
    Pedro Sandro ........ Is this another weekend and Doja song? Can someone confirm? Its amazing!!!

  • Corgi Drewwy
    Corgi Drewwy

    : I like the song : you do? : yes. : the song was meant for you : ngiii HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Sun!

    perfect 😭😭😭😭

  • Joanna Dembińska
    Joanna Dembińska


  • Andrew Marinis
    Andrew Marinis

    The weeknd is destroying the charts like chris brown did a decade ago. what a legend...

  • bri.

    Idk if I should like bc The Weeknd or dislike bc doja cat

  • Ruu Hub.
    Ruu Hub.

  • pony

    No lie I clicked on this video so fast.

  • Danielle Harrison
    Danielle Harrison

    Isn't Doja canceled?

    • Jaycee Esteves
      Jaycee Esteves

      not anymore

    • Matthew Anthoni
      Matthew Anthoni

      Not anymore

  • Malder

    One of those rare cases, where the featuring does not ruin the already-good song.

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