The Weeknd - In Your Eyes (Remix / Animated) ft. Doja Cat
Official animated video for The Weeknd's “In Your Eyes” Remix feat. Doja Cat - available everywhere now:
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Video by Jeron Braxton
[Intro: Doja Cat & The Weeknd]
Ooh, yeah
[Verse 1: The Weeknd]
I just pretend that I'm in the dark, and
I don't regret 'cause my heart can't take a loss
I'd rather be so oblivious
I'd rather be with you
[Pre-Chorus: The Weeknd]
When it's said, when it's done, yeah
I don't ever wanna know
I can tell what you done, yeah
When I look at you
[Chorus: The Weeknd]
In your eyes
I see there's something burning inside you
Oh, inside you
In your eyes
I know it hurts to smile, but you try to
Oh, you try to
You always try to hide the pain
You always know just what to say
I always look the other way
I'm blind, I'm blind
In your eyes
You lie, but I don't let it define you
Oh, define you
[Verse 2: Doja Cat & The Weeknd]
I never lied when I cried for you
And I know you cry too (Know you cry too)
You're reading minds, just couldn't deny you do
Always hard to say bye to you (And I taught myself to say)
Love the way you're talkin', love your style, but, ooh, babe
We know that you got it from me
And it's haunting you deep, too hard not to see it
Hate the way I feel love, only hurts with real love
And it's taking every part of me, when you look, I could see love
One day, I'm giving you space
And the next day, you're giving me faces
And I like parties, not this place
It's comin' out of my bag for you to get wasted
I (Can't stop staring at you)
It's like I forgot that staring is rude
And that's what five shots could turn me into (Oh yeah)
But you've done most things that gentlemens do, so (Oh)
[Pre-Chorus: The Weeknd]
When it's said, when it's done, yeah
I would never let you know (Let you know)
I'm ashamed of what I've done, yeah
When I look at you
[Chorus: The Weeknd]
In your eyes (Your eyes)
I see there's something burning inside you (Inside you)
Oh, inside you (Oh, inside you)
In your eyes
I know it hurts to smile, but you try to (Try to)
Oh, you try to (I try to, babe)
You always try to hide the pain (Oh, oh)
You always know just what to say (Oh yeah)
I always look the other way
I'm blind, I'm blind
In your eyes
You lie, but I don't let it define you (Oh)
Oh, define you
[Outro: Doja Cat]
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Music video by The Weeknd performing In Your Eyes (Remix / Animated). © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    Leena Jaibhave Khochare

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