The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix
The worst monsters are the ones we create. Watch the first official teaser for The Witcher, Season 1.
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The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix
The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

  • tiotito31

    He doesn't say a single word lol

  • jacob bruning
    jacob bruning

    So stupid are there Indians and black people in a story that is based in Europe hundreds of years ago? Plus why another female empowering show. 🤮

  • Dwane Richardson
    Dwane Richardson

    Superman vs a huge spider I'm in.

  • Logic Killer
    Logic Killer

    Говно. Что за персонажи?

  • PulPitoMalo666

    How many regions/kingdoms will be? Will he stock up on raw meat or water? The music of the game is so soothing, please let there be music before enters a monster battle. There better be witcher abilities. And a merchant needs to say "are you looking to buy or just perusin?"

    • PulPitoMalo666

      @[ PersonalGraph05 ] Did say based on the novels. Would be nice though to have a chuckle.

    • [ PersonalGraph05 ]
      [ PersonalGraph05 ]

      There wont be anything from the games in this.

  • Lucky Lee
    Lucky Lee

    Why does he only have 1 sword? And does anyone know if this series will be about the books or if its new story and when it's based?

    • [ PersonalGraph05 ]
      [ PersonalGraph05 ]

      He only carries one sword most of the time, and its based on the books.

  • Robert McCutcheon
    Robert McCutcheon

    Ok I was not really all that impressed with the trailer the first time I watched it. But now that a am rewatching it I like what I see a lot more.

  • Tsikara

    0:19 wtf? she is so ulgay like this serial

  • sven

    It's gonna be a long series because Henry keep asking people to play gwent games

    • Jan Sobczyński
      Jan Sobczyński


  • jason!

    I think that was what was missing in GOT. Now, I want to see dragons added to this realm and a hot actress with bleach blonde hair

  • Ilya B
    Ilya B

    stupid ass netflix with their all inclusive bullshit. just keep to the game cannon you worthless streaming app pos! damn!

    • Ilya B
      Ilya B

      @[ PersonalGraph05 ] druids black, Yennefer not pale, dude is too jacked and huge to be Geralt, and Triss without her reddish chestnut hair. They wanted to make Ciri Asian! like ta fuck? netflix better get its head out its ass

    • [ PersonalGraph05 ]
      [ PersonalGraph05 ]

      Its based on the books. So you dont have to get so offended by it.

  • Josh Fitt
    Josh Fitt

    there's our metrosexual fruitcake

  • Црна Рука
    Црна Рука

    Forget about Slavic and European folklore,this is now (((their))) franchise,whether you like it or not. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • HDmi Bull Shell
    HDmi Bull Shell

    Books. Even the medallion at 0:10 is round. As it should be.

  • Annakay Broderick
    Annakay Broderick

    When is this coming

  • Josh

    -Winter- Destiny is coming.

  • Marcus A
    Marcus A

    All feminists. No quality.

    • Baby Dick J
      Baby Dick J


  • james cartel
    james cartel

    this is absolutely good cant wait to watch it 👍

  • tyvek05

    MEH, looks pretty boring and lame really.

  • Maksim Lozanoski
    Maksim Lozanoski

    Can't wait!!

  • Болвар Фордрагон
    Болвар Фордрагон

    Netflix sucks

  • Болвар Фордрагон
    Болвар Фордрагон

    OMG!!! 0:46 WHAT THE FUCK??????? one frame we can understand that this serial fuuuuuull shit

  • Yaponskii_Podonok

    oh, damn i'm think canon pissed away and it will be the worst adaptation of the books

  • Fenrirr


  • Николай Неофидов
    Николай Неофидов

    That's bullshit. This is not a witcher.

  • putsome basilonit
    putsome basilonit

    Also this looks pretty crappy from what I had expected and I'm not even a big fan of the game, the style of it just looks off.

  • Saskiunia

    I'm gonna be honest. I don't like it...

  • Petr Petr
    Petr Petr

    Просто позор!!!

  • I, Your Father
    I, Your Father

    Seems like it's more about women than it is about Geralt.

  • Randy Layhey
    Randy Layhey

    Only 1 Sword?!?!?!

  • Ömer Kürşat Yanık
    Ömer Kürşat Yanık

    Noob character choice. Im witcher fun but netflix really shthead character choice.

  • pjmingi

    He’s fit tho ngl

  • Nomer C4U
    Nomer C4U

    hmmm Hexer was good but this one ... maybe a little better, so far casting sucks. very awful and a poor choice for such a legendary book...

  • Daniel Montejano
    Daniel Montejano

    There better be as much sex as the games....kidding, I for one will not be comparing this to the games, books nor Games of thrones (there really are idiots already comparing it to GOT's 🤦🏻‍♂️) like the ppl who are pre-preparing themselves to be upset. I'll treat it as its own entity. This show should be GREAT!

    • HDmi Bull Shell
      HDmi Bull Shell

      All the books are already written. No more “Maritns unfinished story” syndrom.

  • Monica Original
    Monica Original

    Netflix: No brokilon, yes bruclin

  • Владимир Мирончиков
    Владимир Мирончиков

    It would be much better if this movie was created by HBO

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    0.08 - 0.12 Arthas "Lich King" murdering his father.. Goodold Warcraft Fans will get this.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    0.08 - 0.12 Arthas "Lich King" murdering his father.. Goodold Warcraft Fans will get this.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

  • SkyfoxPlays

    Damn, geralts a unit.

  • Marcus A
    Marcus A


  • Water Bearer
    Water Bearer

    In the books does not state different skin colours because don't need to. It is assumed all is same which is why characters are specifically distinguish by their scar, hair, size, eyes or slightly pale. Now if a person is on a wanted list, they have to put skin colour on the wanted reward list as part of the description because that will be the most logical thing to do to narrow down the suspects. I still believe if they wanted to use all these characters, it is fine. But they should have done so in a much more creative way but for the love of the Witcher family, will watch it.

  • Евгений Джугашвили
    Евгений Джугашвили

    oh, dammit, finally. and yep, Geralt is too big to be real, or in Sapkovsky's book's missed a steroids theme lol

  • NerwenAldarion

    Based on the BOOKS not the games. Also everyone complaining about the elves us wrong, those aren’t elves despite what the trailer suggests, I’m fairly certain they are Driads.

    • Lunartic

      @A JaK I know some of them have a skin tone that could pass from a human but I remember even that being described being more reddish or auburn colored. And I do remember mention of green dryads.

    • A JaK
      A JaK

      @Lunartic they have slightly different skin tones but can still pass as human. They aren't bright green like the games more just slightly off tone. Look at the dryads in the backgroung at 16 seconds

    • Lunartic

      @A JaK They are... I remember them being described looking like humans but with diffe skin color. Mainly green.

    • A JaK
      A JaK

      @Lunartic dryands aren't green in the books

    • Lunartic

      Dryads are supposed to be green not black though.

  • Kofi Barns
    Kofi Barns

    omG i am so excited

  • Brandon Westphal
    Brandon Westphal


  • Le Bleu Chevalier
    Le Bleu Chevalier

    Nice! I think Henry looks better here than when he was Superman. He seems to fit nicely on this medieval fantasy setting. Leaving Superman to Brandon Routh?

  • Sia Sol
    Sia Sol

    «шишка» за щекой 😂


    Yellow eyes shit 😲

  • Kevin Brooks
    Kevin Brooks

    Why does he look like He should be riding a dragon ! Lol it has it version of ravens ,it has its own white walkers and it’s own version of the children of the forset , kingdoms, it’s mental ! I’ll watch it

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    No Witcher eyes ?!

  • Bacı Fokurdatan
    Bacı Fokurdatan

    şu fragmanda gözüme çarpan en iyi şey gardiyanlardı ammk

  • BVBrocks927

    So glad they got henry for this

  • Danny lifts
    Danny lifts

    Why are the dryads black? And Fringilla Vigo?

  • iosif o
    iosif o

    залупа. жрите сами

    • iosif o
      iosif o

      @Cookie Flash не за что епт!)))) что, важны только положительные отзывы? За косяки этого сериала, будь то качказавр Кавилл, который скорее Лето чем Геральт, или циганка Трис с черножопыми эльфами уже не одно видео было и не одна статья, так что на кой чёрт всё это пересказывать с очередной раз? Люди не довольны. Проект заявлен как смесь книг и игры. Допустим. Смесь с чем?! С влажными мыслишками генерального продюсЁра? Я знаю кто генеральный продюсЁр, и в ней вся проблема. Нет, не в том что она женщина, а в том что она навязывает свои взгляды. Фильмы и сериалы делаются ДЛЯ ЗРИТЕЛЯ, что бы ПОКАЗАТЬ ему что то, о чем хочет сказать автор. Судя по трейлеру, Хоссрич делает ведьмака для себя, а в твитах говорит что то типа "мне похуй я так вижу" и "жрите шо дают". Возможно, тем кто не играл и не читал сериал зайдёт. Особенно если люди думать не привыкли. Но насчёт остальных я абсолютно не уверен. Хотите это сожрать? Приятного аппетита, только в путь.

    • Cookie Flash
      Cookie Flash

      Очень важное мнение, спасибо

  • OpTiCcRoWn

    come on really why henry cavill? geralt is supposed to be really dominant and tough and doesnt show any emotion. Who is playing yennefer?

    • Yeah Okay
      Yeah Okay

      A 23 year old indian girl with barely any acting experience

  • Flufferz626

    Original dryads are supposed to be green in color with extreamly pointy elf features. Those they either give the Water to or are a product of kidnapping a man as a stud are all races. They aren't just black people, come on Netflix. You can have black dryads, don't make them all black Also Ciri is supposed to be 6 years old in the dryad forest, not a 20 year old woman. At least Arya's actress looks young.

    • Денис Я.Р.Т.
      Денис Я.Р.Т.

      9 лет.

    • A JaK
      A JaK

      @Flufferz626 look again it's at 16 seconds

    • Flufferz626

      @A JaK 13 seconds in? No. Those actresses are all black. And wielding spears rather than arrows. Also, Eithnè is described in the books as having really pointy features and silver hair that looks like plated silver. Isn't forcing black people to wield spears kinda racist?

    • Flufferz626

      @world war truth they have specific descriptions in the books for the types of dryads and the fact they can only keep going by abducting little girls and grown men who can reproduce with them. The leader of the dryads is described as having green skin and silver hair, sorry. Also, I don't want to keep Ciri at 6 the whole time, the entire point of the books is her growing up. When she and Geralt interacted in the forest and when he reunited with her after Nilfgaard invaded Cintra, she was younger than 10. The first book ever translated into English, Blood of Elves, makes a big deal about her getting her first period (it relates to magic usage too, and the fact she only has males raising her when it first happens so it makes it awkward til Tris comes to help), which doesn't happen to 16 year old girls, but those 8-13 years old. In the games yes she is in her early 20s. Don't let them skew your judgment of the books

    • world war truth
      world war truth

      honestly I'm okay with the dryads, i always imagined them with brownish tones of skin that's okay for me (except for what i assume is Eithné, she looks "to black" for me) . As for Ciri, well the thing is that the books covers quite a long period, and Ciri is on her tenn/preteen years for most of the story, having 6 years old looking ciri for the full lenght of the show would be weird.

  • Vospader21

    The wig still needs work, but otherwise it passes.

  • Li Lin
    Li Lin

    They better put Gwent in the show

  • smith geri
    smith geri

    Ah the famous Ladies of Brooklyn of course

  • Jere Niemi
    Jere Niemi

    i want to see Yennefer's unicorn

    • xD

      It's not a game

  • Joshua Israel
    Joshua Israel

    Willing to bet $1000 this fail miserably

  • KeySam

    Porca madonna

  • My name is Hungry
    My name is Hungry

    *Chaos is a laddah*

  • Mr. Leo
    Mr. Leo

    Gówniany serial wyprodukowaliście Netflix. Więcej tej gównianej lewackiej poprawności politycznej się nie zmieściło?

    • xD

      Parę osób wygląda inaczej niż w książce. I tyle

  • beli.zariusz

    political correctness ruined this film

  • Amazing Max Stuff
    Amazing Max Stuff

    Why Ciri doesn't have white hair?

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