The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant
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Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

    • Michael Bridgnell
      Michael Bridgnell


    • Kas Pro
      Kas Pro

      Are they playing rust? Lmao

    • patrix201 guajardo salazar
      patrix201 guajardo salazar

      Agan un juego basado en esta animasion bista desde arriba se puede elejin un tipo de ormiga un mapa jenial una colonia mejorable seria increible

    • Anan Zaaa XD
      Anan Zaaa XD

      6 tı satılık

    • Gabe


  • BO3 Beast
    BO3 Beast

    Kurzgesaht-like Infographic-comment


    “Ants can eat other ants” Me: canabilism!!

  • Quietman .G
    Quietman .G

    I wonder how dramatic the war is from an ants point of it like lord of the rings or D Day?

  • Gaymer Gorl
    Gaymer Gorl

    Imagine if an ant stole a wasp larvae and raised it and had a pet wasp like a pet dragon. Idk just a thought

  • Rocky Hernandez
    Rocky Hernandez

    ant together strong

  • Flame_7309

    When I watched the vid i thought they didnt look that bad but then when i searched them up i was terrified

  • Melody Qu
    Melody Qu

    luckily where I live the ants are no bigger than a millimetre

  • Fruit y pebbles
    Fruit y pebbles

    Didn't know ants went so hard

  • The Nuggernaut
    The Nuggernaut

    Holy jesus, being an ant sounds fucking terrifying

  • Kirby’s Coming for games
    Kirby’s Coming for games

    Just realized Ant to other friendly ants: -APES- ANTS TOGETHER *STRONG*

  • Ialwaysfree

    What if they could hire humans to fight for them

  • hi

    im so mad that the leaf cutter ants didnt win

  • RanDomGuY

    Black ant -good one Red ant -bad one

  • Thiccy Cheeser
    Thiccy Cheeser

    1:43 it looks like they are flopping their legs on the ground

  • DrDoug Googie
    DrDoug Googie

    Me (pacifist): square heads all the way! My friends: we will swarm you!

  • Mr Pie
    Mr Pie

    World war a

  • player 27027
    player 27027

    5:34 is that any smashin- nothing

  • Diavolo Una
    Diavolo Una

    Ants:*having wars* 8yo me:I am from the american military *pours boiling water on ant hill*

  • FUmarc

    I’d play an Ant Colony simulator.

  • The real TJB
    The real TJB

    This kind of videos reminds me why I need a flamethrower

  • Dulguun Galbadrakh
    Dulguun Galbadrakh

    Him: humans dont want to fight anymore Donald trump : ill stop ya right there

  • Felix Nymaria
    Felix Nymaria

    Meruem has entered the chat

  • Youzho

    Army ants are basically the fire nation

  • siegfred alojipan
    siegfred alojipan

    Hey kurz i got a question? Are you a scientist?

  • Kluk z kvjetinace
    Kluk z kvjetinace

    Ok, where can i sign those recruitment papers?

  • _TomTom_ PLAYZ
    _TomTom_ PLAYZ

    Why do I feel like we’re just a bigger version of ants

  • USS Discovery
    USS Discovery

    An extremely fascinating video

  • Clarion IvanCCr
    Clarion IvanCCr

    I wish i would shrink to ant size with small guns and be able to communicate with ants so I could like organize defense to help ants defend colony.

  • Arsalan Ali Khan
    Arsalan Ali Khan

    WHO WOULD WIN! Deathly bugs who kill 200,000 things in one day and construct their thrones out of corpses OR one splashy boi

  • Ghosty- Toasty
    Ghosty- Toasty

    Damn... I didn't know BBC earth got a new version...

  • Arsalan Ali Khan
    Arsalan Ali Khan

    me: walkin down the road, seeing a pile of ants, aka bivouac my brother: HOLY S-

  • Rosia Douglas
    Rosia Douglas

    I like it

  • The Average Californian
    The Average Californian

    6:36 *Sees large red area in California (Chuckles) I'm in danger

  • Huy Kiều
    Huy Kiều

    can you do more

  • Proto Arus
    Proto Arus

    Humans: World War 3 Is Near!!!! Ants: *Pfft, P A T H E T I C*

  • Small Brain
    Small Brain

    *AntsCanada wants to know your location*


    6:19 Army Ants: *wins* Leaf Cutter Ants: *You've won, but at what cost?*

  • Ant Competitors
    Ant Competitors

    The giant headed phedoile ant (big headed ants) that plugged the tunnel is so cute!!!!

  • The hippy Channel
    The hippy Channel

    Has land animals live that long

  • JAYanimations

    Someone make this a moba

  • Avyay Chamantula
    Avyay Chamantula

    why do the subtitles interest me more than the video itself.

  • Siegel Gaming
    Siegel Gaming

    It takes 2000 ants to successfully kill a healthy human with no artificial help or weapons. Meaning in reality its 10,000,000 vs 7,000,000,000... dw we good

    • Siegel Gaming
      Siegel Gaming

      If they get lucky tho one ant could kill a sleeping human being in a couple months after sneaking inside

  • Confused cat
    Confused cat

    I wish someone make a game about ants 😂

  • UK Playez
    UK Playez

    Worker: My queen i saw a soldier ant from out side. Queen:We need to defend major: 3:51 *BIG BRAIN MODE*

  • Blueblood1270

    The narrator reminds me of the one from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Always interesting and inciteful videos

  • Ruby

    teacher: ok i'm handing out the exams, clear your mind! me: *world war 1 is basically still going on with ants*

  • SeanyBoy589

    I really want an ant total war game now

  • Ian Merritt
    Ian Merritt

    When army ants exterminate a colony of ants: 3:10 cha cha real smooth

  • Delphine allogater
    Delphine allogater

    When's the next ant video???

  • Shu Liu
    Shu Liu

    Ants: *has a world war every day) My drone: CHAOTIC EVIL!!!!!!

  • Logan Hanson
    Logan Hanson

    4:07 nobody can stop the leaf cutters

  • shirai ryu
    shirai ryu

    Ants remind me of clash royale wasps on their own would be like a prince whereas ants are like skeleton army

  • Trinexx360

    Fire ants. Its always the damned fire ants.

  • Adrian Bridgeman
    Adrian Bridgeman

    Why aren't ants considered the most intelligent species on our planet next to humans.

  • Starlordthe4th Moore
    Starlordthe4th Moore


  • Storm Net
    Storm Net

    Block entrance, kill this togheder... they look like humans...

  • 【光音ムコ】MitsuneMuko

    "A single ant is stupid" Sounds like me.

  • Nectoren Gaming
    Nectoren Gaming

    Damn you are the best

  • Full Contract
    Full Contract

    Cold war

  • Koala Plays
    Koala Plays

    I should not be called wolrd war ant it should be world war ant 1

  • Daniel Bojidarov
    Daniel Bojidarov

    if you can make it make it about how fast can death accure for the human being and other animals

  • Daniel Bojidarov
    Daniel Bojidarov

    Or all our Arsenal avavable , witch is in crisis situations may be launched and everything ready for fast use dropped on all the people gathered on 1 city from an :D AI computer program clonning

  • Daniel Bojidarov
    Daniel Bojidarov

    i want to know about an A-Bomb on all the people in the world gathered in 1 city tight , exept 200 remoted planetwise few controling the event

  • Secret Browser
    Secret Browser

    Leaf cutter ant: Oh? You’re approaching me? Army ant: I cannot raid your colony without getting closer. Leaf cutter ant: Oh Ho! Then come closer as you like!

  • The Mighty Chihuahua
    The Mighty Chihuahua

    Aight imma go supply meh ants with deadly and cringy memes

  • Shannon Jowey
    Shannon Jowey

    Army ants 10/10 mongol

  • Gigawatt

    This could make a good video game.

  • Pie Plays
    Pie Plays

    The world wars: World War I World War II World War Z(ombie) World War A(nt) World War III [COMING SOON]

  • Horatio Griffin
    Horatio Griffin

    Who would win: A colony of some of the most sophisticated, vicious and deadly insects ever to exist or one square boi

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